Horns aplenty

wings2 This post needs little exposition. Things stick out of the girls’ heads in pairs. Two pairs are rare.

horns2 This pair, named Treasure, is new from h.m.a.e.m. There is also a Cherry Blossom set and, for those of you who dislike symmetry, a set with a treasure horn on the left and a cherry blossom horn on the right.

calicoswallow There’s quite a lot of fuchsia and blue.

Credits to creators
Look 1
:::Sn@tch, Thursday Mesh Dress (Black-Small)::: (comes with striped socks and giant creepers)
-Glam Affair – Vera – Horror edition GIFT C (new group gift in store)
[taketomi]_Emiko_SuccubusBands[RARE]_DippuDye12 (at the Legion Spooktacular)
Happy Undead, Swing Earrings – Butterfly DEATH (gacha in store)
MONS / Shocking eyes – night
pose is in Mishmash, Spool stool

Look 2
h.m.a.e.m. – My Horns – Treasure (NEW; ty Riri Ninni!)
~Tableau Vivant~ Dreamscape – Hairbase and Locks (at the Body Mod fair)
[7891.] Testle – Cross – Gold
Ricielli, Mesh – (S) Satin Top /sky (at TDRF)
Akeruka, Barbara LIGHT Mk3 tdr (recent TDRF)
(AMD) Ultimate Lashes – Double Wing
[UMEBOSHI] Lunar 2 eyes -Chestnut-

Look 3
OrsiniSun, Paradise Horns and bracelet Neon Fucsia Rare (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Calico Ingmann, Penny [HUD features exclusive sea colors] (Trick or Treat Hunt)
Swallow, Anja Fright Night 1 Ivory Blonde E. (at the Limitee event)
Baiastice,_Claudette dress-wine-size S
MONS / DualColor eyes – green
Imeka, Sayrui pose pack


Delicate flowers

puffoutx Black and pink. Black and mauve. There’s no good reason for them to work together. Unless you’re a toreador or a torch singer. Collabor88 continues to be the best of the 87 monthly events a fashionista must attend. The dress from (fd) and the boots from Ison are an odd combo, but Anorak’s an odd av. The Ison boots require Slink’s medium bare feet. With the exception of Lolas, the prospect of adding mesh enhancements to my av makes me feel like taking a nap. I persevered this week, however, because the boots are so sexy. I feel very frustrated by how big the feet are. They make my nit-picky arty eye all itchy. Is there a resize function I can’t find? Are the phat azzes and loud mouths also huge? If they are as enormous as the feet…well…let’s just say it’s a damn good thing that boobs can never be too big!


Nevery Lorakeet’s latest skirt and blouse combo is called Alessia, and is only available in greyed black and pearl-pink set. The blouse is puff-sleeved and the skirt is textured like, erm, like the skin of an animal that did not die to make this outfit. The flowers did not die. The fur did not die. The only thing killed for this post was a half-dozen donut holes.


I adore the Origami Sandals by e-clipse, a line that always surprises me with its unusual offerings at Limited Bazaar. The shoe is a gold-edged black platform thong worn with a black sock. (Special to Limited Bazaar: I liked it when you and TDR Fusion opened rounds on alternate Fridays. Now that you are synced up I will have nothing to look forward to on half the Fridays of my life. Please change back.)

Look one
(fd) Leather + Chiffon Gown – Black and Mauve S (NEW at Collabor88)
h.m.a.e.m. – Aztec Cuffs (NEW; ty Riri Nini!)
ISON – lace-up gladiator sandals -XXS- (teal) (NEW at Collabor88)
Slink, Female Feet (AvEnhance) XXS – Mid
[Anya Ohmai], ghost Pygmy Puff (old event item)
Wishbox, Festival Crown (Paradise Purple)
booN, FTN683 hair chestnut
undefined lilies – wing ding (black/gold) (old gift)
Essences – Rose TDR01 *doux* browless (recent TDRF)
MiaSnow, WALKER Betty Skin’s EYEBROW (old event item)
-Glam Affair – Lucy – Moles 01 (part of TDR Fusion item)
::UmedamaHolic::Crystal eye(mossgreen)S

Look two
*LpD* – *Alessia* Cipria (NEW; ty Nevery Lorakeet!)
ISON – leather leggings (black)
E-Clipse Origami Sandal S (NEW at Limited Bazaar)
KMADD Hair ~ EMMA ~ DARK BROWN 6 (This does not come with a hairbase, so I added one by Lelutka.)
[7891.] Testle – Cross – Gold (comes with spiked cuff)
ye olde freebie, Kidskin gloves: Black
.B I R D Y. DELILAH skin ~Pure~ London (old event)
[UMEBOSHI] Eon eyes gacha (Min) pale blue grey (at the Legion spooky whatsit event)
pose by PDA and pose pouf by 0o0 Studio/Gos

Portia says relax

dockrelax This is another outfit that happened by accident as I was tossing demos on the doll. The combo of the vivid pink blouse with the beige overalls makes my eyes very happy. Portia takes a break on the grounds of the Laviere/Tee*fy sim, which is still leafy and warm and extremely peaceful. Taking these pics with my new MacBook Air involved a series of snafus, but I did discover that the official viewer, while not perfect, is better than Firestorm when it comes to delivering a not-degraded image with deferred rendering enabled. Shame that, since Firestorm has more sophisticated photo options. [Update: I hate you, SL!!!! Fuck your screenshots and your shadows and all those donuts that people toss into group chats but which never rez for me.]

porthickc I love Inka Mexicola’s bold makeups for Essences. I wasn’t sure at first whether I liked the more youthful faces she started creating a while back. But the high-impact makeups work because they look quirky and cool on a youthful face. On the face of a mature woman, the makeups would look too glamorous and rich. P.S. Portia says burn your brows.

Credits to creators
Emery – Safari Shirt Norbit (for Skirt) Jalpur – XS
ASO!, 1940s Overall (beige) M (NEW; at Fashion’s Story Fair event)
Essences – Rose TDR03 *doux* browless (TDRF)
Clawtooth: Modern Gibson – Dreamy Red (this is a special 50L Friday colour, but it’s not the only red that Clawtooth sells)
[7891.] Testle – Cross – Gold
~Sassy!~ Polished Cuff Bracelet R (trans) – brown (gacha)
VCO – Worry dolls2 RARE (was at The Arcade)
:NuDoLu: Derby compense Dentelle cerise (was at The Arcade)

GIMPed for good measure

Ugly dawn to dusk

dayugcl For Designers United 5, Sopha Portal of My UglyDorothy created soft, appealing skins for a Baby Doll, a Pretty Doll and an Ugly Doll. Each one is painted to look like a ball-jointed doll. Seeing as I struggle every day with feeling ugly, I immediately chose to go with poor ole ugly doll. Who isn’t ugly at all. Though she tries to be. Her wide eyes are the perfect setting for the new mesh peepers from Mayfly. Look close: the whites of these eyes are opalescent.
uglycasy Bela Tolsen’s new leggings are available this week at My Attic (at The Nest). They can be had in sober shades of rose, blush and drab green, as well as the grape shown here, which rock a little harder when you pair them with your octopus shoes. Which you will. I love Rachel Breaker’s gacha shoes from The Arcade. They’ve got more personality than many avs. [My apologies to studded-lizard lovers—all two of you—for mistaking these shoes for octopus. I should probably also apologize to octopus lovers for suggesting that these majestic, if sneaky, creatures would waste their time munching toes.]
uglyfancyc The ugly doll has a date. Her 7891 ear cuffs come in a pack of gold and silver for 55 little Ls at fi*friday.

Credits to creators
Day look
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Ugly Doll4 and _MY UGLYDOROTHY -Ugly Doll Shape (NEW at Designers United 5; ty Sopha!)
Mayfly – Liquid Light Eyes (Mountain Lake, w1) (NEW; ty Arkesh Bara!)
*TuttiFrutti* Jada Mesh Legging – Grape [S] (NEW at My Attic; ty Bela!)
[LisaAlisa] Tank Top Rabbit (XXS) (freebie on Marketplace
/Wasabi Pills/ Robin Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) – Deep ocean (NEW at Fameshed; ty MissAllSunday Lemon!)
::Sweet Leonard:: Spiky Ball ~ Rings (gift)
Rachelbreaker, TOEMUNCHER PUR shoes (gacha at The Arcade)

Night look
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Ugly Doll5 (NEW at Designers United 5; ty Sopha!)
al vulo, doll lashes (came with a skin)
Mayfly– Deep Sky Eyes (Twilight Sea Shadow, w1) (NEW; ty Arkesh Bara!)
[.7891.] Testle – Cuff – Silver (at fi*friday)
*Epic* Cropped Lace-Tex Bunneh Jacket
GizzA – Glam Rock Suit – Bra
.Olive. SL FAshion Week Group Gift – Binding Black Bow Ring
blackLiquid HAIR – BEAUFORT midnight (bought at Love Donna Flora)
TuTy’s ADORABLE – Updo hairstyle – Blue antracite with Hair base Blue antracite

Pose prop, Nuwiggles (not available)

I GIMP therefore I am.

Stormy weather

donatello As many of you know, Squinternet Larnia, the creator behind the Donna Flora line, is unable to afford necessary care for cancer she has been battling since 2011. Her SL friends banded together to establish a fundraiser called Love Donna Flora, where creators are donating varying amounts of profits from sales. There are many lovely items to be had at the fundraiser, which ends August 11. If you’re on a limited budget you might want to prioritize items earmarked for 100 per cent donation rather than 75 or 50. In addition to shopping Love Donna Flora, I went to the source and picked up Donatella, a lovely Art Deco dress in mesh. It comes in a variety of fabrics, some more colorful and less dramatic than the one I’m featuring here. Zoom in on the pic to see the striped ZsaZsa Leo ring, also from Donna Flora. Available in pink as well as gold, it reminds me of a special iced chocolate topped with an almond. In short, I can’t look at it without wanting to eat it. I realize that many SLers are skeptical about fundraisers. Although I don’t believe in karma, I do know that anyone who is seriously ill could easily be me or someone I love. And I believe humankind’s inability, or refusal, to empathize with others is deadly in one form or another.

donatella2l The second round of The Kollective is now open. I couldn’t resist Rumina’s Ciara hair in black ombre. It includes a HUD allowing you to choose one of twenty colours for the tresses in back and the roll up top.

Credits to creators
Donna Flora, Donatella deco-curvy (mesh)
Donna Flora, ZSAZSA leo ring gold (for right and left hand)
.:{Rumina}:. Ciara Ombre (at The Kollective)
[7891.] Total – Gold earrings
N-core, SHARK 2 “One Voice Edition” (not available)
Adoness, The Governess nails – Orange 10-R (a hunt gift found lurking in my inventory, age unknown)
*League* Aria Walnut -Apricot -LBrow -Chest C
&Bean – Wet lips Orange (not available)
(AMD) Ultimate Lashes – Double Wing (came with an old skin)
– Glam Affair – Stella Eyes n4
pose comes with purchase from I <3 Fashion
GIMP wuz here!

Flash transit

transit2 Portia dances when the Apocalypse is delayed. (The alternative is eating a cardboardy $12 sandwich over a copy of Harper’s Bazaar.)
stationsm The third-ever Pleizzie award goes to TPVs (I use Exodus and Firestorm) that didn’t “prepare” players for SSA by banning old iterations of the viewer from accessing the grid. Something in me died on that long-long-long-ago day when Linden Labs forced me to give up my old clunker of a viewer. That something rose again as a disgusted consumer who wouldn’t have the stomach for eating brains if some of them weren’t so damn tasty. I am soon going to establish a Sponsors page to advertise those brains. Take a bite of their imaginations.

Credits to creators
*LpD* – *Fiona* Skirt Blue (Mesh – Size XS) (comes with blouse) (ty Nevery!)
MetaTheodora, Rainbow Format Jewellery Set (NEW and materials viewer ready; Ty Sian!)
MetaTheodora, pasties from Freudian Slip outfit (NEW; ty Sian!)
Zibska, Veron (colour change) (NEW; ty Zib!)
mijn.botique accessories / huge chain necklace silver excl.TDR
[7891.] Reply Necklace – Silver (this didn’t res properly; buy one and see it for real)
[ContraptioN] Clemantlers *silver* (old LB)
Wasabi Pills, Skye Orchid
:Filthy: Group.Gift#1.2013 ___( Beach ) (Filthy is back)
*LpD* MakeUp – *Steam Cloud* Only Eyes
cStar Limited – H.B.I.C. Eyeliner
(epoque.s) Mesa Platforms – Silver L
Del May pose’
location Insilico
The first pic was slow-cooked with GIMP. The second one is raw.

Casual glamour

ozibskapalazzo I think of them as “my ladies”—the talented women who send me their creations so that I may share them with you. My ladies have been busy, so Portia is drowning in spring/summer wear, and I have blog posts planned through the end of next week. Yesterday, I showed you h.m.a.e.m’s new mod-inspired slim-fitting slacks. Today, Zib Scaggs of Zibska also recalls the 60s with her striped linen Chloe palazzo pants. In real life, I am short and dumpy but I can wear palazzo pants, so I think of them as the ninth wonder of the world. Zibska’s palazzos are big but sexy because they sit below the waist and curve elegantly around an av’s belly. The Chloe pants come with a coordinating halter top, but I didn’t want Portia to look too bare at this time of year, so she’s wearing a cutout crop top from Ozi. In addition to the aqua version shown here, the Chloe outfit is available in lime, white and gray renditions. One last note for today: Portia is wearing Margot, one of Glam Affair’s affordable skins for May’s Collabor88. I was chuffed to discover that the 288L pack contains the red-lipped glamorous look advertised on the vendor and a “clean” version of the skin, which offers a dewy daytime makeup with a pale lip.

Credits to creators
Zibska, Chloe Trousers ~ Aqua [2] (comes with an aqua-blue halter top) (NEW; ty Zib Scaggs!)
{.:Ozi:.} ORGAMI CROP top V2 TANGO – xxs
Glam Affair – Margot – India 03 – Dark brown (at Collabor88)
[7891.] Total – Gold earrings
-REDGRAVE – Shoes Helena – 12colors (NEW)
Tee*fy, Colour Blocking Minimalism Bangle Critus (yesterday’s 50 L Friday)
Adore & Abhor, Lambie (special event item, but there are other versions)
Alouette, Bibliotheque Chair (old Arcade gacha)
GIMPed but not pimped

Puddin’ in plum

sgryI’m often tempted by Severed Garden’s adorable outfits, which always boast beautiful colour combos and loving attention to detail. Usually I resist buying because these ensembles look so much better on girlish bloggers than they do on Portia. A quick trip to Anatomy got me the button-cute av I needed to make the Fiona outfit work. (Btw, Fiona is insanely inexpensive.) One of the latest releases from Bamboo nails gives this look a high-fashion twist. RubyRedRusset’s Spring Orange can be worn with feathery white tips. They’re guaranteed to make you crave a Creamsicle.


Gala Phoenix of Curio skins is planning to retire all of her old skins as of May 4. I can’t decide whether I should retire them from my inventory. I certainly haven’t been willing to give up my Dutch Touch skins. But I always feel as though a blogger has to emphasize the new and available rather than follow her whims. On the other hand, Portia ain’t exactly a trendsetter, so why shouldn’t I follow my own muse?

Credits to creators
.:.*{ Severed.Garden }*.:. Fiona Skulls
{Anatomy} Marlly shape [modded slightly in the bübs]
[7891.] Reply Necklace – Gold (at fi*friday)
[Bamboo] Nails – Spring Orange [NEW; ty RubyRedRusset Resident!]
Curio, Summer-Wild Strawberry 1 in Moonbeam [Dark] tone
::dUTCH tOUCH:: AddOns – EyeLashes (not available)
:[Plastik]:-Vaele Coll://Galaxia-Nala eyes
>TRUTH< Claudia – jupiter (big sale at Truth until May 10, not possible to get into sim to see if this is one of the retiring styles)
poses: LAP
GIMPed but not pimped.

Second star on the right

peter32l Aliza Karu’s Booklook for April celebrates Peter Pan. The floor-length gown, which is slit on one side just shy of the hip, features an elegant monochrome fade from white through grey to black. The accompanying Trilly dust that orbits one’s av is probably magical. It reminds me of the Sugar Corn Pops I ate as a kid, which had their own magic of dissolving on the tongue. The Peter Pan ensemble also includes a mobile spiral of multi-coloured light (not shown in this picture) that probably represents Tinkerbell on speed. Or in love. I get those two confused.
petermed2 I’m an Aries in RL and decided to celebrate with Aranel Ah’s rams horns for Zodiac. Being an inadequate Aries makes me feel inadequate. I’m supposed to be a leader, but I’m a loner. The best capsule description of Aries that I ever read states “Aries can be perfectly nice people once they’ve been chemically or surgically altered.” I can never understand why I am the only person who finds that hilarious. Possibly it’s because no one born under another sign can appreciate how close it comes to the truth.

Credits to creators
[Angels and Demons Creations] Tribute to peter Pan [mesh dress only in one size, so try demo] (NEW; ty Aliza!) presented with Libriamo Tutti
*BOOM* I Am Aries (gold) horns (at Zodiac)
A&Ana Fashion Jewellery Pus Glamour Bracelet (at TDR Fusion)
[7891.] Hage Cross Necklace – Drop – Gold
~ Tableau Vivant~ Ewing hair – female (S) – Xmas ed. Metal fade
*Glance Skins – Anais – August – No Brows (was a Skin Fair item)
[theSkinnery], Voluptous lip junkie – lipstick 7 (was a Skin Fair item)
Miss Shippe’s Studio, OMS O Rama Gold Feather Lower Lashes Only
“tSg” Miss Sassy Brow Black (old gift)
.ID. Snowfall Eyes / Seasons Gatcha / Hazel
pose one: Clemmm
pose two: Whatever, Modeling Chair (? I need to check this)