Sithville shocked me

byss shock Futurewave ends on March 1st. So fly over there now if you fancy Rab Labs’ Tacticool Shades or the Data Pad from Bluprintz. I would have stayed in the Doomed Ship for this last post but I was creeped out by the sound of heavy breathing in the dark, deserted sick bay. I chose another sci-fi sim at random and the creep got real deep. Byss is home to the Sith Lords, and its architecture is fascist—so much so that I suddenly felt sickened by the horrors of the 1930s and 40s in Europe. I tried to tell myself it was just a game but I cut short my shoot instead of fiddling with Windlights.
communications Hedda wears Woman in Love from Mudskin. It’s available at Cosmetic Fair, which closes on the 28th of February. Released in the tones Pinky Pale—shown here—and Sunny, Woman in Love is soft but strong with black-wing eyeliner and glossy lips in warm coral and cool pink tones. Each pack contains the skin in multiple eyebrow (and no eyebrow) versions. There are also four discrete mole options and a cleavage tattoo.

Thank you to the Futurewave creators!

Both pics
[ MUDSKIN ]_Woman in Love1_E4_Pinky Pale with Petite Mole_Right and Petite Mole_Left1 (NEW at Cosmetic Fair; ty Sopha!)

Pic one
Rab Labs, Tacticool Shades (NEW at Futurewave; lenses are colour change)
Chariot, Drive Theory (NEW; multiple metal options; the wheel in the center spins—wheee! ty Sian!)
Modanna, [Montmartre Collection] Glamour Latex Dress Black XS
Little Bones, Rapunxel hair Ombres and Roots
pose: flowey

Pic 2
.LeLutka.Honor hair. Dim pack (NEW; LeLutka’s hair-colour options have changed, although blondes still have the most fun…)
BluPrintz – Data Pad (NEW at Futurewave: various parts are colour change and the display comes with options. It’s also resizeable.)
Graves, G462 Purple
[ SAKIDE ] Attitude Collars
{S0NG} :: Cupid~ Dark Green Eye (love these! at Cosmetic Fair)
pose: PDA (not avail.)



dating Portia didn’t stand a chance in the “Win a Date with Deckard” contest.

galaxy Still. Loving. Space. So much so that I didn’t get mad when Sandra Bullock, whom I loathe, wasn’t torn to shreds by satellite shrapnel in Gravity.

(Milk Motion) neoprene dress – S-black (at Collabor88. The alpha for this dress leaves part of the arm exposed in the back. Do not buy it if that kind of thing bothers you.)
::{u.f.o}::planet planet hairpin (at Collabor88)
Graves, G460 Arm Gear (l forearm) [part of outfit]
GALLACTIC . Ray Gun . Cyan (has left and right hand versions, on Marketplace; ty Lili Lacey!)
J’s, Thigh High BOOTS(Short) Black (old as the hills and still a fave)
-Glam Affair – Magenta skin – Jamaica – (yesterday’s FLF)
-Glam Affair – Gemma – Freckles 01
[PF] Glossy Pout Lipstick – Plum
little bones. Black Mirror – Onyx/Bleached (gacha in store)
~*By Snow*~ Radar Contacts MESH (these were ar Futurwave but are not yet in store. Thank you creator Snow Frostwych!)
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual –
poses: hmaem

Going places

crossThe colour-change Neural Net from CPD inspired me to inject lots of colour into today’s post for Futurewave. I overlaid the new black-and-purple Graves Velocity suit with the new circuit-patterned Alcor bodysuit from Ponka. The Ponka bodysuit, which is cut to expose distractingly generous portions of an av’s flanks, comes with Lolas and Phat Azz appliers. The Graves suit is available with purple, clear, red or grey latex insets. You can check out the breastplate, not shown here, on the Pleisure Flickr.

Credits to creators
Thank you to all the Futurewave creators
[Ponka Designs] Alcor outfit (NEW at Futurewave)
Graves, Velocity G462 (NEW at Futurewave)
/Wasabi Pills/ Skye Mesh Hair – Deep ocean
:*:CPD:*: Neural Net (NEW at Futurewave)
.Birdy. Red skin ~Porcelaine~ (Limited edition Enchanted) Wine
pose: Nantra, Requiem pack (NEW at Futurewave)
location: Aitui
**Click pics twice to see the full-size version.

NSFW, eh?

censpub Bunneh Brickworks Kawashima is an SL blogger and one of my sweetest Flickr friends, but she is also a bad influence. In a good way. This week, Bunneh is shooting a series of photos featuring public nudity. I had to see if I could do what she does. (These two pics will have to last a whole week, so look at them slowly. Or frequently.) I admit that while shooting these pics I was afraid that I would be caught and banned from my fave sim. So I appreciate the risky thrill of public nudity. At the very same time that I enjoyed doing something wrong, however, I also felt the rightness of the beauty of the naked human body, of the SL creators’ imaginative ways of enhancing that beauty, and of my own effort to create an erotic image rather than just a nude shot. I had to shoot many vanilla pics and many upper-body images before I was absorbed—or committed—enough to find a sexier pose and show Portia’s pudendum. If we are easily shocked by erotic imagery, it is because we are too distanced from the naked body rather than too close. Our determination to keep the body, and sex, private is a symptom of our inability to embrace the body in its erotic aspects. (Don’t get me started on body-as-bourgeois-private-property. That way lies Marx.) Having said this, I did decide to censor the pic with some soap bubbles. If you want to see the uncensored version, you will need a Flickr account with preferences set to see restricted images.
public6x In addition to Bunneh’s example, I was inspired by Umazuma Metaluna’s new Lolas Tango appliers for The Skinnery. These are the sexiest nips on the grid, their appeal to the fingers as strong as their appeal to the eye. Ms. Metaluna has done appliers for old skins as well as new, so customers aren’t forced to abandon the old skins as obsolete. She is putting her customer first. This I like.

Credits to creators
[theSkinnery] Byuri-Foxy Lady(toffee) DB CL1 (this was a special edition of the Byuri skin)
[theSkinnery] Tangos Skin Applier and, in the same package, Tangos Nipples Applier [there’s a nipless version of the applier so you can avoid nip-slip]
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
[Aura] Grimm – Corset – M – Antique
first pic: Magika [Hair S] Stumble
second pic: Wasabi Pills, Christy 2 Chocolate
– .HoD. – Chained – Slide
.:ellabella:. Saint – Jet
Yummy, Boho Rings – Maroon
Graves, G329 Cuffs
poses: Glitterati
GIMPed for your pleisure, but the applier is not retouched (enjoy my signature jagged shadows)

Naughty pictures—a Pleisure exposé

This week I was informed by Flickr that due to a complaint from another user, every photo in my account was now labeled moderate rather than safe. It was tough to care about something so arbitrary. But then I discovered that fashion groups would not accept any of my pics because of the moderate label, which must be, for reasons that I can’t imagine, undesirable. In the notification email that Flickr sent me, I was instructed to go through my photos and ensure that all the not safe images were filtered as moderate before asking that my account be re-reviewed. Only after the re-review could the global status of the account be restored to safe. The posted guidelines for photos that are moderate rather than safe read: “A good rule of thumb is, bare breasts and bottoms are ‘moderate.’ Full frontal nudity is ‘restricted.'”

Because Flickr does not identify the photo that offended someone, because Flickr’s guidelines are unhelpfully limited, and because Flickr impounds every one of a user’s photos, Flickr coerces the user into taking a paranoid approach to self-censorship. I ended up filtering as “moderate” many images that no sensible person would judge not safe, even for a child. (A child who is, one presumes, not scarred by images of pointed guns and sad clowns.) I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what Flickr meant by “bare breasts.” Usually in North America, it’s nipples that upset people. (Did anyone else notice that Angelina Jolie wore that crazy two-inch-thick, nipple-obliterating bra everywhere in Tomb Raider, including when she went to bed?) But what if nipples were only the tip, so to speak, of the iceberg, as it were? Cleavage is, technically speaking, a portion—or rather two portions, usually generous, ideally symmetrical— of female breasts laid bare to the camera and thus to the human eye. Is cleavage not safe? What about breasts that are technically bare but covered by an arm or washed out with a lighting effect? What about breasts that are bared for feeding an infant? Are the breasts of skinny models in avant-garde costumes not safe? Or is it just the genuinely “erotic” breasts, the ones that are ginormous and busting out of a bustier, that are not safe?


Once I had filtered my photos, I asked Flickr for the “re-review” and requested that they provide me with three things. First, a more detailed definition of what is not safe. Second, a list of any not-yet-censored photos that they consider to be not safe. This would save me from going on another wild nip chase. Third, the rationale behind Flickr’s absurd and lazy way of handling complaints. This last they did not supply, which surprises me, since Flickr is a business with paying customers who want to be reassured that they are not handing their money over to irresponsible or irrational or just plain bigoted people. I was sent a fuller description of not safe T&A. This list spoke directly to what one might see in my photos, so I have to wonder whether it is actually company policy, or just the things that the person who worked on my case discovered while reviewing my photos. I quote: “A good rule of thumb is, female breasts, bare/thong bottom, see through topless nudity, nipple covers, etc. images need to be marked as ‘moderate.’ Genitalia/pubic hair images need to be marked as ‘restricted.'” And I received notification that the two photos in this post are not safe. There are no nipples visible in the image featuring the pink lingerie by Chocolate Atelier. The darkening is part of the pattern of the lace, something that is obvious to anyone who looks long enough to see. When it comes to the photo featuring the Graves latex suit, I have to laugh. Anyone who thinks that a latex-covered bum is a bare bum needs to try latex him or her self. Or at least imagine it: imagine the talcum powder, the sweat, the sound of the fabric, the way it encases you in an impenetrable cocoon of taut tautiness… Ahem. Well, now that I’ve thought about it, I have to admit that that pic really is not safe after all. It made me think about sensual experiences and, forgive me for putting this so bluntly, sex. Something I would never have done without its nasty prompting. Speaking of, I want to thank the person who objected to my pic(s). This is probably one of the best pieces of writing I’ve done all year.