I picked purple

purp3x At times I think I’m a bad blogger, so I decide to make it worse. Colour-wise Oh My Gacha was good to me—except for the mint, I can’t do anything with mint—because it paid out in black and rose gold. But it also gave me purple in the form of the Saturn undies from tsg. I accepted chance’s implicit challenge. In the only way I know how. By typing the word purple into my inventory. The old flower-tipped mustache was a surprise. But everyone likes a mustache on a pretty girl. (See above re making it worse.)

Credits to creators
.tsg. Sentofuku Lingerie – Saturn (at Oh My Gacha)
*:..Silvery K..:*Japanese Lady’s shoes for winter(Purple) (gacha at Kimonoichi festival at Kyoto/Bakumatsu until the end of the month well, that ended rather abruptly; check the mainstore to see if it’s available there)
{Frick} Winter Tights in Sugarplum (p) (not gacha but only 30L and available in several colours)
[Aux]Fly Free – Purple (old gacha)
-Glam Affair – Neva Frost 03 A (ends today)
L.Fauna, Rosebud Moustache (Purple) (old Seasons Hunt gift, not available)
+Nuuna+ Zion 2 Purple tat.
[JB] Juicy Box – Feather / Watercolor Tattoo (NEW on Marketplace; you can’t see the feather bits around the cleavage, which make the tat extra super lovely)
=DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Rossi II” Baby Pink Purple
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine)
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Medium
MONS / DualColor eyes – purple
Mudhoney, Priya Chair Mauve (from the Love Donna Flora event)


Slow release

zibsqx Zibska’s Libby dress is a flirty pin-striped frock covered in cubes, combining the intellectual qualities of Japanese fashion with anglo sex appeal. If you like the concept of a padded derriere but aren’t feeling the phat azz, you’ll love Libby’s bustle of cascading cubes.

Credits to creators
Zibska, Libby ~ Noir, comes with Birdie earrings in Black (shown here), as well as burgundy gloves and a fuchsia hat (at Avenue fashion week until October 29; ty Zib Scaggs!)
.Birdy. Ashley Skin ~CoCo~ (bare)
[theSkinnery]Dripping paint head makeup (color change) (DU5 event is over)
“tSg,” Miss Sassy Brow Black
[Plastik]-VaeCollection-Arab eyes
::BeetleBones:: Pesca Thigh Boots for DU2013 XXS (PEWTER) (DU5 event is over)
Vita’s Boudoir, Black Cat Bowler Hat
Glitterati, Garage pose prop

Sauve qui peut


Is it possible to be hypnotized into procrastination?

Credits to creators
h.m.a.e.m. – Fedora (headpiece) (very limited edition at The Couturiers Docks; ty Riri Nini!)
h.m.a.e.m. – bastet bracelet (part of a set)
h.m.a.e.m. – Thais earrings and necklace
[Angels and Demons] Euridice gown pink (ty Aliza Karu!)
“TSG” Stella in Siren/Lilac/Bust (not available)
:[Plastik]:-Haunt-Sickness eyes (these are often included in 50L and Lazy Sunday skins, so if you like em check your inventory)
marukin, [nadja] how I live altogether (Designers United)

Second star on the right

peter32l Aliza Karu’s Booklook for April celebrates Peter Pan. The floor-length gown, which is slit on one side just shy of the hip, features an elegant monochrome fade from white through grey to black. The accompanying Trilly dust that orbits one’s av is probably magical. It reminds me of the Sugar Corn Pops I ate as a kid, which had their own magic of dissolving on the tongue. The Peter Pan ensemble also includes a mobile spiral of multi-coloured light (not shown in this picture) that probably represents Tinkerbell on speed. Or in love. I get those two confused.
petermed2 I’m an Aries in RL and decided to celebrate with Aranel Ah’s rams horns for Zodiac. Being an inadequate Aries makes me feel inadequate. I’m supposed to be a leader, but I’m a loner. The best capsule description of Aries that I ever read states “Aries can be perfectly nice people once they’ve been chemically or surgically altered.” I can never understand why I am the only person who finds that hilarious. Possibly it’s because no one born under another sign can appreciate how close it comes to the truth.

Credits to creators
[Angels and Demons Creations] Tribute to peter Pan [mesh dress only in one size, so try demo] (NEW; ty Aliza!) presented with Libriamo Tutti
*BOOM* I Am Aries (gold) horns (at Zodiac)
A&Ana Fashion Jewellery Pus Glamour Bracelet (at TDR Fusion)
[7891.] Hage Cross Necklace – Drop – Gold
~ Tableau Vivant~ Ewing hair – female (S) – Xmas ed. Metal fade
*Glance Skins – Anais – August – No Brows (was a Skin Fair item)
[theSkinnery], Voluptous lip junkie – lipstick 7 (was a Skin Fair item)
Miss Shippe’s Studio, OMS O Rama Gold Feather Lower Lashes Only
“tSg” Miss Sassy Brow Black (old gift)
.ID. Snowfall Eyes / Seasons Gatcha / Hazel
pose one: Clemmm
pose two: Whatever, Modeling Chair (? I need to check this)

Tatas tutorial

Like me, you probably love your new Tangos falsies from Lola’s. The bustline is too too divine. But the breasts are so large that the average av’s proportions are thrown way out of whack. As an experienced blogger, I am qualified to guide you through the steps to getting those proportions back into whack. If you follow this tutorial, you won’t waste your time making your av’s shoulders wider, adding body fat or enlarging the hips and thighs. The simplest strategy is to plop on some giant cartoon hair and teleport immediately to a Manhattan-style sim. New York’s skyscrapers dwarf even the giantest bazooms. (This is why most movies are made in Hollywood.) Once you have her installed in NYC, clothe your av in something tight and short, and then slip on a pair of sturdy not-human legs. Your av is now a superheroine and her breasts are a metaphor for her power. (You may actually have to enlarge your Lola’s to convince people of your av’s superness. Check recent Wonder Woman covers for ideas.)

Now that your av is a superheroine, you can buy that utility belt you’ve always wanted. The idea is to balance out your av’s front-mounted falsies with something just as big for her backside. A couple of mangey kitten criminals in a fanny pack will improve the proportions and demonstrate that your superheroine is indeed cleaning up Gotham. If anyone asks about the bottle of milk she’s using for evil-feline-bait, just tell him that your av was bitten by a radioactive dairy cow. He’ll imagine the consequences. In vivid detail.

Credits to creators
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine) (NEW)
[Cynful] Vale’s Turtleneck Dress – (Turtleneck Mesh Size 1) (at TDR)
-Belleza- Wynter skin (past 50L Friday)
Clemmm – ReSnick eyes .black sclera.
>TRUTH< Kirby – auburn
d-lab–black cat belt
Pixels, ChimeraBoots_Beta (old gg)
INDI – Armcuff (old hunt gift)
.:Hermony:. / LeatherGloves / Black (old gift)
!bang, Back Up pose pack
sim: outside TSG
these pics were lightly GIMPed and then PIXLRed