Back on the rack

lubitschx It’s time once again to slither off to The Gallery Gift Shop and stalk the art. This month, I took a fancy to Gabrielle Swindlehurst’s Doomsday Has Come and Gone, which looks good at any post-earthquake angle. Also at TGGS. Umeboshi offers a tattoo that multiplies your av’s eyes. (Just in case the apocalypse makes no sound.) In addition to pink hair and a silver tunic from the current Collabor88, Portia wears Dilly Dolls boots, a gift in the Twisted Hunt. The HUD gives you the choice of black or white leather as well as subtle variations on the fabric pattern, which is based on the dreaded TH box.
katixs At the Skin Fair, I tried more skins than a hundred snakes could slough. But Nuuna’s Kati was the only one that inspired me to put clothes on Portia and send her back to the sim. Kati is a breath-takingly flawless blank canvas with all the tattoo-layer add-ons you could desire. In addition to crazy-colour lips like blue, orange and black, there are several shades of pink. Tintable eyebrows and a half dozen tintable blush tats allow for personalization. There is also an applier for Lolas Tango tatas, the mere thought of which makes me feel jiggly on my insides. All this costs only 400L. (If there’s a better deal at Skin Fair I will eat snake slough. With fries.) Portia wears the second-lightest of the seven Kati tones, meaning that goths and ghouls should be doing some kind of dance in honour of the first one. Last but not least today, Portia sports Shortcake Sugarplum’s latest creation for TGGS, the Vegas-worthy Diamond Spades Lashes. I have made special requests for diamond-spade pasties and piercings and a full deck of pornographic playing cards. But I do that every month.

Credits to creators
TGGS limo
Gabrielle Swindlehurst, Doomsday has Come and Gone (at TGGS)
r2, A/D/E sheer shirt[XS]silver (Collabor88)
ay, Hipster white bikini bottom (old bikini)
~Tableau Vivant~ Hathaway hair – Pink 1 (Collabor88)
+Nuuna+ Kati Skin [Fair] (with Pink 2 lips, tintable Eyelashes, Eyeliner 2, Eyelashes 2 and Blush 1, all in the same pack) (NEW at Skin Fair)
[ #7 ] Diamond Spades Lash Add-Ons (NEW at TGGS; ty SS!)
MONS / Shocking eyes – hazel
*Dilly Dolls* Matilda Boot Light Twisted S2013 (Twisted Hunt gift)
[JB] Juicy Box – Mecha Tattoo
[UMEBOSHI] Knee tattoo -Eye- (at TGGS; ty Keiba!)
ISON – vine cuff (antique silver) (recent 50L F)
mijn.botique, accessories / studded earrings n.2 – silver (recent TDR Fusion)
Sn@tch, Nail Candy (Pink/White Tips)
pose one: Blah!, Model pose pack 2
pose two: Alouette, The Bibliotheque Chair Grey floral (Arcade gacha)
photo two: hair—DeLa, Rossi; blouse—BCC, Mocha Blossom Promenade
Sn@tch, Dark Photobox set
GIMPed but not pimped. Please demo skin!


How hypnotic

This was supposed to be my literally black Friday post. But I spent so much time at inworld sales that I ended up feeling disgusted and desperate. It was so bad that I paid $4.99 to watch The Campaign on TV. /me hangs head in shame Somewhat recovered today, I am offering you a look that combines the new, the free and the bubblicious. Portia wears Ella, a fab new retro ‘do from LeLutka, and the stunning new gold-digger lashes from Lucky #7. These are available as part of the new round at The Gallery Gift Shop.

Portia’s corset, pasties and necklace are part of Avarice, The Plastik’s gift for the Seven Sins Hunt sponsored by Hard Alley. The hunt gift for The Dirty Turkey Hunt is a red version of the same outfit. The post-Thanksgiving sale at The Plastik is still on. All items in the main lantern are half price, with fatpacks either 500L or 1,000L. I got a huge fatpack of mesh corsets for 500L. There are also some special 99L skins and eyes for men and ladies. You may even be able to win this skin from the Halloween gifters, which are still in place!

Credits to creators
pasties, corset, necklace: The Plastik, Avarice outfit [Seven Sins hunt: hint is “I Almost got run over. But i held on tight, and stayed underneath.”]
The Plastik, Dusk Heel-Festival (recent Lazy Sunday item)
Happy Undead – Mini Skirt [touched red/fire] (XS medium) [was a Tomorrow Today item]
[Lucky #7] D I S C O V E R Y gold digger individual primlashes (at The Gallery Gift Shop; ty Ms. Sugarplum!)
skin, ears, eyes: The Plastik, LionHeart-Widow-Shade (randomized Halloween gift, group only)
Zibska, Mira eyeshadow Blue (NEW; ty Zib Scaggs!)
[LeLutka]-ELLA hair – Jessica (YAY, Lelutka now has a naturals pack!)
*Dilly Dolls* Emilie Wristcuff
Pink Fuel, Bubblegum (an oldie, may not be available)
the couch is by Morantique and the location is Chocolat
I GIMPed and PIXLed so you wouldn’t feel as though I aim to sear your eyeballs. Yvw.
The ultimate bubble has the ultimate flavor. Taste so unreal it will blow you away.

Oh to be an alt!

Locked out of my main account, I decided to spend some quality time with Loica Krakauer, my alt. In theory, one’s AV does things one wouldn’t do in real life. In practice, Portia is just as uptight as I am when it comes to being perfectly turned out and politically sensitive. It’s Loica who gets to cut loose. She’s not embarrassed to hang out at Blue Galaxy toting only a Linden library gun that looks like an overgrown hair-dryer. And she smokes…on a space-station! She’s not worried about compromising the air quality, not about your share, at least. If Portia were visiting a space-station, she would bring a potted palm for the greenhouse.

Loica is loyal to designers that Portia doesn’t much like. DV8, for instance, is one of her mainstays, and it was her first stop last night when she was tapped to take over Pleisure duty. She picked up the current group gift (for men, I believe), Fatale 2.0 in Merlot, and snapped up a pack of Morrhigan belts from the Picks Reward, which rotates prizes daily.

Despite the women’s shared enthusiasm for D/S, Portia would never feel comfortable in a camisk. Loica is happy to get her Gor on, but mainly because that means she can pop on Sierra’s tribal tattoo skin and play at being a huntress.

Don’t imagine, however, that Loica spent her day killing things. Inspired by Divine Deviance’s Lockpick outfit, Loica decided instead to burgle the offices in booN/Saikin’s new headquarters. The teddy-bear belt and thigh-pouch of flowers were not exactly the tools she needed for the job, so she improvised with a hairpin from Kookie’s Chiggy updo. If Portia were visiting the new build, she’d say that it reminds her of the Bradbury Building in L.A. and then TP off to find the perfect retro secretary outfit, all the while lecturing Loica about the dangers of colonialist fantasies. Loica would probably just pretend she doesn’t speak English and deftly pick Portia’s pocket.

Credits to creators
Look one
outfit: DV8, Fatale 2.0 Merlot (group gift)
belt: DV8, Iron Morrhigan Belt (Lower Fit)-Espresso (Picks Reward)
hair: DK, Christy-Blackberry
tattoo: Weird Designs, Heart Rocker Tattoo 2 (Lucky Chair)
boots: Maitreya, Soho Boots PatentMix Black (old freebie)
skin: LeLutka, Ife Light (DBrows) (old group gift)
tear: mijn.t, Pierrot le Clown-black tear and glow DUIII (no longer available)
smoke: Free*Style, Schmoking Cigarette (dollarbie)
gun: from the library
eyes: Dime Piece, Eyes-Amethyst (no longer available)
poses: Sweet Lovely Cute, Le.Look la femme AO (no longer available)
location: Blue Galaxy Store

Look two
outfit: Divine Deviance, GGWH Special (Gorean Grid Wide Hunt gift, till June 6: look for the umbrella)
skin: Sierra, Sierra’s Nubian #2 Tattoo Skin (old gift)
hair: Kookie, Chiggy Beta Chocolate Brown
necklace: Rasetsukoku, Til Death…Necklace (TMH Fall 2009 gift)
boots: Coco, Flat Ankle Boots Brown (old group gift)
underwear: Dilly Dolls, Shona Striped Shorts Brown
eyes: Dime Piece, Eyes-Amethyst (no longer available)
poses: Sweet Lovely Cute, Le.Look la femme AO (no longer available)
location: Saikin

Fantasy burlesque troupe

Men have their fantasy football teams. I have a make-believe burlesque troupe. And I worked damn hard to pull this group together. Although Miss Q. (above) and Portia (below) look sensational in Dilly Dolls’ Amaya—the troupe’s de facto uniform—my other models look like men in ladies’ underwear. (Loica’s shoulders resemble a linebacker’s and Anorak’s legs look like those of a tween boy.) So in order to fill all five dresses, I had to rummage around in my cache of shapes and stockpile of skins.

I didn’t appreciate the eye-rocking jewel tones and bold colour combinations of Amaya when Dilly Dolls first released the outfit.

But this week I was craving colour and the outfits inspired me to assault your eyes with this fierce hair and makeup combination! Milano in Sunset is my first Fhang Candy skin, a cheapie I bought last week at Cupcakes’ Monday Bake Sale.

Under Amaya’s lovely ballet tutu lies a pair of laced-up bike-shorts, which is much more interesting than the trad bodysuit. Cupcakes’ Bake Sale is a great event for anyone looking to pick up nice shapes for only 50L. To my eye, this Body Doubles shape is nicely proportioned, if a bit on the skinny side. Her pretty face quirks up nicely with this hand-painted skin from LH and hiply unflattering hairdo by Clawtooth.

Every good troupe needs a sexy mime, yes? (/me imagines my readers cringing.) Sileny of Mango, Mango sent her subscribers the Decked anniversary skin, which comes bundled with this lovely curvy body by Shape it Up. Unfortunately, there is no redelivery option. My mime makes a sad face. Told you she was indispensable.

Amaya is finished at the back with lacing and a simple bow. Elbow-joint pins are not included with the outfit.

What?! You’ve never seen a burlesque troupe with a misshapen, shadow-lurking, tequila-hogging apprentice fashioned out of plastic and pins from Ikea?! You’ve gotta get out of SL more.

Credits to creators

Look one
costume: Dilly Dolls, Amaya in Pink
skin: CandyDoll, Frkinitona Skin (hunt prize, look for the lollipop under the…)
shape: Free*Style, Little Miss Quirk
hair: Lamb, Ambrosia in Snickers
earrings: Sanu, Glitterpop earrings (subscribo gift)
lashes: Free*Style, Foxy Lashes
pose with cane: Chanimations, MoulinRouge Down the Chimney (old hunt gift)

Look two
costume: Dilly Dolls, Amaya in Green
skin: Fhang Candy, Milano in Sunset
shape: Portia’s own
hair: Sonatta Morales, Lulu
necklace: Perturb/ation, Money Money necklace (Accessories Fair gift)
boots: G Field, Short Lace-Up Boot in Brown
pose with cane: Chanimations, MoulinRouge Down the Chimney (old hunt gift)

Look three
costume: Dilly Dolls, Amaya in Yellow
skin: LH, MyLove Spring Skin Collection I (LB or group gift)
shape: Body Doubles, Shape for Exodi’s Sienna
hair: Clawtooth, Good Morning in Peeled Carrots
necklace: Bliensen + Maitai, Ghostflower (subscribo gift)
poses: Open Collar, Sub AO 3.400

Look four
costume: Dilly Dolls, Amaya in Blue
skin and shape: Mango, Mango and Shape it Up, Decked skin and shape (for The Deck anniversary)
hair: SYDS, Kyrie in Raven
necklace: Bliensen + Maitai, Dark Bloom Necklace (subscribo gift)
pose with cane: Chanimations, MoulinRouge Down the Chimney (old hunt gift)

Look five
costume: Dilly Dolls, Amaya in Brown
shape: Fractured Elegance, Saphire doll2 (part of the Poker Face avatar with skin not shown)
skin: LG,Peau d’Ange Ayil Lumineux-MUog (brunette hairbase)
eyes: Tacky Star, Dollhouse-big-teal

The lady and the scamp

Be posh.

Be pert.

Dress up Dilly Dolls’ Lil Mika in Pink (75L) with Isis by Dutch Touch and Isha by Mashooka.

Play around in Lil Mika wearing Decked by Mango, Mango and Pocky Love by Violet Voltaire.

Whether you hide them under the long skirt or flaunt them in the short, pick up Wretched Dollies’ Cherry Tart socks, a delicious freebie at the Koreshan sim Bake Sale (but only through next weekend).

Credits to creators

Loica wears
dress: Dilly Dolls, Lil Mika in Pink (comes with two skirts)
skin: Dutch Touch, Isis LinerRed in Cream with hairbase (VIP group only, 250L to join)
earrings: Mashooka, Isha in Black (anniversary gift)

Miss Quirk wears
dress: Dilly Dolls, Lil Mika in Pink (comes with two skirts)
skin: Mango, Mango, Decked (anniversary gift for The Deck from Shape it Up)
shape: Free*Style, Little Miss Quirk (pay what you want)
hair: Lamb, Witch in Ink
earrings: Violet Voltaire, Pocky Love in Strawberry (freebie at the Koreshan Bake Sale)
stockings: Wretched Dollies, Cherry Tart Socks (freebie at the Koreshan Bake Sale)
boots: G Field, Short Lace-Up Boot in Gray

Teen red queen

Why is the Red Queen so darn mean? In the first of a series of posts answering this question, Anorak shows us why the modern-day teen Red Queen might be peevish. First reason: an exquisitely hand-painted porcelain egg depicting the Playing Cards Guards is no substitute for an extraordinarily large solid milk-chocolate one. This is the rule even when the teen queen’s considerable chocolate habit is already peppering zits across her face and bod. (Acne courtesy Tres Blah’s limited Stumblebum edition Gotta Be Me skin.)

Second reason: every time it rains, her Mom makes her wear her old purple boots when everyone knows that red is the new black.

Anorak wears

nom: Dilly Dolls, Easter Egg / Cards (Gacha)

skin: Tres Blah, Gotta Be Me Skin (Stumblebum edition only available until April 1st at midnight)

capelet: SMOTD, Little Red Riding Blood (Chase of the Beast Hunt gift; hunt ends April 1st)

dress: Aurora Shop, Slip Dress (Red Packet Hunt gift)

leggings: Tee*fy, Red Packet leggings (Red Packet Hunt gift)

bodysuit: LeL.Ultra, Emergency/red (old group gift)

boots: Rotten Design, Cutie Purple Booties (recent subscribo gift)

hair: Clawtooth, Lipstick and Cigarettes in Break of day

earrings: Unique Needs, Beloved Sanctum Heart Black Earring

eyes: HooT, Into the Depths

pose: Izumiya, Group Pose (freebie)

location: Rainy Town

Fashion faux pas

The French have such a reputation for intolerance that even the most stylish of North Americans may be nervous about strutting her stuff in the City of Light. Not to worry. On a beautiful spring day, you may pair your pink all-in-one with towering snakeskin stilettos, and your grandmother’s hair, and still ride the subway without exciting derision.

In fact, in the weeks leading up to Easter, you may stuff your rucksack with a pair of rabbits (instead of pressed powder and Marc Augé’s latest book) and ride the whole of line 1 without eliciting a single comment. No gentleman would hesitate to offer you his seat.

Portia wears:

Look one

outfit: Ribbon, All-in-One (recent dollarbie)

hair: Wot?, DTC hunt gift

shoes: Relentless Couture, Cold Hearted Snake stilettos

skin: MY UGLYDOROTHY, Sopha 2-3 (Red Packet hunt gift)

earrings: [kik], Parl (Red Packet hunt gift)

eyes: Tacky Star, Satin Button, Med Vein 1


location: MIU (thanks Ysabel Beaumont for the tip)

Look two

hair: booN, NMR122 hair, green (update group gift)

cami and stockings: Dilly Dolls, Absynth Adorea (Twisted hunt gift, March 2010)

lace top and collar: Sick With Lust, Deck of Tarot outfit (old Tarot Card hunt gift)

skirt: Pixel Dolls, Bonney Lass skirt (from the Xmas gifts)

boots: SMOTD, Tippytoes pony boot (Twisted hunt gift, March 2010)

skin: Clinic, Alice Pale (Weekend Fever item)

glasses: Skinzor, Paddy Whacked glasses

petit amant vert: Sensual Stone Works, Backpack Tentacle Pet (fully scripted, to put it mildly)

Look three

corset: OoEas!, Bustier in Grass (current dollarbie or group gift)

pants: LeLUltra, Cylinder pink (old group gift)

skin: Bunny B, Jolie in Pale / Makeup 8 (comes in Keligh 50L fatpack)

hair: Oj-Cutie!, Oj*SP(w&p) (old group gift)

bag: BP*, gamaguchi bag (February group gift)

socks: MIS, Baggy Socks in rose (old gift that may still be available)

weird hybrid: Rigormortis, Tentacle Bunny of Doom (how this landed in my inventory I don’t recall, but it looks like an old Twisted Hunt gift)