Sweet and bright

orange dress Riri Nini, who designs for h.m.a.e.m, is known for her eccentric couture. But she also does minimal, clean-lined items— like the new Gaia dress—which recall the mod 1960s. This short strapless dress combines two simple shapes and punctuates them with symmetrical portholes. Some of the dresses are tone-on-tone, as in the orange version pictured here, and in the black and grey variations. Adventurous customers can opt for a shocking combo of marine blue and acid green, while shy girls can choose a subtle pairing of dove grey and rose. One of my rules as a blogger is that I am not allowed to wear anything I haven’t blogged. I broke that rule for Gaia and pranced around in one version after another on the pretense that I need to do more road-testing. For you, dear reader, for you.

gaia by riri My second last-minute Hair Fair recommendation is Milana’s Mint, an array of improbable curls (with a couple of flexi bits that bounce and make me giggle). Be sure to blow this pic up to see the beautiful speckles on Eclectica’s octopus necklace and the Free Bird nails patterned after the top of a pristine pencil. In order to see the large version of a pic, one has to click on it and then scroll down and select the original size. This is a major drawback of the Bushwick theme imho.

h.m.a.e.m- Gaia dress orange S (NEW; ty Riri!)
(Milana) Mint – Light Blondes (at Hair Fair till the 27th)
-FAUN- Xi Gladiator Sandals -Salmon- needs Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) Flat
Eclectica, Octopus Neckpiece-Coral(f)
::C’est la vie !:: Teddy Lamb(ivory/flower)mesh (gacha at The Dreamers)
.Birdy. Imogen Skin ~Porcelaine~ Frost (Bare) (past gacha)
Essences – Moles (new!) tintable
:[P]:- Aerin Cuff-R Arm :// Rosegold (past gacha)
[ glow ] studio – I’ll Rock you ring(gold rose sha)
Free Bird, Slink nail applier pencil pattern (free)
pose by h.m.a.e.m not available


Catch-up beauty

Crenellated I had to submit my tenure application. I could not take time to blog, but that didn’t prevent me from noticing that many events were starting and I was missing out on what would probably be my one and only chance to be a cutie moon pie or a dragon mom. When one falls off the blogging merry go round, it’s extremely difficult to hop back on. So I decided that instead of trying to blog every event, I would just do a mashup and call it Princess Cutie Private War 4 Men’s Love.

Under the cut there are nipples on breasts (where they should be, IMHO)

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Might have to weaken

wick1lxxx Over the past year I’ve made several references to the inevitable, premature end of my career as a scholar. For years I was powerless to do anything about it because I was powerless to do anything, period. I’ve been given a reprieve by the uni, I’m back not just to writing but to writing fluently, and I feel strong. I was lucky enough to find a wonderful therapist: if I have someone in my corner I am more than able to fight the shit that’s keeping me down. But I’m certain that my recovery is due mostly to the antidepressants, which I should have started on years ago. Why didn’t I? Because lying on the couch unable to do my own work and spending less and less time doing anything for classes felt like a normal reaction to several awful life experiences and to the disappointment of being resented by students and discounted by many members of the college (though not by the people in my actual department). I also didn’t think I was actually depressed because the depression I’d experienced in my twenties came in the form of sadness, not inactivity. Crying every day was a sign that something was wrong. Given the way my life had been going over the past five years, it seemed entirely appropriate for me to be the human equivalent of the boulder that seals a tomb. I don’t think I ever truly believed the claim that when people are depressed they don’t know it or don’t know the extent of it. I believe it now. Does this sound like some dumb testimonial? I could say more, but I won’t. There’s one last thing that I need to write and hope to recall if things go badly again: when I am a valued member of a wonderful community, I do pretty fucking well. Being part of a wretched community that conspires actively to distribute quicksand-like suffering in a dreadful inversion of egalitarian principles? I go under.
wixsonxb On the fashion front, things are looking up with the opening of Genre, a fantasy maven’s dream, where I picked up the most flattering skin Voshie Paine has ever done for La petite morte. There are three makeups in one lovely skin tone, with elf ears and Lolas Tango appliers included. Each is only 100L. (I die.) The dress Portia wears here is a 70L reopening goodie from Violent Seduction’s outpost on the Cupcake sim. Finally, [e] (elikatira) is having a 70% off hairdo sale. (It’s supposed to be a retirement sale, but everything seems to be discounted.) Don’t be flummoxed if a mouse-over shows the usual price of the hair packs. When you click to buy you get the discount price.

Credits to creators (see above for location deets)
.la petite morte. wixson pale fantasy 2
Violent Seduction – S/M Versailles (Cream)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
[e] Thrive – Red 05 (on sale)
Eclectica ‘Nouveau Leaves’-necklace
lassitude & ennui, Phoebe lace-up boots dusty rose / light wood
pose prop one: Trompe L’oeil, Dreamy Genie Bottle Skybox Green (old Collabor88)
pose prop two: oh damn, I’ll check for you…

Sweater girls

Watch out for your av’s ego. As soon as I bought Portia a handful of gowns from Phoenix Rising, she went out and crashed every ball and opera on the grid. Pretty soon she was running with a rich and powerful pack, and the paparazzi began to follow her everywhere. Now she claims she doesn’t want to be photographed ever again. Well, maybe by van Lamsweerde and Matadin, who are “true artists.”

Notice how Portia seems to be refusing to have her picture taken but has actually stopped long enough for everyone to admire her Aimesi sweater, Phoenix Rising shorts, and Paper Couture boots?

Naomi Campbell has nothing on Portia. She threw her purse at me when the fri.day belt she was wearing under her Fishy Strawberry sweater started to chafe. I had already lost the best light of the day convincing her that no one would confuse the baggy uppers of the pink izm pants with her own thighs, which I described as justly famous perfectly toned towers of pixeliciousness. She accused me of being stingy with the compliments and then asked me what I thought of her butt.

Credits to creators
Light look and closeup
sweater: Fishy Strawberry, Knit Sweater Greyish Purple (TDR)
pants: izm, Go to the Conveni pants pink
skin: Heartsick, Ayame Illusion Crimson Kiss (Mid Cleavage) (from the free Ayame Three Tone teaser)
hair: Exile, BetsyBanging Black (old TDR item)
earrings: Eclectica, from the Jazz Chinoiserie Set
purse: Vinyl Cafe, Dominion Purse Pink Tartan (free at Free*Style’s Juicy location)
belt: fri.day, Wide Waist.Belt (Mauve)

Dark look
sweater: Aimesi, part of Aimesi Fashion Group Gift Pullover+ Leggings
shorts: Phoenix Rising, part of Frilled (25L till October 30)
skin: Heartsick, Ayame Illusion Crimson Kiss (Mid Cleavage) (from the free Ayame Three Tone teaser)
hair: Clawtooth, Somebody’s Lady Coco
boots: Paper Couture, Typhoon Boots Black
tights: Paper Couture, Dark Tights_Blue Dots (1L)
necklace: Miel, Elle Uber Bow
hat: ? [creator Maxwell Maven], Unisex Fedora (modded)

emotions: YadNi Monde, Yadnis Emoter HUD v 3.1
poses: Olive Juice, Slapping (PPH2 hunt gift)
set: Gauged, Photo Studio 1

You make sleek kills

I thought I’d sworn off leopard, but this free dress from Morea Style is just too utterly utter. Portia doesn’t have a lot of evening wear because many SL gowns are too fussy, and the skirt prims look like prims, not skirt. A simple column dress in subtle textures is ideal. (When oh when are we all going neo-classical?!) Exile’s new group gift features orangey-yellow lips. As looks go, it’s a tough one to pull off, but a colour-coordinating bird makes it work.

Open your eyes Prudence is Amperlope’s latest shape, one of two she has for sale at The Rumor sim’s Fall Harvest Festival. It’s such a pleasure to find one’s way around a new shape. I figured out right away that Prudence is no lover of avant-garde fashion. This girl’s body is carved to be flaunted in a hot cheetah two-piece from Sn@tch. Even so, that stuffed bunny shouldn’t have copped a feel while we were shooting. It’s always the lamb who wants to lie down with the lion.

Credits to creators
Look one
dress: Morea Style, Gift Exclusive (gg in store)
hair: Exile, Layne/dual choc (old TDR item)
skin: Exile, September Blush Para (with cleavage on tattoo or undershirt layer) (new subo gift)
necklace: Fashionably Dead, Single Feather Necklace
earrings: Mandala, Sinra Earrings/Moss Green [<3!] (Rockin’ Friday item)
bangle: Eclectica, Tortoiseshell Bracelet (part of DSN pack)
eyes: Tacky Star, Satin Button Med Vein 1
bird and pose: Just a Pose, My Fine Feathered Friend

Look two
shape: amperlope, Open Your Eyes Prudence (at the Fall Harvest Festival) (promo copy)
outfit: Sn@tch, Cheetah Corset Set
skin: Imabee, Light Lucy First Sight Love LTbrow (old gg)
hair: Posh, Beat Chocolate (from Hair Fair freebie bag)
shoes: Surf Couture, Nantucket Spectators Black
bracelet: Just You, Ying Yang Black (Fashion Freaks Hunt item)
eyes: HooT, Sunrise Eyes (Starlust)
tat: Tacky Star, Signa Tat (Goat Party pack)
bunny: Curvature, My Bunny Best Friend (freebie single-pose version of multi-pose paybie)

Princess to pauper

Towa’s chocolatey lace confection is a celebration gift to mark the opening of her second store. This is great news for Towa in times that couldn’t be worse for Linden Labs, which yesterday announced that it will lay off one third of its employees. In this post, I’m taking Anorak from gormless princess to geeky pauper in recognition of the newly unemployed. Here’s hoping they will be back to cocktail dresses very soon.

I am a freebie fanatic, as Anorak’s body and outfit attest. But I do support creators by spending what I can within a reasonable budget. Anorak, who is watching me type, just snorted. She has adopted the texting standard of shorthand communication for everyday use, so there’s no point asking her what she means. One snort must suffice. Is she mocking me for never buying fatpacks and refusing to pay $900 for a pair of shoes?

Or does she know that this week’s sales prompted me to cheat a little on the budget? Fri.day, Zaara, LG Femme, now Kyoot. The opportunities can’t be passed up. I have to say, however, that when I’m cheating to take advantage of sales, I shouldn’t also be browsing Tic Tac and snapping up this cute dress by Fall into Decay. Yes, Anorak, I have sinned. (/me wonders where I can get sackcloth and ashes for free. I think Anorak would look swell in them.)

Credits to creators
Look one
dress: Towa, Lace Dress Brown (group gift at new store)
hair: fri.day, Neva Jealous Red (on sale now)
skin: YS & YS, Stella Cute Skin (old Dressing Room item)
shape: Beautiful Girls, Odette (pay what you want at Free*Style)
shoes: Baby Monkey, Mimi Sparrow Mary Janes (group gift)
jewellery: Caroline’s, Anne Crystal Gold Set
specs: Duboo, Choucream Glasses (subo gift)
stockings: INZane, Kendra Lingerie stockings
eyes: Poetic Colors, Cosmic Dreams (freebie)

Look two
dress: Fall into Decay, B
hair: Soup, Shooting Star Hunt gift
skin: Mother Goose’s, LEE troublemaker2 (dollarbie)
shape: Beautiful Girls, Odette (pay what you want at Free*Style)
bag: YS & YS, Summer BigBag Earth (current Dressing Room item)
shoes: Duboo, Supermarket Shoes (Animal) (subo gift)
specs: Duboo, Choucream Glasses (subo gift)
bracelets: Eclectica, Tortoiseshell Bracelets (DSN item)
eyes: Poetic Colors, Cosmic Dreams (freebie)

Notice the difference between the first two pics and the last? Thanks to Luna Jubilee for explaining that checking High Res Snapshot is not enough!

See reverse for details

If you don’t have a fashion blog, you’ll have a tough time showing off the lovely decals featured on the back of new t-shirts by 1 Love 13 and Fashionably Dead. If you want to impress your friends with these tees, you will have to walk backwards into the next barbeque, taking care to not trip over sleeping dogs, which you should, I’m told, let lie. The great thing about SL is that, while it is impossible to reverse your shirt, as you might in RL, it is easy to walk backwards.

Of course, that means no one will see your sweet new skin by Sowelu. The free skins featured in this post come with a cute teen shape. They definitely look better on Miss Q and Anorak, pictured here, than they do on Pleisure’s more mature models.

Fashionably Dead’s Lamb Decal Tee, a Stumblebum offering, comes with a feather necklace that can be worn separately.

Credits to creators
Look one
shirt: I love 13, Matrioschka Tank (group gift, 13L join fee)
skin: Sowelu, Skin May Gift (group gift)
shape: Free*Style, Little Miss Quirk (pay what you want)
hair: TekuTeku, Soap Mint (group gift)
undies: SK Designs, part of Slim Shorts Blue outfit
tattoo: Mother Goose’s, Skull Aarm (group gift pack)
bangles: Sigma Jewels, Bangles in Wood Colours [2 sets] (Fashion Freaks Hunt gift)
eyes: amato, Mist 01 (old freebie)

Look two
shirt: Fashionably Dead, Lamb Decal Tee (Stumblebum until June 4)
necklace: Fashionably Dead, Single Feather necklace [comes with Lamb Decal Tee]
skin: Sowelu, Skin Whimsical Gifts April 2010 (group gift)
shape: Beautiful Girls, Odette (pay what you want at Free*Style)
hair: Kin, Oralee One Bun Green
shorts: Alatiel, Pretty in Shorts (May group gift)
bangles: Eclectica, Tortoiseshell Bracelets (DSN item)
eyes: amato, Mist 01 (old freebie)

Earl Grey would not approve

It’s not every day that you realize that your avatar and your alt have really flat @sses. But that’s not what I want to write about today. I mean, I’m not here to talk about the perky round butt of Pleisure’s new model, Miss Q. (Damn you, Miss Q.!)

I was all set to do a champale post with TWhore’s Tiq Toq dress and Tiny Bird’s 50L Friday dress, until Project Themeory served tea. And Aranel Ah, of Boom, turned her new canvas carry-all into a tea bag. (It costs a mere 75L, and is available only until midnight today, May 16th, so you better hustle your avatar’s cute round bustle.) In the United States, tea has taken on an unpleasant connotation because of the right-wing Tea Party movement, so I was relieved to see that Ms. Ah’s new tote is named Tea Baggin, in honour of a practice that Republican Tea-Partiers would revile as a homosexual perversion.

Credits to creators

bag: Boom, Tea Baggin (Project Themeory item)
dress: *tw, tiq toq dress – champale (group gift)
hair: Uncle Web Studio, Ann Hair type-A size L brown (freebie)
shape: Free*Style, Little Miss Quirk (pay what you want)
skin: Mother Goose’s, Lee troublemaker1 (dollarbie)
shoes: G Field, Platform Shoes “Rosette” – brown (subscribo gift)
belt: fri.day, Cinch Belt (Brown), part of Paradiso Romper
tights: Scribble, Acrobat Leotard Falcon Brown (no longer available)
jewellery: Eclectica, Tortoiseshell Bracelets (DSN item)
eyes: Tacky Star, “Dollhouse” big-brown