Big booms


I find myself expecting the bübs trend to go the way of the hamsters. Those who hope that the falsies will have more staying power should be encouraged to see some long-established creators, like Nylon Pinkney of Nylon Outfitters, Aikea Rieko of The Plastik and Aranel Ah of BOOM, making appliers for select items. They have opted to satisfy the insistent demands from Lolas Tango addicts (who have a lot of weight to throw around—if you know what I mean). For BOOM, Ms. Ah has created appliers for some of her sexiest numbers—the I Promise lingerie, the Carbon dresses, and the Day on the Yacht dresses among them. Here Portia wears the itty-bitty I Promise lingerie in turquoise and lipstick. I especially appreciate the fact that Ms. Ah specifies in the name which Lolas clothing layer to use with the applier. (It’s really impossible to figure this out by the cut of the top.) (P.S. I got the idea for this look from Ampersand Artful, who probably won’t beat me up for it. This time.)


As you can see, the BOOM lingerie applier pack also provides a peep version. Unfortunately, soap bubbles are not included. Portia’s pose is one of a new set of saucy stances for big-busted girls by Katey Coppola of Glitterati. They feature Ms. Coppola’s signature sultriness, but can also be shot to bring out the humorous side of front-loaded life.

Credits to creators
*BOOM* I Promise lingerie (turqouise and lipstick) with NEW Lolas Tango applier sold separately (ty Aranel Ah!)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
+Nuuna+ Winter 2012 Gift Skin with Lolas Tango skin matcher (open gift)
Mad’ – Pure Sugar # Freckles+teeth (old VIP group gift)
[e] Abbey – White 05
Plastik, Madre Halo 4
Contraption, Clemantlers (LB)
!Ohmai : Antique Bee Ring (Silver)
Glow, Diamond Bar Ring (With Love Hunt item)
Mandala, Takara White Bangles (with nails not shown)
pose one prop: Glitterati, Blind
pose two: Glitterati, Boobalicious
Grim Bros. sent out this cool personal snow emitter as an Xmas gift!
If I hadn’t GIMPed these photos you’d be blushing. You’re welcome.
Hammies are forever!


This kind of thing never ends well

A ghost ship docked at Saranac. Empty coffins littering the wharf. But Loica doesn’t look worried.

Dressed in Bonny by Ripped, Loica appears to be as dangerous as whomever—or should I say whatever—arrived on the ship. She is, in fact, a stranger in this northern sim. An adventuress of sorts, she is dressed for the business of investigating the eerie scene.

Not to be outdone by her big sister, Portia insists on taking watch at night. Tyranny Designs’ Penniless dress is far too sumptuous for work. But Portia is vain about her soft, dusky skin and believes that satin alone matches her beauty.

Unfortunately, the whispering fabric will only arouse the lust of the regular, extraordinarily pale denizens of Nordic Blasphemy, who set up this wharfside trap every time they run out of good blood to drink.

Credits to creators
Look one
dress: Ripped, Bonny in Purple
skin: Curio, Bean [Dark] Elf–Happy Holidays (Xmas 2009 group gift)
hair: D!va, Akane in Black (recent group gift)
boots: N-Core, Ankle Boot in Black (group gift)
eyes: Dime Piece, Amethyst (no longer available)

Look two
dress: Tyranny Designs, Penniless (was not in store last time I looked) (try the fantasy location of Tyranny Designs)
skin: Curio, Bean [Dark] Elf–Happy Holidays (Xmas 2009 group gift)
hair: booN, NMR122 in Black (old group gift)
boots: Grim Bros., Vapour Vault Boots 2.0 in Brown
eyes: amato, Mist 01

poses: Open Collar, Sub AO 3.40
location: Nordic Blasphemy at Saranac

Ran home to mama

Our story continues. The demon doll from hell gave up on her husband and ran home to Mama. (In point of fact, she ran home to her reaniMamator. A powerful and mysterious creature, the reaniMamator resurrects women who have died for love by turning them into dolls.) Dressed to dance attendance on her sovereign mother, Pleisure’s demon doll wears North, Carolina!, a classic confection from Cutea Benelli of Grim Bros.

No sign of Mama. Hurrah! The doll loves having the palace all to herself until she discovers that the treasury is as empty as the throne room.

Credits to creators
dress: Grim Bros., North, Carolina!
legs: Forsaken, Socks, Ballet Boots and Thigh Cuffs from the Tortured Alice avatar
hair: booN, FTN683 in Gold
skin: Yome Shoujo, AnLi doll (freebie: buy box)

shape: Leafy, Eva Curvy [one of several variations in pack] (freebie)
eyes: Nomine, Stained Contacts–Corinthian Bloody Sharp (Gatcha Mystery Box 10)
earrings: Ganked, Nightdance earrings (old LB item)
mask: DollyRock, part of Stefani in Black (store closes forever after May 28th)
gloves: Paris Metro, Black Satin Gloves (freebie pack; thanks for the tip SuicideBlonde Scheflo!)
doll AO: LVS&CO, Special Midnight Halloween Dollie (Halloween 2009 item)
location: No Salvation on Dragon Rose Isle

Wicked fabienne

Just before dawn, a richly dressed woman of questionable repute quietly shuts the door behind her and steps into the deserted road of Bourbon Street. It’s not her own home that she’s leaving.

Although a casual observer might think she is simply nervous about being out alone, the woman’s quick pace actually betrays her desire to quit the town as soon as possible.

More than a hundred years later, her descendant—a lover of vintage clothing and owner of her own home—holidays in New Orleans.

She enjoys her visit that much more because she figures it is finally safe to wear the necklace that her Great Great Grandmother stole.

Credits to creators

dress: Grim Bros., Fabienne Rouge

pants: Boom, Seaman Pants in Pitch

thief’s hair: Chemical Kisses, Celestine (old dollarbie)

heir’s hair: Barberyumyum, #17 in Black

thief’s skin: Frick, Goth–Flourish v2 (large lips)

heir’s skin: Belleza, Elle BR Fair HB (cleavage) (recent group gift; 250L join fee)

necklace: Unique Needs, Beloved Sanctum Heart

boots: G Field, Short Lace-up Boot in Black

poses: Pididdle, Artistic Taxidermy pack (freebie)

location: The Big Easy

Ma mime à moi

Anorak models Painted Face Bodysuit, which is on sale this week for only 10L at Happy Finds. Anorak’s zippered mime skin and leaning pose are part of a Pose Fair freebie from Del May and Ugly Duck (no longer available). Her hat is from Grim Bros.’ Szasza outfit, and her Kidskin Gloves in Offwhite are a freebie from the Starlust branch of Indyra Originals. Anorak’s shape is a Free*Style freebie, Odette by Beautiful Girls.

Physical culture refuseniks

Soviet-style patriotic murals inspired me to turn Anorak into familiar types of physical culture refuseniks. Here, Anorak arrives at gym class daubed in acrylic paint and shod for D/S. She is the girl who laughs loudly when confronted with authoritarian regimes and rhythmic gymnastics. Her oversized sketchbooks are the latest group gift from BP*.

Tiny Bird’s Bella (in Dragees) can be worn with or without bangs. Either way, the wrapped braid gives Anorak a classic Slavic look. The delicate bird brooch came with Whippet & Buck’s romper, a Red Packet Hunt gift. The romper alone is available for sale in many colours.

Here, Anorak arrives for a sailing lesson shod in silken slippers, a bubble-snorting tabby cat in tow. She is the girl who plays crazy when confronted with authoritarian regimes and hitch knots. Her dress was a Weekend Fever offering from Stitch by Stitch. Sadly, Weekend Fever is no more.

Anorak’s hair is an Accessories Fair hunt gift from Cri Cri. Hair and ears can be changed separately to black, white or orange. Anorak’s odd looks allow her to wear skins that make the more traditionally pretty Portia and Loica look hideous. Here she sports Bunny B’s Fumie (tone 01, makeup 29).

These photos were shot in the fascinating post-something realm that is Apatia Hammerer’s Pig shop.


Student one:

outfit: Whippet & Buck, Lesley playsuit with Rae Bird brooch (Red Packet Hunt gift)

hair: Tiny Bird, Bella in Dragees

skin: McSkin, Fairyskin-paint

shape: Beautiful Girls, Odette (dollarbie at Free*Style at Horst)

earrings: YS&YS, FeelFree Hearth earring (Valentines group gift)

leggings: Plastik, Bordello Leggings-Fray-Akane (old group gift)

boots: EvA, Black-Red Gothic Customisable Boots

books: BP*, Sketch book (current group gift)

Student two:

dress: Stitch by Stitch, Sailor Ahoi Dress and Socks

blouse: Scribble, blouse from Spotty Bum

hair: Cri Cri, Brillante AF Cat Hair (Accessories Fair 2010 hunt bag)

skin: Bunny B, Fumie Tone 01 m.29 (Red Packet Hunt gift)

shape: Beautiful Girls, Odette (dollarbie at Free*Style at Horst)

gloves: Viva Glam, Brody gloves in navy

shoes: Grim Bros., red ballet slippers bonus only with the Red Cross charity (Haiti) edition of Heartbroken

kitteh: *m*, HUG redtabby cat (old group gift)