Cozy n cute

All winter I watched labels like AMITOMO infiltrate events with lovely calf-length baggy outfits. I wanted one, them, some…because I felt like my avs, Portia, Anorak, even Hedda, were tired of slinking around half-naked or bound. But the cornucopia of fetish events leaves a kinkster little time for cozy and cute. When I realized that spring is here, but I was still longing for something capacious, I decided to stop by AMITOMO and, after studying the options, hit the Handmade gacha. I also picked up Exile’s free hair and won Katatonik’s bunny ears, a randomized gift, from the Magic of Ozimals egg hunt. Somehow, cuddly led me back to Mother Goose’s and an olde LB skin that you can still win. And yes, I couldn’t stop myself from going tone on tone. It’s my one OCD tendency, or my version of comfort food.
I also pulled the handle on DAMI’s uniforms gacha at Spring Scandal because the rares are beautifully made. All I got was a lavender hoodie. (I hate casual.) I considered drowning it with the other bunnies—just kidding!—but then decided I could experiment with the kawaii schoolgirl look. It’s not the same without long black hair and either a ghost or a dom. Or both…

Not credited above
hair, pic 2: barberyumyum group gift
skin, pic 2: Glam Affair, Elvi (old but gacha so it might be available)
pose, pic 1: an lar, infinity pack
shot at AMITOMO


Hot for the holidays

homefortheholidaysShooting half-naked avs stresses me out, so I figured I’d keep this holiday post clean. I feel discouraged about shooting sexy pics because I know my audience will be limited, and I can imagine all the people out there who think nudity and eroticism are dirty. I also know that there are plenty of people who tolerate representations of heteronormative sexuality but condemn all other kinds as perversions. I’m a pervert. Although it wasn’t a goal, I’d like to think that my posts on Pleisure have “put a human face” on kinksters. This is not easy to do. I’d been seeing my therapist for two years before I began exploring BDSM. I told her about it right away—finally I had a reason to leave my house! She could have freaked out, could have tried to pathologize me and treat me, but she didn’t. One day, after we’d talked once again about the trouble I was having negotiating successfully with my partner before our scenes, she said, by way of conclusion, “It’s very human.” At first I was shocked that she had thought it might be inhuman. But then I realized that I hadn’t expected the humanness either, hadn’t understood that I would be entering into ordinary frustrating and/or fun relationships with ordinary people. In my ignorance about BDSM, I had imagined that a bad person and a good person go into a room and have a harrowing experience without sharing anything else. That’s what I get for reading all that D/s kidnap erotica! (Which I am not throwing out. Or lending to you.)
bunnbunsThat adorable heart-shaped butt comes from the bunny outfit, which is an old group gift you can still pick up at COCO. It predates mesh avs, but I managed to get it to work with my Lara. If I hadn’t stumbled across this outfit I would not have been inspired to blog for Xmas this far in advance. The end of the year always makes me sentimental, so I decided that for this post I would try out one of the many skins I didn’t have time to blog when Sopha Portal was doing MUDSKIN. Unfortunately, she shut down her shop and didn’t come back as promised. Check your inventory and see if you’ve got some of her skins stashed away. Or check Marketplace where you can buy gachas on resale. I hope that you have a wonderful holiday, no matter which one you are celebrating.

*COCO*_ChristmasBunny_ group gift (no fee to join)
MUDSKIN/My Ugly Dorothy, MIDO Lelutka applier (not available)
.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA v1.6
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Katatonik, arm tattoo, an old Oz Easter gift, not available
tram, F623 hair(L) / bluegray group gift (no fee to join)
{S0NG} :: Cupid~ Blue Eye
Pic 1: Opulence Poses, Sweet Tooth [comes with candy canes to hold] (at Second Level)
Pic 2: OOO Studio, Allegory pack (probably not available)
shot at December will be Magic Again and a private location near Frisenland (yah, I trespass when I find good interior design)
Windlight: Tricolour Sky by Annan Adored, tweaked by me

This ain’t really alive

plaguedoctorandnurse Portia plays a retro very very bad bad nurse, as in naughty but also complicit, an allegory for the Reagan era. (Fashion details: Moon has done a Bettie Page tribute hairdo. Mad’s medical pasties are perfect, and most of them aren’t as over-the-top sexy as these. The pasties are your go-to replacement for that rare dress that you can’t win when you play Zenith’s medic gacha, which is brilliant.)
training day21st-century harried, and horrified nurse, a debtor pressed into service in one of the “caring professions” that attracts fewer and fewer people. Possibly because the job pays nothing to burn people out. By people I mean women, who do 80% of the care work in the west. (I never thought I’d get a chance to use Katatonik’s Plague Doctor gacha buddy. This critter waited patiently for a High Concept post. As you know, a clipboard is the universal sign of Thoughtful Insightful SL blog posts.)
killnotcure Donald Trump’s Neoliberalist fascisim triumphant. This is straight-up dystopian-future sci fi in lingerie, which is really about the now, people, not about the later. (I love Naminaeko’s Windlights. These are the first set of crazy colour lights I’ve been able to use on my retro MacBook. The peep-toes are an N Core group gift.)

Gil Scott Heron’s B Movie, 1981. This shit’s been going on for ages.

NEW Moon. Hair. // Tin Foiled II Hysteria pack (at No. 21)
NEW N-core KAREN “Black” for Maitreya High Feet (group gift)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
=Zenith=Medic Poison Belt (Black)(Maitreya) (pic 2)
=Zenith=Medic first aid Belt (Black)(Maitreya) (pic 3)
=Zenith=Medic gloves (Black)(Maitreya)
=Zenith=Patient Record board (pic 2)
+Spellbound+ Magical Pony Bit // Silver/Pitch
+Spellbound+ Magical Pony Harness – Heart // Silver/Pitch
Cheeky Amour, Valentines Necklace and lingerie (past Valentine’s gift)
Glitzz, Lovely Stocking (gorgeous open gift, LGBTQ pride rainbow on the back!)
Meva, Mask 2 (past Xmas gift; United Colors has something similar) (pic 3)
*S.E.* (creator Draconias Timeless), Vera Spiked Bat Bloody (pic 3)

NEW Yasum*Nose Piercing *Black* (gift at We <3 roleplay)
[CX] Tongue Trap Pierced (Onyx) (just yum)
.ARISE. Lip Drool (with resizer) [I edited this, moving it from the lips to the tip of the tongue] (last seen at Fi*Friday)
-[aka SU!] Suicidal Unborn!- Silent Eyes Haze (old gift)
-Glam Affair – Skye II – Jamaica 01 NB (not new)
NOX. Smut Lip [Red]
Nox. Beauty Marks [Four]
antielle. Smeared Makeup (Black Mascara)
.random.Matter. – Misery Brows

Katatonik, Plague Doctor (past gacha)

pose 1: ZZANG, Pin up Doll pack
pose 2: estetica, Pinup Pack
pose 3: Olive Juice, Gamer con pack (not available)

pic 3 Adorkable Poses, My Padded Room (n/a)
Doomed Ship Medical Bay

Cushioned, not crazy

discularity A student asked me what I think about metamodernism. I misunderstood what he meant by “meta,” a term I associate with knowingness. I was horrified to discover that metamodernism seeks to move beyond the irony and cynicism of postmodern thought without rejecting the whole of postmodernism. I will have to research this more carefully. Just now I feel duty-bound to impress upon the youth of today that irony is not simply a mode of insincerity. Irony is the recognition that sincerity is now and always has been impossible. One cannot forget what humankind learns from irony. More pics, less thought below the cut. Continue reading

Choose choosing

decisions I spent the whole fucking weekend trying to put together an outfit. You know the problems: something highly shiny doesn’t look right with something deeply matte, something engineered perfectly doesn’t work with something rough hewn. (To be honest, a pair of sexy boots got me caught between dungeon and space-station looks. Catsuits aren’t as straightforward as they seem. There’s latex for S&M and there’s latex for traveling to Saturn. The first kind says flog me now. The second kind says people who are going to be held in stasis for years do not need pockets.) Eventually I realized that I had The Secret Store’s cropped bomber, which is so hot and so well made that it not only works with anything but can tie together a flounce skirt and bantu loop hair. And, as you will see after the cut, the bomber can even enhance a sweetheart of a skin. Continue reading