Le creep c’est chic

truly awful I don’t know why this look took a dark turn. Oh, wait, I do: the TAG Gacha circus makeup from The Skinnery turned Portia into some kind of glam lizard. In a good way, natch. Continue reading



ballin All I wanted was an albatross to round out my collection of Beetlebones’ Arctic Friends. I’d done very well on this gacha. I easily won a friend and an avatar version of the polar bear, snowshoe hare and arctic fox, as well as two rare creme owls, one on the first play. As Mr. S. Coleridge once related, an albatross is a lucky charm. Unless you decide to make it into a necklace or something. These days, if you want something from a popular gacha, you have an excellent chance of finding it at one of dozens of yard sales inworld. (So many plum puddings. So little need for so many plum puddings.) I was out trying to bag an albatross when I discovered that some of these markets have gacha machines with random prizes. One that was set for 25L a play claimed to contain rares. I figured the machine would dispense ugly things, like a pair of death-in-life-and-vice-versa earrings in a rare seaweed-and-squid colour combo. But on the first play it gave me…another one of them damn rare owls! Shown here. Along with another gacha rare, the Ballin shirt from 1992, now available to win at Kustom9. As I attempt to protect my new albatross from a trio of uppity owls, I can’t help  wonder whether rare gachas are not so rare after all. If they are in fact quite numerous, I don’t need to drive myself mad with guilt for my rare-gacha-magnetosis. Also, I don’t need to pay 1,000L for an orca.

Credits to creators
1992 // Long Muscle T (Ballin) S – RARE (gacha at Kustom9)
S H I Legging_Black
[F]oil- PlastiK Afro Earring- Blue – (several different colours at fi*friday this week)
[PACADI] – Eyti Bangles (store is closed)
booN, MIE355 hair chocolate (NEW) (must buy bases also: booN, cornrows hairbase chocolate)
*League* Aria Walnut -Apricot -LBrow -Chest C (SALE: half price, like almost everything else in the store, until January 26)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Medium
pose is from the Urbz pack by Juxtapose (may no longer be open…it’s from 2011)

BB, Artic Friends Snow owl brown rare

I must profess

techtxt I do not want to go back into the classroom tomorrow. If I do, I’m using the lousy winter weather as an excuse to wear black jeans and a t-shirt.

emmaclx Thinking makes ones hair messy. In a very sexy way.

Credits to creators
/Wasabi Pills/ Emma Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) – Rouge (new at The Season’s Story; ty MissAllSunday Lemon!)
-tb- Female Skinny Tie (M) – Plum (at Collabor88)
-tb- Long Sleeve Collared Blouse (S) – Blush (at Collabor88)
LeeZu, Yukatan Pants S (mesh,rigged,material) /beige
Tableau Vivant – LL 1/2 gloves (XXS-S)
Yasum*MESH*Steampunk Headset*STEAM*female*CAMOU (not that old gacha)
Essences – Song Goth 02 *brown* (past TDRF)
-Glam Affair – Mokatana – Moles 2
dl:: Belly Bandaid tattoo
MONS / Shocking eyes – brown
::BB:: Arctic Friends Snowshoe Hare Pal(creme) (gacha)
pose one by h.m.a.e.m
Blackboard by Glitterati in Schooled prop
Books from Book’em by BOOM (old pose prop)

More than fur flies

owling I think I’m cursed with rare-gacha disease. I discussed my guilt over winning a high-tech weapon in a previous post. Yesterday, I felt awkward because I won a rare Snowy Owl from Beetlebones on my third play. Then today, well, I won another one. On my first play. Both are creme, leading me to believe that the creme owl is not that rare after all. The owl does adorable things, as one would expect from the Yootz and Ohmai sisters. I was chuffed to name it after my AWOL master [pronounced Igor-style as math-tuh]. In his bird form, Master Sir is forced to perch on my arm, is bound to fly alongside me, and must go to sleep whenever I want to relax. There is no mechanism for tethering him to a post, cock cage toggling on and off. Scripters—call me.
aviatrix When I popped the owl out for the first time, a nearby avi noticed and said she hadn’t managed to win one. How was she to know this would make me sweat with guilt? If, woman-whose-name-I-forget, you are reading this post, and you still don’t have an owl, contact me to answer the truth-testing question, and I will atone for my luck by sending you my spare. (P.S., Anyone else notice that there are a lot of trees in world this time of year?)

*No animals were killed (or, truth be told, enslaved) (or, just to reassure you, impersonated) (much less adopted as a spirit guide) to make this outfit and these pix.

Credits to creators
:Beetlebones:: Artic Friends Snow Owl (creme) RARE (at Beetlebones and at the RMK Gothic sim market)
May’s Soul, Celtic Body xs red
ISON – raw hide vest – M (moss) (at Collabor88)
.Birdy. Blair skin ~Biscuit~ Gold Dust (Bare) RARE (at the Arcade)
Your cocain :: Dragon tat
Bliensen + MaiTai – Friedel – Necklace – Onyx – redgold (rare) (at the Jewelry and Accessories Expo)
*(OO)*YUKI_ Susu Shoes RARE2 (at the Christmas Mini Market)
MIEL, LO REFURBISHED SOCKS – multi/ebony (old gift)
Pure Poison – Riu Spiked Leather Bracelet
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Medium
SHI, Distressed Aviator (at the Arcade)
Analog Dog, tangled black (I piled on a bunch of copies of the ponytail)
MONS / Shocking eyes – blue
poses by Glitterati
shot at the Christmas Mini Market skybox

Real chilly

potcha Suddenly I’m cold. So I dressed my doll in the fetching Fowler boots from Beetlebones and a surprisingly sexy vest and blouse combo from Potcha. Anorak poses in a mildly haunted house at the Lovecraft Festival, which is collecting donations for the Autism National Committee. There is shopping to be done, but damned if I could find any clearly marked donation items. I encountered the same problem earlier in the week at the Dreams Way event for people who suffer from autism and asperger’s. There are supposed to be donation items from dozens of haute couture designers, but the absence of signage left me wondering if I was interpreting the spatial arrangement correctly. An arrow, an X, a flower, a heart, a big ole stink eye. Any identifying marker would help us all.
poyjulia Hair from Chemistry, BOOM’s steampunk choker and Glam Affair’s Elvi in Jamaica make a casual look a little more sophisticated.

(= potcha. knit vest blouse 02 [ liquid size ] (2-for-1 at The Chapter Four)
(Chemistry) Hair – Harlow (Rigged)
Glam Affair – Elvi – Jamaica – 03 H (this was a special makeup at Kustom9, but you can find the regular line at the mainstore)
*BOOM* The Illustrious Sproket Strand Rose Gold (at Collabor88)
::BB:: Fowler Laced- Up Boots M (PIGEON) (at Collabor88)
MONS / Shocking eyes – grey
Glitterati poses, model pack 150-159 (only on Marketplace)

Grief and sorceress


You know you’ve gone too far with the restricted palette and matchy-matchy aesthetic when you coordinate your av’s patterned LpD skirt with a spotted wizarding toad. (I <3 it.) Continue reading

Slow release

zibsqx Zibska’s Libby dress is a flirty pin-striped frock covered in cubes, combining the intellectual qualities of Japanese fashion with anglo sex appeal. If you like the concept of a padded derriere but aren’t feeling the phat azz, you’ll love Libby’s bustle of cascading cubes.

Credits to creators
Zibska, Libby ~ Noir, comes with Birdie earrings in Black (shown here), as well as burgundy gloves and a fuchsia hat (at Avenue fashion week until October 29; ty Zib Scaggs!)
.Birdy. Ashley Skin ~CoCo~ (bare)
[theSkinnery]Dripping paint head makeup (color change) (DU5 event is over)
“tSg,” Miss Sassy Brow Black
[Plastik]-VaeCollection-Arab eyes
::BeetleBones:: Pesca Thigh Boots for DU2013 XXS (PEWTER) (DU5 event is over)
Vita’s Boudoir, Black Cat Bowler Hat
Glitterati, Garage pose prop

Man up

The offerings for the new round of Euphoria’s Limited Bazaar are so fantastic that I wanted to call this post “Fu*k yes.” The theme is menswear. Portia’s avant-gardey suit from E-Clipse and her colour-blocked coat from Diram are only two of the stylish, discounted buys. Remember that Limited Bazaar features limited quantities. If you want these, go as soon as you finish reading every precious word of this post.

Lilo Glom of JesyLiLo is doing two fabulous skins for winter events. This is Gül Buz, which will be available at the Frost Fair as of December 12th. When I slipped on this skin, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Gül Buz is a sophisticated and polished beauty. On the other hand, Portia’s hair, Valerie 2, is wonderfully disheveled, courtesy MissAllSunday Lemon of Wasabi Pills. Valerie 2 is the sequel to a neatly coiffed version, and both are available at the new Collabor88.

Zima, the other lovely new skin from JesyLiLo, is available until December 15 at The Winter Fair. For Zima, Ms. Glom has designed glossy lipsticks in a range of colours that cover bold and pale looks. Portia’s mesh eyes are new from Clemmm. The haunting periwinkle shade is speckled with white lights.

I saw a coat like this in a real-life ad and hoped against hope that I’d be able to buy it in SL. Thank you, Diram! Take note of Portia’s multi-colour boots, which are a Paperbag item at the Singer Icon Fair, until December 13th. The pack also provides a version with silver toes, and the boots are available in other colours.

Credits to creators
Well suited
*JeSyLiLO*:::Gulbuz:::*LightSkin*J6 (NEW at Frost Fair opening December 12; ty Ms. Glom!)
– Glam Affair – Stella Eyes n4
/Wasabi Pills/ Valerie2 Mesh Hair – Cinnamon (NEW at Collabor88; ty Miss Lemon!)
E-Clipse, Kyoto Suit (at Limited Bazaar)
Baiastice_Gina-blue-dress (top only)
BB* Worn-out Boy Style Loafers for girls in old leather (old Beetlebones item)
LaGyo_Cross belt gold [this is not really supposed to be worn outside a coat and I did a wee bit of GIMPing to hide some edges] (at TDR Fusion)
[KAMOURASKA] Rouyn Porcupine Cuffs Matte Ebony
Zibska, Ayira ~ Ear Cuffs
Miseria, August Pose pack
Illmatic, Basic Stance (With Love hunt, 10L)
location is a demo store by Fanatik

Coat of many colours
*JeSyLiLO*:::Zima:::*LightSkin*J4*BT and J3* (at Winter Fair, closes on the 15th; ty Ms. Glom!)
Clemmm – Window Ocean eyes (subo gift)
Uw.St, Gost Halloween (old hunt gift)
Diram, Megan Coat – S size – (at Limited Bazaar)
:STICKY FINGERS: My red cable knit sweater dress
(Milk Motion) eagle belt – black
*BOOM* Threadbare Manchesters (Denim) xsmall (last month’s Collabor88)
Paperbag. Nikkal Ankle Boot [I had to add an alpha because the original did not cover Portia’s feet] (at Singer Icon Fair till Dec. 13)
Glitterati, Headshot 3 pack
LaGyo, Desperado Bag includes pose
location is Izzie’s Mainstore

Boys keep swinging

Heaven loves ya
The clouds part for ya
Nothing stands in your way
When you’re a boy

Clothes always fit ya
Life is a pop of the cherry
When you’re a boy

When you’re a boy
You can wear a uniform
When you’re a boy
Other boys check you out
You get a girl
These are your favourite things
When you’re a boy

Having played Bowie’s song every day this week as I walked to and from work, I have to admit I’m smitten with its quasi-critique of patriarchy, which I didn’t catch 30 years ago, when I was a tween watching Bowie play drag queen. But I’m also determined to get the Pleisure girls some of the boys’ dubious privileges. (Learn to drive and everything!) Ampersand Artful sent me some Amperlope shapes, so today I’m using her brand-new girl, Just One More Thing Anna. (My Swinging Boy needed tight buns, so I used the slim-hipped skirt shape.) Although Ms. Artful tests lots of skins on her shapes, she includes a styling card with each one and recommends Mynerva for Anna. I opted for Vive9 ’cause (/me sings)

When you’re a boy
You can tan so easily
When you’re a boy
Your lips are way glossy

Credits to creators
Swinging Boy
shape: Amperlope, Just One More Thing Anna skirt shape (new today)
skin: Vive9, Carrot [toffee] LiquidCherries LTBRWN/FREK (may not be available)
photo one shirt and tie: Phoenix Rising, Push Femme Black (25L until Oct. 30)
singlet: Ohmai, Basics Racerback
photo four shirt and waistcoat: Rag Dollz, part of Zacharias Gray
photo four collar and tie: Fore, Collar+Tie (old gg)
pants: SMS. Tweed 7/8 Pants Black
hair: Lamb, Sleepyhead Rotten Carrot
shoes: Coco, Oxford Shoes (Two-Tone)
socks: I <3 the Starlust, Melatonin’s argyle socks (gg, check notices)
glasses: YV, Le.Look! l’homme – Glasses (old gift)
eyes: Amato, Mist 01 (old freebie)

Portia Boy
jacket photo two: SF Design, Blazer Men’s Navy Free (gift for September in store)
shirt and tie photo three: M2M, Back to School Hunt Female (includes male and female uniforms; buy the apple)
bag: Croire, Union Jack Tote (International Affair Hunt gift; buy store’s logo in the form of a stamp)
trousers: Milk Motion, My Wool Pants Red (recent 50LF item)
skin: &bean, The Light Anger Famined (retired)
hair: Dura, Group Gift (Brown) (gg)
glasses: your very own library, Male Party Sunglasses
shoes: Beetlebones, Boy Style Loafers for Girls (bought at Pookie Promenade)
socks: Maitreya Gold, Allure Tights Black
cigarette: FNKY, Cigarette II long ash

all poses: Izumiya, freebie male poses pack 2
location: The Kubrick Rooms