Cozy n cute

All winter I watched labels like AMITOMO infiltrate events with lovely calf-length baggy outfits. I wanted one, them, some…because I felt like my avs, Portia, Anorak, even Hedda, were tired of slinking around half-naked or bound. But the cornucopia of fetish events leaves a kinkster little time for cozy and cute. When I realized that spring is here, but I was still longing for something capacious, I decided to stop by AMITOMO and, after studying the options, hit the Handmade gacha. I also picked up Exile’s free hair and won Katatonik’s bunny ears, a randomized gift, from the Magic of Ozimals egg hunt. Somehow, cuddly led me back to Mother Goose’s and an olde LB skin that you can still win. And yes, I couldn’t stop myself from going tone on tone. It’s my one OCD tendency, or my version of comfort food.
I also pulled the handle on DAMI’s uniforms gacha at Spring Scandal because the rares are beautifully made. All I got was a lavender hoodie. (I hate casual.) I considered drowning it with the other bunnies—just kidding!—but then decided I could experiment with the kawaii schoolgirl look. It’s not the same without long black hair and either a ghost or a dom. Or both…

Not credited above
hair, pic 2: barberyumyum group gift
skin, pic 2: Glam Affair, Elvi (old but gacha so it might be available)
pose, pic 1: an lar, infinity pack
shot at AMITOMO


Wicked fabienne

Just before dawn, a richly dressed woman of questionable repute quietly shuts the door behind her and steps into the deserted road of Bourbon Street. It’s not her own home that she’s leaving.

Although a casual observer might think she is simply nervous about being out alone, the woman’s quick pace actually betrays her desire to quit the town as soon as possible.

More than a hundred years later, her descendant—a lover of vintage clothing and owner of her own home—holidays in New Orleans.

She enjoys her visit that much more because she figures it is finally safe to wear the necklace that her Great Great Grandmother stole.

Credits to creators

dress: Grim Bros., Fabienne Rouge

pants: Boom, Seaman Pants in Pitch

thief’s hair: Chemical Kisses, Celestine (old dollarbie)

heir’s hair: Barberyumyum, #17 in Black

thief’s skin: Frick, Goth–Flourish v2 (large lips)

heir’s skin: Belleza, Elle BR Fair HB (cleavage) (recent group gift; 250L join fee)

necklace: Unique Needs, Beloved Sanctum Heart

boots: G Field, Short Lace-up Boot in Black

poses: Pididdle, Artistic Taxidermy pack (freebie)

location: The Big Easy