Bad scene

strungouting I found someone to scene with (as the kinky say), and it went wrong, albeit not horribly or irreparably. You will find my story under the cut. If you don’t click onward, do take a moment to note that the Femdom V hunt is running a little while longer. I am still ambivalent about SLatex, but I was pleased to see how cute infernal Anorak looks in this coral-red number from Say Nothing. Continue reading

Sounds in the night

shadowed2 Portia is wearing the sexy lace leggings from Cameron Vasiliov’s latest offering from B.D.R. The Hunting Souls outfit will set you up for Hallowe’en. It includes a bandeau top, wings, horns and plain and gruesome versions of a neck corset. There are also more appliers than this blogger can explain. Check out the vendor for deets. And don’t venture under the cut if you are kink-averse.
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Blown away

flyslow Portia is blown away by Aliza Karu’s new Black Rook skirt for Angels and Demons. You can buy only the skirt at the mainstore or go to A6D to buy the matching romantic top (not shown here) and get a HUD for 50% off the skirt.
hornedoakley If they don’t get stuck in the gacha dispenser, Zibska’s ginormous horns are sure to thrill the throngs at Fantasy Gacha Carnival, which opens on August 10. There are several monochrome commons available and a rare version which features a colour-change HUD. Sian Pearl’s Child of Atlantis earrings are making a stately procession from We <3 Roleplay to the Chariot mainstore. (By that I mean she’s mucking about in a caravan with her family and has completely forgotten about SL for the moment.)
flownsma I had way too much fun with this shoot.

[Angels and Demons] Black Rook mesh skirt (NEW; buy the matching top at A6D to get a HUD for 50% off the skirt at the main store) ty Aliza!
Zibska, Lifa ~ Headpiece and Necklace (NEW; coming soon at Fantasy Gacha Carnival) ty Zib!
[Chariot] Child of Atlantis earring – Ruby of Meru (NEW; soon available in the mainstore) ty Sian!
Opall*Hikaru bracelets Mouse
[Le Forme] Heroin Body Black
.DirtyStories. 69 Leg Tattoo (free)
ALB, LION gladiator heels 2 XS by AnaLee Balut needs Slink high feet
Clemmm, white tintable lashes
{S0NG} :: Chibi~ Abyss Eye
-Glam Affair – Oakley skin – Asia 06 A (old gacha: try yard sales)
pose one and three: Grafica, Drift pack (ty Alyx!)
location: Urban Decay

Satellite of love

ZibskaEuropa Hair Fair has to be the fashion year’s weirdest event. Until mesh bodies give us the option of multiplying av heads there’s just no way to wear a dozen new hairdos at once. One possible exception to this rule is the work of Zib Scaggs for Zibska. Ms. Scaggs’ hairdos are so avant-garde that they could be stacked to stunning effect. Here Portia opts only for Io, named liked all five new offerings for one of Saturn’s moons. Personally, I would avoid the annual coiffure craziness altogether if it weren’t for the opportunity to contribute to the Wigs for Kids charity. Zibska is the place to go if you want to donate in high style because each new ‘do is set for an impressive 50 per cent donation. Let the hair games begin.

Credits to creators
Zibska, Io (NEW for Hair Fair; ty Zib!)
Paperbag. Clear Vinyl Swim Suit (at The Big Show)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
[KOOQLA] Nico skin – Moonwalker (lb) (group gift)
[KOOQLA] Ghost Fingers (needs Slink hands; group gift)
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual –
Clemmm – Ghost Eyes v.4
pose: oldie from PDA

She was horrid

swampm2 The Couturier’s Docks offers fantastical limited edition creations. If you want to deck your av out in a chain-mail bodysuit and pearl-and-cross collar, scurry out and snag one of 50 copies of Riri Nini’s Nemesi outfit.

Credits to creators
.h.m.a.e.m. – nemesi corset and nemesi necklace (NEW at The Couturier’s Docks; ty Riri!)
(r)M {aka red mint} Hair No.14’13 ~ o8.1-Fantasy
Abyss, Oxide_Ballet_Heel_
Clemmm – ReSnick eyes .black sclera.
-Glam Affair- Leah Grey skin D (not available)
pose from exposeur, puddle jumper pack
location: NV Madworld

Some queens

bqaxc Some warrior queens are grouchy.
warq8 Some warrior queens are serene. Why is the black queen so pissed off?
bqspl Because size matters.

Look one
Eudora, Army Hi-Tops (NEW on Marketplace with 8 colour-changeable parts; thank you Eudora3D!)
Yasum, *MESH*Vikings Treasure*RARE*Size A*female*BULL* (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival but only until the 31st)
[ SAKIDE ] Attitude Collar Black (the fat pack has red, white and black collars and a variety of metals)
[ SAKIDE ] Sorcerer Outfit (at Perfect Wardrobe)
Clawtooth: Windswept – DevestatingBlackDip (at Collabor88)
MIASNOW Skin – WALKER Betty 4 (at Horrorfestthe inworld store seems to be gone and this isn’t available on Marketplace, and yet I swear I saw it somewhere recently)
MONS / Eyes – The Couturiers Docks – lime
ellabella, Helene’s Tears (only in pic 3)
.Olive. the Refreshed Bear Trap Bracelet – GunMetal(L)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine)
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Medium
Two cats, magical poses
Mishmish, A spool stool set [this is not for tinies]

Look two
Clawtooth: Windswept – CuteSpooks (at Collabor88)
ISON – amelia lace gown -S- (plum) (at Collabor88)
[ContraptioN] Pseudo Amor Harness (old V day hunt gift)
[ContraptioN] Pseudo Cogitatione Crown with [ContraptioN] Pseudo Cogitatione Bloody Tattoo (hunt gift)
:[Plastik]:-Aleria://Elven-Anjou;Hellish (not available)
~*S.E.*~ Cracks [Pink] (Facial Tattoo) (at Horrorfest)
:[Plastik]:/Sinistyle- RavenBracers Kharne (comes with collar; available at Plastik)
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Medium
Mad’, Dirty Nails (VIP group)
Clemmm – ReSnick eyes .black sclera

Lightly GIMPed because my laptop is gooder than the last one.

Angel v. demon

bridefinal2 This month’s Collabor88 is inspiring. The palette, exemplified in the colours offered by Harry Hix of ISON, is sophisticated. Several creators, including Hix and Marie Lauridsen of Milk Motion, have worked to give mesh an extra dimension.

I am on the hunt for new skin lines for my too-familiar-looking av. Lately, both Modish (here) and Birdy (above) have caught my attention, partly because they make Portia look more or less dangerous. The BIRDY skin is one of 6 makeups for 99L each at The Chapter Four.

Look one
!Ohmai: Kun (comes with roses) (NEW at Hair Fair)
.B I R D Y. DELILAH skin ~Pure~ London (99L at The Chapter Four)
– .HoD. – The Crux – Frost – S (NEW at The Gallery Gift Shop)
(Milk Motion) Lace dress – XXS – white (NEW at Collabor88)
Cute Poison – Multi-Cross Necklace (Silver)
FINESMITH – Massive Diamonds ring
ISON – vine cuff (antique silver)
S (and) P – Lotus Creeper Tattoo
[ Lucky #7 ] Vieja Martha :Fly Away: Lashes
[UMEBOSHI] Lunar 2 eyes -Ink- (NEW at The Gallery Gift Shop)

Look two
ISON – ruffle dress -S- (purple) (NEW at Collabor88)
[taketomi],_Kurumi_Karafuru03 (at The Chapter Four)
Tiny Bird – OMGWTF Orchids (old gacha)
::Modish:: Jules-color- {dark brows} CL (previous group gift)
Clemmm – Sheerfully Bee tights – Pink (BEE) (old event item)
Bliensen + Maitai – La Gamme Du Printemps – Necklace
[UMEBOSHI] Lunar 2 eyes -Draconis- (NEW at The Gallery Gift Shop)
PDA, Gangplank Oddment

GIMPed with luv

Chartreuse shines

teresa2final Today I found myself missing important things from my childhood. Dogs ran free in the 1970s. I miss screaming and bounding off every time we saw the extremely weird mop dog trot our way. (Poor thing.)
grafcharxlt Mouths were smaller in the 1970s. Sucking the juice out of a half-dozen honeysuckle blossoms was practically a full dessert.

Credits to creators
*LpD* – *Teresa* Dress Yellow (Mesh – Size S) [I replaced the white camisole with the top from *LpD* – *Giglio* Dress Turquoise-Yellow] (ty Nevery!)
*LpD* MakeUp – *Marta* Complete (at Cosmetics Fair; ty Nevery!)
Glam Affair – Lulu 04 BL (Arcade)
[DDL] Dream On (Light Blue) (I had no luck with the HUD, which made everything grey on my screen, so I am pretending the feet are socks)
“”D!va”” Hair “Lili” (Type A)(Onyx) (Collabor88)
FINESMITH, APRIL gift of earrings and necklace (still available, fee to join VIP group)
MIASNOW Accessory – RING BOP ~LEMON QUARTZ (old gift)
pose one, Clemmm
pose two, Picture This!, Cherry Blossom Parasol pack (from last month’s Boutique)
location for pic two is Virtual Decay
Between GIMP and nothing, I choose GIMP.

If you prickle me…

zibcoutsmHad anyone told me when I started this blog that Portia’s fanciest outfit would be made of cactus, I’d never have believed her. Was this because I didn’t know then that Portia likes pain? Because the end of irony made working with succulents seem insensitive? Or because the Belgians rejected cactus as undeconstructable? No, no and no. It was because my little mind could not anticipate Zib Scaggs’ imagination. Her fabulous Valentina gown will be shown April 6th, the last day of Avenue’s Spring/Summer fashion shows. It is also one of the limited edition items available in the fashion week market. In addition to the gown and black face-paint you see here, the special package includes a set of delicate earrings and necklace, a pair of simple, strappy sandals and a decorous chignon hairdo in black and white versions. Underneath the cactus skirt there’s a gorgeous black satin evening skirt. All of these items will come in handy if the President’s Ball bans weaponized frocks (or ‘fros).blurcoutmed

Credits to creators
Zibska, Valentina gown (NEW at Avenue Spring/Summer Fashion Week; ty Zib Scaggs!)
::dutch touch:: ::AmBeR:: V2 Dark – PeachyLips [The inworld store is closed, but there’s one skin on Marketplace. Could more follow?]
~SongBird~ Delirium’s Spiral eye makeup (Twisted Hunt gift)
Clemmm -ReSnick eyes
*BOOM* Fearless ankle cuffs (v2) Silver (NEW; ty Aranel Ah!)
*BOOM* Fearless wrist cuffs (v2) Silver (NEW; ty Aranel Ah!)
*LpD* – *Steam Clouds* Earrings White (a Fashion for Life donation item that may not be in store; I will check) (ty Nevery Lorakeet!)
Hello Spacegirl – Ilia Collar (long) L (black) [Try a demo. This collar is very very small]
*SoliDea FoliEs* chameleon rings
Debrah’s, “Coty” HighHeels Black Snake
Blah, Model pose pack 2
GIMPed but not so much that I have cactus needles stuck under my fingernails.