Tropical cool

bus4x I like to do a resort post in the dead of winter. Instead of bathing suits, I’m featuring Indyra Originals’ mesh Memoire skirt, which comes in packs of four variations for only 295L. Portia’s clutch is by Amarelo Manga. One can change the leather, metal and stones via menu. The best part is that it comes with an AO offering four awesome clutch-clutching poses.

Credits to creators
Look one
Indyra Originals Mesh: Memoire’ Pencil Skirt: White/Pink S
Tee*fy Basic Tucked Tank Grey S
[Amarelo Manga] – Clutch Bag Style (ty Luana Barzane!)
Glam Affair – Lilith – Africa 02 D
N D Salon [Naomie Dirval creator], J I L L Hair Dark
THE BOYS – cassie Earrings Gold Light (free at N D Salon)
^^Swallow^^ Bad Ring Gold & Pink
[ glow ] Beachwood glasses GOLD (resize)
[Diktator]-DARE (S PINK)

Look two
Kyoot – Mila Bodysuit (Cold Sea) (on sale no and then on Marketplace prolly)
Indyra Originals Mesh: Memoire’ Pencil Skirt: White/Silver S
[Amarelo Manga] – Clutch Bag Style (ty Luana Barzane!)
al vulo- Eleonor * candy dark brow chocolate (former TDRF)
N D Salon, J I L L Hair Dark
LaGyo_Wishbone earrings silver
LaGyo_Wishbone necklace silver
Dark Mouse Vintage Nouveau Bangles (store is closed)


Shadow of a woman

The best little dollar I ever spent paid for this gown, Gold Remembrance from Phoenix Rising. It’s a modern look, and yet it plays to my craving for the elegant high-waisted frocks of the Empire and Regency eras.

Until it closes at the end of October, Phoenix Rising is selling most of its clothing for 25L, but a clutch of special items, laid out like a sartorial feast just inside the doorway of the store, is priced at 1L apiece. I went a little nuts in the evening-wear department because I can so rarely afford ensembles this extravagant. Portia can now dine and dance in all the best places with all the right people, should they exist. Thank you Ashoka Eales for going out with so bountiful a bang!

Does Portia look too regal to squee? This ravishing Cupcakes skin comes with tattoo eyebrows, but I love the look of a bare brow so I sent my girl out newd. The MM board is set to 150, and it was already heaving with names when I registered at about 2AM SLT, so stay up late or set your alarm to wake you shortly after midnight if you want to hop on the train to browlessville.

Credits to creators
ensemble: Phoenix Rising, Golden Remembrance (1L till October 30)
skin: Cupcakes, Kawaii Coral Ancient Cleavage (MM board)
hair: booN, QPT129 ash
jewels: Indyra Originals, Porta Nova Classic Pearl (customer appreciation gift, probably found at the Rue d’Antibes shop)
poses: Pididdle [as Artistic Taxidermy] (old freebie pack)
location: Sassy Kitty


There’s no doubt about it: we are all going to be covered in spots before the leaves even think of turning red. And those spots aren’t going to be dead (digital) leopard (pixel) pelts. They’re going to be every-colour-of-the-Pantone-book leopardy goodness, with pale blue and hot pink taking early leads in the sucks-as-sub-Saharan-camouflage contest.

Serene Fairey challenged bloggers to break fashion rules. Depending on your taste (or tolerance), Miss Quirk is breaking at least one of the following rules: 1) no mixed leopard 2) no pink leopard 3) no leopard. The hat alone is a solid argument for the beauty of leopard. Technically, I am opposed to both mixed and pink leopard. And yet I’ve been fantasizing about blogging this outfit for months!

Loica models the heavy hardware of Ticky Tacky’s “punk as fukc” Black Bacchanal special, the Avenue C Squatter Earrings, which will only be available till midnight tonight. I wanted to show you these sooner, but the moment I announced that Portia had had a makeover, the PTBs decided to Ruth her every day. Today, I went from Phoenix to Imprudence and finally to the dreaded Viewer 2 in order to regain control of my av. It’s not Ruth’s stocky body and giant head that bug me, but the bottle-tan-orange colour of her skin, and the way it throws her snot-green eyebrows into vomit-inducing relief. Punk as fukc, indeed.

Credits to creators
Look one
dress: Wetherby’s, Salem’s Dress (free at Freebie Fashionista)
hair: Artilleri, Sabrina Chilli
earrings: Ticky Tacky, Avenue C Squatter earrings (Black Bacchanal exclusive only until midnight September 15)
bangles: Ticky Tacky, Twinkle Bangles
skin: Tuli, Helena 02 (TDR)
tattoo: Koqstar, F*%$ che$t Piece (old hunt gift)
eyeliner: Plastic Flowers, Simple Liner 1 (ZombiePopcorn Hunt gift)
shoes: Maitreya Gold, Allure Tights Black
eyes: Amato, Mist 01 (old feebie)
poses: Tea, Just a Pose

Look two
blouse: Indyra Originals, Urban Agenda Blouse Fire Cat (old hunt gift)
bra: Hucci, Rufflekini Pink Leopard(old gg)
skirt: K*S, part of 229
hat: Sonatta Morales, part of Snow Leopard Hat and Gauntlets (Modavia Fashion Week freebie)
skin: LG Pd’A, Ayil Lumineux MUog (blonde hairbase) (old gg)
shape: Free*Style, Little Miss Quirk (pay what you want)
earrings: Kik, Parl (old hunt gift)
shoes: Maitreya Gold, Allure Tights Black
pose: Model Pose Fourteen (freebie)

location: The Kubrick Rooms

Thanks to Eyeball for sending me to Dr. Strangelove and to Dagmar Haiku, who discovered the Wetherby’s freebie.

Happy mimes

A while back, AnnoyingJapaneseChild Dinosaur, the designer for Happy Finds, created some ad images that freaked people out. I loved them, partly because I like Ann. Dinosaur’s style as an artist, but also because the blatant otherness of the figures challenged the bland sameness of the bodies that fashion bloggers deem acceptable. There is so much more than beauty to be found in imaginary bodies. Having Portia and Anorak spend time in this mime skin by Ugly Duck has been immensely refreshing to my psyche as well as my eye.

AnnoyingJapaneseChildren is a gift-lover’s group. For a while, Ann. D. was actually paying dividends to her group members in addition to sending out items of clothing and jewellery. (I imagine someone called her a socialist, but what she was doing was perfectly in keeping with capitalism.) Although I’m showing a lot of the gifts here, I’ve not included the out-and-out gags: the Eye Teeth Glasses (glasses with tooth-patterned lenses), a Happy Shark (with a mouth full of human teeth) and Christ on a Cracker (a necklace, natch). Many of the old group gifts shown here are available for sale at the store.

This skin, which I love almost as much as the mime, is Cupid Doll by Mango Mango, a 150L charity item at the Alternative Fair. It can be worn with or without clown nose. The money goes to benefit the NothingButNets group, which is combatting malaria, a disease that should not be taking lives in Africa.

Portia and Anorak wear

Look 1

skin: Del May and Ugly Duck, Mime Swag (Pose Fair gift, no longer available)

necklace: Happy Finds, Floral Necklace (old AnnoyingJapaneseChildren group gift)

Look 2

dress: Happy Finds, Your Face That is Long Rumpled T-shirt Dress (old AnnoyingJapaneseChildren group gift)

necklace: Happy Finds, Lace Skull Cotton Heart (old AnnoyingJapaneseChildren group gift)

leggings: Happy Finds, White Leggings (Red Packet Hunt gift)

gloves: Indyra Originals, Kidskin Gloves Off-white (freebie)

skin: Mango Mango, Cupid Doll Pale

hair: Posh, Zombielicious in Midnight (Zombiepopcorn Hunt gift)

Look 3

dress: Happy Finds, Pedal Faster Mr. Giraffe Cotton Smock (old AnnoyingJapaneseChildren group gift)

skin: Mango Mango, Cupid Doll Pale (with optional nose worn)

hair: Mina’s, Franka in Anthracite (old picks reward gift)

Look 4

skin: Del May and Ugly Duck, Mime Swag (Pose Fair gift, no longer available)

necklace: Happy Finds, Death Blossom Inward Light (old AnnoyingJapaneseChildren group gift)

Ma mime à moi

Anorak models Painted Face Bodysuit, which is on sale this week for only 10L at Happy Finds. Anorak’s zippered mime skin and leaning pose are part of a Pose Fair freebie from Del May and Ugly Duck (no longer available). Her hat is from Grim Bros.’ Szasza outfit, and her Kidskin Gloves in Offwhite are a freebie from the Starlust branch of Indyra Originals. Anorak’s shape is a Free*Style freebie, Odette by Beautiful Girls.