Delicate flowers

puffoutx Black and pink. Black and mauve. There’s no good reason for them to work together. Unless you’re a toreador or a torch singer. Collabor88 continues to be the best of the 87 monthly events a fashionista must attend. The dress from (fd) and the boots from Ison are an odd combo, but Anorak’s an odd av. The Ison boots require Slink’s medium bare feet. With the exception of Lolas, the prospect of adding mesh enhancements to my av makes me feel like taking a nap. I persevered this week, however, because the boots are so sexy. I feel very frustrated by how big the feet are. They make my nit-picky arty eye all itchy. Is there a resize function I can’t find? Are the phat azzes and loud mouths also huge? If they are as enormous as the feet…well…let’s just say it’s a damn good thing that boobs can never be too big!


Nevery Lorakeet’s latest skirt and blouse combo is called Alessia, and is only available in greyed black and pearl-pink set. The blouse is puff-sleeved and the skirt is textured like, erm, like the skin of an animal that did not die to make this outfit. The flowers did not die. The fur did not die. The only thing killed for this post was a half-dozen donut holes.


I adore the Origami Sandals by e-clipse, a line that always surprises me with its unusual offerings at Limited Bazaar. The shoe is a gold-edged black platform thong worn with a black sock. (Special to Limited Bazaar: I liked it when you and TDR Fusion opened rounds on alternate Fridays. Now that you are synced up I will have nothing to look forward to on half the Fridays of my life. Please change back.)

Look one
(fd) Leather + Chiffon Gown – Black and Mauve S (NEW at Collabor88)
h.m.a.e.m. – Aztec Cuffs (NEW; ty Riri Nini!)
ISON – lace-up gladiator sandals -XXS- (teal) (NEW at Collabor88)
Slink, Female Feet (AvEnhance) XXS – Mid
[Anya Ohmai], ghost Pygmy Puff (old event item)
Wishbox, Festival Crown (Paradise Purple)
booN, FTN683 hair chestnut
undefined lilies – wing ding (black/gold) (old gift)
Essences – Rose TDR01 *doux* browless (recent TDRF)
MiaSnow, WALKER Betty Skin’s EYEBROW (old event item)
-Glam Affair – Lucy – Moles 01 (part of TDR Fusion item)
::UmedamaHolic::Crystal eye(mossgreen)S

Look two
*LpD* – *Alessia* Cipria (NEW; ty Nevery Lorakeet!)
ISON – leather leggings (black)
E-Clipse Origami Sandal S (NEW at Limited Bazaar)
KMADD Hair ~ EMMA ~ DARK BROWN 6 (This does not come with a hairbase, so I added one by Lelutka.)
[7891.] Testle – Cross – Gold (comes with spiked cuff)
ye olde freebie, Kidskin gloves: Black
.B I R D Y. DELILAH skin ~Pure~ London (old event)
[UMEBOSHI] Eon eyes gacha (Min) pale blue grey (at the Legion spooky whatsit event)
pose by PDA and pose pouf by 0o0 Studio/Gos


We will ‘roque you


Limited Bazaar is doing a baroque theme this time around. There are fabulous deals to be had, like a half fatpack of Amacci’s Maria hair for 150L. (Buy the other half for another 150 if you’re compulsive that way.) This glorious updo features an exotic, lovingly textured colour-change flower which attaches at three different points atop the coif. There are also exclusives at LB, like The Skinnery’s baroque eyeshadow in a set of eight colour variations for 75L. Remember LB items are limited to 100 copies and your SL sisters are quick-witted and sure-footed shoppers determined to get the jump on anyone who thinks Mannerism is still in style.


Collabor88 is over for this month, but you can now pick up the Kirabu dress from the mainstore of r2 A/D/E, where it retails for 149L. This dress is cut low in the back and short at the butt, showing off just the right amount of crack and undercheek. It’s hard to believe we ever put up with those prim flaps that made our avs’ butts look like cat doors.

Credits to creators
r2 A/D/E, kirabi [M] deep-red&copper
Amacci Hair, Maria ~ Blueberry and Amacci Hairbase Tattoo – Blueberry (if not in the pack, the hairbase is available in the main shop for free)
.Birdy. Ingrid Skin ~Pure~ Cruel intentions (Bare) Matte (at The Chapter Four)
[theSkinnery] Baroque eyeshadow forest
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Mary’s Eyebrow_Black
(amper) gold leaf : brown lashes (old hunt gift)
pic one: Zaara, Anjami earrings (old hunt gift)
pic two: (Caroline’s Jewelry), Fleur de Lis Earring (gothic/gold)
r2 A/D/E, kneehigh boots{XS}beige
PC eyes – bali sunset – small
pose prop, pic one: flowey
pose two: Ma Vie

GIMPed for your pleisure

Ming shows mercy

ming2c I never buy a skin in more than one tone. I narrow my choice down to my fave light tone and my fave dark tone and then choose one winner. But when I tried Ming, new from Umazuma Metaluna for The Skinnery, I decided it was time to pretend I am Marie Antoinette and can eat lots of cake without dieting or worrying about the sheep, at least while Siouxsie and the Banshees are playing at the ball. Compared to recent releases, these faces are soft and velvety. The area above the cheekbone is especially beautiful. It looks like vulnerable flesh, not like foundation.

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No Mona Lisa

funnybatherxl Classic beauty is overrated. Umazuma Metaluna’s golden freckles await you at Limited Bazaar, but only through Thursday, July 25th. Getting the shoulder curves right in GIMP is a challenge. Today’s look is inspired by Qopi’s brilliant workaround—turning her shoulders into cliffs.

florall Nevery Lorakeet’s Tea dress for LpD is perfect for steamy summer days spent lounging around the lily pond. As usual, Portia preferred to model this look without the modesty top supplied. Enabling shadows in my viewer knocked out the lovely transparent overlay on the dress, so you should take a gander at Druuna Metall’s picture for the full effect.

Credits to creators
*LpD* – *Tea* Dress Apple (Mesh – Size XS and XXS)
[theSkinnery]Lotus skin(milk) BB CL3 (at Limited Bazaar but only till the 25th)
MiWardrobe – Tropicalia – Necklace -[if this isn’t the perfect necklace I don’t know what is] (at Limited Bazaar but only till the 25th)
[monso] My Fancy Flat Shoes – Round Cat/ Orange (old gacha)
Wasabi Pills, Ichigo Golden
LaGyo, Shield Rings
poses: I regret that I forgot to remember to write them down
location: tomoto
GIMPed with sweat

Playtime for Portia


I officially inform my readers that Portia’s Swallow skin and WTG collar, which are both fabulous, are available at Limited Bazaar for another week. With this formal blog business concluded, I consider myself free to fulfill one of my fantasies: writing about my experience of sexual submission. (If that’s the first line of 50 Shades of Gray, it’s not a citation. I’ve invested too much time in reading unrespectable erotica to go legit in an airport bookstore.) This is newbie stuff for me, and still virtual in the sense that the man I play with lives far far away. I enjoy our complicity as we concoct a scenario. I believe that he likes me ungagged and uncompromising as much as he likes me gagged and pliable. (Of course, this relationship will fall apart and I will hate the [future] son-of-a-bitch, but probably not before server-side baking locks me out of SL. So you get to read the happy part of the story. Only my therapist will have to deal with the sad.) Nothing that I’ve read about BDSM prepared me for the emotional dimension of my recent experiences. I’ve discovered that the eroticization of feelings like humiliation and the need to please makes those feelings pleasurable. This reminds me of Freud’s concept of humour as a means of overcoming a threat to the ego, except in submission one experiences the threat rather than trying to evade it with a joke. Of course, both of these strategies involve play, which, for me, right now, is the foundation of the D/S relationship.
clpcolll The other astonishing thing about the emotions I’m describing is the simple fact that I’m having them. I have never felt humiliated by someone and never felt a bewildered hurt at being misused. This despite the fact that I’ve had lovers who did humiliate me and did mistreat me in garden-variety ways. In those situations I was aware of feeling anger and despair, reactive emotions rather than the emotions that preceded the reactions. Wanting to please someone has never been part of my emotional makeup. (Oh so symmetrically, I have never consciously wanted to be pleased by someone. My pleasure has always felt like my responsibility.) In the situation of playing sub to my dom, I feel an overwhelming need to please him, which, oddly enough, I enjoy. As much as submission forces, or allows, me to exist in a simpler and more malleable form of myself, it also permits, and perhaps requires, me to feel fierce. I’ve discovered that allowing myself to be diminished ritually has the effect of expanding me. (Not every time, of course, and not during every moment of a play session. If my blog entry makes you feel like trying this at home, consider that a penis gag is just uncomfortable if there’s no compelling reason to keep it on.)

Credits to creators
^^Swallow^^ Anja Limited Bazar Ivory (A)
Miss Shippe’s Studio, gold breasts like Midas bukake (gacha)
MONS / Shocking eyes – brown
Dura, Girl 27(Black)resize
Countdown. Karolina Gold Corset S
+:+WTG+:+ **Black Queen** collar (at Limited Bazaar)
Fleshtone :: Vanity Studded Cuffs
HOC Industries – Thigh Boots (Extra Small)
PIDIDDLE – Sharp Nails – Silver Glitz (old gift)
ooo Studio and Gos, Pose Pouf
GIMPed but not PIMPed

The proper avenger

bunnml I am betting that the last thing you want your blogger to say is “I think I’ve had a relapse.” I was doing so well from November onward, and now I am suffering again. I have a hard time dealing with people and haven’t seen friends more than four times over the past year. Seeing my old grad-school colleagues makes me despair because I no longer feel as though I am part of our group of scholars. Their careers are booming. Mine is stalled; and I now think it was a mistake to keep at it. Beyond that, I seem to be so vulnerable to disappointments that I can feel crushed and unable to recover from a small thing like finding out an apparently single man, whom I don’t even want, is actually married. I went back to bed this morning and then crawled into it again when I returned from a brief work session. Eventually, I launched myself out of bed to clean up the Epic pics I took this week. And eat Twizzlers. I hope you enjoy Epic’s Bunny Avenger, which features a mesh corset, and is accented with frog closures. It’s available in many colours at The Boobies Show for one more week. It’s discounted there, so don’t delay if you want to get all latexy for less.

Credits to creators
*Epic* Bunneh Avenger Suit black (includes Tango applier; at The Boobies Show)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
Essences, Thursday phosphorescent 01 brown (at Zodiac)
Vignette, Grable Cinnamint (free at In Her Shoes: I read that this shop would be closing, so if you want the free movie-star hairstyles, you should visit soon)
Solidea Folies, Chameleon rings special edition (at Limited Bazaar)
Doodads, Bejeweled Collar and earrings ~ Blue with Black Diamond (collar not worn)
HOC Industries – Thigh Boots [mesh and colour change via HUD]
:::Sn@tch Nail Candy (Onyx):::
oOo Studio, Pouffe – Small – Black (in collaboration with Gos)
set: William Weaver, Build 004 (on Marketplace)
GIMPed with growing impatience. Damn you lines!

The fear of gold

terror2crpI was about to hit the pay button for Paperbag’s silver Slique unitard when something inside me snapped. Or creaked. It was more like a creak. I realized that it was time to give up on the safety of silver and confront my longstanding fear of intense gold.


In real life, were I to wear even a subtle gold, it would look like a piece of Hanukkah geld had sprouted a whitehead. But this is not real life, and Portia doesn’t look like she needs to be squeezed (more).

Credits to creators
Paperbag, Slique Uni Metallics with Lolas Tango appliers (at Lyfe of Style)
Zibska, Zhenya (color and size change; at TGGS till the 13th; ty Zib Scaggs!)
h.m.a.e.m, midnight princess clutch ice [available in three other colours] (NEW; ty Riri Ninni!)
Swallow, Iman LB Panther with Lolas Tango applier [with three choices of awesome nips] (Limited Bazaar)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine)
Miss C., Catch Black (fi*friday) [not the way it looks on the box: I had to add booN’s gathered raised hairbase]
MONS / Round Sunglasses Black Button (past TDRF)
MONS / Earrings – Basic Button (past TDRF)
Cliche, Citta black and gold heels
Fleshtone :: Vanity Studded Cuffs
pose prop: Nuwiggles, Forever Alone (not available)

Hey lady!

merm4xxl The Aquarius Zodiac month ends on the 13th, so you should surf over there soon if you want a nifty mermaid bra by Brutus Martinek of Pididdle. JesyLilo’s loose-fit jeans feature portholes on the outside of each leg. Why I do not know. Perhaps to show off a tattooed tangle of kelp.

duveteuxl Meanwhile, back on shore, Sopha Portal has released a new skin called Vivian. As with her other recent skins, Vivian is available in a pack with eight soft and sweet makeups. Six of these feature orange-red lips, and two, including the one I’m showing here, run to pink. I tend to think I don’t like anything named after a princess or a lapdog, but Aranel Ah’s Tiffany colour makes BOOM’s beautifully sculpted, nubbly textured Duveteux Rayonnant jacket absolutely irresistible. As far as I’m concerned, Ms. Ah has the all clear for Savannah and Felicity.

Credits to creators
Look one
PIDIDDLE – Sea Maiden Bra – Sea Princess (NEW at Zodiac; ty Brutus Martinek!)
::Exile:: A Winter’s Tale:Beach
*JeSyLiLO*:::Knotted Jeans:::*Dirty XS (NEW; ty Lilo Glom!)
Adam n Eve Clothes, Ana Lace Panty Popcorn
Graves, Cuffs from G329
-Belleza- Wynter skin (old 50L Friday)
MONS / Shocking eyes – blue
The Muse Poses, Venus (at Fashion Limited; ty Audrey Cresci!)

Look two
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Vivian05(Burly) [available in three tones] (NEW; ty Sopha Portal!)
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Cleaves tattoo1(Burly) (tat cleavage sold separately)
*BOOM* Duveteux Rayonnant Jacket (Tiffany) (mesh) (NEW; ty Aranel Ah!)
Maitreya Flare Jeans (for heels) * M #6
welldone.atelier/ Gold Deer rings (at fi*friday, pack includes gold and silver)
[e] Abbey – Red 05 (on sale)
Clemmm – Window Ocean eyes
focus poses, winter set (at Limited Bazaar)

GIMP your own, these are mine. (I shot these to look more yellow than they appear in a standard AnaLu studio 5 light. So please do try demos!)

Man up

The offerings for the new round of Euphoria’s Limited Bazaar are so fantastic that I wanted to call this post “Fu*k yes.” The theme is menswear. Portia’s avant-gardey suit from E-Clipse and her colour-blocked coat from Diram are only two of the stylish, discounted buys. Remember that Limited Bazaar features limited quantities. If you want these, go as soon as you finish reading every precious word of this post.

Lilo Glom of JesyLiLo is doing two fabulous skins for winter events. This is Gül Buz, which will be available at the Frost Fair as of December 12th. When I slipped on this skin, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Gül Buz is a sophisticated and polished beauty. On the other hand, Portia’s hair, Valerie 2, is wonderfully disheveled, courtesy MissAllSunday Lemon of Wasabi Pills. Valerie 2 is the sequel to a neatly coiffed version, and both are available at the new Collabor88.

Zima, the other lovely new skin from JesyLiLo, is available until December 15 at The Winter Fair. For Zima, Ms. Glom has designed glossy lipsticks in a range of colours that cover bold and pale looks. Portia’s mesh eyes are new from Clemmm. The haunting periwinkle shade is speckled with white lights.

I saw a coat like this in a real-life ad and hoped against hope that I’d be able to buy it in SL. Thank you, Diram! Take note of Portia’s multi-colour boots, which are a Paperbag item at the Singer Icon Fair, until December 13th. The pack also provides a version with silver toes, and the boots are available in other colours.

Credits to creators
Well suited
*JeSyLiLO*:::Gulbuz:::*LightSkin*J6 (NEW at Frost Fair opening December 12; ty Ms. Glom!)
– Glam Affair – Stella Eyes n4
/Wasabi Pills/ Valerie2 Mesh Hair – Cinnamon (NEW at Collabor88; ty Miss Lemon!)
E-Clipse, Kyoto Suit (at Limited Bazaar)
Baiastice_Gina-blue-dress (top only)
BB* Worn-out Boy Style Loafers for girls in old leather (old Beetlebones item)
LaGyo_Cross belt gold [this is not really supposed to be worn outside a coat and I did a wee bit of GIMPing to hide some edges] (at TDR Fusion)
[KAMOURASKA] Rouyn Porcupine Cuffs Matte Ebony
Zibska, Ayira ~ Ear Cuffs
Miseria, August Pose pack
Illmatic, Basic Stance (With Love hunt, 10L)
location is a demo store by Fanatik

Coat of many colours
*JeSyLiLO*:::Zima:::*LightSkin*J4*BT and J3* (at Winter Fair, closes on the 15th; ty Ms. Glom!)
Clemmm – Window Ocean eyes (subo gift)
Uw.St, Gost Halloween (old hunt gift)
Diram, Megan Coat – S size – (at Limited Bazaar)
:STICKY FINGERS: My red cable knit sweater dress
(Milk Motion) eagle belt – black
*BOOM* Threadbare Manchesters (Denim) xsmall (last month’s Collabor88)
Paperbag. Nikkal Ankle Boot [I had to add an alpha because the original did not cover Portia’s feet] (at Singer Icon Fair till Dec. 13)
Glitterati, Headshot 3 pack
LaGyo, Desperado Bag includes pose
location is Izzie’s Mainstore