Naked and isolated on Flickr?

Update June 20, 2002. I haven’t updated this list in a couple of years. The current ban on nipples, which points to the prurient as well as puritanical nature of American culture—not to mention its fear of the female body—has made frank and minty fresh nudity impossible. If this list is still helpful for you, that’s great. (I’m thinking of deleting it out of sheer frustration.)


There’s nothing worse than realizing that your depiction of a naked woman dripping with the latest jewels from the hottest creator will shut you out of blogging, fashion, photography and art groups on Flickr. I get frustrated trying to remember which groups allow “moderate” pix, that is, pix that bare breasts or butts. (I still don’t know if bare breasts are okay if the nipples are covered by electricians tape or pasties or piercings or wax or salamanders. Those all sound sexy, so I would stick with the long-hair cover-up if you think that counts as safe.) One femme fatale group accepts moderate, one does not. How can you keep them straight? Use this list! [Latest update 01.04.17: newest groups added to the top of any list]

[Those of you who don’t know about the Flickr category system should check out the site’s FAQ and scroll down to read my take on the system.]

–Some sites that accept moderate (and even restricted) pics have a “no porn” rule. If you self-identify as someone working in that vein, congratulations on knowing what porn means. Otherwise try to figure it out by looking at the group’s photos. Keep in mind that no one thinks your funny porn photos are funny and thus not porn. UPDATE: I am now going to include rules when I’m adding new groups that take restricted photos in particular.
—While I am in agreement with groups that ban pedophilia and bestiality (neither children nor animals are able to consent), I was disturbed to find two groups that do not accept transgender avs. This may be an objection to chicks with dicks pics—which I enjoy, especially when every imaginable body part is larger than life—but it sounds transphobic. These groups are not on my list.
–All of the sexy/erotic/kinky groups take moderate photographs. Some don’t take restricted. I’ve noted ones that do take restricted either by adding an asterisk or by putting them on the restricted friendly list.
–There are no guarantees. Quite a few of both sexy and arty sites depend on an administrator vetting your photos; less frequently, you have to ask to join.
–Groups may change their rules.

Restricted friendly groups
Clairs de Lune
SL’s Carnal Cathedral (no advertising or porn shots)
Beautiful Digital Body
Eroticism of Second Life (erotic, not porn; no child avies or exploitative images or transgender avatars or morphs)
Art of Seduction (No extreme violence, vulgarity or advertisements of any kind will be accepted.) (Request to join)
Nudity in Second Life and Poser (No racism)
Secondlife Sexy Secret
Shameless Butt Shots
Second Adult Girl Sexy Only (no landscapes, no portratits of men, no fashion blog pics)
Second Bad Girls and Gurls (If your picture does not show something of being naughty or bad in the picture please do not post)
Second Life Sensuality Erotic Nudes (no photographs of naked children, naked ads (publicities) accepted)
SL Erotic Lounge (Post Erotics, Nude, Porn)
I Post what I want (nothing hardcore just tasteful nudes is fine and classy exotica [sic])
Virtual Sensualite (only images with dreamy effects. Sensual sex, Erotism. No Porn)
Second life .. everything and anything (Any photos naughty , nude , fashion , sims. No pic of kids , kids avis or anything to do with the kids . No age play please .
Secondlife 4 Love (no pedophilia, no violence)
Soul Lust Erotic Encounters
Erotica Unbound
SL Body and Art
SL Sexy Bodies
Hot Passion
SL Erotic Elite Images
Second Life Hawt Shots
Second Life Naked 365
Second Life Erotica
Sexy, Hot, Steaming
Secondlife Breasts, Nipples and Boobs
Second Life Erotic Portraits
The Sensualists of Second Life
United Proverts of Second Life
Second Life Adult Pictures
Second Life Porn, Hardcore
Pervin’ in SL
The Naughty Side of Second Life (post 1 /award 1)
Naked & Famous SL
Naked Souls
Erotique Reflections
Second Life Portraits
Seductive Second Life
Second Life Naughty Bits nude pics only please
SL Lustful Needs
and so many more…

Specialty: Fetish (* means also takes restricted)
Beautiful Submissives in Bondage, Animation or Costume*
BlackVelvet* (technically allows restricted but mine are automatically rejected)
Dark Embrace*
La Chambre Noire [The Black Room]
Secondlife Bondage, Ponygirl and the Like*
BDSM Second life*
Fetish Voluptuous and Bound Elegance*
Bubblegum Bondage*
Second Life Sub Gallery*
Unusual Sex of Second Life*
Bizarro XXX*
FemDom Art*
Subjugation* [pix of men only]

Events groups

Moderate friendly groups by category

Fashion and beauty (* means also takes restricted)
SL bloggers&photographers army* (pictures offensive are not accepted, any kind of pornography…images with apologies for violence or xenophobic themes.)
We Love Blogging
Fashion Feed of SL* (nothing nsfw, cover the pink bits)
Spam and Events in SL* (no porn)
The Art of Blogging SL* (no porn)
SL Flawless* (no age play or bestiality)
My SL Blog
Fashion is Love
The Stylebook (subtle nudity)
[SL] Blogger Support
Slave to Fashion
Fashion Blogs of SL
Fashion, Photography, Blogs and Addicts
Second Life Residents
Second Life Shopping Whores
SL Fashion Nation
SL Fashionistas and Bloggers
Where in the SL Did You Get That?
New Releases and Blogger Posts
SL Fashion Bloggers & Photographers
SL Beautiful Things
Avatars with Attitude
Yes I Know My Avi is Beautiful

Photography (* means also takes restricted)
Something Dark (No gore or extremely bloody pictures. No porn)
SL’s epic pics (No Rude Porn…only classy erotic imagines are allowed…no commercial pics)
A Lasting Impression*
SL’s Drive By Shooters* (Please use your discretion on what is appropriate.)
Photo’s Maniac* (“no violence, no pedophiles”)
The Art of Bloggers and Photographers in SL
The Best of Second Life Photos
Photographers of Second Life
I Wanna Be an SL Photographer
Artists for SL*
SL Inspire Me*
Rumors magazine (No graphic pornography, graphic violence, racism or offensive pictures allowed in this group.)

Specialty: niche (* means also takes restricted)
Roleplay Styled* (“Gorean and roleplay,” but roleplay seems broadly defined)
Second Life Fantasy 18+
Second Life Fantasy
Bright Metallic [cybernetic, sci-fi etc.]
SF and Fantasy*
About Second Life Roleplayers
Fantasy and RP Fashion
SL. Dreams and Fantasies Goth* (Mature content included. No offensive language, not attack another participant, respect everyone, only content goth, dark and second life.)
Second Life Femmes Fatales (Post 1/Award 1 [no forced awards])
Calendar Girls SL* (nudity. do not join if this offends you. only updated FEMALE avatars or mesh avis.)
Second Calendar Girls*
Second Life Ebony
Men/Women of Color in a Virtual World
Ethnicity in Second Life

Grafica, Rack and DelMay have 18+ groups

URWorld SL
Mondi Virtuali
I <3 Second Life
Second Life 18+

About Flickr Categories
Flickr dictates that pix showing genitals are set to restricted. Ironically, genitals are not easily defined. We could split all the pubic hairs on my body debating whether female genitals are ever visible on our Barbie-doll-like avatars. Does pubic hair cover lips and thus hide genitals? Or does the absence of pubic hair connote the absence of lady bits? Butts are moderate, but aren’t plugged butts or whipped butts or boil-covered butts deliberately immoderate? Some of this depends on what the genitals were doing at the time they were photographed. Presumably, single, well-behaved genitals are not as controversial as genitals that have found one another and can’t contain their happiness. (There may be an exception for a couple that looks like they are in love, married and making a baby, even if they’re fucking up his Warhol in the process.) (Now that I think of it, I bet there’s leeway for pix of female avs jilling off but not of male avs wanking.)

Why categorize photos if that means you can’t get your tastefully nude or ingeniously hot pics into all groups? If some busybody reports to Flickr that your genitals are not properly categorized, Flickr will freeze your account. Flickr doesn’t tell you which picture is miscategorized and prompted the complaint. That means you have to look at everything and recategorize anything that might be unsafe in another person’s perception. Once you have blindly self-censored, a Flickr admin. will go through your pics and suggest that you censor some more. Once this process starts it’s tough to stop. (Landscape photo? There might be a beaver in that bush! And some wood. Knotty girl!) You end up being the paranoid victim of Flickr’s policies as well as the nosey parker who blew the whistle on you in the first place. (I liked writing this paragraph because I have never before used the terms nosey parker or busybody.)

What do you think?

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