Sweet sinner

cocori summer I made a trip to Asia and spent a few days in Tokyo. True it was the rainy season and thus not summery sunny, but my colourful clothes made me feel like a clown. Even the yukatas were pale hued. I quickly adjusted to wearing only grey and black by going to Muji, a store I know from my travels in Europe. There I bought tee-shirts to replace the clothing I had stunk up in hot humid China. (In this post Hedda wears LB yukatas from the semi-annual fair in Bakumatsu. Here she sports one of the Sleepy Cocori skins from  MUDSKIN’s Enfant line, which are available at The Dreamers event. You do not have to add your own oh-so-skinny eyebrows as I did here.)

manicured I still feel skeezey about going to a maid cafe. I believe that women should be able to manipulate their looks in order to make money. It’s the infantilization that bothers me. I mostly “ate” at Starbucks and other cafes because I am a chai freak and a carbs fan. Although I loved the Starbucks croque monsieur in Hong Kong, I did not like the Belgian waffle in Tokyo or the iced green-tea latte with red-bean topping on the Chinese mainland. A ginger stalk wrapped in pork, which one can’t find in Starbucks, was a culinary highlight. (The Gallery Gift Shop is celebrating it’s third anniversary with one of its signature easy-peasy hunts. Here you see one of the gift manicures from c.A. Don’t ask about the mochi. It’s an old exclusive from ohmai.)

uhoh Not knowing the languages meant not being able to ask for directions. I got irretrievably lost every day in Tokyo and was occasionally misled by bad maps and stupid Google while in Hong Kong. (Don’t wander down any dark alleyways if you don’t want to wake up with fangs. They’re tougher to eat with than chopsticks. MUDSKIN’s vampire skin gacha, with two versions of teeth and multiple eyebrow tats, is also up and waiting for you at Okinawa.)

Credits (ty TGGS creators! happy anniversary all)

Look sweet
[ MUDSKIN ]/Enfant—Sleepy Cocori4(no Eyebrow)_C2 [NEW; comes with normal eyebrow tats] UPDATE (at The Dreamers event; ty Sopha!)
Miasnow, WALKER Betty Skin’s EYEBROW
[UMEBOSH] Anniversary eye -Rose- (The Gallery Gift Shop hunt gift)
c.A., Weather nail polish for Slink hands and feet (The Gallery Gift Shop hunt gift)
little bones. Cosmic (NEW dollarbie fatpack, group only)
tomoto, candy 2014 yukata [not mesh] (NEW LB or 50L at Bakumatsu festival)
(Yummy) Garden Cocktail – Canary (old gacha)
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
pose 1: Glitterati, Headshot
Ohmai, Mochi (not available)

Look sinister
[ MUDSKIN ]_Kiss of Vampire14(no Eyebrow)_teeth1_Dawn (gacha at Okinawa festival; ty Sopha!)
.la petite morte. cosmic eyes-borealis (at The Gallery Gift Shop) [LPM’s hunt gift is a lovely skin]
c.A., Blood Type nail polish for Slink hands and feet (The Gallery Gift Shop hunt gift)
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
*koyu* mesh yukata ~tsubaki~ (NEW LB at Bakumatsu festival))
little bones. Cosmic (NEW dollarbie fatpack, group only)
pose: PDA (oldie)


Sometimes a sweet notion

93lxIt’s Pleisure’s shockingly 4th anniversary! And the Fantasy Gacha Carnival is opening on the 1st of February. That’s two reasons for Portia to swan around in pauldrons. The flowers-n-chains pauldrons and headdress are Zibska’s contribution to the gacha carnival. There are many many lovely colours to win. (Most of those will preserve your av from the purple, violet, mauve, lavender and plum limbo in which Portia dwells.) Those of you who win rare will snag the full-colour set. (More…) Continue reading

Who cares?


I regret not understanding music. I wish the fat lady who smelled like cats, whose eyes were wrinkled shut and who shuffled to school in her slippers had not turned me off piano when I was a child. Several years ago now, I took an intro to music class while doing a post-doc at a wonderful university. The CDs for the intro class included “Who Cares?” a Gershwin song I didn’t know. (I grew up watching Hollywood musicals on TV, so I know my Gershwin.) The lyrics shocked me with their overt references to the stock market crash of 1929. Ella Fitzgerald sings it best, even if the arrangement is a little corny. “Let it rain and thunder / Let a million firms go under / I am not concerned with stocks and bonds that I’ve been burned with / I love you and you love me / And that’s how it will always be / And nothing else can ever mean a thing / Who cares what the public chatters? / Love’s the only thing that matters….” I wonder if America’s fear of financial ruin made this song taboo.


Credits to creators
-tres blah- Sequined Top (S) – Blush (at Collabor88)
illmatic :: “For The People Summer Shorts [L]
Baiastice_Petal Collar Necklace-copper-resizable (at Collabor88)
.:EMO-tions:. * TIZIA*/black hair
.Birdy. Ashley Skin ~CoCo~ (brown)
.Birdy. Lippy coco kiss {90’s pack}
!Ohmai : Antique Bee Ring (Rosegold) (old event item)
*YS&YS*, Bone Bangles (ye olde freebie)
mijn.botique accessories / studded earrings n.2 rgold (old TDRF item)
Maitreya Allure Socks – Sienna
Schadenfreude, Casinelle Rose (at Collabor88)
[UMEBOSHI] Lunar 2 eyes -Earth-
o0o Studio, Elizaveta poses

Angel v. demon

bridefinal2 This month’s Collabor88 is inspiring. The palette, exemplified in the colours offered by Harry Hix of ISON, is sophisticated. Several creators, including Hix and Marie Lauridsen of Milk Motion, have worked to give mesh an extra dimension.

I am on the hunt for new skin lines for my too-familiar-looking av. Lately, both Modish (here) and Birdy (above) have caught my attention, partly because they make Portia look more or less dangerous. The BIRDY skin is one of 6 makeups for 99L each at The Chapter Four.

Look one
!Ohmai: Kun (comes with roses) (NEW at Hair Fair)
.B I R D Y. DELILAH skin ~Pure~ London (99L at The Chapter Four)
– .HoD. – The Crux – Frost – S (NEW at The Gallery Gift Shop)
(Milk Motion) Lace dress – XXS – white (NEW at Collabor88)
Cute Poison – Multi-Cross Necklace (Silver)
FINESMITH – Massive Diamonds ring
ISON – vine cuff (antique silver)
S (and) P – Lotus Creeper Tattoo
[ Lucky #7 ] Vieja Martha :Fly Away: Lashes
[UMEBOSHI] Lunar 2 eyes -Ink- (NEW at The Gallery Gift Shop)

Look two
ISON – ruffle dress -S- (purple) (NEW at Collabor88)
[taketomi],_Kurumi_Karafuru03 (at The Chapter Four)
Tiny Bird – OMGWTF Orchids (old gacha)
::Modish:: Jules-color- {dark brows} CL (previous group gift)
Clemmm – Sheerfully Bee tights – Pink (BEE) (old event item)
Bliensen + Maitai – La Gamme Du Printemps – Necklace
[UMEBOSHI] Lunar 2 eyes -Draconis- (NEW at The Gallery Gift Shop)
PDA, Gangplank Oddment

GIMPed with luv

Big booms


I find myself expecting the bübs trend to go the way of the hamsters. Those who hope that the falsies will have more staying power should be encouraged to see some long-established creators, like Nylon Pinkney of Nylon Outfitters, Aikea Rieko of The Plastik and Aranel Ah of BOOM, making appliers for select items. They have opted to satisfy the insistent demands from Lolas Tango addicts (who have a lot of weight to throw around—if you know what I mean). For BOOM, Ms. Ah has created appliers for some of her sexiest numbers—the I Promise lingerie, the Carbon dresses, and the Day on the Yacht dresses among them. Here Portia wears the itty-bitty I Promise lingerie in turquoise and lipstick. I especially appreciate the fact that Ms. Ah specifies in the name which Lolas clothing layer to use with the applier. (It’s really impossible to figure this out by the cut of the top.) (P.S. I got the idea for this look from Ampersand Artful, who probably won’t beat me up for it. This time.)


As you can see, the BOOM lingerie applier pack also provides a peep version. Unfortunately, soap bubbles are not included. Portia’s pose is one of a new set of saucy stances for big-busted girls by Katey Coppola of Glitterati. They feature Ms. Coppola’s signature sultriness, but can also be shot to bring out the humorous side of front-loaded life.

Credits to creators
*BOOM* I Promise lingerie (turqouise and lipstick) with NEW Lolas Tango applier sold separately (ty Aranel Ah!)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
+Nuuna+ Winter 2012 Gift Skin with Lolas Tango skin matcher (open gift)
Mad’ – Pure Sugar # Freckles+teeth (old VIP group gift)
[e] Abbey – White 05
Plastik, Madre Halo 4
Contraption, Clemantlers (LB)
!Ohmai : Antique Bee Ring (Silver)
Glow, Diamond Bar Ring (With Love Hunt item)
Mandala, Takara White Bangles (with nails not shown)
pose one prop: Glitterati, Blind
pose two: Glitterati, Boobalicious
Grim Bros. sent out this cool personal snow emitter as an Xmas gift!
If I hadn’t GIMPed these photos you’d be blushing. You’re welcome.
Hammies are forever!

Boys keep swinging

Heaven loves ya
The clouds part for ya
Nothing stands in your way
When you’re a boy

Clothes always fit ya
Life is a pop of the cherry
When you’re a boy

When you’re a boy
You can wear a uniform
When you’re a boy
Other boys check you out
You get a girl
These are your favourite things
When you’re a boy

Having played Bowie’s song every day this week as I walked to and from work, I have to admit I’m smitten with its quasi-critique of patriarchy, which I didn’t catch 30 years ago, when I was a tween watching Bowie play drag queen. But I’m also determined to get the Pleisure girls some of the boys’ dubious privileges. (Learn to drive and everything!) Ampersand Artful sent me some Amperlope shapes, so today I’m using her brand-new girl, Just One More Thing Anna. (My Swinging Boy needed tight buns, so I used the slim-hipped skirt shape.) Although Ms. Artful tests lots of skins on her shapes, she includes a styling card with each one and recommends Mynerva for Anna. I opted for Vive9 ’cause (/me sings)

When you’re a boy
You can tan so easily
When you’re a boy
Your lips are way glossy

Credits to creators
Swinging Boy
shape: Amperlope, Just One More Thing Anna skirt shape (new today)
skin: Vive9, Carrot [toffee] LiquidCherries LTBRWN/FREK (may not be available)
photo one shirt and tie: Phoenix Rising, Push Femme Black (25L until Oct. 30)
singlet: Ohmai, Basics Racerback
photo four shirt and waistcoat: Rag Dollz, part of Zacharias Gray
photo four collar and tie: Fore, Collar+Tie (old gg)
pants: SMS. Tweed 7/8 Pants Black
hair: Lamb, Sleepyhead Rotten Carrot
shoes: Coco, Oxford Shoes (Two-Tone)
socks: I <3 the Starlust, Melatonin’s argyle socks (gg, check notices)
glasses: YV, Le.Look! l’homme – Glasses (old gift)
eyes: Amato, Mist 01 (old freebie)

Portia Boy
jacket photo two: SF Design, Blazer Men’s Navy Free (gift for September in store)
shirt and tie photo three: M2M, Back to School Hunt Female (includes male and female uniforms; buy the apple)
bag: Croire, Union Jack Tote (International Affair Hunt gift; buy store’s logo in the form of a stamp)
trousers: Milk Motion, My Wool Pants Red (recent 50LF item)
skin: &bean, The Light Anger Famined (retired)
hair: Dura, Group Gift (Brown) (gg)
glasses: your very own library, Male Party Sunglasses
shoes: Beetlebones, Boy Style Loafers for Girls (bought at Pookie Promenade)
socks: Maitreya Gold, Allure Tights Black
cigarette: FNKY, Cigarette II long ash

all poses: Izumiya, freebie male poses pack 2
location: The Kubrick Rooms

All geek, no ’gasm

For my rezz day a couple of weeks ago, I treated myself to three no-nos: overpriced hair, expensive shoes, and a regularly priced skin, only the third I’ve ever bought. Keiko Morigi of &bean makes my favourite skins, and I devotedly waited out the sim disaster rather than shop somewhere else. In RL, I’m a Humanities professor, and I relate to &bean’s skins because they capture the beauty of seriousness of purpose, which I see in my closest friends’ and mentors’ faces, as well as in my own. That said, Hounds of Love Hjort is almost slutty compared to my other &bean skins. Them lips is mighty red! (Has anyone mentioned that Ms. Morigi’s Trilogy skins are named for venereal diseases? Or that they have huge lips? All the better, I guess, to infect you with.)

My plan for the last three days has been to take Portia from geek to chic, but this is all that SL would let me shoot. Even though it didn’t rezz, I opted to keep the bag—an old freebie from Y’s House—because the demi-baguette inside the bag is just visible in the image. From now on my motto will be “If you’ve got the carbs, you’ve got the photo.” I chose Fashionably Dead’s Sparrow Dress out of all the items at Tableau’s summer bazaar because it is a tough look to pull off, and I wanted to see if Portia could do it with the right accessories. Portia’s Dark Mouse necklace—which is a bit too fancy for this ensemble—is one of a cascade of gifts from the jewellers at Etheria. You just have to spend time in the sim to receive them. I only got Dark Mouse gifts 2, 3, and 4 of 6, although I spent quite some time at Etheria, so I don’t recommend camping out all day trying to receive the full set.

Credits to creators
dress: Fashionably Dead, Sparrow Dress (Tableau summer bazaar item)
skin: &bean, Hounds of Love Hjort Tan
boots: Hoorenbeek, Lucille Boots Coffee
hair: I Love Olive, Olivia (subo gift)
glasses: Duboo, Choucream Glasses (subo gift)
necklace: Dark Mouse, Heart Stone Necklace (Etheria gift box 4 of 6)
ring: Elate, Sunny Rose Ring (freebie at the Sunny sim cafe)
leggings: Ohmai, Easter Bunny Leggings Lemonpeaches (old hunt gift)
poses: Don’t Freak Out (freebies, two packs)