Feed Nepal event

nepal needs In a country whose people already suffer from food insecurity, the earthquakes that recently racked Nepal have intensified dire need. Under the umbrella of their Join Hands initiative, Second Life residents Valsnia and Ruby Ornamental have participated in organizing Fashion For Food SL. The charity sales event is raising money for the UN’s World Food Program. Already underway, the event concludes on the 16th of May. No. 7 creator Shortcake Sugarplum has a number of items on offer: the Nakamura feather shawl modelled here is a 100% donation item. Donations can also be made directly to the WFP’s Nepal relief fund.

no. 7 Nakamura Feather Shawl -Nepal (NEW at Fashion For Food SL event)
.Birdy. May Skin ~Peaches~ (Blond)
+Fallen Gods Inc.+ Deathcall, Mark of the Ouroboros White Uncommon) (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Moon. Hair. // Boa (NEW group gift)
=Zenith=cairen dress (Sky) and Tou Shi headpiece (set from Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Clemmm – ReSnick eyes .black sclera.
W. Winx, Lounge chair prop

Cheesecake at 50?

wide of the mark I did not plan to win the gachus rarus maximus Goth Queen head by Antielle and May’s Soul. But when I did, on one of my signature lucky first plays, I decided to have some fun. I’ve been thinking about modeling for kinky photography—the one thing that holds me back is how ugly I am (old, fat, ugly, did I say ugly? Did I mention crotchety?). What, I wondered, would dumpy, grey—and somewhat feral—Goth Queen do if she followed my fantasy of posing for cheesecake photos? At 50, Goth Queen is no sick fashionista. So she would make some dubious wardrobe choices: covering her fat upper arms and age-spotted chest with a formal jacket and imagining that the big ruffles will draw attention away from her small breasts and protruding stomach. As today’s photos show, however, it’s not the matronly outfit that ruined the first picture. One can be fifty shades of fetching without baring one’s flesh. But a pin-up must project confidence and experience, never posing and smiling like a virgin on prom night.
visibly gothThis is much better: softer lighting, a pose that makes a viewer want to unfurl the model, and a sexy smile. Wait, is that a smile? Continue reading

How goes the metaphorical war?

rail at all his servants These days it’s tough to tell the difference between SL’s warrior women and masochists, both of whom wear bits of metal on their breasts and look exhausted but satisfied après guerre. Add a pair of goggles and you can throw space maidens into the mix, as you will see under the cut. Please be advised that you’ll see more than goggles, so this is NSFW. (Let’s put it this way: in the beginning there were pants, but as the shoot progressed I saw that they were bad.) Continue reading

Cushioned, not crazy

discularity A student asked me what I think about metamodernism. I misunderstood what he meant by “meta,” a term I associate with knowingness. I was horrified to discover that metamodernism seeks to move beyond the irony and cynicism of postmodern thought without rejecting the whole of postmodernism. I will have to research this more carefully. Just now I feel duty-bound to impress upon the youth of today that irony is not simply a mode of insincerity. Irony is the recognition that sincerity is now and always has been impossible. One cannot forget what humankind learns from irony. More pics, less thought below the cut. Continue reading

Lifestyle bulletin

look it up all over again There’s nothing shameful about researching the dos and don’ts of CBT. It’s wearing readers that has me embarrassed.

There’s a new blog in town from one of the best fetish photographers in Second Life. (I have been envying her outfits, light and playmates for a while now…) Go find Laura, A Surprise Package in the Kink Department.

Big data wants to map kink. No no no, this is not about who lives next door.

Choose choosing

decisions I spent the whole fucking weekend trying to put together an outfit. You know the problems: something highly shiny doesn’t look right with something deeply matte, something engineered perfectly doesn’t work with something rough hewn. (To be honest, a pair of sexy boots got me caught between dungeon and space-station looks. Catsuits aren’t as straightforward as they seem. There’s latex for S&M and there’s latex for traveling to Saturn. The first kind says flog me now. The second kind says people who are going to be held in stasis for years do not need pockets.) Eventually I realized that I had The Secret Store’s cropped bomber, which is so hot and so well made that it not only works with anything but can tie together a flounce skirt and bantu loop hair. And, as you will see after the cut, the bomber can even enhance a sweetheart of a skin. Continue reading

Pretty broke

atmed Spring time. Ruined by tax time. When one scrutinizes one’s finances. When one realizes that buying a butterfly hat was fiscally irresponsible. Continue reading

Le creep c’est chic

truly awful I don’t know why this look took a dark turn. Oh, wait, I do: the TAG Gacha circus makeup from The Skinnery turned Portia into some kind of glam lizard. In a good way, natch. Continue reading


tiltahwilr This new makeup called Back to Black 2 is from Sopha Portal of MUDSKIN, and it comes in Pinky Tan, Native and India skin tones. There is also a TMP version. Continue reading