I decided in January of 2016 to leave creators’ blogger groups because my life and my interests in SL have changed. Without these creators I wouldn’t have had the confidence and inspiration to keep styling and shooting for Pleisure. Most of these relationships date back years while fashion and blogging are all about the now. Rejecting that sensibility—and the prevailing emphasis on sponsorship as proof of professionalism or popularity—I am keeping this page in place but renaming it in honour of shared creativity. Thank you everyone for playing with me.

Sadly, many of the creators are no longer in SL: Nevery Lorakeet of LPD, Strawberry Sugarplum of No. 7 and Riri Nini of h.m.a.e.m, who was the first to adopt me. I miss you all terribly. As of 08.14.19 Aliza Karu’s works are still available on Marketplace: Angels and Demons. The wonderfully generous Zib Scaggs is still in SL. You will find Zibska at the end of the list of creators for whom I blogged and who are still in business.


Apple May Designs

Beautiful Dirty Rich



[ MUDSKIN ] and Enfant (formerly My UglyDorothy)

The Plastik




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