dating Portia didn’t stand a chance in the “Win a Date with Deckard” contest.

galaxy Still. Loving. Space. So much so that I didn’t get mad when Sandra Bullock, whom I loathe, wasn’t torn to shreds by satellite shrapnel in Gravity.

(Milk Motion) neoprene dress – S-black (at Collabor88. The alpha for this dress leaves part of the arm exposed in the back. Do not buy it if that kind of thing bothers you.)
::{u.f.o}::planet planet hairpin (at Collabor88)
Graves, G460 Arm Gear (l forearm) [part of outfit]
GALLACTIC . Ray Gun . Cyan (has left and right hand versions, on Marketplace; ty Lili Lacey!)
J’s, Thigh High BOOTS(Short) Black (old as the hills and still a fave)
-Glam Affair – Magenta skin – Jamaica – (yesterday’s FLF)
-Glam Affair – Gemma – Freckles 01
[PF] Glossy Pout Lipstick – Plum
little bones. Black Mirror – Onyx/Bleached (gacha in store)
~*By Snow*~ Radar Contacts MESH (these were ar Futurwave but are not yet in store. Thank you creator Snow Frostwych!)
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual –
poses: hmaem



pntsuitxx Both Shoetopia and this round of My Attic are ending on the 30th of November. There are lots of great donation items at the shoestravaganza, like these boots by Ryvolter, which feature colour-changing straps and toe. I recommend you plonk down some cash for thigh-boots in pale jade by Pixel Mode and knee-length buttoned Victorianesque boots in plum by Lassitude & Ennui. There’s also a delicious pair of evening shoes tied with a drooping bow in the House of Fox booth.

Bela Tolsen of TuttiFrutti enlivens The Attic with her slim-fit jacket and pants in retro fabrics. The items are sold as separates so you can mix a bright red jacket with a pair of pea-green pants. If you think that’s wise. Maya is a classic not-at-all-nerdy hairdo by MissAllSunday Lemon for Wasabi Pills. And Elvi, Elvi is my favourite face ever.

Credits to creators
*TuttiFrutti* Narcissa Mesh Jacket – Bon Voyage [S] (at My Attic; ty Bela!)
*TuttiFrutti* Narcissa Mesh Legging – Bon Voyage [S] (at My Attic; ty Bela!)
/Wasabi Pills/ Maya Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) – Cinnamon (at Geeks and Nerds fair; ty Miss Lemon!)
.: ryvolter :. Maja Shark Boot – Military (left)
Milk Motion, Stars Scarf (old 50LF item)
..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Anabella Ring
[ m ] K i t t y shirt cuffs (ye olde ïtem)
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Medium
-Glam Affair – Elvi – America – 03 F (at Collabor88)
Solidea Folies, Nuggets glasses (old gift)
poses by tea.s (which has already started a 50% off sale for Black Friday; second pose is no longer for sale)

Couture with a side of stress


I’m wondering if this is one of those moments when we should all admit that we feel like failed bloggers. A blogger I admire asked her Flickr contacts if she was a bad SL fashion blogger. One of the people who responded admitted that she doesn’t get as many hits as she would like. This takes as much courage as wondering publicly whether one’s styling and photos suck as much as some haters say they do. Why courage? Because it’s tough to override the command to “never let them see you sweat.” And because we imagine that creators want statistical evidence of success, as well as the ability to beat out others in contests, which are increasingly popular. It’s clear that despite the stress involved, most of us decide to keep blogging because the pleasure we take in doing it outweighs the insecurities. This pleasure doesn’t stop me from mentally quitting every day. Compared to the way I think about my job, which I mentally quit every hour—unless my leg is caught in a bear trap, in which case, I might wish I was in my office grading papers—my attitude towards blogging is very healthy.

As a blogger, I rush out to meet the world: everyone on the planet will tune in and turn on when they see my work, everyone will know me, and everyone will like me! Dreams like that persist despite the evidence that they should die the first day of nursery school when some three-year-old witch arbitrarily battles with you at nap time for the best towel. Most of us are “niche” bloggers because being a person means being niche. Just as a high percentage of the billions of humans on the planet aren’t going to be my friend, so most of the multitude aren’t going to be my fan.

P.S. People, please stop liking my posts so that I visit your professional life-coaching site. I’m taken: a therapist got to me first.

Portia wears
new My Shades in amethyst from Riri Nini at h.m.a.e.m, who gets me
new Sorren necklace, which comes with cuffs (not shown), By Zib Scaggs of Zibska, who gets me
LeLutka hair (fades pack; two shades shown)
new (fd) coat at Collabor88
Je Suis ring (summer sale now on!)
new Milk Motion pants (former TDRF)
new Birdy skin (insanely affordable at The Chapter Four)
in the closeup, part of a dress from Illmatic (which I can’t recommend because the texture on the skirt won’t res, at least not for me)
poses by tea.s (the first one is available, the second an oldie)

I GIMP because I don’t want you to wince. This post was therapeutic.

Sweetie pie

kiramain Nevery Lorakeet’s dreamy new Kira outfit for LpD inspired me to leave my dark studio for a prettier setting among the octopi at The Gallery Gift Shop. Available in the white version shown here and in sand, Kira combines a flounced lace-covered skirt with a crop top and lace gilet. It’s fresh and sweet, even though it does flash a bit of summertime flesh. Speaking of, Inka Mexicola’s creamy soft skins for Essences continue to thrill me. I can’t believe how lucky we are to be able to buy 70L skins bi-weekly at TDR Fusion. To round out Portia’s peaches and strawberries look, I treated myself to some hair by Tram. This ‘do appears very innocent, and yet I swear that I saw it in a manga frame. I believe it was meant to be the messy evidence of the heroine’s epic sexual adventures. I will see if I can find the pic to share it with you. No, really, it’s no trouble, no trouble at all.
kiracllt The Gallery Gift Shop has just debuted its latest round of offerings. This month I was drawn to Piedra Lubitsch’s saturated urban scene XXX. I’ll have more TGGS news in future posts.

Credits to creators
*LpD* – *Kira* Outfit White (NEW; ty Nevery!)
tram, C411 hair / maroon (size40)
Essences – Opera Summertime 03 *ginger*
*Glance Skins – Anais – September – Matte 04
(Milk Motion) my straw hat
::LEO-NT:: My big Bubble Bracelet -silver- (VIP gg; small fee to join)
Glam Affar – Grazia Necklace – (old Womenstuff Hunt gift)
MONS / Shocking eyes – green
painting: Piedra Lubitsch, XXX (at TGGS; ty Piedra!)
poses: Glitterati, Lingerie and Headshot 3 packs
GIMPed for your pleisure

Man up

The offerings for the new round of Euphoria’s Limited Bazaar are so fantastic that I wanted to call this post “Fu*k yes.” The theme is menswear. Portia’s avant-gardey suit from E-Clipse and her colour-blocked coat from Diram are only two of the stylish, discounted buys. Remember that Limited Bazaar features limited quantities. If you want these, go as soon as you finish reading every precious word of this post.

Lilo Glom of JesyLiLo is doing two fabulous skins for winter events. This is Gül Buz, which will be available at the Frost Fair as of December 12th. When I slipped on this skin, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Gül Buz is a sophisticated and polished beauty. On the other hand, Portia’s hair, Valerie 2, is wonderfully disheveled, courtesy MissAllSunday Lemon of Wasabi Pills. Valerie 2 is the sequel to a neatly coiffed version, and both are available at the new Collabor88.

Zima, the other lovely new skin from JesyLiLo, is available until December 15 at The Winter Fair. For Zima, Ms. Glom has designed glossy lipsticks in a range of colours that cover bold and pale looks. Portia’s mesh eyes are new from Clemmm. The haunting periwinkle shade is speckled with white lights.

I saw a coat like this in a real-life ad and hoped against hope that I’d be able to buy it in SL. Thank you, Diram! Take note of Portia’s multi-colour boots, which are a Paperbag item at the Singer Icon Fair, until December 13th. The pack also provides a version with silver toes, and the boots are available in other colours.

Credits to creators
Well suited
*JeSyLiLO*:::Gulbuz:::*LightSkin*J6 (NEW at Frost Fair opening December 12; ty Ms. Glom!)
– Glam Affair – Stella Eyes n4
/Wasabi Pills/ Valerie2 Mesh Hair – Cinnamon (NEW at Collabor88; ty Miss Lemon!)
E-Clipse, Kyoto Suit (at Limited Bazaar)
Baiastice_Gina-blue-dress (top only)
BB* Worn-out Boy Style Loafers for girls in old leather (old Beetlebones item)
LaGyo_Cross belt gold [this is not really supposed to be worn outside a coat and I did a wee bit of GIMPing to hide some edges] (at TDR Fusion)
[KAMOURASKA] Rouyn Porcupine Cuffs Matte Ebony
Zibska, Ayira ~ Ear Cuffs
Miseria, August Pose pack
Illmatic, Basic Stance (With Love hunt, 10L)
location is a demo store by Fanatik

Coat of many colours
*JeSyLiLO*:::Zima:::*LightSkin*J4*BT and J3* (at Winter Fair, closes on the 15th; ty Ms. Glom!)
Clemmm – Window Ocean eyes (subo gift)
Uw.St, Gost Halloween (old hunt gift)
Diram, Megan Coat – S size – (at Limited Bazaar)
:STICKY FINGERS: My red cable knit sweater dress
(Milk Motion) eagle belt – black
*BOOM* Threadbare Manchesters (Denim) xsmall (last month’s Collabor88)
Paperbag. Nikkal Ankle Boot [I had to add an alpha because the original did not cover Portia’s feet] (at Singer Icon Fair till Dec. 13)
Glitterati, Headshot 3 pack
LaGyo, Desperado Bag includes pose
location is Izzie’s Mainstore

Serene in oyakin

I think pixel polkadots have a hypnotic effect on digital shoppers. It took me forever to select this stormcloud-grey colour of oyakin’s new mizutama onp, because the lipstick-red and indigo-blue versions were tempting like chocolate at an hour when I was craving rice. Dress in hand, I picked up a fatpack of mock turtlenecks in pale colours—and black—which is on sale at the rear of the store for 100L. Just before I TPd away, I impulse bought some more dots sprinkled across a colour I wanted to suck like a hard candy.

I wouldn’t have been able to take this picture of oyakin’s delectable dot tunic in momji if Trisha Banx hadn’t randomly saved me from hunt fail, which was keeping me from my camera and inspiring thoughts of deleting all SL viewers from my computer. I hadn’t been able to find the *dg* box in the Tea Hunt, and I was putting the hate in Hateween at *dg*’s shop when Trisha just up and IMed me a clue-like phrase that was virtually identical to a location-type name. She then sent me back to Kiitos—which I had already scoured three times—armed with what could only be described as a masterful pumpkin detection plan. (No cheaters here at Pleisure! Nuh uh.) TYVM Trisha!

Credits to creators
Look one
dress: oyakin, mizutama onp(gray
turtleneck: oyakin, turtleneck(Black
skin: dekade, skins dahlia sunkissed lb hair TDR# (TDR item)
hair: 69, Enab Mocha
purse: Milk Motion, My Clutch Bag
shoes: SLink, Cassandra Mushroom
pose: Croire, Starlust Panty Raid pose

Look two
jeans: oyakin, cropped jeans(wash [comes with various bows for the waistband, but I added one in another shade to the thigh because I am a styling genius (and, yes, genius is a burden)]
tunic: oyakin, dot tunic(momji
turtleneck: oyakin, turtleneck(blue
skin: dekade, skins dahlia sunkissed lb hair TDR# (TDR item)
hair: lamb, Lovage Snickers
shoes: SLink, Cassandra Mushroom
pose: Kyoot

location: Bon Bon, Gienah

Boys keep swinging

Heaven loves ya
The clouds part for ya
Nothing stands in your way
When you’re a boy

Clothes always fit ya
Life is a pop of the cherry
When you’re a boy

When you’re a boy
You can wear a uniform
When you’re a boy
Other boys check you out
You get a girl
These are your favourite things
When you’re a boy

Having played Bowie’s song every day this week as I walked to and from work, I have to admit I’m smitten with its quasi-critique of patriarchy, which I didn’t catch 30 years ago, when I was a tween watching Bowie play drag queen. But I’m also determined to get the Pleisure girls some of the boys’ dubious privileges. (Learn to drive and everything!) Ampersand Artful sent me some Amperlope shapes, so today I’m using her brand-new girl, Just One More Thing Anna. (My Swinging Boy needed tight buns, so I used the slim-hipped skirt shape.) Although Ms. Artful tests lots of skins on her shapes, she includes a styling card with each one and recommends Mynerva for Anna. I opted for Vive9 ’cause (/me sings)

When you’re a boy
You can tan so easily
When you’re a boy
Your lips are way glossy

Credits to creators
Swinging Boy
shape: Amperlope, Just One More Thing Anna skirt shape (new today)
skin: Vive9, Carrot [toffee] LiquidCherries LTBRWN/FREK (may not be available)
photo one shirt and tie: Phoenix Rising, Push Femme Black (25L until Oct. 30)
singlet: Ohmai, Basics Racerback
photo four shirt and waistcoat: Rag Dollz, part of Zacharias Gray
photo four collar and tie: Fore, Collar+Tie (old gg)
pants: SMS. Tweed 7/8 Pants Black
hair: Lamb, Sleepyhead Rotten Carrot
shoes: Coco, Oxford Shoes (Two-Tone)
socks: I <3 the Starlust, Melatonin’s argyle socks (gg, check notices)
glasses: YV, Le.Look! l’homme – Glasses (old gift)
eyes: Amato, Mist 01 (old freebie)

Portia Boy
jacket photo two: SF Design, Blazer Men’s Navy Free (gift for September in store)
shirt and tie photo three: M2M, Back to School Hunt Female (includes male and female uniforms; buy the apple)
bag: Croire, Union Jack Tote (International Affair Hunt gift; buy store’s logo in the form of a stamp)
trousers: Milk Motion, My Wool Pants Red (recent 50LF item)
skin: &bean, The Light Anger Famined (retired)
hair: Dura, Group Gift (Brown) (gg)
glasses: your very own library, Male Party Sunglasses
shoes: Beetlebones, Boy Style Loafers for Girls (bought at Pookie Promenade)
socks: Maitreya Gold, Allure Tights Black
cigarette: FNKY, Cigarette II long ash

all poses: Izumiya, freebie male poses pack 2
location: The Kubrick Rooms


I so enjoyed Designers United 4! Pretty pretty pretty creations and creators, who appear in charming promo photos (by Lu Waffle) wearing each other’s items. It was tough to decide, but I stuck to my tiresome budget by choosing one ensemble of doom—depicted in today’s post (because I’m still grouchy about Emerald)—one punchy fun outfit, and one pale frail concoction, which I will blog later.

Grey is not the first colour I associate with Narcissus and Echo, but it’s a perfect colour to represent the girl who fades away, leaving only her echoing voice behind.

The creators at hate me and eat me must have known I’d need this pose, because they sent it to me twice. (It’s a test, a test of one’s bloghood.)  This is what Portia will look like if you see her later at Hair Fair. She’s decided to stop hating the overprimmed beast and become it.

Credits to creators
outfit: fore, Narcissus Cloudy (DU4 exclusive; only available this week)
skins: &bean, I went to Hair fair wearing no flipping prims and I went to Hair fair wearing lots of prims (both for 10L at the Harold store)
tights: Milk Motion, Narcissus Collection-My Tights 1 (DU4 exclusive; only available this week)
hairbase: booN, Vine Shaved Hair Base Ash (Hair Fair freebie)
hair: booN, FTN683 Black
shoes: A-Bomb, Kitten Shoes Suede/Thick Heel (colour-change)
pose 1: ibang, I <3 FLF (FLF Birthday gift)
pose 2: hate me and eat me, Gargoil (promo copy)
set: Show Me on the Doll, Go to Your Happy Place Skybox (old gift)