Express yourself

scarlettebutt After the wretched experience with the asshole rigger—who still hasn’t apologized for actively neglecting to affirm my performance when I bottomed for his class—I was feeling miserable. This is a wound that has been opening up every other day, surprising and devastating me every time. I can’t seem to inure myself against it. I haven’t confronted the asshole because he asked for time and space. Both have been expanding at a rate that Dr. Who would find alarming. I haven’t confronted him because I know that he will never play with me again if I require him to deal with his incapacity for generosity. I’m a desperate idiot, trying to keep that possibility of play open because I believe that no one else could want me. Meanwhile, it’s his behaviour that has left me feeling that way, like a lousy bottom who doesn’t deserve appreciation. Over Labour Day weekend, I managed to distract myself by devoting ten hours to K. Kieslowski’s excellent Dekalog. I traveled for business soon after. In a strange town, the universe smiled on me, sending me a rigger who is capable of showing respect and appreciation. Like the asshole, this rigger is a devotee of Yukimura ryu, but he has studied more extensively in Japan. He is considered to be one of the top riggers in his community. He determined from my FetLife profile that we share a love for Yukimura ryu and that we would be at the same event—and he contacted me to ask if I’d like to tie. He contacted me! He clearly enjoyed sceneing with me, was attentive and playful during the rest of the evening, and took me out for coffee the next day. Instead of saying, as the asshole did, “all a bottom has to do is be vulnerable,” he said “the way you express yourself in rope is awesome.” scarletteeyes

NEW DE Designs – Scarlette Corset – Maitreya – Vintage 3 [with colour change laces] (at We <3 Roleplay)
NEW *LODE* Head Accessory – Grapes and Roses [merlot grape roses] (Chapter Four gacha)
NEW Asteria, Scratches [Omega] Blood and Burn versions in pics one and two respectively (was at Fetish Fair, not sure if it's still on)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5Kin-Cricket-[Black] hair
-Glam Affair – Eles Asia 04 NB
fri. – Kendall.Platforms (Pewter) – Maitreya
S&P [Salt & Pepper] Avery cuffs
(r)M ~ Posture Collar ~ No.07 (Size M) (an oldie but a goodie, so well made)
cage: Dutchie/Rustica, La Signora Della Pazienza
shot at Ethereal City [join the group for access to group areas]

Never been a night owl

I’ve never been one of those people who can’t believe she’s starting her work-shift at the ungodly hour of 1PM. Love this geek chic: new from Wasabi Pills, Lumi 2 features curly hair with the cute colour-change hat from Lumi. Lumi 2 is adjustable mesh, so if you found the original too big for your noggin you are sure to enjoy the sequel.

I’ve never been one of those people who wakes up to her surroundings around 4PM. The Lumen dress is not the latest offering from Nevery Lorakeet of LpD, but it is one of my favourites. I can never resist a paisley pattern, and the batwing sleeves are fun to photograph. The Lumen pack includes a poncho version as well as the dress. It’s available in washed-out red tones, shown here, as well as pink, black and blue tones. Do note that LpD has changed location, so you will need to use the new URL listed below.

I’ve never been one of those people who starts studying at sunset.

Credits to creators
/Wasabi Pills/ Lumi 2 Mesh Hair – Gingerbread (NEW; ty MissAllSunday Lemon)
*LpD* – *Lumen* Dress Red Tones (Mesh – Size M) [a quick fix for anyone who finds the alpha layer too big: narrow your av’s shoulders] (NEWish; ty Nevery Lorakeet!) – Basic.Turtleneck (Salmon)
fore, lace zip Leggings
h.m.a.e.m. – raining boots – brown cream (NEW; ty Riri Ninni!)
:Curio: Petal Frex [Light] Party Girl-Potion 2 (NEW group gift fatpack; search for “Gala and Rita”, not Curio, to find the group)
:FANATIK: My bad girl ring Copper
Tee*fy Wooden Bow Necklace Black Strap
[KAMOURASKA] Rouyn Porcupine Cuff Matte Ebony
(vive9) Risky Readers [abyss] (old gift)
all poses built into the furniture
location: library
GIMPed before 9AM

Sweater girls

Watch out for your av’s ego. As soon as I bought Portia a handful of gowns from Phoenix Rising, she went out and crashed every ball and opera on the grid. Pretty soon she was running with a rich and powerful pack, and the paparazzi began to follow her everywhere. Now she claims she doesn’t want to be photographed ever again. Well, maybe by van Lamsweerde and Matadin, who are “true artists.”

Notice how Portia seems to be refusing to have her picture taken but has actually stopped long enough for everyone to admire her Aimesi sweater, Phoenix Rising shorts, and Paper Couture boots?

Naomi Campbell has nothing on Portia. She threw her purse at me when the belt she was wearing under her Fishy Strawberry sweater started to chafe. I had already lost the best light of the day convincing her that no one would confuse the baggy uppers of the pink izm pants with her own thighs, which I described as justly famous perfectly toned towers of pixeliciousness. She accused me of being stingy with the compliments and then asked me what I thought of her butt.

Credits to creators
Light look and closeup
sweater: Fishy Strawberry, Knit Sweater Greyish Purple (TDR)
pants: izm, Go to the Conveni pants pink
skin: Heartsick, Ayame Illusion Crimson Kiss (Mid Cleavage) (from the free Ayame Three Tone teaser)
hair: Exile, BetsyBanging Black (old TDR item)
earrings: Eclectica, from the Jazz Chinoiserie Set
purse: Vinyl Cafe, Dominion Purse Pink Tartan (free at Free*Style’s Juicy location)
belt:, Wide Waist.Belt (Mauve)

Dark look
sweater: Aimesi, part of Aimesi Fashion Group Gift Pullover+ Leggings
shorts: Phoenix Rising, part of Frilled (25L till October 30)
skin: Heartsick, Ayame Illusion Crimson Kiss (Mid Cleavage) (from the free Ayame Three Tone teaser)
hair: Clawtooth, Somebody’s Lady Coco
boots: Paper Couture, Typhoon Boots Black
tights: Paper Couture, Dark Tights_Blue Dots (1L)
necklace: Miel, Elle Uber Bow
hat: ? [creator Maxwell Maven], Unisex Fedora (modded)

emotions: YadNi Monde, Yadnis Emoter HUD v 3.1
poses: Olive Juice, Slapping (PPH2 hunt gift)
set: Gauged, Photo Studio 1

Cut and paste

I wasn’t paying much attention to Paper Couture, which I assumed was beyond my budget, until I saw the orange Spotted Pantsuit. I love orange, and now that the flat Hallowe’en orange and yellowish autumnal oranges are upon us, I am feeling especially attached to tangerine and melon, to neon orange, and to screaming orange (if that’s what it’s called). Among SL fashion bloggers, those I admire most are the mix-masters, the women who can take a dozen disparate elements and pull them together beautifully. Uncannily, even. So, I bought the reasonably priced PC pantsuit and Chantkare’s orange Leopsi dress, a steal from The Dressing Room Blue, and I played exquisite corpse with Portia. (F’d Up has her looking all dead dolly.)

In Gone with the Wind, scheming Scarlett O’Hara reached for the drapes when she needed a new dress and emerged drowning in velvet, with a big tassel hanging off the end of her hat. In a skit on The Carol Burnett Show, the comedienne did the same, only she neglected to take out the curtain rod. For Lo’s outfit, I did a Scarlett Burnett, massaging the pouf sleeve from the Leopsi dress into a headwrap. Hey, it’s better than a bustle. (And this time I remembered to make a copy first!)

Portia wears
blouse: Chantkare, part of Leopsi dress (TDR Blue)
slacks: Paper Couture, part of Spotted Suit
jacket:, part of Tourist Jacket Army
belt: Veschi, part of Jump Her! (TDR Blue)
skin: F’d Up, Lauren (Smashed) Broken (NSA Hunt gift)
makeup: Dutch Touch, Yri Caramel Metallic Copper Lips (part of VIP gift)
hair: Clawtooth, A Place to Call Home Dusty Black (with Valentine’s birds) (Hair Fair Goodie Bag)
glasses: Adjunct, Marrakesh Glasses (colour-change lens)
bag: Puddles, Dollarbie Chantelle Bag Cream (may no longer be available)
earrings and bangles: Primalot, Africa Colored Crocodile set (colour-change) (subo gift, check history)
necklace: LaGyo, Leda Necklace Gold (old hunt gift)

Lo wears
jacket and belt: Paper Couture, part of Spotted Suit
trousers: Baiastice, Saba Pants Midnight
hairbase: booN, Vine Shaved Hairbase Red (Hair Fair gift)
headwrap: Chantkare, part of Leopsi Dress (modded, du-uh!)
skin: &bean, Babushka-ya-ya (old gift)
glasses: Adjunct, Marrakesh Glasses
necklace: LaGyo Coin Necklace (modded) (old gg)

poses: chicadabynilGiha, Metamorphos set (DUnltd19, at the Slow sim, only till the 26th)
set: Gauged, Photo Studio 1

Camo vs. CamNo

In RL I would never wear camouflage clothing or any military-inspired gear. The reason is simple: it reminds me of war, an exercise of power designed to enrich the few at the expense of the many’s livelihoods and lives. Despite my aversion to military gear, I cherish the memory of an olive drab jumpsuit I wore with burgundy ankle boots when I was a tween. And in SL, I found myself rushing out to grab K&C Fashion’s group gift, the Deluxe Army stilettos. These shoes got me thinking about my choices, and I realized that I could draw a distinction between camo and camNo, between camouflage that satisfies aesthetically by melding creature and environment and camNo that glorifies power. In her photos, Portia goes for camo.

Mimikri’s skirt is one of the best pieces of design I’ve seen in SL,’s jacket is impeccable, and the colour of Crazy’s top is beautifully refined. Mynerva’s exquisite Drow skin and the Glitterati pose, which is actually a male pose, give Portia the look of a gentle creature. The amazing hair that appears to be sprouting moss is free10L from Mikan at Creators Pavilion.

In this photo, Shapely goes for CamNo. One of the pleasures of SL is creating images of empowered females, and I do enjoy this tacky, bad-ass look. But I’d like to find a way to show empowered women without resorting to guns and camo. Again, the pose built in to Glitterati’s brilliant garage set really sets the tone here. Shapely looks like she’s completely paranoid, holed up with her loot from the hundred hunts she’s doing, and determined to die fighting rather than give away the exact location of a gift.

As part of this outfit, Ticky Tacky’s Melatonin Makes Me Mellow necklace, from the FTLO…Science hunt, looks like a bullet-forged battlefield souvenir. In actuality, it’s an image of the chemical structure of the compound that makes you sleepy (and, fascinatingly enough, regulates animal camouflage).

This post is dedicated to SunShine Kukulcan, who saved me from eating my own brains. TY SunShine!

Credits to creators
Look one
skirt: Mimikri, Peggy Olive (former TDR item)
jacket:, Tourist Jacket
top: Crazy, part of Oness dress
shoes: K&C Fashion, Deluxe Army shoes (recent 600 group members gift)
skin etc.: Mynerva, Platinum Red Lips and Drow Ears and Eyeliner (Platinum Hunt item; 10L)
tattoo: Wicked Designs, part of Shanea’s Birthday Package (join group and check notices)
hair: Mikan Hair, Anne Espresso and Green (Creators Pavilion freebie)
necklace: Ticky Tacky, Melatonin Makes Me Mellow (For the Love of Science hunt #36)

Look two
outfit: SK Designs, Tarnung Outfit (skirt not shown)
shape: Heartsick, Sparkle (freebie)
skin: Glam Affair, Sofia (Tease Outfit) (ZombiePopcorn hunt gift)
hair: LeLutka, Rush Praline (gg)
shoes: K&C Fashion, Deluxe Army shoes (recent 600 group members gift)
eyes: Deviant Designs, Winter Months
tears: epoque, Chandelier Tears-Death
tattoo: Sn@tch, Wicked Faith Tattoo
necklace: Ticky Tacky, Melatonin Makes Me Mellow (For the Love of Science hunt #36)
ring: Happy Finds, Grinning Death Ring (old gg)
cig: FNKY!, Cigarette II
handgun: no idea who made it!

set: Glitterati Poses, Garage

Blurred out

Post 190. Who would have predicted that my mother’s jalopy of a computer would die and she’d replace it with a Vaio that whipped me out to Blur at light speed. Okay, bullet train speed.

Still doesn’t capture the magic of Blur.

But shooting there is such fun.

Credits to creators
First look
skin: My UglyDorothy
hair: Lamb
bodysuit, socks and sweater: Pig
shoes: Bliensen + MaiTai
necklace: Chuculet
mehndi tatt: Nestle My Bosom
floral tat: The Plastik
bangles: Mandala
spoon: Scribble
poses: DARE
eyes: Frick

Second look
skin: My UglyDorothy
hair: Posh
jewellery: Dark Mouse
eyelashes: Glow
bodysuit: Pig
eyes: Frick


Today I wanted to shoot RunoRuno’s Blur freebies, which I haven’t seen in the feeds. It took me eons to find them on the ground next to her big bed, partly because it took me ages to find the bed, which is shrouded in a fog. I typed “white” into my inventory to accessorize, ultimately deciding that the big Govil necklace I’d seen around was a must-have. (I also typed in “silver” and “grey” so I could do more monochrome looks. You colour-lovers will simply have to endure.) I love the slight transparency of the RunoRuno bodysuit. That’s an indirect way of saying that Anorak’s bewbs look awesome in this slyly sexy silver unitard. For added texture, I overlayered the bodysuit with the matching asymmetric TeeTee that I picked up months ago at the creator’s shop.

Fearing that RunoRuno’s all-particle Blur Dress would make my computer cough up a hairball, I used just the sleeves to give the outfit a bit of couture whimsy. (Think Audrey Hepburn at the Louvre in Funny Face. And then think slacker.)  Again, I have to add the disclaimer that this is not an adequate representation of Blur. This is what my computer would let me have. The sim is magical because it is so so very very blurred into softness. My computer’s version is closer to Russian Constructivism summarily drained of colour.

Credits to creators
bodysuit: RunoRuno, Blur Body Suit (freebie at Blur)
overlayer and gloves: RunoRuno, part of TeeTee (freebie at shop)
particle sleeves: RunoRuno, Blur Dress (freebie at Blur)
necklace: Govil, Pearl Flower Necklace White (LB or 150L, comes with bracelet)
hair: Govil, Hair No5 Black Gift (gg)
skin: Tres Blah, Dashing Blur Makeup (exclusive to Blur)
socks: o*m, Socks-White (freebie 6 pack of colours)
shoes:, Basic Flats White (Sunny free.stuff) (freebie from Sunny sim cafe)
poses: SLC, ZHAO-II MB2.0.17 / la femme AO SLC(LE.Look)

That misty light

Lilac Wine, with its woven silk bodice and full skirt that falls just beneath the knee, is one of the most intoxicating vintage dresses available at Icing.

Vignette’s Grable hair is free, and it comes in a variety of colours, not just the delectably named Cake Batter blonde. The cinematic shadows on Loica’s face are created by Annyka’s Soft Lavender Day Windlight setting, which is preloaded in the Emerald viewer.

My alt installs PSAs in her spare time. Doesn’t yours?

Credits to creators
dress: Icing, Lilac Wine
hair: Vignette, Grable Cake Batter
skin: &bean, Pillow Light (old gg)
shoes:, Dream Booties Plum
earrings: Kik, Parl (old hunt gift)
Windlight: Annyka’s Soft Lavender Day
location: Trilogy

Devenir en gris

Trying to work with the shortcomings of a lousy PC setup and of SL itself, Portia dressed today in grey so that she would harmonize with her unrezzed environment and accessories. The photographic evidence of this experiment was so awful that we hotfooted it to the studio and waited for things to rezz. If I weren’t so determined to show you Kin’s new Cricket hairdo—a delightful gamine cut in the Jean Seberg tradition—I would not have been able to put up with today’s shoot-n-reboot regimen. A single Kin colour is priced at 100L. My stay at the sanitorium will cost quite a bit more than that.

To get a tiled, colour-drained photo out of the Emerald viewer, choose “View IM and Chat” when SL announces you’ve been logged out, then hit Snapshot, Refresh, and Save. Mind you, what you see in the Snapshot window is not what you’ll get. But that’s okay. At the sanitorium, faux delusionals enjoy a continental breakfast for free!

Credits to creators
top: Niven Collection, part of White Lace Dress (10L)
bottom: epoque, High-waist Knickers Grey/Nude Lace (old Stumblebum item)
hair: Kin, Cricket Black
skin: CandyDoll, Charlotte Tanned CL (old Thirsty Thursday item)
shoes: Shoe Fly Shoes, Promo Gladiator Sandal (recent group gift)
belt:, Wide Waist.Belt Melon
eyelashes: glow studio, Ademonia Lashes
earrings: Monkee, Hermione Dangle Earrings Silver (Etheria gift)
ring: Caroline’s, White Pearl in a Flower Silver Ring  (Etheria gift)