Sugar ‘n’ spice


It’s such a thrill to see a creator one loves pop up at the weekly events we all enjoy. Sopha Portal of My UglyDorothy continues to produce her new line of products which features seven base tones and mix and match tattoo options. You can see her latest face, Norah, looking hot on Kimbra Iridescent. But she is also doing special makeups, like Tinkerbell, above, for SL Fashion Week. There are two Tinkerbell makeups to choose from, and each skin comes with a teeth variation and with cleavage enhancer. You’ll find Berry, below, in a diverse array of makeups at the revamped Acid Lily Gallery. Ms. Portal always sells shapes with her skins, so you can look just like the gal in the vendor pic.


Today I am featuring my models, Anorak, who usually does my teen looks, and Stones, whose real name, for reasons I never understood, is Hedda. She’s been on hiatus for ages, so it was fun to unbox her and put her giant jaw to work in this photo. Both girls are wearing stunning new hairdos from Wasabi Pills, one that’s long and winding, one that’s short and to the point. I couldn’t resist slipping in Piedra Lubitsch’s untitled artwork, which is available at TGGS. The colour palette and light are irresistible.

Look one
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -TinkerBell2 (NEW at SL Fashion Week till 1PM SLT August 15; ty Sopha Portal!)
/Wasabi Pills/ Claudette Mesh Hair – Gingerbread (NEW at Collabor88; ty Miss. Lemon!)
(fd) Glitter Peplum – Cream XSMALL
Chop Zuey, Mignonette Choker
MONS / Shocking eyes – brown

Look two
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Berry2 (NEW at Acid Lily Gallery until August 16; ty Sopha Portal!)
Cheap Makeup, Lashes (Babs) 8
/Wasabi Pills/ Sarah Mesh Hair – Wild honey (NEW at Fameshed; ty Miss. Lemon!)
[MANDALA]Osenbei earring/Gold
(MONS / Shocking eyes – brown
Piedra Lubistch, untitled artwork (at The Gallery Gift Shop, but not for much longer; ty Piedra!)

I GIMPed because the shadows were so dark. Demo all skins before you buy.


Big booms


I find myself expecting the bübs trend to go the way of the hamsters. Those who hope that the falsies will have more staying power should be encouraged to see some long-established creators, like Nylon Pinkney of Nylon Outfitters, Aikea Rieko of The Plastik and Aranel Ah of BOOM, making appliers for select items. They have opted to satisfy the insistent demands from Lolas Tango addicts (who have a lot of weight to throw around—if you know what I mean). For BOOM, Ms. Ah has created appliers for some of her sexiest numbers—the I Promise lingerie, the Carbon dresses, and the Day on the Yacht dresses among them. Here Portia wears the itty-bitty I Promise lingerie in turquoise and lipstick. I especially appreciate the fact that Ms. Ah specifies in the name which Lolas clothing layer to use with the applier. (It’s really impossible to figure this out by the cut of the top.) (P.S. I got the idea for this look from Ampersand Artful, who probably won’t beat me up for it. This time.)


As you can see, the BOOM lingerie applier pack also provides a peep version. Unfortunately, soap bubbles are not included. Portia’s pose is one of a new set of saucy stances for big-busted girls by Katey Coppola of Glitterati. They feature Ms. Coppola’s signature sultriness, but can also be shot to bring out the humorous side of front-loaded life.

Credits to creators
*BOOM* I Promise lingerie (turqouise and lipstick) with NEW Lolas Tango applier sold separately (ty Aranel Ah!)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
+Nuuna+ Winter 2012 Gift Skin with Lolas Tango skin matcher (open gift)
Mad’ – Pure Sugar # Freckles+teeth (old VIP group gift)
[e] Abbey – White 05
Plastik, Madre Halo 4
Contraption, Clemantlers (LB)
!Ohmai : Antique Bee Ring (Silver)
Glow, Diamond Bar Ring (With Love Hunt item)
Mandala, Takara White Bangles (with nails not shown)
pose one prop: Glitterati, Blind
pose two: Glitterati, Boobalicious
Grim Bros. sent out this cool personal snow emitter as an Xmas gift!
If I hadn’t GIMPed these photos you’d be blushing. You’re welcome.
Hammies are forever!

Gotta love a chimney

May your days be merry and bright. And may all your holidays be hella tight. If Portia is looking a little too sexy this Christmas eve, it’s because she finally made it onto Santa’s third list. There’s one for good boys and girls, there’s one for bad boys and girls, and there’s one for very naughty adults. Portia’s just heard the sleigh land on the roof. She can’t wait for Santa to slide down her chimney.

The Gallery Gift Shop has started its new rotation, and this hot cocktail dress by 22769 is available in red, black, beige and mustard yellow. Recently, I mistakenly reported that Dutch Touch closed on December 13th. In fact, it’s open till the 31st, so I am hoping to show off a few of Iki Ikarus’ skins. She’s always been my favourite creator of darker skins. This one is Amber v2. If you like a more innocent look, check out Jaliah.

Credits to creators
22769 ~ [femme] Lucretia Dress Red XS (at TGGS)
[AUX] Holiday Antlers (Bow) [50L till tomorrow]
::Dutch Touch:: ::AmBeR:: V2 Dark – Basic CLB MO HB (high-res)
Bliensen + MaiTai – Samedi – Necklace – Amber (was a gacha, now available in a pack of six necklaces)
[LeLutka]-ELLA hair – Bournville
::Sn@tch Nail Candy (Black/Red Tips):::
pose is from tea.soup’s pack of three poses and mirrors available at Together for Sway
location is the BCC sim: thank you for giving my av a temporary home

You make sleek kills

I thought I’d sworn off leopard, but this free dress from Morea Style is just too utterly utter. Portia doesn’t have a lot of evening wear because many SL gowns are too fussy, and the skirt prims look like prims, not skirt. A simple column dress in subtle textures is ideal. (When oh when are we all going neo-classical?!) Exile’s new group gift features orangey-yellow lips. As looks go, it’s a tough one to pull off, but a colour-coordinating bird makes it work.

Open your eyes Prudence is Amperlope’s latest shape, one of two she has for sale at The Rumor sim’s Fall Harvest Festival. It’s such a pleasure to find one’s way around a new shape. I figured out right away that Prudence is no lover of avant-garde fashion. This girl’s body is carved to be flaunted in a hot cheetah two-piece from Sn@tch. Even so, that stuffed bunny shouldn’t have copped a feel while we were shooting. It’s always the lamb who wants to lie down with the lion.

Credits to creators
Look one
dress: Morea Style, Gift Exclusive (gg in store)
hair: Exile, Layne/dual choc (old TDR item)
skin: Exile, September Blush Para (with cleavage on tattoo or undershirt layer) (new subo gift)
necklace: Fashionably Dead, Single Feather Necklace
earrings: Mandala, Sinra Earrings/Moss Green [<3!] (Rockin’ Friday item)
bangle: Eclectica, Tortoiseshell Bracelet (part of DSN pack)
eyes: Tacky Star, Satin Button Med Vein 1
bird and pose: Just a Pose, My Fine Feathered Friend

Look two
shape: amperlope, Open Your Eyes Prudence (at the Fall Harvest Festival) (promo copy)
outfit: Sn@tch, Cheetah Corset Set
skin: Imabee, Light Lucy First Sight Love LTbrow (old gg)
hair: Posh, Beat Chocolate (from Hair Fair freebie bag)
shoes: Surf Couture, Nantucket Spectators Black
bracelet: Just You, Ying Yang Black (Fashion Freaks Hunt item)
eyes: HooT, Sunrise Eyes (Starlust)
tat: Tacky Star, Signa Tat (Goat Party pack)
bunny: Curvature, My Bunny Best Friend (freebie single-pose version of multi-pose paybie)

Blurred out

Post 190. Who would have predicted that my mother’s jalopy of a computer would die and she’d replace it with a Vaio that whipped me out to Blur at light speed. Okay, bullet train speed.

Still doesn’t capture the magic of Blur.

But shooting there is such fun.

Credits to creators
First look
skin: My UglyDorothy
hair: Lamb
bodysuit, socks and sweater: Pig
shoes: Bliensen + MaiTai
necklace: Chuculet
mehndi tatt: Nestle My Bosom
floral tat: The Plastik
bangles: Mandala
spoon: Scribble
poses: DARE
eyes: Frick

Second look
skin: My UglyDorothy
hair: Posh
jewellery: Dark Mouse
eyelashes: Glow
bodysuit: Pig
eyes: Frick

Peacock coast v. coast

Cocktails in West Hollywood. Make copies of the prims from Fume’s Peacock Tank Dress and lower them to create a skirt for Veschi’s Flowrishing tunic.

Fine, fresh, fierce. Gorgeous Heartsick skin meets bangles-as-sculpture.

Gala at the Met Museum. Phoenix Rising is closing soon, but you still have time to strut off with Lile’s Impression for 100L.

Who’s undeniable now? Curvy Heartsick shape meets dramatic &bean skin.

Credits to creators
Look one
top: Veschi, Flowrishing Turquoise for TDR Blue
skirt: Fume, Peacock Tank Dress (modded)
skin: Heartsick, Wish Obsidian Shimmer
shape: Free*Style, Little Miss Quirk (pay what you want)
bangles: Mandala, Takara Bangle with Nails/Rich Gold
shoes: Armidi, Rio Beleza Wedge in Faux Pony Light Gold (on sale)
earrings: Dark Mouse, Heart Stone Earring Gold (Etheria gift)
poses: Izumiya (freebies)

Look two
gown: Phoenix Rising, Lile’s Impression Black
skin: &bean, Old Bones Burning Stake (Potter’s Field exclusive)
shape: Heartsick, Sparkle Shape (freebie)
hair: Shag, La La Love Me Onyx
earrings: Ganked, part of Nightdance set
gloves: Paris Metro, Black Satin Gloves (old freebie, box of six)
poses: Pididdle, Artistic Taxidermy freebie pack

set: Pr!tty, Dark & Mysterious High Fashion Skybox! (gg in notices)

Thus endeth Peacock Weeklet. No avs were chomped during the making of these posts, and you can’t say that about Shark Week.

Pig out!

Yes, it’s pink. But this is not babysitter pink. This is see-through pink, slinky pink, avant-sleazy pink, in short, Pig pink. (Loica’s not bad, Apatia Hammerer’s clothes just make her look that way.) This past week saw a sale at Pig (now over) and the release of three freebies, including the Guayabera shirt I blogged yesterday and a white version of the same design sent as a gift to the Purveyors of Accidental Love group. This outfit, Darling Baby Seal in Maedb, can be worn with the skirt shown here, with hip stuff only, or as a bodysuit. The back features an antiqued chartreuse ribbon.

Loica and Portia are both wearing the new group gift skin by Belleza. Having not been able to find the last group gift, despite visiting the lagtastic shop three times, I left the group in a huff. But the purple eyeshadow on this skin, and the promise that I could get the skin out of the group notices, lured me back. The darker shades of this skin are exceptionally pretty, too pretty perhaps for Pig pink, which is more louche than it is lovely.

Portia sports the Rosepetal shade of Ambrosia lingerie, which can be worn in several different ways. The stockings are my all-time favourite because they depart from the perfectly symmetrical, straight-topped type that most designers produce. Pig’s stockings also have subtle wrinkles around the knees and ankles, giving them a vintage, pre-elastic look.

Wearing Ambrosia in Black, Portia demos the bodysuit version of the lingerie, which also features a mini-hoopskirt bluntly labeled “gut prim.” I’d like to see that term catch on grid-wide! Portia’s slides are Nonko’s extraordinary Black Cherry Sandals, which feature images of Alice (from Wonderland) carved into the pale wood platform. Again I say, “Curiouser indeed!”

Loica musters her army of body-conscious circus artiste wannabes in Pig’s latest subscribo gift, the Olivia Bodysuit in Rosepetal. Olivia gives good décolletage. But then, so does Belleza’s skin. I have to say that I prefer this open cleavage to the smushed-together boobs version. That tantalizing valley invites exploratory fingers. The closed version makes my avatars’ breasts look (more) fake, almost like balloons that are about to pop.

Loica and Portia wear

Look one

costume: Pig, Darling Baby Seal in Maedb

skin: Belleza, Elle Dark Mocha Group Gift

hair: Mina’s, Franka

bangles: Pacadi Jasha, Eyti bangles (subscribo gift)

boots: SLink, Quinn Kneehighs in Burgundy (50L Friday version)

poses: PDA is Dead (Purveyors of Accidental Love gift)

Look two

lingerie: Pig, Ambrosia in Rosepetal

skin: Belleza, Elle BR SK (Cleavage) Group Gift

hair: Lamb, The Glow Deux in Powder (old subscribo gift)

shoes: Pixel Mode, Baby T Plain in Soft Gold

jewellery: alaMood, Sophia Fleur in Bronze/Gold (Second Style Shoppers gift)

prop: FNKY, Cigarette II (short ash)

pose: PDA is Dead (Purveyors of Accidental Love gift)

Look three

lingerie: Pig, Ambrosia in Black

skin: Belleza, Elle BR Fair (Cleavage) Group Gift

hair: Kik, Cynthia (Tic Tac Toe sim opening gift)

shoes: Nonko, Black Cherry sandals

bracelets: Mandala, Bangles in Summer Pink

pose: PDA is Dead (Purveyors of Accidental Love gift)

Look four

bodysuit: Pig, Olivia Bodysuit in Rosepetal

hair: Clawtooth, Mrs. Mittens in Girl Next Door

skin: Belleza, Dark Deep Tan Group Gift

earrings: YS & YS, FeelFree Hearth earrings (old group gift)

bracelets: Mandala, Bangles in Summer Pink

pose: DARE

location: Toys Region Road

Extreme closeup on Nonko’s Black Cherry Sandals.