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affective labour It takes all kinds to make kink work. The Pit is a new hangout for RPers and bondage aficionados. Pop upstairs for a well-curated assortment of sophisticated bondage props including Stockholm & Lima’s shibari rig and Dutchie/Rustica’s orientalist cage La Signora della Pazienza. Continue reading

The view from the floor

Shibaricon It was six years ago this week when I joined Second Life and just about a year ago that I shot the pictures featured in today’s post. When I joined SL I’d had no experience of BDSM and shibari. They were the stuff of fantasy and fascination. By the time I did this photoshoot with a bound, blonde Portia I’d discovered the pleasure of submission with a man I met inworld and dated online, but I hadn’t been tied. I went to my first munch early last July, entering the scene as a submissive but realizing relatively soon that it was going to take me a while to find a dominant. I have tended to describe rope as an alternative to the D/s relationship that I want but don’t expect to find, but it’s becoming more than that. Today I am pleasantly exhausted after being tied eleven times in eight days. How did I manage that? I attended Shibaricon in Chicago last weekend, which led to some follow-up skills sharing, a demo of a particularly boobalicious harness and a play date last night. Shibaricon featured excellent teachers/performers from all over the world, each one with her or his distinct theory and practice. By the time the four-day event was over I was just as interested in the history, the philosophies and the technical aspects of tying as I was in enjoying the physical and emotional pleasures of being tied. Now that I have two regular play partners, I am able to explore my masochistic side, enjoying the pain of tight rope and impact play. And I may have just met a woman with whom I can explore shame, which is the aspect of shibari that makes it sexually stimulating for me. Shibari originated as a means of restraining prisoners for the purpose of capturing, interrogating and parading them. The significance of this came home to me last weekend when I attended a class where I learned about a tie used to expose female prisoners’ underarms, a part of the body that is not meant to be revealed. Humiliation is key to the erotic and pornographic derivations of rope bondage. The shame of the bound woman is displayed not just physically by emphasizing the breasts and opening the legs, but also psychologically by showing the erotic pleasure the woman takes in being bound and in being thus humiliated. Continue reading

When’s summer?

twistagainst My track pad is so fucked. I kept trying to take better pix of this summery ensemble and trying to edit the pix I already had, but I ended up with a wildly swinging camera inworld and smeared scribbles in GIMP. This does not in any way diminish my love for Aikea Rieko’s Ruina dress for The Plastik, which is available at The Thrift Shop in many colours and fabrics. Each dress comes in mini, mid-thigh and lady-like-length versions. I chose the last because I like the combo of a conservative skirt length and big breasts. (In fact, at one point I was thinking of this as an homage to Joan in Mad Men.) Also featured in today’s look are the beautifully curvy Salvie earrings from The Plastik, which you will find at The Secret Affair. Each version of the earrings includes a HUD to change jewel colours.
portrait in fade saturate

Hedda looks soft and lovely in Perfume, the latest look from Sopha Portal for MUDSKIN, which you will find at Kustom 9. Her hair is a VIP group gift from Moon, her bracelets a Fameshed anniversary gift by SYS, and her necklace a VIP group gift from Finesmith.

Choose your embrace

I'm not sick bay Anorak gets chills at the thought of two massive robotic arms. I savour the prospect of two-hundred metres of natural rope. (The rope is probably more expensive, but it doesn’t servo-whine.) Last weekend a very talented woman introduced me to rope suspension. Ecstacy (a feeling of elation and innocence), followed by normalcy, followed by emotional—not physical!— drop. (The theory is that an endorphin high inevitably leads to a low.) Because of my experiences with despair the feeling of drop was familiar. It was tough to find myself in that state. Luckily it didn’t come with the despairing content, and I was able to work my way out of it. I relied on a friend, a struggle to tie my first harness on that poor friend, a dozen rounds of online gin rummy with a program that invariably favors sixes, and staying up well past my bedtime.
give good butt R2 A/D/E: her slinky see-through space rompers give good butt. Continue reading

Feed Nepal event

nepal needs In a country whose people already suffer from food insecurity, the earthquakes that recently racked Nepal have intensified dire need. Under the umbrella of their Join Hands initiative, Second Life residents Valsnia and Ruby Ornamental have participated in organizing Fashion For Food SL. The charity sales event is raising money for the UN’s World Food Program. Already underway, the event concludes on the 16th of May. No. 7 creator Shortcake Sugarplum has a number of items on offer: the Nakamura feather shawl modelled here is a 100% donation item. Donations can also be made directly to the WFP’s Nepal relief fund.

no. 7 Nakamura Feather Shawl -Nepal (NEW at Fashion For Food SL event)
.Birdy. May Skin ~Peaches~ (Blond)
+Fallen Gods Inc.+ Deathcall, Mark of the Ouroboros White Uncommon) (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Moon. Hair. // Boa (NEW group gift)
=Zenith=cairen dress (Sky) and Tou Shi headpiece (set from Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Clemmm – ReSnick eyes .black sclera.
W. Winx, Lounge chair prop

Cheesecake at 50?

wide of the mark I did not plan to win the gachus rarus maximus Goth Queen head by Antielle and May’s Soul. But when I did, on one of my signature lucky first plays, I decided to have some fun. I’ve been thinking about modeling for kinky photography—the one thing that holds me back is how ugly I am (old, fat, ugly, did I say ugly? Did I mention crotchety?). What, I wondered, would dumpy, grey—and somewhat feral—Goth Queen do if she followed my fantasy of posing for cheesecake photos? At 50, Goth Queen is no sick fashionista. So she would make some dubious wardrobe choices: covering her fat upper arms and age-spotted chest with a formal jacket and imagining that the big ruffles will draw attention away from her small breasts and protruding stomach. As today’s photos show, however, it’s not the matronly outfit that ruined the first picture. One can be fifty shades of fetching without baring one’s flesh. But a pin-up must project confidence and experience, never posing and smiling like a virgin on prom night.
visibly gothThis is much better: softer lighting, a pose that makes a viewer want to unfurl the model, and a sexy smile. Wait, is that a smile? Continue reading

How goes the metaphorical war?

rail at all his servants These days it’s tough to tell the difference between SL’s warrior women and masochists, both of whom wear bits of metal on their breasts and look exhausted but satisfied après guerre. Add a pair of goggles and you can throw space maidens into the mix, as you will see under the cut. Please be advised that you’ll see more than goggles, so this is NSFW. (Let’s put it this way: in the beginning there were pants, but as the shoot progressed I saw that they were bad.) Continue reading

Cushioned, not crazy

discularity A student asked me what I think about metamodernism. I misunderstood what he meant by “meta,” a term I associate with knowingness. I was horrified to discover that metamodernism seeks to move beyond the irony and cynicism of postmodern thought without rejecting the whole of postmodernism. I will have to research this more carefully. Just now I feel duty-bound to impress upon the youth of today that irony is not simply a mode of insincerity. Irony is the recognition that sincerity is now and always has been impossible. One cannot forget what humankind learns from irony. More pics, less thought below the cut. Continue reading

Lifestyle bulletin

look it up all over again There’s nothing shameful about researching the dos and don’ts of CBT. It’s wearing readers that has me embarrassed.

There’s a new blog in town from one of the best fetish photographers in Second Life. (I have been envying her outfits, light and playmates for a while now…) Go find Laura, A Surprise Package in the Kink Department.

Big data wants to map kink. No no no, this is not about who lives next door.