This sh*t just got real

Here’s a fantasy. This is what I would wear if I owned a chic boutique in Paris and life was so perfect that cats and birds could hang out together without getting into an argument about Léos Carax’s latest film. In this fantasy, my outfit consists of a mesh hippie blouse from Shine by ZD and a wearable demo dress from Solita. There’s also fur from Bliss Couture, which is running a sale on fur and ruffles until December 16th. The cuffs Portia wears here come with a matching poncho.

Here’s a reality. I’ve just gone through the toughest four months of my life and things may get worse before they get better. I don’t actually cry on my knees under a table. I prefer to stand, bend over and hang upside down till the rush of blood to my head distracts me from the despair. (If I called it yoga you’d try it yourself instead of thinking I’m weird. Which I am.) When I look at the SL feeds, I occasionally come across a post from someone who has been suffering from depression, may have attempted suicide, and may feel terribly alone. One of the wonderful things about SL is the anonymity that allows us to acknowledge pain without the risks that come with real-life declarations. I keep this blog a secret from all but my closest friend, so it remains a place where I can be some of the things I am not allowed to be in my daily life. I can, for example, play with a pair of giant bübs. I can also be honest about emotional pain. I can’t claim to have caught every post SLers have written about depression and despair, but I want those who have written such posts to know that I’m grateful for your honesty. I wish you all the strength and support you need to get you through the dark periods of your lives.

Credits to creators
shine by [ZD], MESH BATWING BLOUSE Hippiestyle plum – M (ty Cecilia Blanchere!)
[solita] Fin de Semana Dress M
[UMEBOSHI] Pabu tights -Peach- (a pack available at TGGS for a couple more days; ty Keiba!)
! Bliss Fur ! Lecker Fur Sleeves (50% off)
Schadenfreude, Amargosa Boots (Nov. Collabor88)
Yummy, Boho Rings – Maroon (Nov. Collabor88)
Glam Affair -Renee- Sinless 02 D (at the Arcade Gacha event)
PIDIDDLE – My Special Treasures – Some Teeth I Found (at the Arcade Gacha event; ty Brutus Martinek!)
The first pose is by dfo! from the Gala fundraiser pack and the location is Cupcake. The second pose is part of the Falln furniture and the location is Contraption.


Orange crush

I often crave orange. Last week I bought LMK’s orange floral jacket, thinking that I would never get a chance to use it. Oh sure, I’d seen a few orange dresses making the feed, but they weren’t to my taste. This morning, I was unwrapping a Creamsicle when Dark Mouse’s Hump Day Happiness set flashed on my screen, a vision in tangerine and silver bakelite.…god. (Do you remember this old-fashioned, non-ironic version of OMG? It can be useful as an expression of awe.) This set not only matched the jacket; it also guaranteed that I was destined to fatpack Surf Couture’s Spring Fling Wedges in order to get my digital hands on the Orange Cream pair. If you give in to the orange crush, be cautious. Studies show that orange is the colour most likely to make other people angry at you. (If you were a monkey, orange would be a flying squirrel, but I’m pretty sure my readership doesn’t swing from trees, so let’s not go into that.)

Credits to creators
jewellery: Dark Mouse, Nouveau Lady Bakelite Bangles and Earrings (Hump Day special Aug 4th 2010)
skin: Showfunky, Olga / blind dateday (Albero gacha festival, current round)
jacket: LMK, Flower Embellished Jacket Orange
shoes: Surf Couture, Spring Fling Wedges Orange Cream
lingerie: Epoque, Stumblebum Exclusive Lingerie Apricot
hair: JunWave, Mikako Apricot Brown

Cherry bomb

Hello world, I’m your wild girl. Low concept, low rent and low fi, today’s post is a femmed-out tribute to 1970s girl band The Runaways. Floria Sigismondi’s film about the original rock chicks is due to open soon in North America. Here, Portia channels lead singer Cherie Curie in Cherry Girl, a freebie from Barbie B.I.T.C.H., which includes the cherries nom. Lizard Skin Boots by Shai and Basic Lockmeister cuffs complete this skimpy L.A. look. Portia’s skin is the freebie (Bunny/Tan/Silver) from Tik Tok, and her hair is Spring Breeze in light brown by Junwave, which may still be on sale.

Classier than the previous look, Cerise Sweet Playsuit by Stitch by Stitch recalls Sonia Rykiel’s designs more than 70s hedonism. The balloon shorts are as chic as they are adorable (but they are destined to irk your lover, who will doubtless ask you to take them off.) Although Weekend Fever is no more, Stitch by Stitch plans to continue offering a 50L outfit every Saturday. Portia’s bracelets are from K&L’s Punk Kitty outfit, which I bought cheap on XStreet.

I shot these pics at the photo mall, and discovered afterwards that someone who wanted to use the same photosphere had tried to communicate in local. I’d like to think it was this pose that caused him to follow up “Uh oh!” with a gracious “XD.” Cupcakes’ March group gift features a pale lip appropriate to The Runaways’ relatively healthy faces, but also flashes a touch of glam-rock red eyeshadow when your avi blinks. It comes in all skin tones and has dark and light brow options. Portia’s hair is Junwave’s Spring Breeze in golden. Boots are by J’s.