Faces have got to be made

ran Sopha Portal of My UglyDorothy debuts her new Factory line at Skin Fair. There are three faces in five skin tones that range from fair to tanned. Buy the base skin, which comes with a basic lip and eye, standard shades of eyebrow and Slink hands and feet appliers. Then add lipstick and eye makeup from packs sold separately. Bjork’s lipsticks are a little glossy and slightly parted for a sexy look. All her eye makeups feature a kohl liner. Bin’s eye makeups offer subtle shades of gold and dusky rose with varying intensities of liner. Her lipsticks look pure and clear. Ran, shown here in tone two, sports Ms. Portal’s signature faded-edge lipstick. Eyes winged with liner run the gamut from bare through blue, red and plum shadows.
pop2Those of you who are on a budget will be glad to know that Skin Fair is for makeup too. Both Shortcake Sugarplum of No. 7 and Faina Cortes of La Malvada Mujer have gone all out. The Pop Art makeups are the standout from No. 7. They are a savvy interpretation of the look of Lichtenstein’s painted women rather than a direct copy.
mmmaaaalllll Last but not least, we have the Hydra makeup from La Malvada Mujer, which combines a burnished eye with a wet lip. These are really versatile for 40L: each makeup comes with a full-face tat and with separate tats for eyes, brows and mouth, all of which could be mixed and match across the three colour variations. I hope to show off some of Ms. Cortes’ unique whole-body tattoos in one of my next posts. Be sure to stop by the booth to pick up the two gifts. One of them is a glamorous set of brows in gold and silver versions.

It’s Her Factory

Skin Fair URLs
La Malvada Mujer on sim 2
no. 7 on sim 1
Thank you Faina, Shortcake, Sopha

Look 1
MY UGLYDOROTHY FACTORY_Ran_tone2 base skin and brow (at Skin Fair)
MY UGLYDOROTHY FACTORY Ran_Eye Makeup4_tone2 (at Skin Fair)
MY UGLYDOROTHY FACTORY Ran_Lip Makeup2_tone2 (at Skin Fair)
-LaViere- Heidi/DriedChilli
NYU – Collared Dress, Purple (Size 1)

Look 2
no. 7, Pop Art D (at Skin Fair)
MY UGLYDOROTHY, FACTORY__Bin_tone3 base skin and brow (at Skin Fair)
(fd) Little Queen – Brunette 6 (Arcade gacha)
-tb- Female Skinny Tie (S) – Plum
-tb- Long Sleeve Collared Blouse (S) – Blush
Tee*fy, Savannah HighWaisted Skirt XS

Look 3
La Malvada Mujer – Hydra n3 /full (at Skin Fair)
MY UGLYDOROTHY FACTORY__Ran_tone2 base skin and brow (at Skin Fair)
Clawtooth: Say Yes – Break of dawn hair
bliensen + maitai, carnelian earrings
*BOOM* Hello Girl blouse (Navy) s

Poses: The Muse, Constantine (new; ty Audrey!)
Eyes: AL vulo ! * anemone brown eyes


Portia says relax

dockrelax This is another outfit that happened by accident as I was tossing demos on the doll. The combo of the vivid pink blouse with the beige overalls makes my eyes very happy. Portia takes a break on the grounds of the Laviere/Tee*fy sim, which is still leafy and warm and extremely peaceful. Taking these pics with my new MacBook Air involved a series of snafus, but I did discover that the official viewer, while not perfect, is better than Firestorm when it comes to delivering a not-degraded image with deferred rendering enabled. Shame that, since Firestorm has more sophisticated photo options. [Update: I hate you, SL!!!! Fuck your screenshots and your shadows and all those donuts that people toss into group chats but which never rez for me.]

porthickc I love Inka Mexicola’s bold makeups for Essences. I wasn’t sure at first whether I liked the more youthful faces she started creating a while back. But the high-impact makeups work because they look quirky and cool on a youthful face. On the face of a mature woman, the makeups would look too glamorous and rich. P.S. Portia says burn your brows.

Credits to creators
Emery – Safari Shirt Norbit (for Skirt) Jalpur – XS
ASO!, 1940s Overall (beige) M (NEW; at Fashion’s Story Fair event)
Essences – Rose TDR03 *doux* browless (TDRF)
Clawtooth: Modern Gibson – Dreamy Red (this is a special 50L Friday colour, but it’s not the only red that Clawtooth sells)
[7891.] Testle – Cross – Gold
~Sassy!~ Polished Cuff Bracelet R (trans) – brown (gacha)
VCO – Worry dolls2 RARE (was at The Arcade)
:NuDoLu: Derby compense Dentelle cerise (was at The Arcade)

GIMPed for good measure

What’s my line?

scenery2sm Milla Michinaga of MichaMi is taking a hiatus from creating and will be closing her shop (but not her Marketplace). Everything, including Portia’s wildly patterned Minay blouse, is on sale in-world at 50% off. If you’re still in the mood for the Deco look, check out Portia’s flapper-friendly skirt at The Gallery Gift Shop. 22769 have done their Mary skirt in combos of purple-pink and blue (seen here) and white and black, which can be mixed and matched with sexy loose-fitting tank-tops.
motivationl Recently, Firestorm announced that it is going to block viewer versions that aren’t compatible with SSA. Firestorm’s current log-in message exhorts users to upgrade lest they ruin SL for other players. Players who are, apparently, devastated by the sight of grey avatars. Firestorm’s message is what ROFL was made for. SL is filled with assholes who ruin our experiences of it! Is it really the case that not upgrading to the new viewer is as bad as griefing, copybotting and all-around creepiness? (Or as bad as that terrifying voice at fi*friday that makes me jump out of my skin every time it speaks?) I suspect the Firestorm team has never accessed SL from one of the dinky computers most of us play with. I have never seen anything but grey avatars, or avatars punched with alpha holes where mesh must be. Frankly, I am thrilled that my always-already-about-to-combust graphics card no longer has to waste its time trying to show me the hideous skins and outfits worn by many fellow players. That’s right, Firestorm. You’ve made me reveal that I am a snob after all. And now SL is ruined for everyone.

This is what your av looks like when she wants to play Hamlet but gets cast as Ophelia.

Credits to creators
22769 ~ [femme] Mary Skirt Blue/Pink XS (at TGGS; ty team!)
MichaMi: Minay in Berry_M (505 off)
[ #7 ] D I S C O V E R Y Lux Lashes (at TGGS; ty Shortie!)
Glam Affair – Lulu – Artic – 01 A (Love Donna Flora, not available)
Poetic Colors – bali sunset – small eyes
-LaViere- Elizabeth/PeachDreams (at Collabor88)
Schadenfreude, Casinelle shoes fat pack with colour-change HUD (at Collabor88)
*Fishy-Strawberry*, Lingerie – Desiderio Orange- Stockings and Zaara, Chanchal stockings *sorbet*
(Yummy) Agate Slice Necklace
(Yummy) Boho Rings – Maroon
poses: o0o Studio, Elizabeta pack (this pack is full of wonderful poses for flappers)
portrait pose: Glitterati, Closeup pack
location: The Lookingglass

Adult swim

lark2 I don’t see why polka dots and a white ruffle can’t be just as hot as a string bikini. It’s all in the attitude. Portia’s bathing suit is new from Sienia Trevellion, who is back creating adorable items for Lark. The suit comes with a HUD that lets you choose among hot-pink, pale-pink, red and blue polka-dot versions as well as a super-cute watermelon pattern. The ruffle is also colour change, and it throws green into the mix. I asked the HUD to bring Portia a pool boy with a Maitai. She’s still waiting, and she has the patience of a very naughty saint.

uplookbllt I was very lucky to TP to an old favourite location and find a gorgeous new build. The house is situated in a lovely forest that opens onto a beach. It’s someone’s home, and I shouldn’t have stayed, but it was decorated to perfection in a refreshingly masculine style. I swear I could feel a ceiling fan waft cooling air my way while a single bead of sweat trickled down the middle of my back.

Credits to creators
Lark – Ruffled Swimsuit – S (at The Kollective; ty Sienia Trevellion)
h.m.a.e.m. – rapsody ring – bon bon (NEW; ty Riri!)
[Gos] Lauren D’Orsay – Flora Satin – S (at Love Donna Flora)
-LaViere- Joana/DriedChilli and BrownRoots (last 50L Friday)
-Belleza- Lana Skin (last 50L Friday)
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Freckles01_Darker
[Modern.Couture] Jewelry – Rich Bracelets (at fi*friday this week)
[Modern.Couture] Jewelry – Arco Orange Ring (part of a set)
[DDL] Group Gift necklace July (Gold)
*Namioke*SUMMER TOTE SPECIAL [modded] (hunt gift for TGGS anniversary; ty Taiko Macaw!)
pose one: [LAP] 26/365
pose two: Just a Pose, GYRO
GIMP is in the swim.

I swing

solidealngl If you’re a fan of Louis Vuitton you should shop this month’s round of The Couturier’s Docks, which is an homage to Marc Jacobs’s work. The Twiggy outfit from Mila Tatham of Solidea Folies is limited to 50 copies, like every other item. But it comes in black, red, yellow and beige versions, so 200 of us can get ourselves checked out. (That came out wrong, but I like it.)


Credits to creators
*SoliDea FoliEs* Twiggy- Red (at Couturier’s Docks)
Zibska, Rikka ~ Earring [comes with necklace; at TGGS until July 9th; ty Zib Scaggs!)
Tableau Vivant – LL 1/2 gloves (XXS-S) (at Limited Bazaar)
ChaChaDee! – 1970s Heel Reptile Black
-LaViere- momo/PeachDreams
-tb- {Dark} Space Mod – Dark Winged Brows (past event skin)
::Mother Goose’s::. pointed lashes-1
.::Mother Goose’s::. pointed lashes-2
[MONS / Shocking eyes – brown
screen is from W. Winx and Flair, Winxbox Stirred
GIMP walked out on me, slamming the door behind him, probably headed to the sports bar on the corner, which he hates. One more deformed shoulder and it’s over. That’s the last thing he said. Sigh.

Level out

squareeyeslsmllnt The Gallery Gift Shop is going to celebrate its second anniversary starting July 15th. There will be a hunt and some special items to celebrate. TGGS is also sending out a call for new artists and shops to join the crew: find all the info on the TGGS website. This month’s round will close early, on July 6th. Today Portia is wearing two of the four pieces of Shortcake Sugarplum’s Arctic Face Decor  for Lucky #7. Moving these around is hours of fun. It’s impossible to decide where not to put them. The pack also includes some spiky curvy lashes. Portia’s irresistible lip gloss is new from Pink Fuel. For 250L you get ten colours in three intensities designed to flatter pale, medium and dark tone skins.

Credits to creators
[ Lucky #7 ] Arctic Face Decor [there are four pieces to play with—I moved em all over—and a pair of curved spiky eyelashes also included] (NEW at The Gallery Gift Shop; ty Ms. Shortcake!)
[Pink Fuel] Glossy Pout Lipstick – Plum (NEW; three versions of ten colours for 250L=hot and cool all at once)
+Nuuna+ Kati Skin [Fair]
– Glam Affair – Stella Eyes n4
Remarkable Oblivion – Jetstream – Pink – Headphones
-LaViere- Reverie/Strawberry
(TokiDoki) Haru Jacket_Large (mint) (old gift; other colours available)

Pink is your friend

crablng There’s a new gang in town called The Kollective. What intrigued me about this group is the concept of pairing bloggers with creators to make promo photos for the creations. I wasn’t in on this for the first round, but I couldn’t help electing myself to style the Lotus shape from Anna’s Shapes. For 100L you get a slim gal with a modest bust—one that won’t get caught in a revolving door. The dress Lotus wears is a very recent group gift from Paperbag, which may still be in notices. I could have used the included applier for big bübz, but I lost mine in a mailbox accident.

lizardzxc Lotus’s face is designed to suit Belleza skins, so I took the opportunity to try a line I don’t much like on my regular models, and I was very pleased with how pretty she looks. Then I went and added some of La Malvada Mujer’s Lux makeup, which you will find at the Cosmetic Fair. It’s more festive this way, no?

Credits to creators
+>A&A<+ Cancer Crabbie – Rose (NEW gacha at Zodiac)
Bliensen + MaiTai – Siegfried – Lizzard Brooch
-Belleza- Noel Spring Skin (old 50L F)
La Malvada Mujer – Lux #3 [eyes] (new at Cosmetic Fair)
-LaViere- Katie/Black Tipped
Paperbag. Deville Dress S (group gift in notices)
Pure Poison – Wicki Spikes Bracelets (recent subo gift)
{{BSD Design studio}}Less is more shinning blk angel shoes
Izzie’s – Glitter Nails (old hunt item)
MONS / Shocking eyes – blue
poses by LAP
GIMPed for the animals’ sake

Blending in

I decided that I should do some work on accepting the inevitability of winter and snow. This involved dressing Anorak so that she blended into the beautiful landscape and cute cottage on the BCC sim. Please click on the tiny first pic to see one of the adorable new mesh capes from BCC. It’s a steal at 110L. (Even better, one of the capes is set for half price.) Portia’s dress belongs to the Rad avatar offered this past Lazy Sunday at The Plastik. In addition to the lavender and peach dress, the 75L set includes boots, arm-warmers, an elven skin and ears. Aikea Reiko often leaves her Lazy Sunday items out for a few days, so you might still be able to score this one. There’s also a set with a darker palette.

If you haven’t been hunting this month you can’t really call yourself an SL fashion fiend. Anorak’s VR jewellery set, a PMHH gift, is customizable via a comprehensive HUD. I really like the look of the extra-long necklace. Do note that the jewels glows in the dark, so they’re not ideal for nightlife.

Credits to creators
: ) BCC . bambino Cape Gray L (NEW)
:[Plastik]:- Aeris Dress [S]:// Rad (last Lazy Sunday)
VR Jewellery, Long Line02(L) necklace earrings and bracelets (Pimp My Hunters Hunt item)
:::LiNe::: FrillFrill/White (on sale for 49L)
MichaMi: Nina Capris in Steel
{K}Rea Sequined Leggings White (store is closed)
-LaViere- momo/White (free wearable demo)
-tb- Arctic Frost (blonde brows) with -tb- Dark Freckles (not available)
Cheap Makeup, Lashes (Babs) 8
pose one: The Muse Poses, from the Tyche pack (NEW; ty Audrey Cresci!)
location: BCC (thanks to Loco for showing off the sim)