Waiting so long (I’ve been)

beenalongtime Quitterie is the latest lacy lingerie from Yukachoco Magic for Chocolate Atelier. It’s available at On9 in black, red, white and green, worn here. There are system layers and appliers for bodies by Maitreya, shown here, Slink, TMP and Wowmeh. I was curious about the origin of the name and discovered that Quitterie is both a rabbit-headed manga character and an obscure virgin martyr. The French female name Quitterie means “quiet.” That’s perfect for poor muzzled Portia, who awaits the return of her master, not because she longs to be freed but because she is impatient to be punished and petted. Continue reading

Prettiest star

commander Portia was minding her own business. Actually, she was imagining that the Doomed Ship would be far less doomed if she were running the bar. She looked fetching in Zib Scaggs’ new Cynthia dress for Zibska. Suitable for deep space and for an elegant cocktail party, it’s fashioned out of down-filled quilted pleather and festooned with feathers on each shoulder. In back it’s finished with a subtle bustle of black-velvet roses. These are arrayed above what can only be described as an all-access passageway. Find your way into it below the cut. But only if you are not observed by other humans. Continue reading


bellyinbedshadowed Hicks from the sticks who switch. That’s how I would describe the men I sat with at a small shibari party on Friday night. The men who were tying up their girlfriends, and the guy who was getting stoned and taking pics with his phone, are city dwellers. As are the girlfriends. And me. Don’t get me wrong. The men from towns where there is no cell phone service were perfectly nice people, and the conversation was not awkward. What was awkward was having no prospect of getting tied. Okay, it was also a little awkward being way too close to people who were getting their hogtie on. Saturday night I went to a class about puppy play in a dungeon I wanted to check out. On FetLife dozens of people said they were going to go. Three couples showed up. And me. Don’t get me wrong. I asked playful questions so I could sniff out the possibilities. Quickly I realized that I identify with both dogs and cats, especially when they misbehave. The dog side of me would eat half an unguarded muffin and then have no clue why master was chastising me. I’d probably be happy to receive such vigorous attention. Not to mention stimulated by a swat on the nose with a rolled newspaper. The cat side of me would just play with the muffin as if it were a mouse and then show mistress contempt when she tried to remonstrate with me. Continue reading


perv My favorite hairstyles, tones and textures come from Little Bones creator Nova Faerye. She can’t stop gifting her VIP group, which costs 100L to join. Right now there are ten gifts near the front desk, half of which feature the awesome new Ink Dipped palette. Continue reading

The cyborg wore panties

lara's undies I made a mistake, spending a bundle on some fancy *oUvUo* panties made only for The Mesh Project body, which Portia has never worn. I messed about with the free basic TMP body and realized I’d have to buy a skin to match the body unless I wanted Portia headless as well as topless. I could have gotten away with showing the undies on the default body, GIMPing the gaps that just would not slider away. But I’m a perfectionist, so I decided that this was the perfect excuse to hop on the mesh bodywagon. Why did I buy Maitreya’s Lara? Price. And the Glam Affair association. (My inventory is like a Glam Affair glam affair. But that’s partly because Birdy, my fave, stopped making skins. Please come back little Birdy.) Continue reading

See the light

ridic circus girl

What motivated me to get bright and light I do not know. Perhaps it’s my way of pulling out of some seasonal affective disorder that saw me going to bed at 7 or 8 pm and sleeping twelve hours. I am now putting on lots of lights in my home, even though I hate to waste energy. And I have rediscovered some of the evening pleasures I lost hold of in the past few weeks. I still prefer to watch TV on demand in the morning. But I found my way back to blogging. Today I want you to feast your eyes on Anka, the ringling and jingling colour-change necklace new from Zib Scaggs of Zibska. Also note the new hair from Moon, which is 50% off while the in-store sale lasts.

bright sunshiney day No. 7 creator Shortcake Sugarplum wears Glam Affair skins, so I thought I would do an homage to showcase her new metal-and-gem colour-change lashes. The leaf-shaped Changing Season lashes tumble gracefully from eye to shoulder. Don’t forget to check out alternate shots on the Pleisure Flickr.

Look 1
Zibska, Anka ~ Necklace (NEW at The Secret Affair only till Nov 30; ty Zib!)
MOON // Hair // – Plateau NEW
[ MUDSKIN ]_Fina4_E2_Sunny (old TC4 item, not yet available in store; ty Sopha!)
.ARISE. Drift Tattoo HARD (tintable)
Maitreya Flare Jeans (for heels) * S #6
pose: Ridic gacha at Cirque de Seraphim [it’s not easy to get an av body to cooperate with a hoop: these poses are awesome]

Look 2
no. 7 Changing Season Couture Lashes (NEW at L’Accessoires till Dec 14; ty Short one!)
-Glam Affair – Kallisto – Cocktail Girl – Asia A (former 50L Friday?)
*Milk* Hair~ Sushi *PFH* Lolas (old gift)
!dM, Ianna – SilkDress **ROSE** (gacha at Secret Affair)
{S0NG} :: Chibi~ Spacey Eye

Play with me

foosball It’s not old school if you’re cutting class. This is an excellent moment to revisit some past favourites. Coco is holding a half-price sale on all its mesh clothing until December 15. Anorak’s turtleneck is long-sleeved, but the pack includes a version customized to wear with the Coco Biker jacket. (Btw, if you’re broke but dream of dressing up as a gormless reindeer, you too will find what you need at Coco.) Anorak’s Moto pants are on sale at Fishy Strawberry, where all individual items are 25L and all fatpacks are 100L until December 14. A lot of items will be retired after then, but not the lingerie, which is justly famous. If you don’t have a selection of Fishy Strawberry’s sweet nothings you might as well go naked.

On sale
*COCO*_BikerJacket(Copper)_L (try the demo: sizes are limited)
*COCO*_Turtleneck(Grape)forBikerJaket_S (try the demo: sizes are limited)
*Fishy Strawberry* Moto Pants Beige
Not on sale
-Glam Affair – Gemma – Europa 11 B with moles (at the Arcade)
Clawtooth: Snuggle Party – Delicious wine (at Collabor88)
Maitreya, Mesh * Devi Booties S Redwood
[ glow ] studio – I’ll Rock you ring(gold rose sha) (at TDR Fusion)
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small
FINESMITH, shikati necklace (September gift still available)
foosball table by Cheeky Pea and rugs by aisling; location Neva Sky Villi



I have trouble with tops. If you’ve followed my blog you know that Portia often wears Zibska jewelery over bare skin. This is not because I am a runaway sensualist. It’s because in my inventory the pants and skirts and shorts and leggings far outnumber the blouses, t-shirts, sweaters, vests, jackets, coats and boob-tubes. Why is that? Why do SL tops turn me off? (I mean aside from the fact that they all say Bitch or Fangers r Us.) Siofra, Zib Scagg’s latest creation is a stunning floral set comprising petal hat and flower necklace. Available at L’Accessoire, the full set is multi-colour and size change. There are also single-colour versions in fawn, coal, rose or silver. I paired the Siofra set with the sexy new Steampunk boots by Eudora 3D. This is the BRS set, which gives you a colour-change menu in the bronze/gold/silver range and red. There is also a colours set featuring dark green, light blue and pink/magenta, and a black, white, grey, dark blue and pea-green version. These are currently 60% off on Marketplace. The leather and metal are beautifully textured, but it’s the heels that make me drool. Like some kind of runaway sensualist.


Credits to creators
Zibska, Siofra ~ Necklace and Hat (NEW at L’Accessoires; ty Zib!)
Zibska, Sorren ~ Cuffs [come with the necklace blogged yesterday] (NEW; ty Zib!)
Eudora 3D, Steampunk Boots BRS (NEW and discounted on Marketplace; ty mysterious team!)
/Wasabi Pills/ Lory Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) – Cinnamon (at The Arcade; ty Miss Lemon!)
Essences – Amaterasu *lait* ginger RARE (The Chapter 4 gacha)
Maitreya, Flare Jeans (for flats) * S+ #6
floorplan, velvet pouffe dazzle (former Collabor88)

Even the evil relax

hailey If a picture is worth a thousand words, this is an essay. At least it is in my classes. Anything longer and the students do that thing where they panic and pout at the same time. It’s so confusing.

Credits to creators
Zibska, Hailey ~ Ruby [sz1] (NEW; ty Zib Scaggs)
:[P]:- Astrali Skin[Toned-Down]:// Calypso
:[P]:- Soul Ink Reloaded://(Tint):Liv
:[P]:- Soul Ink Reloaded://(Tint):Jame
:[P]:-Haunt Collection-Sickness eyes
N.B. All of these Plastik extras have been packed with skin releases for Lazy Sundays. Collect, people, collect.
Aeva // Eyelashes // Long Lashes
Epic, Pierced gold horns (was a freebie at ???)
.:EMO-tions:. STARLINE-braided tattoo / darkred
.Maitreya Gold * Moxie Coal
^^Swallow^^ Bad Ring Gold & Pink
ooo studio and Gos, pouffe
Everybody GIMPs