Later, leather daddy

leatherlight Nite nite Big One. I’ll miss you.

.Shi Hair : Blown {Set 1 . Black} (big sale ends today)
[PUMEC] – .:ANNA:. – New Tone – Black Brows (group gift)
:.Birdy. {Liner} 10
[Modern.Couture] Jewelry – Amber Bracelet and Ring set (may still be available at Fi*Friday: the one-day rule is not hard and fast)
::DirtyMind:: Nia Leather Shorties II (may still be available at Fi*Friday: the one-day rule is not hard and fast)
:[Plastik]:- Stellus Top [S]:// Poe (from Friday’s 50L set, likely still available!!)
*Milk* My leather Leg Straps Black
Swallow, Papillon Black Spyke Gold Bowtie (one of oodles of group gifts; join fee 10L)
mijn.botique accessories / studded earrings n.2 (not available)
Label Motion, My Xmas Bunny pose pack (NEW at TDRF; a different bunny for each pose—this is deluxe)


Close to the moment

My fifth rez day approaches. I can’t say I’m at the top of my game or that I even know what I’m doing. In fact, I spent at least the last three years not knowing I could get a closeup for iwarp in GIMP. Yes, I’ve been correcting shoulder and calf bumps at a Brechtian distance.  Continue reading

Hey lady!

merm4xxl The Aquarius Zodiac month ends on the 13th, so you should surf over there soon if you want a nifty mermaid bra by Brutus Martinek of Pididdle. JesyLilo’s loose-fit jeans feature portholes on the outside of each leg. Why I do not know. Perhaps to show off a tattooed tangle of kelp.

duveteuxl Meanwhile, back on shore, Sopha Portal has released a new skin called Vivian. As with her other recent skins, Vivian is available in a pack with eight soft and sweet makeups. Six of these feature orange-red lips, and two, including the one I’m showing here, run to pink. I tend to think I don’t like anything named after a princess or a lapdog, but Aranel Ah’s Tiffany colour makes BOOM’s beautifully sculpted, nubbly textured Duveteux Rayonnant jacket absolutely irresistible. As far as I’m concerned, Ms. Ah has the all clear for Savannah and Felicity.

Credits to creators
Look one
PIDIDDLE – Sea Maiden Bra – Sea Princess (NEW at Zodiac; ty Brutus Martinek!)
::Exile:: A Winter’s Tale:Beach
*JeSyLiLO*:::Knotted Jeans:::*Dirty XS (NEW; ty Lilo Glom!)
Adam n Eve Clothes, Ana Lace Panty Popcorn
Graves, Cuffs from G329
-Belleza- Wynter skin (old 50L Friday)
MONS / Shocking eyes – blue
The Muse Poses, Venus (at Fashion Limited; ty Audrey Cresci!)

Look two
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Vivian05(Burly) [available in three tones] (NEW; ty Sopha Portal!)
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Cleaves tattoo1(Burly) (tat cleavage sold separately)
*BOOM* Duveteux Rayonnant Jacket (Tiffany) (mesh) (NEW; ty Aranel Ah!)
Maitreya Flare Jeans (for heels) * M #6
welldone.atelier/ Gold Deer rings (at fi*friday, pack includes gold and silver)
[e] Abbey – Red 05 (on sale)
Clemmm – Window Ocean eyes
focus poses, winter set (at Limited Bazaar)

GIMP your own, these are mine. (I shot these to look more yellow than they appear in a standard AnaLu studio 5 light. So please do try demos!)

Brings me sugar

jesybks3xx Lilo Glom of JesyLilo has turned her hand to clothing. The HotBow jumpsuit is adorable. Cuffed just below the knee, it’s decorated with a lavish bow. Ms. Glom’s beautifully textured ColdKnit Hoodie in a gentle shade of blue surprises with a pale pink bow at the back. Both items are available in other colours. I can see a Grease fan sporting the black version of the jumpsuit, which features a bold red bow just dying to be matched by a pair of saucy stilettos. Looking a little more staid, Anorak sports grey-velvet loafers, brand new from Riri Ninni at h.m.a.e.m. The loafers are also available in sapphire blue, deep red and black. They make me yearn for a smoking jacket and a cravat.

celoejesyX This lovely skin with multi-colour eyeshadow is also from Jesylilo. It’s my fave from the Cupcake series, which skews young with plenty of pink cheeks. If Anorak is looking a little uptight here, it’s because I made her wait in the lobby while I bought a pair of slutty new sandals from Celoe. I was prepared to pay 850, figured they would be 895, and quietly ponied up 950 big Ls before Anorak could realize I was spending her inheritance.

Credits to creators
from *JeSyLiLO* (ty Lilo Glom!)
:::ColdKnit Hoodie:::*Blue M
:::HoTBow Jumpsuit:::*Blue S
AUDRAN, Unisex Tattoo / DARK INK / ‘Awkward’ (at fi*friday)
h.m.a.e.m. – lounge loafers – chamber (NEW; ty Riri Ninni!)
Truth, Demi Chocoberry
Swallow, Lion Earrings
K*S, ONE-PIECE91socks (store is closed)
poses built into furnishings
locations: library, Celoe

GIMPed for your safety.

The power of no

Some violence against women and girls is overt, immediate and terrifying. Unfortunately, much of it is covert and pernicious. For instance, I have a friend who once accepted a ride home from a man she found creepy because she didn’t want to offend him. And she didn’t want to take the subway alone at night. In the event, nothing happened. Not until I jumped up and down and flapped my arms and said “No. No. No. Say no. Sometimes you must say no.” Violence against women proliferates because we live in patriarchal cultures. Here in North America, my friend can’t say no because she is reminded a dozen times a day that pleasing men is the key to her welfare. It’s a very good idea to demand that governments around the world make and enforce laws that protect women and girls from violence. But we also need to raise awareness about the root of the problem, which is male domination of women. To put it in the worst possible terms: we don’t signify unless we are prey. If we recognize this, each one of us can combat the oppression that legitimates violence, and threats of violence, in all its forms. We don’t need to depend only on the government and the police for safety. We can also depend on each other. And we can harness the power of NO.


Credits to creators
boots: lassitude & ennui (from the L’Accessoires black friday event)
glasses: Swallow (open gift in store)
necklace: 7891 (resizable; from fi*friday)
hair: LeLutka
jumpsuit: Paperbag
fur: (fd) (at Collabor88; Portia wears only fake fur assembled by garment workers paid a living wage and subject to no sexual harassment)
pose: Marukin
I don’t know who that clown is, but I encountered him at Rotten Defiance.
This picture was GIMPed.

Post-Halloween funk

Four days into November, I am still not reconciled to the fact that Portia and Anorak can no longer prance around in orange and black. I could barely remember how to put a normal outfit together until I decided that “cheap” and “grey” could be my themes. In this look, Portia combines a Glow corset and Auxiliary jeans—currently available at The Dressing Room and TDR Blue, respectively—with a fi*friday sweater by Attic. You will need to shell out a bit more for the cool bottle-bottom glasses by K_GS at The Gallery Gift Shop. And the gorgeous hair from Wasabi Pills is regular price at Fameshed. The best news is that Portia’s sneakers are a free gift from Balkanik 2.0, and there are several other pairs in the pack. They are resizable to fit women and menfolk.

I want to highlight the jewellery Portia wears in this post. It’s a witty set of lightbulb earrings and necklace available from Amorous at the Tomorrow Today fundraiser for Matchbook Monday, whose story you can read on the intertubes. The vendor only shows hot pink and turquoise, but there are dozens of options in the colour-change menu. Portia also wears Madeleine, the pretty cheapie shirt from, and a pair of LB pants from NuDoLu, which feature a lacey-looking fabric and grey woolies below the cuffs. (You can see more of her outfit on the Pleisure Flickr.) I stalked these trousers hard, and I hit the 40L rabbit-hat gacha while I waited. In case you’re wondering, I won the trousers on a ?. The other letters I saw were the usual U, Y and X. I think there was also a 666, the number of the beast that lurks in these frustrating LBs.

Credits to creators
Look one
amorous, :love always: lit set with earrings (at Tomorrow Today, fundraiser for Matchbook Monday)
/Wasabi Pills/ Amelie Mesh Hair – Cinnamon (NEW at Fameshed; ty Miss Lemon!)
^^Swallow^^ Group Gift- Happy Halloween (free VIP gg)
K_gs, BottleBottom glasses (at TGGS)
Attic, Monochrome Blocks Cardigan (S) (at fi*friday)
[ glow ] Studio Vintage Corset purple (S) (new at TDR)
Auxiliary – Skinny Jeans – XXS – Ombre Purple (last week for these at TDR Blue)
PIDIDDLE – Sharp Nails – Silver Glitz – HS 20 (new gg; fee to join)
Balkanik 2.0, Vintage_HIPSTER [MEDIUM] (free VIP gg)

Look two
amorous, :love always: lit set with necklace (at Tomorrow Today, fundraiser for Matchbook Monday)
u.ONE, Madeleine shirt XL
:NuDoLu: Pantalon jean + laine LB color – XS (LB)
:NuDoLu: Bonnet lapin Mr. Lapin (resize) (gacha)
^^Swallow^^ Group Gift- Happy Halloween (VIP gg)
K_gs, BottleBottom glasses (at TGGS)
*Tea Time* Slipper/Socks I<3Japan bird -brown socks
PIDIDDLE – Sharp Nails – Silver Glitz – HS 20 (VIP gg, fee to join)

location: Crystall Dunes sim, private but open through November 5 (methinks)