Steam and sheen

poised Now that I don’t feel a rush to blog new items I have become an inept photographer. For three of my last four posts I have had to do two shoots. Deciding that the first one is terrible, I do a second that is no better. If I were trying to honour a commitment to a creator I would do the shoot and post it even if I wasn’t ecstatic about my work. The one upside of being unsatisfied is feeling driven to find a setting better than the one in the first batch of pix. Did you know that you can tag a sim with BDSM and steampunk and the grid doesn’t groan or grind to a horrified halt?! On my first night shooting the new Yayoi top and skirt by r2 A/D/E, Portia visited the classy German BDSM club Cafe SMerte. The furnishings are all beautiful leather pieces and the space itself is more of a re-purposed factory rather than a pinioned and pistony pleasure machine. That reminds me, if you don’t like the modern sybians you’ve encountered in other sex sims, you should check out the lovely olde-fashioned version plonked at the feet of one of SMerte’s leather club chairs. Continue reading



Icarette When she falls, it’s not from heaven. But her shoes are divine. (And a gift from the subscriber at ieQed.)


Going to the Erotigacha event and hoping for rust sounds like a bad sign for my love life. But I did so want DRD’s rust cuffs and rare rust iron maiden—and I scored on my first two tries. I have to say that this bodysuit from Pr!ck fairly begs for some bushy old-school pubes, but I had none in my inventory. (I wonder why not….) A fascinating full-body tattoo from La Malvada Mujer is my arty make-do.

Credits to creators
ieQED, rose.sandal.copper (new subo gift)
Slink, Female Feet (AvEnhance) XXS – High
DRD, handshackle rust (at Erotigacha)
DRD, iron maiden rust (at Erotigacha)
[ContraptioN] Junkyard Devil Wings RARE *rust* spine F (old gacha; try yard sales)
– Pr!cK – TiaYme Two – ReD (with Lolas applier)
-Glam Affair – Aria – Jamaica 07 C (at Collabor88)
La Malvada Mujer – Rhythmic system tattoo (ty Faina Cortes for this and for the makeups!)
La Malvada Mujer – Hydra n1 /eyebrows only
La Malvada Mujer – warrior #4 \decor\ only
:: DUTCH TOUCH ::IsiS:: Eyelashes (n/a)
creator Jeanny Seidel, spank marks (I don’t know where these came from.) (I mean, I know where spank marks come from. I just don’t know where these ones came from.) (It was dark, see, and…)
:[Plastik]:- Krysis Earring-Liara [L-Short]:// Eastern Sunrise (this was a special edition; there are many more styles)
Amacci Hair, Maria ~ Dark Copper
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – XSmall
pose one: Kirin, Lost in Space pack at Pose Fair
pose two: Kirin, Burlesque pack (former Collabor88)

Shiny shiny

snowballxmas I surprised myself this year. I fell hard for beautiful sims filled with wintry trees, passed-out polar bears, falling flakes and lovely lights. The tiny balls of brightness have inspired me to shoot grey-skied pics that capture the dazzle of the season. I even rounded up inventive Xmas trees from an Ionic (rare!) gacha and from Alouette. The latter is a bookcase in the shape of a tree, and it is an inexpensive prize in the Four Walls Hunt. Thank you, creators, for giving me so much holiday cheer.
sldrcl I felt a little disturbed by the militariness of Portia’s outfit. And briefly considered calling her a nuts cracker. (Get it?) Then I realized that a snowball to the face would be a season-worthy rebuke to the military-industrial complex. Portia’s cap is a gift from the inventive creator at Contraption. It awaits you at the RMK sim fair. (Beware: Beetlebones gacha are there.) I love the shiny textures and sexy little outfits that R2A/D/E brings to Collabor88. This outfit features almost imperceptible tantalizingly slim slits running alongside the stripes that accentuate the breasts.

An unusual anti-atomic-bomb song from Haysi Fantayzee gave me today’s title

Credits to creators
I can’t do credits today because I am on a parental PC. Festive nails from The Plastik and a pretty skin from Al Vulo can be purchased at the current round of TDR Fusion. The first pose is by Blah and the snowball is from Izzie’s. Portia’s Gira earrings were Zibska’s gift for the Jewelry and Accessories Fair. Argh. I shot these pics before it ended but I couldn’t get online this weekend.

Some queens

bqaxc Some warrior queens are grouchy.
warq8 Some warrior queens are serene. Why is the black queen so pissed off?
bqspl Because size matters.

Look one
Eudora, Army Hi-Tops (NEW on Marketplace with 8 colour-changeable parts; thank you Eudora3D!)
Yasum, *MESH*Vikings Treasure*RARE*Size A*female*BULL* (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival but only until the 31st)
[ SAKIDE ] Attitude Collar Black (the fat pack has red, white and black collars and a variety of metals)
[ SAKIDE ] Sorcerer Outfit (at Perfect Wardrobe)
Clawtooth: Windswept – DevestatingBlackDip (at Collabor88)
MIASNOW Skin – WALKER Betty 4 (at Horrorfestthe inworld store seems to be gone and this isn’t available on Marketplace, and yet I swear I saw it somewhere recently)
MONS / Eyes – The Couturiers Docks – lime
ellabella, Helene’s Tears (only in pic 3)
.Olive. the Refreshed Bear Trap Bracelet – GunMetal(L)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine)
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Medium
Two cats, magical poses
Mishmish, A spool stool set [this is not for tinies]

Look two
Clawtooth: Windswept – CuteSpooks (at Collabor88)
ISON – amelia lace gown -S- (plum) (at Collabor88)
[ContraptioN] Pseudo Amor Harness (old V day hunt gift)
[ContraptioN] Pseudo Cogitatione Crown with [ContraptioN] Pseudo Cogitatione Bloody Tattoo (hunt gift)
:[Plastik]:-Aleria://Elven-Anjou;Hellish (not available)
~*S.E.*~ Cracks [Pink] (Facial Tattoo) (at Horrorfest)
:[Plastik]:/Sinistyle- RavenBracers Kharne (comes with collar; available at Plastik)
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Medium
Mad’, Dirty Nails (VIP group)
Clemmm – ReSnick eyes .black sclera

Lightly GIMPed because my laptop is gooder than the last one.


assez2l You have only a few more days to shop the current round of goodies at The Gallery Gift Shop. Portia wears a big ol’ ruff from Aesthetica, which I shrank down to fit her dainty frame. Portia’s lingerie, a breast-baring bra with matching undies (not shown), is by Chocolate Atelier. It’s available in red or black. The Twisted Hunt is running from now until September 30. The King of the Skies mask is a standout gift from Contraption. It can be rezzed as decor as well as worn. Untwisted types must stop in and pick up the gift at Dilly Dolls—a beautiful pair of sleek boots in charcoal suede. Twisted types might enjoy the dingy white ruff and crazy clown makeup from goth1co. I’ll let you know if I spy more awesome gifts.

Credits to creators
c.A. Celeste red (at The Gallery Gift Shop)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine)
Aesthetica: Choke Collar- Transfer version (at The Gallery Gift Shop)
[ContraptioN] Masks: King of the skies *Trapeze B* Rez (Twisted Hunt gift)
AnTi-Social – Gills Corset – Negative (I picked this up at the last Thrift Shop event)
ISON – leather leggings (rose)
Amacci Hair, Sphinx (streaked) ~ Midnight Blue
.la petite morte. wixson pale fantasy 2
*BOOM* Fearless wrist cuff (v2) L Gold
Swallow, Lion Earrings
:::Sn@tch Nail Candy (Lapis):::
pose: Ma Vie

Flash transit

transit2 Portia dances when the Apocalypse is delayed. (The alternative is eating a cardboardy $12 sandwich over a copy of Harper’s Bazaar.)
stationsm The third-ever Pleizzie award goes to TPVs (I use Exodus and Firestorm) that didn’t “prepare” players for SSA by banning old iterations of the viewer from accessing the grid. Something in me died on that long-long-long-ago day when Linden Labs forced me to give up my old clunker of a viewer. That something rose again as a disgusted consumer who wouldn’t have the stomach for eating brains if some of them weren’t so damn tasty. I am soon going to establish a Sponsors page to advertise those brains. Take a bite of their imaginations.

Credits to creators
*LpD* – *Fiona* Skirt Blue (Mesh – Size XS) (comes with blouse) (ty Nevery!)
MetaTheodora, Rainbow Format Jewellery Set (NEW and materials viewer ready; Ty Sian!)
MetaTheodora, pasties from Freudian Slip outfit (NEW; ty Sian!)
Zibska, Veron (colour change) (NEW; ty Zib!)
mijn.botique accessories / huge chain necklace silver excl.TDR
[7891.] Reply Necklace – Silver (this didn’t res properly; buy one and see it for real)
[ContraptioN] Clemantlers *silver* (old LB)
Wasabi Pills, Skye Orchid
:Filthy: Group.Gift#1.2013 ___( Beach ) (Filthy is back)
*LpD* MakeUp – *Steam Cloud* Only Eyes
cStar Limited – H.B.I.C. Eyeliner
(epoque.s) Mesa Platforms – Silver L
Del May pose’
location Insilico
The first pic was slow-cooked with GIMP. The second one is raw.

Better dressing with mesh


I’ve been waiting to see what mesh could do for art deco dresses in SL. Let’s face it, prim panels stuck on the hips of an av in a tight system layer dress do not successfully simulate 20s tunics or the slinky siren dresses of the 1930s. Check out this month’s Genre for Senzafine’s mesh gown—shown here in black and also available in brown—and for a couple of mesh takes on shorter dresses. Genre is also offering gorgeous Art Deco jewels.


Honestly, I tried to add smoke to that cigarette but all the brushes I have just add digital line drawings where smoke should be. Portia’s Essences skin is one of the Noodles gacha skins at The Chapter Four.


If you’re curious what mesh can do for traditional Japanese clothing, which has also long suffered from awkward prim skirts and sleeves, check out the Yukata Festival, which runs to the end of the month at the Kyoto Bakumatsu sim. Most of the creators have demos, and you’ll be excited to discover that there’s quite a variety of mesh yukata templates, some of them better than others. I was tempted most by the ones from Sakka’s Studio. Portia’s yukata from Nonko is actually a Lucky Board win. There are quite a few boards at the festival, so you can kit yourself out for free. And if you’re not patient enough for LBs but are strapped for cash, you should check out the 77L offerings at the scary Tanabata mystery thing.


There’s nothing quite like Nonko prints. This one combines snails and mushrooms (I think they’re mushrooms) with images from Alice in Wonderland. The obi is covered in cats. And there’s a cat-face fascinator for those of you who have run out of creepy mask accessories. Gotta love Contraption in a feminine mood.

Look one
.:SenzaFine:. “Josephine” Dress – Noir [M] (at Genre)
Essences – Noodles – Royal (Gacha at TCF)
MONS / Shocking eyes – brown
booN, FNQ123 hair chestnut
Kyoot – La Couronne de la Reine Noire Crown (not available)
Cliche, Citta black and gold heels
Quellazaire, cigarette (colour change with particle smoke)
+:+WTG+:+ **PJ01** ear-pierce (group LB?)
LaGyo, Florie chien ring
???, Monacle Gold (old hunt gift, not available)
[glow] Studio, Egyptian Night Bangle (retired)
*Dilly Dolls* Wristcuff from Emilie outfit
:::Sn@tch, Nail Candy (Onyx):::
poses by Glitterati, Pinup (only on Marketplace, if available)

Look two
NONKO, 2013 Mesh yukata kinoko to katatsumur (NEW; Lucky Board)
/Wasabi Pills/ Tanya Mesh Hair – Gingerbread (NEW at Fameshed and awesome; ty Miss. Lemon!)
h.m.a.e.m. – Thais earrings (NEW; come with a cross-shaped necklace; ty Riri Ninni!)
WTG, Vega Bag (NEW; mesh; colour change)
Corvus : Marla Skin Cleveag
*LpD* MakeUp – *Steam Cloud* Only Eyes
(AMD) Ultimate Lashes – Double Wing (came with old skin)
[ContraptioN] Perish Veil (comes with collar)
..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Anabella Ring (was at fi*friday) *tabi tabi* WHITE
standing pose: The Muse Poses, Rumi (NEW; ty Audrey Cresci!)
seated pose: Zigana couch

Big booms


I find myself expecting the bübs trend to go the way of the hamsters. Those who hope that the falsies will have more staying power should be encouraged to see some long-established creators, like Nylon Pinkney of Nylon Outfitters, Aikea Rieko of The Plastik and Aranel Ah of BOOM, making appliers for select items. They have opted to satisfy the insistent demands from Lolas Tango addicts (who have a lot of weight to throw around—if you know what I mean). For BOOM, Ms. Ah has created appliers for some of her sexiest numbers—the I Promise lingerie, the Carbon dresses, and the Day on the Yacht dresses among them. Here Portia wears the itty-bitty I Promise lingerie in turquoise and lipstick. I especially appreciate the fact that Ms. Ah specifies in the name which Lolas clothing layer to use with the applier. (It’s really impossible to figure this out by the cut of the top.) (P.S. I got the idea for this look from Ampersand Artful, who probably won’t beat me up for it. This time.)


As you can see, the BOOM lingerie applier pack also provides a peep version. Unfortunately, soap bubbles are not included. Portia’s pose is one of a new set of saucy stances for big-busted girls by Katey Coppola of Glitterati. They feature Ms. Coppola’s signature sultriness, but can also be shot to bring out the humorous side of front-loaded life.

Credits to creators
*BOOM* I Promise lingerie (turqouise and lipstick) with NEW Lolas Tango applier sold separately (ty Aranel Ah!)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
+Nuuna+ Winter 2012 Gift Skin with Lolas Tango skin matcher (open gift)
Mad’ – Pure Sugar # Freckles+teeth (old VIP group gift)
[e] Abbey – White 05
Plastik, Madre Halo 4
Contraption, Clemantlers (LB)
!Ohmai : Antique Bee Ring (Silver)
Glow, Diamond Bar Ring (With Love Hunt item)
Mandala, Takara White Bangles (with nails not shown)
pose one prop: Glitterati, Blind
pose two: Glitterati, Boobalicious
Grim Bros. sent out this cool personal snow emitter as an Xmas gift!
If I hadn’t GIMPed these photos you’d be blushing. You’re welcome.
Hammies are forever!