He makes me wait

waiting5ds This one is inspired by a dom’s desire to send me out into the workaday world with something kinky hidden under my clothes. Radioactivity optional.

Credits to creators
MetaTheodora, RadPanties (NEW at Suicide Dollz; ty Sian Pearl!) [You know you want to take a closer look. It’s worth your while to do so.]
-Glam Affair – Elvi – America – 03 F (at Collabor88)
no. 7, Kissing Lipstick {C} (NEW at The Gallery Gift Shop’s new location; ty Shortcake Sugarplum!)
ISON – detzel leather shirt -S- (tangy)
LaGyo,_Misaku bangle (at Collabor88)
Magika, [Hair M] Stumble
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small
Slink, Female Feet (AvEnhance) XXS – Mid
Izzie’s – Cat Tights black
Ingenue :: Delia Heels (Slink Feet Add-On) :: Noir
Estetica, tabouret
Kuro, Caged Intentions


The lust fairy

lotwnxx I finally decided that I could summon up the energy to work with Slink’s mesh feet. The price was not burdensome. Either because they were not as expensive as I thought they would be, or because  I was in the midst of one of my recent shopper’s revenge sprees against SSA. (I thought SSA would knock me off the grid. That’s a scenario we will have to revisit. Suffice to say that I decided to spend more lindens as my ship sank. It may have been magical thinking or simple commodity fetishism. But I digress from sufficing.) My first pair of Slinked-up shoes were deep platforms, a poor choice. I followed the creator’s mysterious instructions to set “hove” (“height,” I assumed) at 51, but still found the shoes half-sunk into the cement. They did rise as Portia shrank, but I was not about to make my av a dwarf for a pair of shoes. (I’m just not reverse-vain that way.) Neither of my usual tricks—increased ground offset or editing of the foot layer—helped. So I got creative and searched my inventory for poses for ghosts, swimmers and fairies. Ta-da: a pose by tea.s called “the lust fairy” solved the problem. I hate deceptive pics, however. As a consequence, you’ve been made to read through this full disclosure. Be sure to check out the fine print as well. If you can see it.

strdclp Samosa is the name of Portia’s classic costume jewellery set, which is new from h.m.a.e.m. Her lipstick and light freckles are both available at SL Fashion Week, from Sopha Portal for My UglyDorothy.

Credits to creators
h.m.a.e.m. – Samosa earrings and necklace (NEW; ty Riri!)
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Rose Lips4 (at SL FW; ty Sopha!)
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Freckles w Moles, from Ugly Freckles pack (at SL FW)
[:T:] Tiny Heart Mole (old gift)
IT GIRLS -Daph Pale / Light Brows
Loovus Dzevavor: Wild Block Dress Dusk[S] [If the main store is still there, this dress is 100L. If it’s not still there, look for it at a satellite shop at full price. ]
Magika, Plenty hair [unrigged mesh]
h.m.a.e.m. *midnight princess* clutch – cipria
Slink, Womens Medium Barefeet (Rigged S)
!(:::HighRize:::)! Cleopatra Wedges Aztek [require Slink Barefeet] (at SoHo Market)
erratic / cuff / gold (on Marketplace)
[Crash Republic] Rebel Eyes – blue 2 (at SL FW)
tea.s, lust fairy (not available)
Glitterati, Closeup pack (only on Marketplace)
location: Aitui store sim
I GIMPed that portrait because I could.

Best breastplates

brstpl2crp I have long wanted to do a post featuring one of Zib Scaggs’ specialties, necklaces that double as breastplates. The Zibska line features many inventive bib-like or jabot-type designs in metals. Most of the necklaces are colour change, so you can coordinate your av’s flash armour with multiple types of animal skin. The necklaces also offer size change. They scale up a lot, making it possible to civilize the savages among us—those who would fain bare their terrifying teats to all and sundry.

Speaking of, here’s a cut. A nipple lurks on the other side of it. At least I hope it’s a cut. Cuts have never worked for me before. But Darkley Aeon suggested I double bag. I mean double cut.

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Go by oceans


Under the Sea is a majestic set of shell-encrusted necklace and cuffs from Riri Ninni of h.m.a.e.m. Those lovely cast shadows on the bangles are Ms. Ninni’s. I do not have her control over the sun.


Marla is a perfect eccentric-yet-flattering skin, which I stumbled across at Corvus. 500L gets you cleavage and regular versions.

Credits to creators
h.m.a.e.m, Under the Sea set (NEW; ty Riri!)
Magika, Faint 03 hair
Corvus, Marla skin
ShShu, Step Up hotpants (wearable demo on Marketplace)
{{BSD Design studio}}guardian angel-lime
Studio o0o and Gos, Pouffe (full of poses)
GIMP was here.

Digit to digit

digits2013upld This year, Portia bought herself a pair of boobs. Other parts of her body blew up to balance out those babies. Bazooms met brimming belly, broader butt and bigger bags. She thought it best to add a bouffant.
digitsmedxx I change Portia’s body to suit specific garments. I want her wearing the clothes and not vice versa.  I’ve been forced to fashion a couple of big-brained versions of Portia so that she can wear the oversized immovable mesh hair that creators like to make. These “fatheads”, as I call them, are wretched compromises on the original design, so I love lines like Magika and Lelutka, which do S, M and L sizes of mesh hair. I was happy to mod Portia’s face quite a bit to work with Sweety, a skin I love from MiaSnow. Sweety P. has a giant nose by SL standards. I secretly enjoy shooting it at a slightly unflattering angle. I also have a tall, skinny, big-lipped version of Portia. She insists on being addressed as Ms. Capelo and models only the couture of Aliza Karu.

Check out last year’s Digits revolution.

Credits to creators
(r)M~(Dwindle)Top~No.09 (unRigged Size Lolas Tango)
Zaara : 5 Chanchal thong *sorbet*
h.m.a.e.m. – impressions of june bangles (NEW; ty Riri!)
h.m.a.e.m. – piqui pumps – arles (not available, but I think the store is not set up yet)
Essences – Thursday *light rose* blonde
[PF] Glossy Pout Lipstick – Hot Pink (NEW)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine) (with Essences applier)
Magika [Hair] Electricity (WHOLE STORE ON SALE TILL JULY 4: 125L for each pack)
:::Sn@tch, Nail Candy (Pink/White Tips):::
Love Soul, frog ice cream (rare gacha from 2012)
– Glam Affair – Stella Eyes n4
poses Glitterati

NSFW, eh?

censpub Bunneh Brickworks Kawashima is an SL blogger and one of my sweetest Flickr friends, but she is also a bad influence. In a good way. This week, Bunneh is shooting a series of photos featuring public nudity. I had to see if I could do what she does. (These two pics will have to last a whole week, so look at them slowly. Or frequently.) I admit that while shooting these pics I was afraid that I would be caught and banned from my fave sim. So I appreciate the risky thrill of public nudity. At the very same time that I enjoyed doing something wrong, however, I also felt the rightness of the beauty of the naked human body, of the SL creators’ imaginative ways of enhancing that beauty, and of my own effort to create an erotic image rather than just a nude shot. I had to shoot many vanilla pics and many upper-body images before I was absorbed—or committed—enough to find a sexier pose and show Portia’s pudendum. If we are easily shocked by erotic imagery, it is because we are too distanced from the naked body rather than too close. Our determination to keep the body, and sex, private is a symptom of our inability to embrace the body in its erotic aspects. (Don’t get me started on body-as-bourgeois-private-property. That way lies Marx.) Having said this, I did decide to censor the pic with some soap bubbles. If you want to see the uncensored version, you will need a Flickr account with preferences set to see restricted images.
public6x In addition to Bunneh’s example, I was inspired by Umazuma Metaluna’s new Lolas Tango appliers for The Skinnery. These are the sexiest nips on the grid, their appeal to the fingers as strong as their appeal to the eye. Ms. Metaluna has done appliers for old skins as well as new, so customers aren’t forced to abandon the old skins as obsolete. She is putting her customer first. This I like.

Credits to creators
[theSkinnery] Byuri-Foxy Lady(toffee) DB CL1 (this was a special edition of the Byuri skin)
[theSkinnery] Tangos Skin Applier and, in the same package, Tangos Nipples Applier [there’s a nipless version of the applier so you can avoid nip-slip]
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
[Aura] Grimm – Corset – M – Antique
first pic: Magika [Hair S] Stumble
second pic: Wasabi Pills, Christy 2 Chocolate
– .HoD. – Chained – Slide
.:ellabella:. Saint – Jet
Yummy, Boho Rings – Maroon
Graves, G329 Cuffs
poses: Glitterati
GIMPed for your pleisure, but the applier is not retouched (enjoy my signature jagged shadows)

Cushioned for the corners

Tonight I was in the mood to see what kind of mischief I could get up to with a pair of breasts, two models and a couple of pose boxes. Anorak shows off in new hair from LeLutka and new boots from h.m.a.e.m. Jasmine is based on Princess Jasmine, who is some kind of royal chick from a kid’s movie. The hair, which can be worn with or without the long pony-tail, comes with two necklaces and the metal-and-gem-changing earrings you see here. Luxo, the over-the-knee zebra-stripe boots from Riri Ninni, get their appeal from the deliciously perverse contrast between no heel and lots of leg. Anorak also wears a Dressing Room Fusion skin from Al Vulo. It comes with an applier for Lolas Tango falsies. I’m starting to realize why appliers that match an av’s skin are such wonderful time-saving devices. I’m also starting to realize that creators who charge 100L for the applier in addition to 200L for the dress make big bübage a very expensive proposition.

The high cost of bigbübs inspires me to urge you once more to check out the Hunt for Your Inner Slut hunt, which ends on December 15. Not all of the items have been updated to fit Tango, but this little number from Rack City is good to go. Portia, on the other hand, is good for nothing but sleep.

Credits to creators
Anorak the cat burglar
[Cynful] Vale’s Turtleneck Dress – Suede Black (3/4 Sleeve) [top only]
h.m.a.e.m. – Luxo Over Knees boots – Zebra (at The Couturier’s Docks; ty Ms. Ninni!)
::HH:: Hucci Bahia Leggings S – Midnight
[LWL] Power Suit Belt (gold lipstick) [this is only half a belt since it is designed to be worn with half a suit-jacket] (at Limited Bazaar)
[LeLutka]-JASMINE hair – Bournville (NEW; comes with earrings shown here and necklaces not shown)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine)
al vulo-jade 2*exotic voyage blonde brow olive Tdr [comes with appliers for tango and push-up Lolas] (at TDR Fusion)
*SoliDea FoliEs* The Day After / makeups
Clemmm – ReSnick eyes .black sclera.
Glitterati pose prop

Portia the pin-up
Rack City, Lace Crop Lingerie Suit Full Set (HYIS item; you are looking for a yellow dick, for realz)
Magika hair (mesh)
Glam Affair skin (last month’s Collabor88)
MiWardrobe, group gift bracelets (extra gorg!)
BENT, Escher pose prop

Safe neither for work nor for the horny

Portia’s super-slinky gown is from Kex Blackheart of Paperbag. The dress has a scoop back and double side-slits. It’s part of the debut collection at the new Lyfe of Style discount shop. This new venue emphasizes urban styles that resemble the offerings at Fifty-five Friday. The dress, the gold-and-black harness belt and the Lolas Tango applier are all sold separately at 75L each. (Please note that the belt is system layers and the dress has a mesh skirt.) Sabina Gully of Magika has just released Stumble, a hairdo with a permanent—but colour-change—blindfold. I have mixed feelings about ombres in crazy colours because they can throw off an outfit. Magika’s colour pairings are fantastic, so I was thrilled to see that this style isolates the second colour at the back in a long, loose ponytail. This way, the ombre is a cool surprise.

I can’t resist showing off Lolas Tango falsies with Al Vulo’s current group gift skin, which includes an applier to tint the breasts to match. I find the line of these breasts incredibly erotic. The breasts can be scaled down, and Portia usually wears them on the small side, perhaps because I remain too attached to proportion. I have to say that I adore Vestigium’s Octapus tattoo. Lu Scorpio is celebrating her first anniversary in SL, and although this tat isn’t discounted, you may like some of the oldies she’s discounted to mark the event. Finally, Portia’s panties are part of Bubble Electric’s gift for the Hunt for Your Inner Slut hunt. This hunt started before Tango hit the market, so this outfit and many others in the hunt supply only an old applier. Tool around on a feed to see which gifts have been updated. Most bloggers are now crediting their fake bübs, so you can see which hunt gifts are compatible with yours.

Credits to creators

Paperbag. Double Slit Noir [harness belt and Lolas applier sold separately] (NEW)
Vestigium – Octapus tat (NEW)
h.m.a.e.m. – piqui pumps – lille (NEW)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
Magika, Stumble with HUD 03 (NEW)
skin in first pic: It Girls, Chloe Pale
skin in second pic: al vulo- Eleonor * Son of Flowers group gift [with Tango skin tint applier]
second pic panties: Bubble Electric, black lace diva undies (part of a set for Hunt for Your Inner Slut hunt gift)
The Muse Poses, Ginger pose pack (21 sets left for 150L at Fashion Limited; ty Audrey Cresci!)
shot at The Looking Glass
I did more GIMP work than usual on these, so buyer beware!


Needs some shelter

Portia discovered some depressing rain at the DQ Maze, where a player may win prizes if she tries out the bed and the harp. There’s also a movie theatre showing a wonderfully morbid cartoon. Waiting in vain for another three-prim zombie, Portia models some fall steals: her Reckless Abandon coat is only 55L at this week’s fi*fridays; and her !gO! skirt is only 90L at the current Perfect Wardrobe. Portia’s sophisticated Bag 0320 is a new mesh release from h.m.a.e.m, and it comes in black and rain-grey shades as well as the mokka shade shown here.

Anorak missed her bedtime and sees her skin sizzle in the still-strong sun of fall. Her drop-hem skirt is part of Sakide’s Huntress outfit for The Dirty Turkey Hunt. Her twill jacket with grungy shirt (all in one in mesh) is Sugar and Cyanide’s gift for the Womenstuff Hunt. Anorak’s sexy platform boots are a new release from LpD. The snake-skin-patterned Geena boot is available in black, shown here, brown and beige. There is also a matching bag.

Look one
!gO! *little hippie* skirt – XS (PerfectWardrobe) 
::RA:: One Button Coat [Grizzly]L
h.m.a.e.m. – bag 0320 – mokka – (NEW; ty Riri!)
** [ Riddle ] ** Pussybow Dress – Green
[Plastik]-Fierii Leggings-UP-Swamp Thing (Halluwin special still available)
[CheerNo] Boots Jonny (at TDR)
Glam Affair – Roza – Brr & Etci 02 BL (at current Collabor88)
[e] Locked – Blonde 02
*EED* Kiowa Earring~ Amber
LaGyo_Zarema gloves dappled (old gift)
LISP – Rainy Days Umbrella (tex change) (part of a pack)
location: Dwelling Quay Maze, Cherry Beach

Look two
*LpD* – *Geena* Boots Black (Mesh – M) (NEW; ty Nevery!)
[ SAKIDE ] Huntress Skirt S (TDTH)
**S&C** Alexandria Jacket – Black with shirt XS (Womenstuff Hunt)
Glam Affair – Roza Unnamed 01 (new VIP gg comes with and without freckles; 30L fee to join)
::DT:: ::JoLiE:: V2 Beautymarks Moles and Freckles (face)
– .HoD. – Compassion Piercing Set Prt. 1 – Silver Lining
Magika [Hair S] Tendency 03
Sedmikraska, Drippy Tights (Marketplace)
+:+WTG+:+ **C flat** choker and bangles (Nov VIP gg; fee to join)
MG – Ring – Ramona 77 (October Collabor88)
:::Sn@tch Nail Candy (Black/White Tips):::
LISP – Sunny Days Parasol (tex change) (part of a pack)
location: Wretched Hollow