You can’t make an Easter without breaking hearts

Easter is my favourite holiday, so I was excited to get my gal all bunnied up. Creators just weren’t coming across with Easter items this year, so I searched my inventory for bunny, rabbit, easter, egg and, finally, bunneh, to dress my pixel doll in the festive duds I had squirreled away. I ended up finding a lot of ears, a couple of tails, and hairdos named Bunny. The lovely Tsubaki mask from Maru Kado is recent, a gacha item I bought on Marketplace. As you can see from the pic above, Anorak inhaled the delicate scent to calm her nerves. It’s so distressing for her when she wakes up in a strange cage! (There are four bare breasts and a spectacular tattoo for those of you who hop to the other side of the cut.) Continue reading


Cozy n cute

All winter I watched labels like AMITOMO infiltrate events with lovely calf-length baggy outfits. I wanted one, them, some…because I felt like my avs, Portia, Anorak, even Hedda, were tired of slinking around half-naked or bound. But the cornucopia of fetish events leaves a kinkster little time for cozy and cute. When I realized that spring is here, but I was still longing for something capacious, I decided to stop by AMITOMO and, after studying the options, hit the Handmade gacha. I also picked up Exile’s free hair and won Katatonik’s bunny ears, a randomized gift, from the Magic of Ozimals egg hunt. Somehow, cuddly led me back to Mother Goose’s and an olde LB skin that you can still win. And yes, I couldn’t stop myself from going tone on tone. It’s my one OCD tendency, or my version of comfort food.
I also pulled the handle on DAMI’s uniforms gacha at Spring Scandal because the rares are beautifully made. All I got was a lavender hoodie. (I hate casual.) I considered drowning it with the other bunnies—just kidding!—but then decided I could experiment with the kawaii schoolgirl look. It’s not the same without long black hair and either a ghost or a dom. Or both…

Not credited above
hair, pic 2: barberyumyum group gift
skin, pic 2: Glam Affair, Elvi (old but gacha so it might be available)
pose, pic 1: an lar, infinity pack
shot at AMITOMO

Bunny don’t play dat

finalbunny I am a dyed-in-the-egg fan of easter. (As a secular, chick-hugging, basket-filling rite of spring.) But Portia has had one too many hollow chocolate treats. Get too close to her this Sunday and she’ll give you an earful about the eggsploitation of hens. Portia’s lavender mesh corset is from Etchaflesh, the store where corsets go to be born. Select styles offer regular sizes and busty versions in one pack. There are no appliers involved in the busty versions. Each size of the bübs-friendly version boasts the same DD-size cups. As large as the cups look, they could not accommodate Ms. Capelo’s Lolas until I’d downsized them from watermelons to smaller watermelons.
buw2l I suspect some of you are too young to remember Homey D. Clown.

Credits to creators
[Etchaflesh] Day Of The Dead Busty Corset S
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
[LeLutka]-Rockin’ Pants-Black (v. old)
FK! – Black Cyber Neck Corset Large mesh (edited with GIMP) [bought on Marketplace]
SD Wears, Twisted Hunt Collar (old TH gift)
INDI – Armcuffs black (old gift)
– .HoD. – Spiked Lust – Chest Dermals – Frost (comes with nipple piercings)
.:ellabella:. Helene’s Tears – gold face piercing
Essences – Thursday *light rose* black
[theSkinnery]Voluptous lip junkie – lipstick 6 (at Skin Fair, ends March 31)
La Malvada Mujer – Lara Stone’s teeth
*SoliDea FoliEs* The Day After / makeup
Tenjin – Violet Tattoo Faded – Large (at WCF 2, ends March 31st)
*SoliDea FoliEs* chameleon rings
FKII, Cigarette
~Sassy!~ Playboy Bunneh ears (2012 ears)
MONS / Shocking eyes – black
GIMPed but not pimped.

Miss Badbunny

Portia couldn’t understand why all the boys wanted to put their eggs in her basket. (Vita’s Boudoir, Bunny von Tease outfit. [Comes with a gorgeous bunny mask.] You know you want it.)

Want to take a break from answering rabbit trivia at Grim Bros. or trying to figure out whether the gift from Severed Garden makes your av look fat? Get your bunny bun buns over to the last day of Euphoria’s pre-Spring sale and snag the 50L goodie bag from LWL. In addition to these bird-bedecked headphones, there’s glasses that spell BOOM and an orange Couture Bathing Cap.

Thus far, my only Easter decoration is a smiling bunny from Whole Foods. I resist their stuff because it’s usually too expensive. But if they have the power to make a bunny smile, well, they deserve my hard-earned dollars. I predict that by the end of the day, that smile will be the only thing left.

Credits to creators
Vita’s Boudoir, Bunny von Tease outfit
.ILLUSORY. Hair_Kimmi (Streaked) – Dirty [blondes pack]
[LWL] Twitter Phone (Gold) (available at Euphoria sale, which ends today)
[Atomic] Lien Skin (LB)_Buff – TDR (old TDR item)
~Mynerva~Bunny Teeth (old gift)
poses: Glitterati, Model Pack with poses 130-139 (on sale for 100L till April 14)

GIMP is tired of erasing other people’s tiny black lines.

Stock up

Lately, Schadenfreude and Silent Sparrow have been knocking mine off. Socks, that is. Their whimsical knit stockings have been the highlight of my spring. Here, Portia wears the Summer version of Schadenfreude’s Bawdy Socks, which come in a pack of four pairs colour-keyed to the seasons. Her hair is Timeless Glamour, from Clawtooth, where the half-price sale, continuing until the 25th of April, has forced me to make some tough choices. (For instance, what time of day I will visit the shop or where I will try on the demos.) Timeless Glamour includes the black-feathered colour-change hat and black veil Portia wears here.

Silent Sparrow’s cleverly designed Starbunny Knitty Socks were the perfect Easter hunt prize. If the bunny is too cutesy for you, check out their Animal Crackers line. The exquisite lavender boots are a subscribo gift from G Field. Having looked in vain for an elegant Victorian boot, I can say with certainty that these are a godsend, not least because they are sculpted in one piece. I don’t often cam in for closeups on clothing, but these boots had me perving with the best of them.

Portia wears

stockings: Schadenfreude, Bawdy Socks in Summer and Silent Sparrow, Starbunny Knitty Socks in Iris (Starlust giant Easter egg hunt gift)

hair: Clawtooth, Timeless Glamour in Bombshell Blonde and Salty

hairpiece in pic 2: Adore & Abhor, I’m in the Will Hairpiece

boots: G Field, Short Lace-Up Boots in Lavender (subscribo gift)

skin: Belleza, Elle BL Pale Group Gift (250L join fee)

bodysuit and jacket: Je*Republic, Misty in Black (sale item)

shot in the photosphere at Markus Coen’s photo mall

The bunny is back

Finally, an outfit worth an OMG. I couldn’t resist, and neither will you. Loica will hunt you down and haul you out to Vendom to win this post-Easter super-energized Demonic Bunny outfit. There are six Lucky Chairs stocked with bunny armour, and they are set to five minute intervals, so you can’t not win it. It is yours if you have a name and that name begins with a letter or numeral.

In addition to enabling your avatar to kick bunny-haters’ butts, this outfit provides comic relief. The shoulder pads can be worn without or with a black demon bunny that will respond to chat at your command, or at the command of others. The tail can also be tweaked by others, so you may want to leave that in your inventory. There’s nothing more distracting during a battle than someone clicking your av’s cold metal scut.

costume: Vendom, Red Demonic Bunny (Lucky Chairs prize)

hair: Red Queen, Glare Sterling (Lust) (old group gift)

skin: Red Queen, Su. type 06-B.04 with piercing

poses: Open Collar, Sub AO 3.400

location: Alien Libation Spaceport on Tomici Island

Easter crunch

How do avatars fare when their humans take a holiday? Early on the morning of April 4th, Loica went very dark. Hunting for Starlust eggs aroused her killer instinct, and she attempted to strangle the first bunny she saw.

When reached for comment, Loica stated, “Bunnies aren’t just cute like everybody supposes. They’ve got those hoppy legs and twitchy little noses. And what’s with all the carrots? What do they need such good eyesight for, anyway?” Chillingly, Ms. Krakauer sang, rather than spoke, her defense. Further evidence, if any were needed, of this alt’s demented—or perhaps demonic—state.

Loica wears

dress: Lelutka, Feather Dress in Black

hair: Kookie, Chiggy Beta in Coal

skin: Modern Gypsy, Night Clubbing Skin (old group gift)

victim: Ana_Mations, Ana_Help Me Bunneh

Egg toss

Occasionally, I take Emerald’s offer to TP my avatar to an exotic locale. When Portia materialized on a ship under attack from a lavender-hued sea monster, I naturally thought “Easter-themed photo shoot!” Portia wears Sevenstar Amat’s Dear Easter Bunny Brooch with Touché’s Dippin Dots dress in Pistachio. The dress is in a dollarbie egg at the Spring Bazaar. I honestly don’t recall how the brooch landed in my inventory: perhaps it was a subscribo gift, perhaps a sample from the Designer Showcase Network.

Green and purple. One could get seasick just looking at this outfit, let alone watching the ship toss in the embrace of a giant squid. Portia’s hair (a subscribo gift) is Doris in Easter Green by I Love Olive, and her Mango Mango skin, The Purples, was a midweek dollarbie at the store’s Aqua location.

Return of the refuseniks

Today, Anorak presents more physical culture refuseniks, roles inspired by the Soviet-style murals at Apatia Hammerer’s Pig shop. In this picture, Anorak arrives for an early morning skating practice trussed up like a puppet of the state. She is the girl who goes limp when confronted with authoritarian regimes and costumes patterned after flags. Her outfit, Darling Baby Seal, is a Pig gift from the group Purveyors of Accidental Love, and it comes in an opaque version for ladies who would never revolt.

Anorak’s skin, which comes complete with garish underthings and tattoos, is an opening gift from Dimbula Rose, and may still be available. Her hair is Coney Island Baby, a 10L item from Show Me on the Doll. Anorak’s pose is by Sand Shack Surf Co. (no longer available). Her expression is courtesy Adorkable Poses’ free emoter HUD.

Here, Anorak enlivens a folk-dancing demonstration with western dance-moves and pagan fertility symbols. She is the girl who frugs when confronted with authoritarian regimes and partner dances. Her versatile ensemble is Folk Dance by Scribble. (All green items are 50L until the end of the month.)

Anorak’s Shaken Not Birds hair with Easter Birdies attachment is this week’s Stumblebum special from Clawtooth, and comes in three shades. Her shoes are Xian in Powder, a freebie at the soon-to-close Vive9 shop. Her skin is Ellen by Mother Goose, available on the shop’s Lucky Boards. The poses and rabbit tail are from Izzie’s, 1L prizes in a refreshingly easy search.