The slightly scary hostess

I won some Fapple Rhodion rares through Pocket Gacha and then bought myself the letter blocks to make them speak. This story is simple. “Once upon a time…
…a fair maid was getting ready for work…
…as a slightly scary hostess at the cruddiest dungeon in town.”

All pics
=Zenith=Miao xianren kimono (Black) -Maitreya (gacha at The Epiphany) [This outfit comes as posed. It features a HUD to color the skin and the nails of the hands, which are a little large, tbh!]
.LeLutka.Head.Simone 3.0
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Pics 1 and 2
all Fapple are Pocket Gacha items
Fapple, Rodion Spanking chair (rare)
Fapple, The Rodion cage (rare)
Fapple, Letter Cubes Safe word
Cureless, Carved Cherry Blooms (re-editioned and sent to past purchasers)
FNKY! Cigarette II (long ash)
Tiny Bird – Sodom South Georgia – Light Black (n/a)

Pic 3
Moon. Hair. // Luna (Variety pack)
Zibska, Tini Lips (at The Secret Affair; thank you Zib!)
Cureless, Weird Girl/Boy (Omega face tat) (at the fundraiser For Rose, details)


Have a heart

Yay. Found many bamboo frames at Xian.
Yay. Might as well make everything pink and red for V day.

Luas Akira Body Pink & Grey (@Epiphany gacha)
Luas Akira Obi Pink & Grey (@Epiphany gacha)
Luas Sayumi Staff RARE (@Epiphany gacha)
.Olive. the Violet Hair – Redheads (@Epiphany gacha)
19. [CX] Necronomic Mother – Collar – Hot Pink/M (@Epiphany gacha)
+EM+Free Rope 8Cuffs
.LeLutka.Head.Simone 3.0
Glam Affair, Liuly Arctic (past gacha)
La Malvada Mujer, Infinite Sadness gold stars
SCS, classic eyebrows carrot
Sn@tch, Sacre Coeur tattoo Omega HUD (I think this was a gift)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
poses: A&R Haven, rBento Heart gift (soooo, I couldn’t get these to work, because bento confuses me; they are much cooler than the versions I managed to fake)
shot at Xian [Adult] (take teleporter to shibari room from main sim space)

Deserted rose

Whenever I shoot a fetishistic outfit by r2 A/D/E, I know that I have to travel to outer space. Once I get there, my impulse is to find some kind of kinky set-up to match the sexy plastic outfit. But there isn’t a lot of rope bondage off-world. I did manage to find a medical clinic at Insilico, where I could imagine my girl in a submissive posture as some kind of pleisure-bot in need of a tune up.
My other impulse when I shoot creator Rei2 Aya’s outfits is to present a strong female type, a warrior/philosopher/transmogrified dust mote who dresses just like the rest of her people. This could mean that for her kind, outfits that provide generous peaks at butt and bust are the equivalent of our jeans and a t-shirt, or something more formal, like a business suit. Of course, this could also mean that her planet is filled with pervs.
Still learning to love my av when she’s wearing Simone’s head. She is not Portia, she is not Anorak, she is not Hedda. Maybe she needs her own name. Orion flashed into my mind and then Aurora. I’m going to work on this. No more “or” sounds and no more names ending in “a.”

NEW r2 A/D/E ensemble at Collabor88
r2 A/D/E baika bra[pink]Maitreya sold with panties
r2 A/D/E baika[pink]Maitreya coat with sleeves
r2 A/D/E baika boots[pink]Maitreya
:[p]:- Salvie Earring Pastella
booN, KGI848 hair black (an oldie)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
NEW Chameleon, Rati tattoo gold (at Chapter Four)
LeLutka Simone 3.0
SCS, Classic eyebrows black
NEW MAD’, Flora face tattoo
MAD’, Infected tattoo for mouth (past group gift)
Glam Affair, Rachel Exotic 9 (past gacha)
photo 1 pose by Marukin
shot at various parts of Insilico

Black rose kimono

Moon over the moon in the latest elegant kimono from Silvery K, which comes with several fabric-change options for everything but the outer layer of the robe. I have to say that the Japanese custom of combining multiple fabrics in varying palettes and textures freaks the hell out of me. I had to work very hard to stop trying to match everything.I like this pile of pots, which I found in the only classy spot, next to the food cart, at Anico, an anime / manga hangout.
Mostly showing off what a pretty lady I made out of LeLutka’s Simone head with some help from La Malvada Mujer makeup.

NEW *:..Silvery K..:*KimonoMesh(Papion Rose)Black —includes rose geta (and rose choker, kimono wrap, and obi roses not shown) (at Japonica)
.LeLutka.Head.Simone 3.0
Glam Affair ( Lelutka Heads ) LiuLy ( Artic ) 02
La Malvada Mujer – Nefelina Eyeshadow Omega applier (new group gift or 10L on Marketplace if it’s not in notices)
La Malvada Mujer – Infinite Sadness goldstars Omega (10L on Marketplace)
.ARISE. Ela Brows / Black lelutka applier
LeLutka, Rogue Bun (came with Stella head)
AsteroidBox. Choke Rope // Blue (kinky gacha at Kagami)
La Malvada Mujer – Persiguiendo el Dragon[horns] (not available)
Chop Zuey, Tensha Beads Texture Change Earrings (past gift)
_CD_ Lilly Earring (past gift)
White Widow, Earthlings tattoo (past POE hunt gift)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
The pose props in the first two pictures are among dozens kindly collected for everyone’s use by Anne Maertens at Comhar

The longue goodbye

I have no idea why welcoming 2018 made me go retro. Portia does look lovely in fake fur and theatrical femininity. But that just makes me even more suspicious of my unconscious motives. Compare last year’s photograph, which saw Anorak setting to work against the orange menace. As business-like as she looked, Anorak also dressed in an exaggeratedly feminine ensemble. She was thinking pink.
I think we can all agree that 2017 saw unbelievably awful American politicians do unbelievably awful things. But it also saw short-circuits in the system of routine and traumatizing sexual harassment. Maybe Portia’s ensemble represents my hope that the future will be even more female.

June Carter’s free 2018 fireworks:
Enfant Terrible furs and necklace were (and possibly still are) a Holiday Hunt gift.
Devious Mind pasties are part of the past Mata Hari gacha.
N-core shoes are a current group gift.
Glitzz earrings were an advent calendar gift.
Portia wears Maitreya’s Lara body and an old Glam Affair skin, Sia.
Also old is the Behavior Body chaise longue, which came with an accompanying pose HUD with all BB’s nude poses. I do not know how many years ago I bought this. BB is defunkt.

X is for Xmas

It’s my Merry Xmas post, which is filled with sexy hunt gifts like this less-than-wholesome sweater dress from Nerido, a prize in the Women Only First Snow Hunt. In addition to the white bondage straps that can be worn alone, the sweater features a pair of reindeer doing it doggy style. Frosted glasses by Dazed and sparkly shoes by Nardcotix are also hunt gifts. I traveled the grid to find a place to shoot this ensemble and chose Pichi, which boasts a beautiful layout, color palette and carefully chosen furnishings.
Chaps, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways. Whether on cowboys or leathermen, chaps make me cringe. They seem neither protective nor sexy. And I associate them with men and American icons, two things I don’t like. I decided to confront my chapsphobia and paid big money for the fatpack, the only option available, of Phedora’s fifteen-colour-change Alstromeria, at Collabor88. You are supposed to pair these with a bodysuit, but I passed on that because I was broke. More importantly, I figured if you’re going to buy chaps you might as well take your cue from the leathermen and slap those chaps on a bare ass. (“Slap ass” and “chaps my ass” distributed in one sentence. This blog post is going off!) (Insert line about excessive nudity under the cut.) Continue reading

The light at the end of the bunny tunnel

Portia suffers beautifully in r2 A/D/E’s Kagura from this month’s Collabor88. I love the name Kagura because it reminds me of Nawashi Kanna’s extraordinary partner. She’s a compelling presence on the stage. I have seen her play a glorious rope-bottom-as-goddess to Kanna’s gangster. But I’ve also seen her play a woman who does not want to be touched and can’t believe that this man with the rope is asking her to do such indecent things. I’ve seen her play this as wide-eyed shock and as resentment. I confess I prefer watching resistance than glory. After seeing the duo perform at a recent rope con, I said I loved seeing Kagura’s intense emotion, particularly fear. The idiot top I’d unfortunately paired up with cut me off, saying “The emotions aren’t real.” No, the staged emotions aren’t “real” in the sense that they are exaggerations. But they are real in the sense that these are the emotions we bottoms feel when we are in rope. We are gifted and generous enough to express them openly when we tie. Honestly, tops, you’re missing out on at least half of the pleasure of rope when you refuse to explore your partner’s psychological-somatic states. (You can watch Kanna and Kagura perform in Tokyo and in Vienna.)
This lovely bunny’s tail is a lightbulb. Of course! Unfortunately you can’t see the delicate tracery of the glowing globe. And you want to see the tracery. The Nogitsune poses in pix 1 and 2 are free from Aii at the Kurenai event. There are plenty of poses for furry ears as well as foxy bodies.
The thing you need to know about this outfit is that the bodysuit and metal modesty panel can be worn separately. Snap out the gold panel and your avi can use the toilet, or, if she’s emotionally open and filled with generosity, welcome some glorious fleshy bits into her exposed sex.

NEW from r2 A/D/E at Collabor88, sold separately as indicated
r2 A/D/E kagura boots[pink]Maitreya
r2 A/D/E kagura[pink]Maitreya: bodysuit, modesty panel and tail
r2 A/D/E kagura head-gear[pink]: ears
[monso] My Hair – Inni reds
S&P, O cuffs
Aii, + Kit Septum Gold + {egosumaii} (free at Kurenai)
White Widow, Charade Belt (in white and in black)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
-Glam Affair – Sia India – 04 A
KICHI – Red dot bindi (FREE on Marketplace)
{S0NG} :: Cupid~ Dark Green Eye
poses pic 1 and 2, Aii, Nogitsune poses (free at Kurenai)
pic 1 and 3 shot at Hollowtree

How silly looking is Simone?

You may have noticed that I almost never use a mesh head. I own LeLutka’s Stella and Simone, whom you see here today in The Skinnery’s Maite skin in champagne and eyebrows and lipstick from adored. Adored, by the way, is running an advent calendar from now till December 24, which seems to promise all the lipsticks a Catwa or LeLutka mesh head could ever wear. There are also some tempting items on sale. Neither Stella nor Simone is as beautiful as my classic avs Portia and Anorak, who wear only Glam Affair (or old skins from Birdy). GA isn’t doing system skins any more. Neither are they doing enough skins for LeLutka heads for me to put more effort into embracing Simone. This means that I am stuck using my old Glam Affair system skins, which is fine since a lot of them still look good. Fine but ironic: I remain loyal to the product but the producer is no longer making money from me. Feeling convinced that I am going to fall too far behind the times to keep blogging, I headed over into The Skinnery, an old favorite of mine, and searched out something that would work for Simone. That’s when I realized that nothing works for Simone because Simone doesn’t work. I don’t like the included shape and, try as I might, I can’t create a face that doesn’t look cartoony. When I turn on moods and expressions, the contrast between Simone’s silly elastic face and the seriously slinky Lara body is unbearable. And completely unworkable for photos of bondage wear. It’s possible that I will have to create a caricatured body to go with Simone’s long nose, big eyes and large lips. Today, however, I am happy that a little bit of vintage styling made my cartoony Simone appear sexy.

The Skinnery, Maite champagne (comes with shape not shown; Maitreya Lara applier for champagne skin is a separate purchase)
#adored – exalted lips – sexpot edition {lelutka} (also a Catwa version; on sale right now and maybe all this week)
#adored – spellbound brows – molten metal edition {omega}
.LeLutka.Head.Simone 3.0
FGInc.+ Mariposa tattoo Outline, Flamingo (this is a sinuous symmetrical design, which covers arms and back as well as chest; Omega applier and system layer; gacha at Imaginarium)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
=Zenith=cairen dress (Sky) fitted mesh (past gacha)
tram D428 hair / maroon (an old hairdo without which I would fall into a coma)
tram -shizuku earring (group gift; group is free to join)
shot at Ethereal City, which Noon Jaxon cultivates with dedication

Baby girl does Filthy Sakura

I don’t usually like the cutesy little sub look and ethos, but I had to take a shot at simpering when I found the Baby Girl nipple piercing by Nova and Safira’s adorable Allyson Dress. Of course, my baby girl didn’t turn out quite as perky and sensuous as she should have. Don’t imagine, however, that she’s suffering because of the mean purple marks on her chest. Nox’s Love Bites is a long sinuous line of nibbles that travels all the way down to pleasure central.

NEW Nova — Nipple Piercings – Baby Girl Maitreya (at Kinky Monthly)
NEW Nox, Love Bites
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
[KoKoLoReS] Hair – Kiana ‘Accents’ (gift at Hairology)
*PH* knit choker (gift at Hairology)
NEWish – Safira – Allyson Dress – Black Lace (Maitreya Lara) (fucking love this)
NEW ::SG:: Diana Classic MESH Nails Maitreya (gift)
fri. – Bea Heels (Bats)
AnimAlive, Leather Cuffs from a prop (idk which)
-Glam Affair- Livy skin- Artic – 03 C (old gacha)
{S0NG} :: Chibi~ Abyss Eye
shot at Filthy Sakura