Sweet sinner

cocori summer I made a trip to Asia and spent a few days in Tokyo. True it was the rainy season and thus not summery sunny, but my colourful clothes made me feel like a clown. Even the yukatas were pale hued. I quickly adjusted to wearing only grey and black by going to Muji, a store I know from my travels in Europe. There I bought tee-shirts to replace the clothing I had stunk up in hot humid China. (In this post Hedda wears LB yukatas from the semi-annual fair in Bakumatsu. Here she sports one of the Sleepy Cocori skins from  MUDSKIN’s Enfant line, which are available at The Dreamers event. You do not have to add your own oh-so-skinny eyebrows as I did here.)

manicured I still feel skeezey about going to a maid cafe. I believe that women should be able to manipulate their looks in order to make money. It’s the infantilization that bothers me. I mostly “ate” at Starbucks and other cafes because I am a chai freak and a carbs fan. Although I loved the Starbucks croque monsieur in Hong Kong, I did not like the Belgian waffle in Tokyo or the iced green-tea latte with red-bean topping on the Chinese mainland. A ginger stalk wrapped in pork, which one can’t find in Starbucks, was a culinary highlight. (The Gallery Gift Shop is celebrating it’s third anniversary with one of its signature easy-peasy hunts. Here you see one of the gift manicures from c.A. Don’t ask about the mochi. It’s an old exclusive from ohmai.)

uhoh Not knowing the languages meant not being able to ask for directions. I got irretrievably lost every day in Tokyo and was occasionally misled by bad maps and stupid Google while in Hong Kong. (Don’t wander down any dark alleyways if you don’t want to wake up with fangs. They’re tougher to eat with than chopsticks. MUDSKIN’s vampire skin gacha, with two versions of teeth and multiple eyebrow tats, is also up and waiting for you at Okinawa.)

Credits (ty TGGS creators! happy anniversary all)

Look sweet
[ MUDSKIN ]/Enfant—Sleepy Cocori4(no Eyebrow)_C2 [NEW; comes with normal eyebrow tats] UPDATE (at The Dreamers event; ty Sopha!)
Miasnow, WALKER Betty Skin’s EYEBROW
[UMEBOSH] Anniversary eye -Rose- (The Gallery Gift Shop hunt gift)
c.A., Weather nail polish for Slink hands and feet (The Gallery Gift Shop hunt gift)
little bones. Cosmic (NEW dollarbie fatpack, group only)
tomoto, candy 2014 yukata [not mesh] (NEW LB or 50L at Bakumatsu festival)
(Yummy) Garden Cocktail – Canary (old gacha)
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
pose 1: Glitterati, Headshot
Ohmai, Mochi (not available)

Look sinister
[ MUDSKIN ]_Kiss of Vampire14(no Eyebrow)_teeth1_Dawn (gacha at Okinawa festival; ty Sopha!)
.la petite morte. cosmic eyes-borealis (at The Gallery Gift Shop) [LPM’s hunt gift is a lovely skin]
c.A., Blood Type nail polish for Slink hands and feet (The Gallery Gift Shop hunt gift)
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
*koyu* mesh yukata ~tsubaki~ (NEW LB at Bakumatsu festival))
little bones. Cosmic (NEW dollarbie fatpack, group only)
pose: PDA (oldie)


What comes standard?


There are two things about Collabor88 that I really like. First, if you aren’t the kind of blogger who previews the items or gets in on the first morning and posts a post right away, it’s possible to wait three weeks and be the kind of blogger who reminds people that they forgot to go to Collabor88. Second, r2 A/D/E rarely follows the theme and instead offers something shiney and sexy at gasp-worthy prices. You know that disgusted feeling you get when you play a gacha and something baby-boy blue or lil-girl pink drops into your inventory? Make it all better this month with the Suzuya dress.

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Taste my rainbow

popsnake I keep thinking I owe my readers some news about the remission of my depression. One tends to write about depression when one is trying to surface, not when one is in the depths or finally treading water. In some respects, it’s pointless to describe recovery because it consists mostly of doing the unremarkable things that people take for granted. Like washing dishes more than once every two weeks. Or wanting to go to a movie and actually going to a movie. These things feel like novel and, in the case of the flicks, exhilarating experiences. I wrote 40,000 words this summer, and by early August I was “my old self,” one I’d forgotten. That self writes, preferably for hours every day. She loves the way thinking happens when writing happens. Writing is her favourite way of being in the world. And it often feels like being in love. The downside of this? Tremendous fear that the depressed paralysis will return. And now that school has started again, intense anger: this thankless job at this lousy institution cost me my writing self. It’s been six years since I was able to write like this. Those six years began with the job, with the students’ resentment and with the faculty and administration’s indifference. I felt traumatized when I set foot on campus last week and yesterday. If the environment and the job get the better of me again, I will never be able to write and publish my way out of there. I will be incapable of feeling pleasure.

Credits to creators

::Sn@tch Pop Violence Bustier (Aqua-Small):::
Discord Designs – Codie (Rainbow) (gacha at The 24H event)
Faster Pussycat, Funky bracelet w skulls (part of one of the FP Taste the Rainbow Hunt gifts)
Faster Pussycat, Editorella White glasses RARE (gacha at The 24H event)
*League* Aria Walnut -Apricot -DBrow -Chest D
[Pink Fuel] Metallic Lipsticks – Light Blue (Taste the Rainbow hunt gift)
..Sabotage..: Slit Skirt Neon S
+:+WTG+:+ **Neon Tower** necklace
:::Sn@tch Nail Candy (Lime):::
label motion pose from awesome Draya pack at TDR Fusion



The Gallery Gift Shop has just launched its latest round of goodies. Portia wears a big comfy sweater from 22769 and pink felt Button Boots from NuDoLu. If you don’t like pink, you’re in luck, because these beauties also come in a mustache-decorated version done in two shades of grey.

swindl This month’s artworks are especially lovely. Portia poses with Gabrielle Swindlehurst’s image of a bulbalicious chandelier. (What you’re seeing is just a detail. The photo looks much more cinematic when some blogger isn’t cropping it for a vanity pic.) Chiana0 is featuring olde-timey airplanes in her works. This is a good time to head off to Amacci, where there’s a sale on all hairdos including recent releases. You can also pick up this skin, a 10L Cold Winter Night Hunt item. I like this skin because it’s sophisticated-looking without being too made up.

Credits to creators
22769 ~ [femme] Knit Tunic grey M (at The Gallery Gift Shop; ty Manuel Ormidale!)
[M] Jean w/knot – Petal v3- XXS (LB prize)
:NuDoLu: Bottes de boutons Love (resizeable: I blew them up quit a bit, for the lulz) (at The Gallery Gift Shop; ty Neuilles Newman!)
Amacci, Skin – Nuiko (Pearl) – Winter (CWN hunt item, 10L; you are looking for a blue snowflake)
Amacci, Hair Celine ~ Light Copper [I shrank this quite a bit and added a hairbase, which can be had for free at the shop] (on sale)
Zibska, Evion ~ Earrings [colour change by menu] (ty Zib Scaggs!)

If you GIMP something, say something.

Lost in phone

When I take the subway home in the evening, I feel like the only human left in a world full of pod-people who appear to be mesmerized by small, glowing screens. For me, these machines mark the birth of a society exponentially worse than the one I used to know. I think everyone experiences this dismay at some point in their life. It’s usually tied to a fear that sociability has suffered with the introduction of a new technology: film, TV, the video camera, digital arcade games [pinball rules okay!], the Walkman, personal computers, the internet, and now zombiephones. A friend told me that her mother believes air conditioning ruined civilization because people no longer sat on their front porches and yammered at one another. I once read that the mobile phone is popular because people can’t stand to be alone: one wards off existential angst by talking to anyone about anything. The “smartphone,” by contrast, sucks up so much of the user that she can hardly be said to exist at all, let alone worry about inauthenticity. Or monsters. *dun dun dun*


Credits to creators
ShuShu, PLEASE ME MESH [includes beanie, boots, top in pic one, matching skirt not shown, and dress, which combines top and skirt, in pic two] (POE hunt gift)
h.m.a.e.m. – la regina dei ghiacci black [underneath; comes with a funny headdress; ty Riri!]
shine by [ZD] MESH PENCIL SKIRT ITALIAN LENGTH LACE- black – S (ty Cecilia Blachere!)
booN, DQO010 hair gold
{.essences.} Xihe_light_freckles (from Around the World event)
the gloves are an old old gift
Adorkable Poses: Cell Phone pack (With Love Hunt, 10L)
location: Innsmouth



One of the things I love about the Christmas season in SL is the glitz. You won’t see me wearing gold or silver with black in my real life. But Anorak can be as glam as she wants to be in her new skinny jeans, a classy take on a 21st-century trend from Bela Tolsen of TuttiFrutti.


We finally get a look at Dorothy, and she’s not ugly at all. Sopha Portal’s latest skin focuses on softly glimmering eye makeups and orange and pink lip colours.


For Dorothy, there are three caucasian skintones to choose from and eight makeups in each pack. All makeups come with teeth versions, and the pack includes a pretty shape not shown here. Cleavage is sold separately.


The Plastik has a ton of Xmas-themed clothing on offer this season, as well as a number of gift-givers for group members. The Daunting Fate corset worn here is a regular item, available all year round for ever and ever and ever.

Credits to creators
Golden girl
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Dorothy05(Burly) [NEW; see post for details; ty Sopha Portal!)
*TuttiFrutti* Epiphany – Skinny Mesh Jeans – [M]
:[Plastik]:-TomboyTee-://Zebra (former Lazy Sunday; other prints are available)
/Wasabi Pills/ Joy Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) – Gingerbread (NEW; ty Miss Lemon!)
Vestigium – Octapus tat [NEW]
h.m.a.e.m. – my three skulls necklace – gold
Oh! studio::My Wristchain pack
grasp, Fur trim leather boots/Black/Womens

Silver fox
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Dorothy07(Burly) [NEW; see post for details; ty Sopha Portal!)
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Cleaves tattoo2(Burly) [sold separately]
*TuttiFrutti* My Immortal – Skinny Mesh Jeans – [M] (NEW; ty Bela Tolsen!)
:[Plastik]:- Daunting Fate Corset://M-Flight
+Half-Deer+ Fawn Antlers (Monochrome) (Silver Lining Hunt)
+Half-Deer+ Neck Studs (silver) (erm, another hunt gift, look at sign in shop)
/Wasabi Pills/ Joy Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) – Chocolate (NEW; ty Miss Lemon!)
ISON – aviary claw bracelet (onyx)
[ glow ] studio – Choose Love ring (silver)
grasp, Fur trim leather boots/Black/Womens

prop: what next, butterfly chair photography prop [can be black or white]

Lightly GIMPed for your pleisure.

How hypnotic

This was supposed to be my literally black Friday post. But I spent so much time at inworld sales that I ended up feeling disgusted and desperate. It was so bad that I paid $4.99 to watch The Campaign on TV. /me hangs head in shame Somewhat recovered today, I am offering you a look that combines the new, the free and the bubblicious. Portia wears Ella, a fab new retro ‘do from LeLutka, and the stunning new gold-digger lashes from Lucky #7. These are available as part of the new round at The Gallery Gift Shop.

Portia’s corset, pasties and necklace are part of Avarice, The Plastik’s gift for the Seven Sins Hunt sponsored by Hard Alley. The hunt gift for The Dirty Turkey Hunt is a red version of the same outfit. The post-Thanksgiving sale at The Plastik is still on. All items in the main lantern are half price, with fatpacks either 500L or 1,000L. I got a huge fatpack of mesh corsets for 500L. There are also some special 99L skins and eyes for men and ladies. You may even be able to win this skin from the Halloween gifters, which are still in place!

Credits to creators
pasties, corset, necklace: The Plastik, Avarice outfit [Seven Sins hunt: hint is “I Almost got run over. But i held on tight, and stayed underneath.”]
The Plastik, Dusk Heel-Festival (recent Lazy Sunday item)
Happy Undead – Mini Skirt [touched red/fire] (XS medium) [was a Tomorrow Today item]
[Lucky #7] D I S C O V E R Y gold digger individual primlashes (at The Gallery Gift Shop; ty Ms. Sugarplum!)
skin, ears, eyes: The Plastik, LionHeart-Widow-Shade (randomized Halloween gift, group only)
Zibska, Mira eyeshadow Blue (NEW; ty Zib Scaggs!)
[LeLutka]-ELLA hair – Jessica (YAY, Lelutka now has a naturals pack!)
*Dilly Dolls* Emilie Wristcuff
Pink Fuel, Bubblegum (an oldie, may not be available)
the couch is by Morantique and the location is Chocolat
I GIMPed and PIXLed so you wouldn’t feel as though I aim to sear your eyeballs. Yvw.
The ultimate bubble has the ultimate flavor. Taste so unreal it will blow you away.