Lead me to your taker

fandroidcrfIt is with a heavy sigh—and a van-load of expletives—that I announce the imminent disappearance of Pleisure from the blogosphere. For quite some time I have been unable to upgrade to new versions of any viewer. Now with server-side-Easy-Bake-Oven about to debut, I will no longer be able to blog without buying a new computer, and a PC at that. It’s possible Pleisure will just go into a coma like Buffy did when she decided to give up fighting Glory. And a witch will come to the rescue. (Has to be a witch: the Mac geniuses know nothing about what one needs for SL.) Until the coma comes, I am going to share fashion stuffs with you, even if the pics I take are less than perfect. Sian Pearl has just released an Extreme Cyber HeadSet for MetaTheodora. There’s a version with a semi-opaque visor that is guaranteed to terrify spoiled blonde gods with bad taste in clothing. Portia pairs her headset with Epic’s Tango-friendly Slasher suit, which is available in multiple colours at a reduced price for a limited time at Bewbapalooza. This outfit inspired me to shop for neck corsets, so you may not see Portia’s lips before Easter, when the desire for chocolate will embolden her to meet the day in nothing more than a layer of Chap-Stik. One final note for all you space-girls: just because you don’t have gravity doesn’t mean you can’t defy it with some old-fashioned spiral curls. Get your Momo on at Whore Couture Fair 2.

Credits to creators
MetaTheodora, Extreme Cyber HeadSet (No visor) (NEW; ty Sian!)
*Epic Boobies* Reverb Slasher Suit with Neck Corset {Metal} [S] (at Bewbapalooza)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine)
/Wasabi Pills/ Momo Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) – Dark flame (at WCF2; ty MissAllSunday!)
[Bamboo] Nails – Corset [these are gorgeous but I always fail at nails; the pack features pink, red and nude] (at WCF2; ty RubyRed Russet!)
Essences – Thursday *light rose* black (recent TDRF item)
Essences ~ Eyelashes Perla
cStar Limited – Underline Me Eyeliner
::Modish:: Love Vision eyes Sample (V. Day gift)
[sYs] ALTAIS – bracelets (white)
ISON – carazon boot -S- (silver)
Thadovian LTD, Golden ManMelter Ray Pistol v.4 (old gift)
Glitterati, Cubed
GIMPed for your pleisure

ah phooey




Fully expecting to be chosen to perpetuate the human species in a large, but selective, lunar colony, Portia dresses for her post-doomsday destiny.

Credits to creators
*Epic Boobies* Archangel Suit White [only looks silver in the pic] (comes with neck corset in three sizes and Lolas Tango applier; can be worn regular style)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine)
[LeLutka]-VERSAGE hair – BlueRinseFade
+Nuuna+ Winter 2012 Gift Skin with +Nuuna+ Winter 2012 makeup (open gift comes with Tango applier; the lips are blue, btw)
*Epic* Mesh Neo Mega Stompers {Glacier}{S} (off-white, only look silver in the pic]
Pididdle, Silver nails (old VIP gg)
location: new u.f.o store
GIMPed (with a bit of end-o-the-world carelessness)