Rope’s end

ihazasadcensoredFull frontal nudity under the cut and the latest events leading to a ropeless future. Continue reading



bellyinbedshadowed Hicks from the sticks who switch. That’s how I would describe the men I sat with at a small shibari party on Friday night. The men who were tying up their girlfriends, and the guy who was getting stoned and taking pics with his phone, are city dwellers. As are the girlfriends. And me. Don’t get me wrong. The men from towns where there is no cell phone service were perfectly nice people, and the conversation was not awkward. What was awkward was having no prospect of getting tied. Okay, it was also a little awkward being way too close to people who were getting their hogtie on. Saturday night I went to a class about puppy play in a dungeon I wanted to check out. On FetLife dozens of people said they were going to go. Three couples showed up. And me. Don’t get me wrong. I asked playful questions so I could sniff out the possibilities. Quickly I realized that I identify with both dogs and cats, especially when they misbehave. The dog side of me would eat half an unguarded muffin and then have no clue why master was chastising me. I’d probably be happy to receive such vigorous attention. Not to mention stimulated by a swat on the nose with a rolled newspaper. The cat side of me would just play with the muffin as if it were a mouse and then show mistress contempt when she tried to remonstrate with me. Continue reading

When she was bad

uptonogood Looking for trouble.


Up to no good.

Credits to creators
:NuDoLu Voyage: Tricot de Matriochka SEP (NEW at The Gallery Gift Shop; ty Neuilles Newman!)
*LpD* – *Giulietta* Dress Pink (Mesh – Size L) (ty Nevery Lorakeet!)
Emery – Dress Gatsby Rose – XS (former Collabor88)
.Shi : Fingerless Glove [Female.V1] (Arcade gacha)
“”D!va”” Hair “Giz” (Type B)(Moon stone) (rare Arcade gacha)
Schadenfreude, Casinelle shoes fatpack (former Collabor88)
Akeruka, Barbara Pale Tdr F1 (current TDRF)
[theSkinnery] Deer makeup (subo gift)
dfo!, poses from DU 5
Urban Decay sim
GIMPed. Cause I’m worth it.

Belly weather

nnekalngy Relax in the cool mesh Nneka dress from 22769, which is available in five different glorious patterns and costs a mere 160L.

drayalyes Tense up in Draya, a sizzling SOHO MARKET deal from LC, which can be had for 65L in hot shades of orange, red and yellow, as well as the pink Portia wears here. (The dress is also available in black and in white for chromophobes.) Portia’s bright red bangle is a new subo gift from BSD. You can purchase other colours at Lyfe Of Style. (Be aware that the subo gift bracelet is mistakenly set for 500L at LoS. That’s the price of the fat pack!! Do not buy one bracelet for 500L.)

ariacl However you want to play it, Aria in Walnut works. I’ve never bought a skin from League before, but I was tempted by Nena Janus’ new dark skintones. With the SSB apocalypse on the horizon, I’m trying to dress Portia in skins and stuffs she’s never worn before. Tight cutoff jeans, milking apparatus, were-lady teeth and lizard skin await. Don’t act like you’re not excited.

Credits to creators
Cool look
22769 ~ [femme] Nneka dress african harvest S
*League* Aria Walnut -Apricot -LBrow -Chest C with *League* Aria Lipstick [Walnut] -Coral (Apricot) (pack contains skin without lipstick and lipstick tattoo; second and third pics show skin without lipstick) and with freckles tat, also included
::Mother Goose’s::.(br)eyeline
[UMEBOSHI] Knee tattoo -Eye-
EarthStones, Neisha Bracelet – Brown/Tigers Eye/Moss Agate
erratic / owl bracelet / gold
MONS / Shocking eyes – gray

Hot look
*League* Aria Walnut -Apricot -LBrow -Chest C
:Lethal Couture:: Draya:Hell on Heels Dress [Pink] (at SOHO MARKET, not Soho Sample Sale)(it’s so confusing)
booN, ZPO133 hair black
-UtopiaH- Wild Skull [gold]
“THE BOYS – cassie Earring (not available)
[tea.s] Starfleet Ring (subo gift)
{{BSD Design Studio}}ICONIC beauty bangle – red (subo gift) [see post for note about this bracelet]
N-core SHARK 2 “One Voice edition (not available)
MONS / Shocking eyes – brown

poses: dfo!, Gala pack (fundraiser edition, prolly not available)

I GIMP therefore I AM

I’ll get ahead

lpdnew3x I wanted to call this post “Suck it, Armani,” but I wasn’t sure that creator Nevery Lorakeet would appreciate it. (Trendy curses don’t travel well.) Jamira is the newest ensemble from Les Petits Details. It features Ms. Lorakeet’s signature combination of a sober blouse and extravagant skirt, this one in black netting. The pieces can be bought separately in world, but not on Marketplace, where only the whole outfit is on offer. There are two variations on the ensemble, each with a different fabric for the jacket (with optional buttons). One skirt is a washed green and the other a worn brown.

cecefinal Cece is a dramatic new avatar from Jesylilo. The pack includes a slim shape (not shown) and three makeups with blazing brows. In twenty-five years of following fashion, I’ve seen several attempts to launch the bushy brow trend, which never catches on. One of the most beautiful Steven Meisel photos ever run by American Vogue depicted a naturally bushy-browed brunette in all her glory. She was never heard from again. (And I don’t mean Arizona Muse. This was well before she was born.) Do note Portia’s elegant piercing from ellabella, which features crosses where dimples ought to be. It fit right out of the box, which is rare for piercings on Portia.

celoe shoex Ever notice that your av’s most expensive shoes always get hidden under skirts? Not this time: one of them escaped.

Credits to creators
items from LpD (ty Nevery!):
– *Jamira* Black [mesh jacket with resizable sculpty skirt] (NEW)
– *Daria* Dress Black – [collar only in the closeup]
Drift, L’Bow Bow (hunt gift)
*JeSyLiLO*:::CeCe:::*LightSkin*J1 (NEW; ty Lilo Glom!)
Amacci Hair, Sphinx ~ Jet Black (is the sale still on?)
.:ellabella:. Saint – Crimson – chin
:[Plastik]:- Hazel Bracelet:// (old With Love Hunt 3 gift)
: Amorous : Die Schlacht (Earrings) (part of set)
celoe, amae.sandals.depth/sleek.
poses: dfo! no one is going to pay us to eat carrot sticks [actually, I like carrot sticks]
pda, for P.C. III
Label Motion, TDRF 4 pack
Obviously, it’s not usually possible to have one’s skirt part magically to reveal one’s shoe. Nor is it possible to ruin the highlights of that gorgeous hairdo without special tools. Thank you GIMP.

This sh*t just got real

Here’s a fantasy. This is what I would wear if I owned a chic boutique in Paris and life was so perfect that cats and birds could hang out together without getting into an argument about Léos Carax’s latest film. In this fantasy, my outfit consists of a mesh hippie blouse from Shine by ZD and a wearable demo dress from Solita. There’s also fur from Bliss Couture, which is running a sale on fur and ruffles until December 16th. The cuffs Portia wears here come with a matching poncho.

Here’s a reality. I’ve just gone through the toughest four months of my life and things may get worse before they get better. I don’t actually cry on my knees under a table. I prefer to stand, bend over and hang upside down till the rush of blood to my head distracts me from the despair. (If I called it yoga you’d try it yourself instead of thinking I’m weird. Which I am.) When I look at the SL feeds, I occasionally come across a post from someone who has been suffering from depression, may have attempted suicide, and may feel terribly alone. One of the wonderful things about SL is the anonymity that allows us to acknowledge pain without the risks that come with real-life declarations. I keep this blog a secret from all but my closest friend, so it remains a place where I can be some of the things I am not allowed to be in my daily life. I can, for example, play with a pair of giant bübs. I can also be honest about emotional pain. I can’t claim to have caught every post SLers have written about depression and despair, but I want those who have written such posts to know that I’m grateful for your honesty. I wish you all the strength and support you need to get you through the dark periods of your lives.

Credits to creators
shine by [ZD], MESH BATWING BLOUSE Hippiestyle plum – M (ty Cecilia Blanchere!)
[solita] Fin de Semana Dress M
[UMEBOSHI] Pabu tights -Peach- (a pack available at TGGS for a couple more days; ty Keiba!)
! Bliss Fur ! Lecker Fur Sleeves (50% off)
Schadenfreude, Amargosa Boots (Nov. Collabor88)
Yummy, Boho Rings – Maroon (Nov. Collabor88)
Glam Affair -Renee- Sinless 02 D (at the Arcade Gacha event)
PIDIDDLE – My Special Treasures – Some Teeth I Found (at the Arcade Gacha event; ty Brutus Martinek!)
The first pose is by dfo! from the Gala fundraiser pack and the location is Cupcake. The second pose is part of the Falln furniture and the location is Contraption.