I picked purple

purp3x At times I think I’m a bad blogger, so I decide to make it worse. Colour-wise Oh My Gacha was good to me—except for the mint, I can’t do anything with mint—because it paid out in black and rose gold. But it also gave me purple in the form of the Saturn undies from tsg. I accepted chance’s implicit challenge. In the only way I know how. By typing the word purple into my inventory. The old flower-tipped mustache was a surprise. But everyone likes a mustache on a pretty girl. (See above re making it worse.)

Credits to creators
.tsg. Sentofuku Lingerie – Saturn (at Oh My Gacha)
*:..Silvery K..:*Japanese Lady’s shoes for winter(Purple) (gacha at Kimonoichi festival at Kyoto/Bakumatsu until the end of the month well, that ended rather abruptly; check the mainstore to see if it’s available there)
{Frick} Winter Tights in Sugarplum (p) (not gacha but only 30L and available in several colours)
[Aux]Fly Free – Purple (old gacha)
-Glam Affair – Neva Frost 03 A (ends today)
L.Fauna, Rosebud Moustache (Purple) (old Seasons Hunt gift, not available)
+Nuuna+ Zion 2 Purple tat.
[JB] Juicy Box – Feather / Watercolor Tattoo (NEW on Marketplace; you can’t see the feather bits around the cleavage, which make the tat extra super lovely)
=DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Rossi II” Baby Pink Purple
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine)
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Medium
MONS / DualColor eyes – purple
Mudhoney, Priya Chair Mauve (from the Love Donna Flora event)


What’s inside a TARDIS?

callboxg I was going to say that my TARDIS is never bigger on the inside. Because I’m gloomy and all. But then I decided to ponder the idea of entering something small that turns out to be big. And I realized that my TARDIS is as big and exciting on the inside as any other. If, that is, the TARDIS is the female sexual and reproductive organs. Tiny hole on the outside leads to big spaces on the inside. Anyone with a semester’s worth of English lit would say it’s a womb metaphor. But the baby berth is not the whole of the female interior. There’s also the vagina, with its G spot, and the (rumored-to-be-hidden) clitoris. These are represented by the TARDIS command console—with its lovely throbbing core. There’s much to be read into the various doctors’ inability to manage those controls. Matt Smith’s Doctor, who slips and slides his way around the console at launch time, is the TARDIS’s most energetic lover. He calls her “Sexy,” but only when they’re alone. Clearly, they should never be alone. If Smith’s Doctor has to race round to throw all those levers and turn all those dials it’s because the TARDIS needs many pairs of hands. If you want her to come. Come to save the world, I mean.
fezgizza Portia was so dressed up when she heard about Tyr Grommit’s gift fez for Auxiliary that she saw no reason to not add it to her ensemble. Unfortunately, it’s a sober kind of masquerade because her Gizza gown with cloak is a donation item for flood relief to the Philippines. You will find it and many more desirable items, as well as straight-up donation boxes, at the Typhoon Haiyan Fundraiser. On the last day, December 8, there will be an auction of stunning one-of-a-kind gowns by couturiers such as Nevery Lorakeet for LpD and Zib Scaggs for Zibska.

Credits to creators
GizzA – Donna Gown [Burgundy] (donation item for the Philippines: see above)
Zibska, Lique necklace (NEW at L’Accessoires; ty Zib!)
[Auxiliary] Fezzes Are Cool – Happy 50th (open gift) If my interpretation is correct, the fez is a condom, and it is, indeed, cool in a “no-glove-no-love” way. It’s a damn good thing he’s got round to wearing one at last.
*League*, Aria Walnut -Apricot -NoBrow -Chest C
+Fallen Gods Inc.+, ZODIAC, GOLD filigree (Winter is Coming gacha rare)
[ #7 ] Vieja Martha :Fly Away: Lashes
:: DUTCH TOUCH ::MaAn:: Feather Eyelashes – Valentine (old item)
:::Fab-U-Lous:::: Lea ( Black) with Liquence . – Hairbase (all hair at Fab-U-Lous is on sale for 75L until the store closes)
Zibska, Halcyon ~ Earrings
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small with Bliensen + MaiTai nails HUD that I do not recall acquiring
POST, TARDIS (free for a limited time)

It’s a Cramps reference, innit

NSFW, eh?

censpub Bunneh Brickworks Kawashima is an SL blogger and one of my sweetest Flickr friends, but she is also a bad influence. In a good way. This week, Bunneh is shooting a series of photos featuring public nudity. I had to see if I could do what she does. (These two pics will have to last a whole week, so look at them slowly. Or frequently.) I admit that while shooting these pics I was afraid that I would be caught and banned from my fave sim. So I appreciate the risky thrill of public nudity. At the very same time that I enjoyed doing something wrong, however, I also felt the rightness of the beauty of the naked human body, of the SL creators’ imaginative ways of enhancing that beauty, and of my own effort to create an erotic image rather than just a nude shot. I had to shoot many vanilla pics and many upper-body images before I was absorbed—or committed—enough to find a sexier pose and show Portia’s pudendum. If we are easily shocked by erotic imagery, it is because we are too distanced from the naked body rather than too close. Our determination to keep the body, and sex, private is a symptom of our inability to embrace the body in its erotic aspects. (Don’t get me started on body-as-bourgeois-private-property. That way lies Marx.) Having said this, I did decide to censor the pic with some soap bubbles. If you want to see the uncensored version, you will need a Flickr account with preferences set to see restricted images.
public6x In addition to Bunneh’s example, I was inspired by Umazuma Metaluna’s new Lolas Tango appliers for The Skinnery. These are the sexiest nips on the grid, their appeal to the fingers as strong as their appeal to the eye. Ms. Metaluna has done appliers for old skins as well as new, so customers aren’t forced to abandon the old skins as obsolete. She is putting her customer first. This I like.

Credits to creators
[theSkinnery] Byuri-Foxy Lady(toffee) DB CL1 (this was a special edition of the Byuri skin)
[theSkinnery] Tangos Skin Applier and, in the same package, Tangos Nipples Applier [there’s a nipless version of the applier so you can avoid nip-slip]
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
[Aura] Grimm – Corset – M – Antique
first pic: Magika [Hair S] Stumble
second pic: Wasabi Pills, Christy 2 Chocolate
– .HoD. – Chained – Slide
.:ellabella:. Saint – Jet
Yummy, Boho Rings – Maroon
Graves, G329 Cuffs
poses: Glitterati
GIMPed for your pleisure, but the applier is not retouched (enjoy my signature jagged shadows)

Post-Halloween funk

Four days into November, I am still not reconciled to the fact that Portia and Anorak can no longer prance around in orange and black. I could barely remember how to put a normal outfit together until I decided that “cheap” and “grey” could be my themes. In this look, Portia combines a Glow corset and Auxiliary jeans—currently available at The Dressing Room and TDR Blue, respectively—with a fi*friday sweater by Attic. You will need to shell out a bit more for the cool bottle-bottom glasses by K_GS at The Gallery Gift Shop. And the gorgeous hair from Wasabi Pills is regular price at Fameshed. The best news is that Portia’s sneakers are a free gift from Balkanik 2.0, and there are several other pairs in the pack. They are resizable to fit women and menfolk.

I want to highlight the jewellery Portia wears in this post. It’s a witty set of lightbulb earrings and necklace available from Amorous at the Tomorrow Today fundraiser for Matchbook Monday, whose story you can read on the intertubes. The vendor only shows hot pink and turquoise, but there are dozens of options in the colour-change menu. Portia also wears Madeleine, the pretty cheapie shirt from U.one, and a pair of LB pants from NuDoLu, which feature a lacey-looking fabric and grey woolies below the cuffs. (You can see more of her outfit on the Pleisure Flickr.) I stalked these trousers hard, and I hit the 40L rabbit-hat gacha while I waited. In case you’re wondering, I won the trousers on a ?. The other letters I saw were the usual U, Y and X. I think there was also a 666, the number of the beast that lurks in these frustrating LBs.

Credits to creators
Look one
amorous, :love always: lit set with earrings (at Tomorrow Today, fundraiser for Matchbook Monday)
/Wasabi Pills/ Amelie Mesh Hair – Cinnamon (NEW at Fameshed; ty Miss Lemon!)
^^Swallow^^ Group Gift- Happy Halloween (free VIP gg)
K_gs, BottleBottom glasses (at TGGS)
Attic, Monochrome Blocks Cardigan (S) (at fi*friday)
[ glow ] Studio Vintage Corset purple (S) (new at TDR)
Auxiliary – Skinny Jeans – XXS – Ombre Purple (last week for these at TDR Blue)
PIDIDDLE – Sharp Nails – Silver Glitz – HS 20 (new gg; fee to join)
Balkanik 2.0, Vintage_HIPSTER [MEDIUM] (free VIP gg)

Look two
amorous, :love always: lit set with necklace (at Tomorrow Today, fundraiser for Matchbook Monday)
u.ONE, Madeleine shirt XL
:NuDoLu: Pantalon jean + laine LB color – XS (LB)
:NuDoLu: Bonnet lapin Mr. Lapin (resize) (gacha)
^^Swallow^^ Group Gift- Happy Halloween (VIP gg)
K_gs, BottleBottom glasses (at TGGS)
*Tea Time* Slipper/Socks I<3Japan bird -brown socks
PIDIDDLE – Sharp Nails – Silver Glitz – HS 20 (VIP gg, fee to join)

location: Crystall Dunes sim, private but open through November 5 (methinks)