Today we try hentai

byyourcommand The Hentai Fair is kicking my flat, lopsided ass. I’ve discovered that getting the right mix of cute and porny is impossible if you don’t have one of those big WASPy heads with even bigger blue eyes. There are other classic Hentai signifiers; but sperm splotch is a hard limit for me in every life, so I wasn’t about to invest in mesh ejaculate. (Don’t go to Hentai Fair looking for mesh ejaculate. I made that up.) I had to give the look a try, however, because I was so impressed by the sexy fit of the gacha lingerie (Maitreya beta) by VINCUE and Kibitz.
hangup Reducing my already small av Anorak to a tight bundle of butt and boobs was a start. The Cunt tattoo is too harsh for Hentai, I know. I’d have liked to play it softer and more feminine with some girl goo gushing out of Anorak’s gash but I was too cheap to shop for it. The only certifiably cartoonish item I have in my inventory is the Nyam Nyam mouth, which I find very appealing but which immediately tips an avi’s look into comical caricature not wanton cartoon. It’s no wonder Anorak ended up swinging from a chandelier. While looking unconvinced.

{ V I N C U E } & Kibitz – Mizu+Suit [MaitBeta] RARE 3 (Hentai Fair gacha)
{ V I N C U E } & Kibitz – Mizu+Hat Snow (Hentai Fair gacha)
{ V I N C U E } & Kibitz – Mizu+Leg [MaitBeta] Garnet (Hentai Fair gacha)
FYI I got the arm wraps for this outfit and they were way too big for my av’s arms.
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
[[ CR ]]Nyam Nyam v1.31
ILLMATIC :: Frenchie – Noir[Female](Backward)
Glam Affair – Luna skin – Exotic – Simply Girl – (past 50L Fri)
Speakeasy, Dishonored tattoo
Stylehaus (formerly Mannequin Couture), MC – GIFT – Thigh Tattoos (1L on Marketplace) only Omega applier
Kibitz – Starry bracelet – gold
Demi’s-Starshine.* Hizma/no blink nose piercing (1L on Marketplace)
mijn.botique accessories / studded earrings n.2 gold (not available)
location 1: Japan Fetish Zone (three doll cases in a row!)
Location 2: Pain and Fame, the Asian room, where the Koibito Bed from Zen Creations couch does a nice job of getting an upside-down girl to squirm sexily

Suction me

after the lovin I gather that people are squeamish about tentacle porn. I am entranced by it, but only in its most common form. I do not enjoy seeing real people draped with real octopi. (Octopi can’t consent.) Nor do I enjoy seeing real people poked and prodded by fake wire tentacles covered in felt. But I love manga and anime images of tentacle sex: witness the impossibly sinuous appendages demonstrate an astounding amorous versatility as they go to work on every last mound and hole in a woman’s body. There’s definitely a similarity between tentacle bonds and rope bondage: both tentacles and rope beautifully accentuate body parts like breasts, mimicking the curves by wrapping around them. Octopus porn sets me dreaming of floating immobilization as well as stimulation of my orifices. The images speak to my desire to be overwhelmed and erm pampered. While tentacle sex is usually a form of rape in hentai, it has not always been depicted as violent and unpleasurable in Japanese culture. Visit Thee Monkee Armada Word for an article that explains the positively sensual side of the classic sea-creature-on-woman picture, the 1820 print by Hokusai called The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife.

hentai tentacle I felt compelled to add this pic when I saw it. I was helpless to resist. There was no stopping it. Etc.

Nox, Octo Hickies tat in classic avatar, Omega and TMP appliers (at Hentai Fair)
Finemsith, Dive (only the goggles and weird twisty things)
TRUTH HAIR, Kizzy group gift
Izzie’s – Waterdrops
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
[theSkinnery]Ming-Bare face(honey) BB CL1 (oldie)

Show slave

SAFEFEFORWORK I decided to have some fun when I won Salt&Pepper’s rare Ropes and Flowers Harness. So I devoted a couple of sessions to shooting my naked av on Opium’s kinky stage. This is the only fragment of a picture that’s safe for work. The real fun begins under the cut. Continue reading

Pretty smitten

brightrosiedayMy second Shibaricon was nothing like the first, where I took about a dozen classes, tying with a different top each time and learning all I could about the practices, histories and philosophies of rope bondage. This year attendance was down, so there were almost no spare tops. I was lucky enough to meet a cool couple who both wanted to top. I prefer floor play to suspensions, and I don’t like extreme pain, but I surprised myself the first day by taking two suspension classes and a torture class. (Leg binder over-layered with an unlocked futo momo to fashion a partial suspension. Why, eh?) In one of those classes I had intended only to observe but I was summoned into bottoming by a rigger whom I recognized from her stage performance in 2015. She appeared coolly sadistic on stage and I discovered, somewhat to my relief, that her onstage command translated into a no-nonsense attitude in class rather than torture and cackles. Still I could not relax, and when I asked the translator to tell her I was nervous, the rigger’s attitude did not soften. We did not bond. After the third and final suspension she sat crosslegged on the floor bundling her rope. Lying at some distance from her I was surprised to find myself slipping into sub space. And then I was astonished when she noticed and slapped her thigh to direct me to lay my head on it. I obeyed. Being ignored while she kept rebundling her rope snapped me right out of my swoon. I hope this doesn’t sound like kvetching. She was highly respectful of my comfort in the ropes and did not overwhelm me with the lightning-fast tying I’d seen her perform on stage. Now that I think about it, it may have been the ordinariness of the encounter that left me disconcerted. An experienced and focused top is exactly what I needed as I faced my frustration with suspension. But it might have been nice if she’d also hypnotized me and reduced me to a groveling whip-crazed slave. (Still frustrated with suspension, btw. I can’t get over how much the ropes hurt my tender widdle arms.)
wellbredOn the second day I was lucky enough to bottom for a four-hour-long private lesson with my favourite rigger and his glorious partner. The top who needed a bottom for the class posted a message on FetLife and got only two responses. It amazes me what people miss out on. I can only assume that a person with a top thinks s/he doesn’t need any other kind of experience at Shibaricon, and a person without a top isn’t confident enough to take a chance on doing a class with a stranger. The rigger who taught us subscribes to the idea that tying should be a dialogue between the top and bottom, a corporeal call and response. He also insists that whenever possible the rigger should have one hand on the bottom’s body and one on the rope instead of both on the rope. In addition to using the rope to move a bottom’s body, he applies gentle hand pressure at key points on the body: one touch on my lower back straightened me out of a slump! It felt like a magical form of control. Any rigger who likes her/his bottom to be enthralled should learn it.
cradleUnfortunately, the physical and emotional demands of all this rope took a toll on me. I dropped into a terrible depression and had to sleep the afternoon away. I had a nightmare that I was in a mostly empty museum without any pants. Out the window I could see eight lanes of highway standing between me and my hotel. I reasoned that I had somehow gotten to the museum half-naked and should thus be able to leave and get back to my hotel without any fuss. I wrenched myself awake before my dream self had to steal a museum guard’s pants. This was my first experience of drop, and it was so awful that once I was back into circulation I acted as though I would explode if anyone tried to put rope on me. (I was rope-open the next day, although a bit wary.)
carrotmeetsstick Without doubt the best part of Shibaricon was my regular play partner, who I’ve written about before. He took care of me when I was struggling with drop. He agreed to a dinner-time cuddle and made me feel perfectly at ease when I showed up at his polyamorous pad. He and I snuggled while his primary partner and her play partner ordered Chinese food—and no one fell into a jealous rage (possibly because we were united in hunger). I learned that I have been underestimating him. I’d figured that like many men I’ve met before he is reserved and taciturn because he has little to give and express. I even assumed that he would never make eye contact with me while we played. It turns out he has just taken a reasonable amount of time to open up to me; and during that time I have come to trust him and thus be more open and affectionate with him. Our eyes are meeting left and right. These days I’m goofily delighted to be his bunny. But I’m also apprehensive. Now that I know how sweet he can be and how much I like it, I may find it tough to encounter the reserved and taciturn version of him when we play. This could make for a thrilling dynamic but it could also leave me as confused as I was during childhood when my father would shift into asshole mode on the slightest pretext.

Credits to creators
Now that I am no longer a dedicated SL fashion blogger I feel free to use old items in my av’s wardrobe. If you’re coveting that carrot you will be disappointed.
-Pixicat- Malignant.Dress – Pink (Maitreya) (I GIMPed some severe damage to the bottom of the corset where it meets the skirt. It seemed to be visible no matter what pose my av took. Caveat emptor.)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
White Widow, Deadman tat
(epoque hair) Sharp – Heat
Zenith, Lolita Rose Hat (epiphany gacha—check Marketplace)
.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA v1.3
Skinnery, Love Spark Milk applier for LeLutka (may have been an event exclusive)
[F]oil- Wing Chains Hoop Earring Gold (not available as [F]oil but see if you can track down creator Tracei Moore’s latest line)
{Meghindo’s} ~ Vintage pink satin rosette ~ bracelet (very old gift)
pose pic one and three: [[RH]] Design House, Old Rose Bouquet -Red (bouquet comes in three colours with choice of three poses)
pose pic four: Ma Vie, Mistress pack (in pic three I added Schadenfreude, Motivation on a string carrot (freakishly old prop))
Mesmerize Dungeon, Padded Cell Hospital
outdoor pics shot at Mercy Falls

Cover me, darling please

monkeyheadOn February 8 we enter the year of the monkey. I had some trouble finding a good prop for last year and was offended on the part of goats and sheep when I discovered that either one would do! I had no success this year looking for monkeys on Marketplace, where I expected to find a barrel vintage monogrammed trunk full of them. Luckily, Taiko McCaw of Naminoke has hooked us all up with this group gift. I was born in a year of the monkey. A little reading told me that monkey years are bad for monkeys and that monkeys are smart and witty and mischievous but they hurt people’s feelings because they don’t know when to stop. A little reading…don’t like it but I guess I’m learning.

outfit by Dead Dollz, cuff by Sn@tch, earring by Zibska (blogged recently), chain by Haste, tat by White Widow (blogged recently), body by Maitreya, skin by Birdy (n/a), prop by Naminoke, Windlight by Annan Adored
shot at Just Another Tequila Sunrise

Take a bow

eerie valkyrie in angels demons Aliza Karu just announced that she is shuttering AD Creations Doll House, aka Angels and Demons, after 8 years. I was lucky enough to blog for Aliza for a number of years. She would send out a groaning box packed with costumes that might be both fluffy and angular at the same time and were always satisfyingly gothic. Can you imagine what would happen if all the pieces of all those dresses got jumbled up in one package? Someone unimaginative and uptight like me would put all the strict black pieces in one pile, all the frothy pieces in another pile and everything colourful under the sofa. That would leave me with funny hats and arty pics. When Aliza concocted outfits based on books, she introduced me to Haruki Murakami’s IQ84 with her double-moon dress. And when it came time to do The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy she very thoughtfully provided the towel essential to space travel as well as a hat made out of the whale and an incoming flowerpot. You have until February 6 to find these creations and more at [AD]. There will be a tribute show in-world as part of Ferosh on January 24 at 10AM.
all the world The [AD] Combat helmet and wings have been waiting in my armoury, I mean my inventory, for ages. Portia so rarely gets called into battle. Here she’s pretending to be a young, couture-clad opera diva posing for a portrait to advertise her upcoming turn as Brunhilde. Plausible, no? (Please don’t try to make sense of the Egyptian ankh and the bites. Outfits quickly spin out of control when one starts playing with Aliza.)

AD Creations Dolls House
[AD] Combat helmet – Gold (with resize, also comes in silver metal)
[AD] Combat wings – Gold (with resize, also comes in silver metal)
[AD] Heat (mesh jacket from outfit that includes white net skirt and grey leatherish underwear) [AD] outfits are usually one size, so be sure to try the demo!
Tee*fy Faye High-Cut Skirt – Maitreya – Black
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
Antielle, Appetizer, Bites and Blood full-body tattoo
Birdy. Red skin ~Porcelaine~ with scar (Limited edition Enchanted) Bare (not available)
[.ARISE. Mana Eyebrows Soft (natural brown – tintable)
.{S0NG} :: Anim~ Aqua Eye
/Wasabi Pills/ Hairbase – SHAVED – (a freebie from Fantasy Faire 2012)
#187# Handcuffs Melee Black-Gold
– .HoD. – Deardriu Piercing (Female Fit)
– .HoD. – Elegy MESH Facial Piercing (F)
Remarkable Oblivion – Oracle Collar – past GG
pose 1 bang!
pose 2 Mabinogion
shot at the theatre on the Lookingglass sim: this is one of my favourite settings and one of the only place where I can get sunlight and shadows!
Windlights, Annan Adored (modded)

Love it and leave it

lovebird What blogger could resist Exposeur’s cage? It’s not the least bit ironic as it heart-frames an av’s sweet face. That’s because love is all around when a slave is on her knees and under lock and key. My lovebird is wearing Svana, a new flower-chain necklace and earrings from Zib Scaggs for Zibska. You can change the colour of each petal of the flower by HUD. I went for jewel tones to harmonize with the Dead Dollz spiked satin lingerie in dark blue. Like all Zibska jewellery, these pieces can be resized. Travel beyond the cut to see the full-length version of the necklace tickle Portia’s nipples. Continue reading

Defying gravity and myself

when two tats go to war As a neurotic blogger it’s my job—nay, my pleisure—to prevent myself from succeeding. For instance, I am careful to make the same mistakes as often as I can. And I restrict myself with silly rules rather than set myself sublime goals. Today I decided to defy my habit of shooting myself in the foot. (In the foot because the silly rule says that thighs are for arrows. And kneecaps are for gangsters.) For this pictorial, I tinkered for two days trying to get the right combo of tattoos to fill up the fields of flesh exposed by R2 A/D/E’s dress. The tats then spent a day playing “now you see it now you don’t” on Maitreya’s Lara body. Typically I fail to photograph the elements that were toughest to coordinate—see the last pic in this post for an example—or I don’t like the picture and decide not to use it. Not this time. Not after three days of hasslement. I deliberately shot the tricky tats head on and I am posting the pic even though I dislike it. Why do I dislike it? Because I deliberately shot the tricky tats head on. Obviously.
crop rosegold face If you asked me I’d tell you that I never do closeup shots because they are pure vanity. Really I’m concerned that the closer the shot the more obvious my limitations will be. Today I fear that you will see my misplacement of nose-rings or my 1,286th failure to correct the dumb dent in the line of my av’s upper lip. If this pic made it into the post it’s because I deliberately shot it half blurred, guaranteeing that it would be 50% less bad. Continue reading

I like LODE

Iris Every month I look forward to LODE’s hair accessory gacha at The Chapter Four. In today’s pic Portia wears Iris in Dark Purple. Whereas I usually hit the LODE machine three times and get three different colours—and almost always strike rare—this month I won two Dark Purple and two Red. Hit me up in world if you would like either one, for FREE.