sorrow Shit be ending soon. Sniff.

At Skin Fair till the 31st:
La Malvada Mujer on sim 2 (ty Faina Cortes!)
La Malvada Mujer – Scale N1 /lips
La Malvada Mujer – Supermarket N2 /eyes
+Nuuna+ Akua 4 [this is the big explosion of eye colors]
*League* Classic Wing EyeLiner 1 Tattoo (gift)
La Malvada Mujer – Gold Eyebrow (gift)

At The Arcade till the 31st:
.Enfant Terrible. Hairband from Tokyo – Harajuku
Clawtooth: Girl Trouble – Dreamy Red

Everything else:
LavandaChic*, Poetic Coat XS (group gift)
My UglyDorothy, Enfant—Daisy_C1 Base (ty Sopha!)
[MONS / Shocking eyes – grey
[7891.] Testle – Cross – Gold
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
The Muse Poses, Constantine pack (ty Audrey!)


Faces have got to be made

ran Sopha Portal of My UglyDorothy debuts her new Factory line at Skin Fair. There are three faces in five skin tones that range from fair to tanned. Buy the base skin, which comes with a basic lip and eye, standard shades of eyebrow and Slink hands and feet appliers. Then add lipstick and eye makeup from packs sold separately. Bjork’s lipsticks are a little glossy and slightly parted for a sexy look. All her eye makeups feature a kohl liner. Bin’s eye makeups offer subtle shades of gold and dusky rose with varying intensities of liner. Her lipsticks look pure and clear. Ran, shown here in tone two, sports Ms. Portal’s signature faded-edge lipstick. Eyes winged with liner run the gamut from bare through blue, red and plum shadows.
pop2Those of you who are on a budget will be glad to know that Skin Fair is for makeup too. Both Shortcake Sugarplum of No. 7 and Faina Cortes of La Malvada Mujer have gone all out. The Pop Art makeups are the standout from No. 7. They are a savvy interpretation of the look of Lichtenstein’s painted women rather than a direct copy.
mmmaaaalllll Last but not least, we have the Hydra makeup from La Malvada Mujer, which combines a burnished eye with a wet lip. These are really versatile for 40L: each makeup comes with a full-face tat and with separate tats for eyes, brows and mouth, all of which could be mixed and match across the three colour variations. I hope to show off some of Ms. Cortes’ unique whole-body tattoos in one of my next posts. Be sure to stop by the booth to pick up the two gifts. One of them is a glamorous set of brows in gold and silver versions.

It’s Her Factory

Skin Fair URLs
La Malvada Mujer on sim 2
no. 7 on sim 1
Thank you Faina, Shortcake, Sopha

Look 1
MY UGLYDOROTHY FACTORY_Ran_tone2 base skin and brow (at Skin Fair)
MY UGLYDOROTHY FACTORY Ran_Eye Makeup4_tone2 (at Skin Fair)
MY UGLYDOROTHY FACTORY Ran_Lip Makeup2_tone2 (at Skin Fair)
-LaViere- Heidi/DriedChilli
NYU – Collared Dress, Purple (Size 1)

Look 2
no. 7, Pop Art D (at Skin Fair)
MY UGLYDOROTHY, FACTORY__Bin_tone3 base skin and brow (at Skin Fair)
(fd) Little Queen – Brunette 6 (Arcade gacha)
-tb- Female Skinny Tie (S) – Plum
-tb- Long Sleeve Collared Blouse (S) – Blush
Tee*fy, Savannah HighWaisted Skirt XS

Look 3
La Malvada Mujer – Hydra n3 /full (at Skin Fair)
MY UGLYDOROTHY FACTORY__Ran_tone2 base skin and brow (at Skin Fair)
Clawtooth: Say Yes – Break of dawn hair
bliensen + maitai, carnelian earrings
*BOOM* Hello Girl blouse (Navy) s

Poses: The Muse, Constantine (new; ty Audrey!)
Eyes: AL vulo ! * anemone brown eyes

Gone soft

artemisfrI like my avi like I like my men. Hard. Scary. So I was quite surprised to find I’d turned Portia into a gentle creature with a serene face, silky soft hair and a beautiful blue floral wreath from Zib Scaggs for Zibska. Portia uses her big bow only to defend tiny pregnant woodland creatures who are no less beautiful because they have freckles. Her flowing silk tunic with tights is also by Zibska. Available at Gothmas by Gaslight, the costume comes in black, violet and in sangue, which, as you can see here, features a muted red-on-black floral fabric. I am often disappointed by Goth-themed fairs, but this one has much to offer.
elfclp It may be that I was inspired to go soft by Sopha Portal’s new face for My UglyDorothy, Megan, who is based on Miss Fox. All the Megan lipsticks are vivid reds and pinks and the eyebrows are dark and hearty. So it’s ironic that I was drawn to the plain pale lip and a bald brow. Megan is one of the UglyDorothy skins that you tailor to your taste, mixing and matching blush, lipstick, eye makeup and eyebrows. There are eight different body tones, each of which you buy separately (for 1,000L; these can be used with other makeups, not just Megan). Then you buy the matching Megan base tone, which contains eyebrows (for 500L). Finally you choose from a variety of Megan makeup packs (at 350L each). Of course there’s also a Megan shape so that you can simulate the full-on Fox. See all the makeups on Sopha Portal’s Flickr.

Credits to creators
Most of the following My UglyDorothy elements are sold separately (ty Sopha!)
My UglyDorothy- Body tone1(hard) (with and without cleavage options)
My UglyDorothy -Megan base_tone1 [for the pale lips, which come with and without teeth options] (NEW)
My UglyDorothy -Megan_Queen5 Eye_tone1 with Megan Blush1_tone1~4 (the blushes are included with all makeups) (NEW)
Zibska, Huld in Sangue (NEW at Gothmas by Gaslight; ty Zib!)
Zibska, La Vie En Deux ~ Headpiece [comes with spectacular matching open ruff; colour-change] (full release at Gothmas by Gaslight; ty Zib!)
~silentparrow!~ (women’s) Fenris Leather Cuff (3 colour-change)
.:ellabella:. Saint – Jet piercing
Gaea, black diamond earrings and nose stud
/Wasabi Pills/ Claudette Mesh Hair – Night shadow
lassitude & ennui, Suede boots F / XS / black
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
[GTS] Compound Bow~1.8~E-volution [thus far I have learned how to get my avi to wear it; the rest is too complicated for someone without bloodlust] (gacha rare)
shot at Gothmas by Gaslight

Ugly dawn to dusk

dayugcl For Designers United 5, Sopha Portal of My UglyDorothy created soft, appealing skins for a Baby Doll, a Pretty Doll and an Ugly Doll. Each one is painted to look like a ball-jointed doll. Seeing as I struggle every day with feeling ugly, I immediately chose to go with poor ole ugly doll. Who isn’t ugly at all. Though she tries to be. Her wide eyes are the perfect setting for the new mesh peepers from Mayfly. Look close: the whites of these eyes are opalescent.
uglycasy Bela Tolsen’s new leggings are available this week at My Attic (at The Nest). They can be had in sober shades of rose, blush and drab green, as well as the grape shown here, which rock a little harder when you pair them with your octopus shoes. Which you will. I love Rachel Breaker’s gacha shoes from The Arcade. They’ve got more personality than many avs. [My apologies to studded-lizard lovers—all two of you—for mistaking these shoes for octopus. I should probably also apologize to octopus lovers for suggesting that these majestic, if sneaky, creatures would waste their time munching toes.]
uglyfancyc The ugly doll has a date. Her 7891 ear cuffs come in a pack of gold and silver for 55 little Ls at fi*friday.

Credits to creators
Day look
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Ugly Doll4 and _MY UGLYDOROTHY -Ugly Doll Shape (NEW at Designers United 5; ty Sopha!)
Mayfly – Liquid Light Eyes (Mountain Lake, w1) (NEW; ty Arkesh Bara!)
*TuttiFrutti* Jada Mesh Legging – Grape [S] (NEW at My Attic; ty Bela!)
[LisaAlisa] Tank Top Rabbit (XXS) (freebie on Marketplace
/Wasabi Pills/ Robin Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) – Deep ocean (NEW at Fameshed; ty MissAllSunday Lemon!)
::Sweet Leonard:: Spiky Ball ~ Rings (gift)
Rachelbreaker, TOEMUNCHER PUR shoes (gacha at The Arcade)

Night look
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Ugly Doll5 (NEW at Designers United 5; ty Sopha!)
al vulo, doll lashes (came with a skin)
Mayfly– Deep Sky Eyes (Twilight Sea Shadow, w1) (NEW; ty Arkesh Bara!)
[.7891.] Testle – Cuff – Silver (at fi*friday)
*Epic* Cropped Lace-Tex Bunneh Jacket
GizzA – Glam Rock Suit – Bra
.Olive. SL FAshion Week Group Gift – Binding Black Bow Ring
blackLiquid HAIR – BEAUFORT midnight (bought at Love Donna Flora)
TuTy’s ADORABLE – Updo hairstyle – Blue antracite with Hair base Blue antracite

Pose prop, Nuwiggles (not available)

I GIMP therefore I am.

The lust fairy

lotwnxx I finally decided that I could summon up the energy to work with Slink’s mesh feet. The price was not burdensome. Either because they were not as expensive as I thought they would be, or because  I was in the midst of one of my recent shopper’s revenge sprees against SSA. (I thought SSA would knock me off the grid. That’s a scenario we will have to revisit. Suffice to say that I decided to spend more lindens as my ship sank. It may have been magical thinking or simple commodity fetishism. But I digress from sufficing.) My first pair of Slinked-up shoes were deep platforms, a poor choice. I followed the creator’s mysterious instructions to set “hove” (“height,” I assumed) at 51, but still found the shoes half-sunk into the cement. They did rise as Portia shrank, but I was not about to make my av a dwarf for a pair of shoes. (I’m just not reverse-vain that way.) Neither of my usual tricks—increased ground offset or editing of the foot layer—helped. So I got creative and searched my inventory for poses for ghosts, swimmers and fairies. Ta-da: a pose by tea.s called “the lust fairy” solved the problem. I hate deceptive pics, however. As a consequence, you’ve been made to read through this full disclosure. Be sure to check out the fine print as well. If you can see it.

strdclp Samosa is the name of Portia’s classic costume jewellery set, which is new from h.m.a.e.m. Her lipstick and light freckles are both available at SL Fashion Week, from Sopha Portal for My UglyDorothy.

Credits to creators
h.m.a.e.m. – Samosa earrings and necklace (NEW; ty Riri!)
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Rose Lips4 (at SL FW; ty Sopha!)
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Freckles w Moles, from Ugly Freckles pack (at SL FW)
[:T:] Tiny Heart Mole (old gift)
IT GIRLS -Daph Pale / Light Brows
Loovus Dzevavor: Wild Block Dress Dusk[S] [If the main store is still there, this dress is 100L. If it’s not still there, look for it at a satellite shop at full price. ]
Magika, Plenty hair [unrigged mesh]
h.m.a.e.m. *midnight princess* clutch – cipria
Slink, Womens Medium Barefeet (Rigged S)
!(:::HighRize:::)! Cleopatra Wedges Aztek [require Slink Barefeet] (at SoHo Market)
erratic / cuff / gold (on Marketplace)
[Crash Republic] Rebel Eyes – blue 2 (at SL FW)
tea.s, lust fairy (not available)
Glitterati, Closeup pack (only on Marketplace)
location: Aitui store sim
I GIMPed that portrait because I could.

Sugar ‘n’ spice


It’s such a thrill to see a creator one loves pop up at the weekly events we all enjoy. Sopha Portal of My UglyDorothy continues to produce her new line of products which features seven base tones and mix and match tattoo options. You can see her latest face, Norah, looking hot on Kimbra Iridescent. But she is also doing special makeups, like Tinkerbell, above, for SL Fashion Week. There are two Tinkerbell makeups to choose from, and each skin comes with a teeth variation and with cleavage enhancer. You’ll find Berry, below, in a diverse array of makeups at the revamped Acid Lily Gallery. Ms. Portal always sells shapes with her skins, so you can look just like the gal in the vendor pic.


Today I am featuring my models, Anorak, who usually does my teen looks, and Stones, whose real name, for reasons I never understood, is Hedda. She’s been on hiatus for ages, so it was fun to unbox her and put her giant jaw to work in this photo. Both girls are wearing stunning new hairdos from Wasabi Pills, one that’s long and winding, one that’s short and to the point. I couldn’t resist slipping in Piedra Lubitsch’s untitled artwork, which is available at TGGS. The colour palette and light are irresistible.

Look one
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -TinkerBell2 (NEW at SL Fashion Week till 1PM SLT August 15; ty Sopha Portal!)
/Wasabi Pills/ Claudette Mesh Hair – Gingerbread (NEW at Collabor88; ty Miss. Lemon!)
(fd) Glitter Peplum – Cream XSMALL
Chop Zuey, Mignonette Choker
MONS / Shocking eyes – brown

Look two
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Berry2 (NEW at Acid Lily Gallery until August 16; ty Sopha Portal!)
Cheap Makeup, Lashes (Babs) 8
/Wasabi Pills/ Sarah Mesh Hair – Wild honey (NEW at Fameshed; ty Miss. Lemon!)
[MANDALA]Osenbei earring/Gold
(MONS / Shocking eyes – brown
Piedra Lubistch, untitled artwork (at The Gallery Gift Shop, but not for much longer; ty Piedra!)

I GIMPed because the shadows were so dark. Demo all skins before you buy.

She comes in colours

Snapshot_801With all the events opening lately, you could be forgiven for neglecting to head out to Second Pride, where I picked up Epic’s animated rainbow wings for free. You may have also missed the launch of Sopha Portal’s new skin line for My UglyDorothy. Miu is the debut face. Ms. Portal is offering her signature cute shape and distinctive makeups, but now you have a choice of eight tones, each of which comes with mesh feet (but not SLink feet). The new system is a bit confusing, but I think I got the hang of it. You buy the base skin, which comes with a blank white face, and then you add the makeups for the face. The makeups can be added on one tat layer or they can be added in blush, eyes and mouth tats. This makes it possible to mix and match makeup elements if you have a fatpack for any given tone. Among the new tones, I like the pale tone number 2, seen here, and the lightest of the dark tones, number 6, seen below.

Snapshot_788 If you’re a member of the WTG group, you can now pick up the June gift of earrings and a matching ribbon necklace in a cute rainbows ‘n’ rain theme. If you want to see more of Anorak’s kookie colourful Yome Shoujo tunic, check out the Pleisure Flickr. Keep in mind, however, that it’s only available in less funtastic fabrics.

Credits to creators
Miu wears
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Miu Shape(Modifable) (NEW)
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Tone2 skin and *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Miu_PopPop1(Red)_tone2(teeth) (NEW)
/Wasabi Pills/ Lory Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) – Gingerbread – RARE (Arcade gacha; ty MissAllSunday Lemon)
*Epic* Fairy Sparkle Dream Wings {Rainbow} [For.Photos] (at the Second Pride event)
Color.Me.H.O.F [ButtonDownShirt[Purple]_M
– Glam Affair – Stella Eyes n4

Anorak wears
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Tone6 skin and *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Miu_Lovely4(Dark Brown)_tone6 (NEW; ty Sopha Portal!)
+:+WTG+:+ **Fun! Rainy day!** ear-pierce [comes with necklace] (VIP gift, fee to join)
xxYOME SHOUJOxx, *TacOchan* [MESH-XS] -mini DRESS (old gg, not available in this texture)
[yulicie] Mochi – Black hair
MONS / Shocking eyes – brown

poses: marukin

Although these photos have been GIMPed, I did not retouch the skins. These photos were shot without shadows on the CalWL Windlight setting. Everyone’s settings differ, so please be sure to demo skins!

Foxy soft

foxynk Today I felt like playing it soft. And a little strong with the dark eyebrows of Sopha Portal’s new Fox skin for My UglyDorothy.
foxanorakl Fox is darker than Ms. Portal’s recent creations. This tone, Caramel, is the middle tone of three. There are eight makeups and a base skin in the pack, with teeth and no teeth options. Black isn’t always forbidding. Witness BOOM’s Soft Swerve sweater in Pitch.

Wasabi Pills’ Ivette is one of a pair of two softly curling new hairdos for Whore Couture Fair 2.

Credits to creators
Look one
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Fox08(Caramel) (NEW; ty Sopha!)
/Wasabi Pills/ Ivette Mesh Hair – Black coffee (NEW at WCF2; ty MissAllSunday!)
NuDoLu, tunique de lumiere red (NEW)
Pink Acid, Leather Mermaid Scale Leggings – White
[sYs] ALTAIS – bracelets (white) (recent Limited Bazaar item)
::LEO-NT:: Vintage Dream Ring~baroque~ (VIP gift pair of rings; small fee to join)
::{u.f.o}::animal wire headband – PEARL – cat RARE (old SGS gacha)
Dark Mouse, Vintage 50’s Pearl Stud Clip – White (store is closed, but these were available at the Fab Free shop on The Wash sim)
MONS / Shocking eyes – hazel

Look two
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Fox03(Caramel)
*BOOM* Soft Swerve Off-Shoulder Top (Xsm) Pitch (NEW; ty Aranel!)
SIGMA Jewels/ Deco necklace purple – chest (Lavender Hill Hunt 5L item)
MONS / Shocking eyes – brown

set: Sn@tch, Dark Photobox
poses: The Muse, Erik poses (for the dude in you…) (ty Audrey!)
I GIMPed the faces a little to soften some harsh lines caused by lighting. Please demo all skins!