missing you “Fnuh” means I hate it when my rope top is not available. “Fnuh” doesn’t mean I hate it when my avatar looks lovely. I can always count on LpD creator Nevery Lorakeet to tempt my digital doll out of the darkness and into something sweet and elegant. The Violette dress combines a relaxed avant-garde cut with a soft classic fabric. Each version of the dress features a lovely colour combination: dark blue with yellow, white with pink, green and pastel pink, pink and light blue, light yellow with lilac, and the burnt orange with light blue version worn here. I love creative colour pairing so it was very difficult to choose just one dress to show you. In a tribute to the beautiful pale-grey dye jobs I am seeing IRL, my model also wears MissAllSunday Lemon’s greatest Hair Fair hit—the Pepper style with its multi-colour band, which you can see below the cut. (You will also have the opportunity to see what my av gets up to when a hobby horse is her only companion. And you will be able to read  about my latest adventures in kink and therapy.) Continue reading


Nobody’s wife (nsfw)

sioncollarx My friend Sian Pearl had the nerve to name her devastatingly strict new collar after Portia. I knew that Sian would not be satisfied with a shot of Portia on her way to the opera in a floor-length mink topped with the collar. Even if the mink was dip dye. Not surprisingly, the collar recalled me to my kinky side (which I was keeping in a box with my crooked smile). Back when I was having SLex, I discovered that it was impossible to RP with a fashionable woman. When the man who had set up my first ménage à trois suddenly went AFK, my newbie imagination floundered. There I was in bed with a hot goth hermaphrodite (too many choices…), and all I could think about was her astounding pair of pointy patent-leather booties. Killed the mood, but found out about Bax.
postalxl The Portia collar is available in dark and light versions. It’s rigged mesh, but it’s also modifiable if you rez one on the ground: you can resize and tint it to your dom(me)’s content. The pack contains a version compatible with RLV and other scripts. I still don’t know what RLV stands for. Must be something technical, like rather large vag. [This pic looks lousy small. Please blow it up.]
Credits to creators
During play
MetaTheodora, “Portia” Heavy Collar – dark (NEW; <3 Sian)
MetaTheodora, CyberNips White (these are scripted to open and close and to pulse, yeah, pulse, with, y’know, light and such)
[LeLutka]-JOSEPHINE Hair – Pitch (NEW)
-Glam Affair – Roza – BaroQ 02
Needful Pixel, Sativa Black by Jaimie Earst (comes with open and closed versions)
Locking Binder (free on Marketplace: buy Dari’s Haus BDSM Freebies from Puppy Dog Tails)
poses: Apple Spice, Heartbroken [combined with the binder]
set: William Weaver, Build004 (free on Marketplace)
Après play
:[Plastik]:-Lethal Dress [M]-:// Iren (latest Lazy Sunday)
s u . v i d a – black lace leotard (store is closed)
-Glam Affair – Roza – BaroQ 02
Miss Shippe’s Studio, More than Allergies Nosebleed
La Malvada Mujer – Sibilla #3 [full]
:[Plastik]:-Vaele Coll(Base)://MeteorDark eyes
pose: Glitterati, Headshot 3
location: Dr. Kit’s