Bared face beauty

collagebareface The challenge is to shoot a portrait of your avatar without makeup, lashes or enhancements and without any photo editing. I decided to give a make-under to all my women, so Hedda and Anorak are sharing a totem pole with Portia. This challenge was easy for me as I very rarely make my gals up. But finding a skin that is truly bare is a different matter, so I had to go deep into my inventory to find (top to bottom) Ming by The Skinnery, Luaflor by Essences and Aria by League. I don’t mess about much with eyelashes, unless they are six inches long and play “Fortress Europe” just as loud as it needs to be played.* The same could be said of breasts, which I was a little sorry to sacrifice for this assignment, especially as they would have enhanced the stereo sound. My photo-editing skills plateaued long ago, so these shots (which use the CalWl windlight with shadows enabled) aren’t that different from my usual pics. All in all, this challenge demonstrates that the design of an av’s face is crucial. Most important is getting a flattering or fascinating match between that face and a sensitively rendered skin. Check out the Flickr pool.
*You know it’s you, Shortie.



sorrow Shit be ending soon. Sniff.

At Skin Fair till the 31st:
La Malvada Mujer on sim 2 (ty Faina Cortes!)
La Malvada Mujer – Scale N1 /lips
La Malvada Mujer – Supermarket N2 /eyes
+Nuuna+ Akua 4 [this is the big explosion of eye colors]
*League* Classic Wing EyeLiner 1 Tattoo (gift)
La Malvada Mujer – Gold Eyebrow (gift)

At The Arcade till the 31st:
.Enfant Terrible. Hairband from Tokyo – Harajuku
Clawtooth: Girl Trouble – Dreamy Red

Everything else:
LavandaChic*, Poetic Coat XS (group gift)
My UglyDorothy, Enfant—Daisy_C1 Base (ty Sopha!)
[MONS / Shocking eyes – grey
[7891.] Testle – Cross – Gold
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
The Muse Poses, Constantine pack (ty Audrey!)


jailbird Giulia is a regal cocktail dress from Riri Nini at h.m.a.e.m. It’s available at The Couturier’s Docks, but as of press time there are only 14 copies left in this exclusive colour. The dress is one-size-fits-all mesh, so be sure to try the demo before buying. Distract competitors for those last few copies by telling them they just don’t have the height or hips or attitude to carry it off. Shortcake Sugarplum’s mask for No. 7 is not a limited edition item, but it is one of three rare styles in a gacha stuffed to bursting with different masks. There are some really fun melty drippy visors and some molded full-face masks that make your av look like a murderous android. But that’s to be expected for a valentines gacha.

Credits to creators
h.m.a.e.m. – Giulia dress (limited edition color for The Couturier’s Docks; ty Riri!)
h.m.a.e.m. – Cage clutch
no. 7, Royal Mask – RARE (gacha at L’Accessoires; ty Shortcake!)
*League* Aria Walnut -Apricot -NoBrow
:[ glow ] studio – Pin up eyeliner (tattoo)
[Pink Fuel] Glossy Pout Lipstick – Grape
N D Salon [Naomie Dirval creator], J I L L hair dark
BENT, Cage Couture prop (tinted)

I’m in jail (some Oedipal thing, I think)

Are we there yet?

bored Space travel is really rather boring.

tractored out Until one gets sucked into one of those things that sucks one in—black hole, wormhole,  tractor beam, tentacle monster.*

Credits to creators
Thank you to all the Futurewave creators
Zibska, Bellatrix outfit (NEW at Futurewave)
Schadenfreude, Astro Antigrav Boots (women xs) (at Collabor88)
!Chop Shop! The Orchids Black eyes (NEW at Futurewave)
By Snow, Circuit chrome pack nails for Slink hands (NEW at Futurewave)
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual –
:[Plastik]:- Foxxe Makeups:// Ghoul
no. 7, Clix Lashings LASHES (ty Shortie!)
*League* Aria Walnut -Apricot -NoBrow
chair and window are a retired event item by Art Dummy

*Tentacle monster for first class passengers only.

I like big baubles


One avi, two looks. I popped one of my old models out of her box for yesterday’s fantasy post and played with her chin and eyes till her face worked with her hair. I like Hedda’s slightly freaky new visage, and I like her in bronze and pale skins. The dark skin is League’s Aria in a special-edition smokey-eye makeup. The skin is on for half price through the 26th of January. Don’t forget to pick up all the necessary appliers, which are sold separately by skin tone. The pale skin is an old Arcade gacha skin that I picked up at a yard sale. Gacha mania has given us thrifting in SL! Although prices for commons are not usually discounted below machine price, you have a choice about what you buy. If you use the Firestorm viewer, the Area Search will list what’s available at any given yard sale, so you don’t have to cam over six hundred items.

orange Both of today’s lady-like looks feature accessories you will find at the new round of The Gallery Gift Shop. Here, Hedda wears the Aerowings lashes by Lucky No. 7. with a materials-ready dress from Pure Poison. Above she pairs her Faenzo blouse and skirt with a full set of diamond-encrusted jewels from new-to-me creator West 143RD.

Credits to creators
Lady 1
Faenzo, BLAIR by Steffen Garcia, Moss (XS)
ISON – Amber Essentials pack (at Collabor88)
*LACUNA* Semi Opaque Hipster Tights – AUBERGINE 1 (new subo gift)
*League* Aria Bronze -Special Edition -Chest D
(AMD) Ultimate Lashes – Double Wing
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual –
label motion, my balloon pet (old gift but may be available through subo history)

Lady 2
[ no. 7 ] AeroWings LASHES {MC} (NEW at TGGS)
Glam Affair – Luria skin – 06 (old Arcade gacha; according to the Arcade website Luria is not available in store)
Pure Poison – Anne Gradient Dress- XS
Ingenue :: Noella Heels :: Silver (old Arcade gacha; according to the Arcade website this gacha is not available in store) [needs Slink mid feet]
ISON – Heidi essentials pack
h.m.a.e.m, Ladybug dress bracelets
pose: tea.s, Donde


ballin All I wanted was an albatross to round out my collection of Beetlebones’ Arctic Friends. I’d done very well on this gacha. I easily won a friend and an avatar version of the polar bear, snowshoe hare and arctic fox, as well as two rare creme owls, one on the first play. As Mr. S. Coleridge once related, an albatross is a lucky charm. Unless you decide to make it into a necklace or something. These days, if you want something from a popular gacha, you have an excellent chance of finding it at one of dozens of yard sales inworld. (So many plum puddings. So little need for so many plum puddings.) I was out trying to bag an albatross when I discovered that some of these markets have gacha machines with random prizes. One that was set for 25L a play claimed to contain rares. I figured the machine would dispense ugly things, like a pair of death-in-life-and-vice-versa earrings in a rare seaweed-and-squid colour combo. But on the first play it gave me…another one of them damn rare owls! Shown here. Along with another gacha rare, the Ballin shirt from 1992, now available to win at Kustom9. As I attempt to protect my new albatross from a trio of uppity owls, I can’t help  wonder whether rare gachas are not so rare after all. If they are in fact quite numerous, I don’t need to drive myself mad with guilt for my rare-gacha-magnetosis. Also, I don’t need to pay 1,000L for an orca.

Credits to creators
1992 // Long Muscle T (Ballin) S – RARE (gacha at Kustom9)
S H I Legging_Black
[F]oil- PlastiK Afro Earring- Blue – (several different colours at fi*friday this week)
[PACADI] – Eyti Bangles (store is closed)
booN, MIE355 hair chocolate (NEW) (must buy bases also: booN, cornrows hairbase chocolate)
*League* Aria Walnut -Apricot -LBrow -Chest C (SALE: half price, like almost everything else in the store, until January 26)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Medium
pose is from the Urbz pack by Juxtapose (may no longer be open…it’s from 2011)

BB, Artic Friends Snow owl brown rare

What’s inside a TARDIS?

callboxg I was going to say that my TARDIS is never bigger on the inside. Because I’m gloomy and all. But then I decided to ponder the idea of entering something small that turns out to be big. And I realized that my TARDIS is as big and exciting on the inside as any other. If, that is, the TARDIS is the female sexual and reproductive organs. Tiny hole on the outside leads to big spaces on the inside. Anyone with a semester’s worth of English lit would say it’s a womb metaphor. But the baby berth is not the whole of the female interior. There’s also the vagina, with its G spot, and the (rumored-to-be-hidden) clitoris. These are represented by the TARDIS command console—with its lovely throbbing core. There’s much to be read into the various doctors’ inability to manage those controls. Matt Smith’s Doctor, who slips and slides his way around the console at launch time, is the TARDIS’s most energetic lover. He calls her “Sexy,” but only when they’re alone. Clearly, they should never be alone. If Smith’s Doctor has to race round to throw all those levers and turn all those dials it’s because the TARDIS needs many pairs of hands. If you want her to come. Come to save the world, I mean.
fezgizza Portia was so dressed up when she heard about Tyr Grommit’s gift fez for Auxiliary that she saw no reason to not add it to her ensemble. Unfortunately, it’s a sober kind of masquerade because her Gizza gown with cloak is a donation item for flood relief to the Philippines. You will find it and many more desirable items, as well as straight-up donation boxes, at the Typhoon Haiyan Fundraiser. On the last day, December 8, there will be an auction of stunning one-of-a-kind gowns by couturiers such as Nevery Lorakeet for LpD and Zib Scaggs for Zibska.

Credits to creators
GizzA – Donna Gown [Burgundy] (donation item for the Philippines: see above)
Zibska, Lique necklace (NEW at L’Accessoires; ty Zib!)
[Auxiliary] Fezzes Are Cool – Happy 50th (open gift) If my interpretation is correct, the fez is a condom, and it is, indeed, cool in a “no-glove-no-love” way. It’s a damn good thing he’s got round to wearing one at last.
*League*, Aria Walnut -Apricot -NoBrow -Chest C
+Fallen Gods Inc.+, ZODIAC, GOLD filigree (Winter is Coming gacha rare)
[ #7 ] Vieja Martha :Fly Away: Lashes
:: DUTCH TOUCH ::MaAn:: Feather Eyelashes – Valentine (old item)
:::Fab-U-Lous:::: Lea ( Black) with Liquence . – Hairbase (all hair at Fab-U-Lous is on sale for 75L until the store closes)
Zibska, Halcyon ~ Earrings
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small with Bliensen + MaiTai nails HUD that I do not recall acquiring
POST, TARDIS (free for a limited time)

It’s a Cramps reference, innit

Cool, not cold

grayfinal I like this outfit because I had no idea it was lurking in my mind. I started with the cute shape from La Petite Morte, a fluorescent green dress and a camel coat and ended up with a grey coat and slacks and a custard bodysuit. The new Laika Boots from Eudora could have worked with either look. The palette for the pair worn here features blues, blacks and greens. I chose a dark grey for the back, a lighter grey for the buckles and a shiny blue for the tongue and sole. The toe-cap is always white. The other palettes available are red/brown/sienna and magenta/green/pink. Really, these trios expand into multiple tones, many of which are slightly shimmery, giving the boot a luxurious look.
wocol Neither the hair in this special colour nor the special shape is still available. Soz. But League’s Aria skin is out there for you to buy and love.

Credits to creators
Eudora 3D, Laika Boots BBG (NEW on Marketplace; ty Eudora3D!)
ISON – oversized wool coat -L- (gray) (at Collabor88)
The Sea Hole – Painted Desert Bodysuit – Chamomile (store is closed)
.: ryvolter :. Peplum Pant – Grey – M
Discord Designs – Codie (Corroded) (special edition, not available)
.la petite morte. iris shape for the wash (not available)
*League* Aria Walnut -Apricot -DBrow -Chest C
Aeva // Eyelashes // Short Lashes
MONS / Shocking eyes – brown
BALACLAVA!! Scout Badge Remade Necklace (old Arcade)
pose: Still Life
location: Virtual Decay
barely GIMPed first pic is not judging hella PIXLRed second pic

Taste my rainbow

popsnake I keep thinking I owe my readers some news about the remission of my depression. One tends to write about depression when one is trying to surface, not when one is in the depths or finally treading water. In some respects, it’s pointless to describe recovery because it consists mostly of doing the unremarkable things that people take for granted. Like washing dishes more than once every two weeks. Or wanting to go to a movie and actually going to a movie. These things feel like novel and, in the case of the flicks, exhilarating experiences. I wrote 40,000 words this summer, and by early August I was “my old self,” one I’d forgotten. That self writes, preferably for hours every day. She loves the way thinking happens when writing happens. Writing is her favourite way of being in the world. And it often feels like being in love. The downside of this? Tremendous fear that the depressed paralysis will return. And now that school has started again, intense anger: this thankless job at this lousy institution cost me my writing self. It’s been six years since I was able to write like this. Those six years began with the job, with the students’ resentment and with the faculty and administration’s indifference. I felt traumatized when I set foot on campus last week and yesterday. If the environment and the job get the better of me again, I will never be able to write and publish my way out of there. I will be incapable of feeling pleasure.

Credits to creators

::Sn@tch Pop Violence Bustier (Aqua-Small):::
Discord Designs – Codie (Rainbow) (gacha at The 24H event)
Faster Pussycat, Funky bracelet w skulls (part of one of the FP Taste the Rainbow Hunt gifts)
Faster Pussycat, Editorella White glasses RARE (gacha at The 24H event)
*League* Aria Walnut -Apricot -DBrow -Chest D
[Pink Fuel] Metallic Lipsticks – Light Blue (Taste the Rainbow hunt gift)
..Sabotage..: Slit Skirt Neon S
+:+WTG+:+ **Neon Tower** necklace
:::Sn@tch Nail Candy (Lime):::
label motion pose from awesome Draya pack at TDR Fusion