Never been a night owl

I’ve never been one of those people who can’t believe she’s starting her work-shift at the ungodly hour of 1PM. Love this geek chic: new from Wasabi Pills, Lumi 2 features curly hair with the cute colour-change hat from Lumi. Lumi 2 is adjustable mesh, so if you found the original too big for your noggin you are sure to enjoy the sequel.

I’ve never been one of those people who wakes up to her surroundings around 4PM. The Lumen dress is not the latest offering from Nevery Lorakeet of LpD, but it is one of my favourites. I can never resist a paisley pattern, and the batwing sleeves are fun to photograph. The Lumen pack includes a poncho version as well as the dress. It’s available in washed-out red tones, shown here, as well as pink, black and blue tones. Do note that LpD has changed location, so you will need to use the new URL listed below.

I’ve never been one of those people who starts studying at sunset.

Credits to creators
/Wasabi Pills/ Lumi 2 Mesh Hair – Gingerbread (NEW; ty MissAllSunday Lemon)
*LpD* – *Lumen* Dress Red Tones (Mesh – Size M) [a quick fix for anyone who finds the alpha layer too big: narrow your av’s shoulders] (NEWish; ty Nevery Lorakeet!) – Basic.Turtleneck (Salmon)
fore, lace zip Leggings
h.m.a.e.m. – raining boots – brown cream (NEW; ty Riri Ninni!)
:Curio: Petal Frex [Light] Party Girl-Potion 2 (NEW group gift fatpack; search for “Gala and Rita”, not Curio, to find the group)
:FANATIK: My bad girl ring Copper
Tee*fy Wooden Bow Necklace Black Strap
[KAMOURASKA] Rouyn Porcupine Cuff Matte Ebony
(vive9) Risky Readers [abyss] (old gift)
all poses built into the furniture
location: library
GIMPed before 9AM


Boys keep swinging

Heaven loves ya
The clouds part for ya
Nothing stands in your way
When you’re a boy

Clothes always fit ya
Life is a pop of the cherry
When you’re a boy

When you’re a boy
You can wear a uniform
When you’re a boy
Other boys check you out
You get a girl
These are your favourite things
When you’re a boy

Having played Bowie’s song every day this week as I walked to and from work, I have to admit I’m smitten with its quasi-critique of patriarchy, which I didn’t catch 30 years ago, when I was a tween watching Bowie play drag queen. But I’m also determined to get the Pleisure girls some of the boys’ dubious privileges. (Learn to drive and everything!) Ampersand Artful sent me some Amperlope shapes, so today I’m using her brand-new girl, Just One More Thing Anna. (My Swinging Boy needed tight buns, so I used the slim-hipped skirt shape.) Although Ms. Artful tests lots of skins on her shapes, she includes a styling card with each one and recommends Mynerva for Anna. I opted for Vive9 ’cause (/me sings)

When you’re a boy
You can tan so easily
When you’re a boy
Your lips are way glossy

Credits to creators
Swinging Boy
shape: Amperlope, Just One More Thing Anna skirt shape (new today)
skin: Vive9, Carrot [toffee] LiquidCherries LTBRWN/FREK (may not be available)
photo one shirt and tie: Phoenix Rising, Push Femme Black (25L until Oct. 30)
singlet: Ohmai, Basics Racerback
photo four shirt and waistcoat: Rag Dollz, part of Zacharias Gray
photo four collar and tie: Fore, Collar+Tie (old gg)
pants: SMS. Tweed 7/8 Pants Black
hair: Lamb, Sleepyhead Rotten Carrot
shoes: Coco, Oxford Shoes (Two-Tone)
socks: I <3 the Starlust, Melatonin’s argyle socks (gg, check notices)
glasses: YV, Le.Look! l’homme – Glasses (old gift)
eyes: Amato, Mist 01 (old freebie)

Portia Boy
jacket photo two: SF Design, Blazer Men’s Navy Free (gift for September in store)
shirt and tie photo three: M2M, Back to School Hunt Female (includes male and female uniforms; buy the apple)
bag: Croire, Union Jack Tote (International Affair Hunt gift; buy store’s logo in the form of a stamp)
trousers: Milk Motion, My Wool Pants Red (recent 50LF item)
skin: &bean, The Light Anger Famined (retired)
hair: Dura, Group Gift (Brown) (gg)
glasses: your very own library, Male Party Sunglasses
shoes: Beetlebones, Boy Style Loafers for Girls (bought at Pookie Promenade)
socks: Maitreya Gold, Allure Tights Black
cigarette: FNKY, Cigarette II long ash

all poses: Izumiya, freebie male poses pack 2
location: The Kubrick Rooms

Blogged out

She wanted to pose on clouds (who doesn’t?) in her spacesuit (get it?), but she didn’t have the energy to hunt. So she sits and she waits for a new idea. Any second now, she thinks, a powerful visual concept will send me into orbit. Ten, nine, eight, seven….

One-hundred percent gravity simulation.

Houston, we have a problem.

Credits to creators
outfit: Tee*fy, Modern Spacesuit (Project Themeory item)
hat: Tee*fy, Planetary Headgear (Project Themeory item)
glasses: Vive9, Risky Readers (old gift)
hair: Lamb, Bang Bang Bob Ink (I think this was a special 50L Friday item and not a general release)
skin: Dutch Touch, JoSJe Caramel Eyeliner Lip EBBlond FR CL2 (VIP Group Exclusive for a very limited time; 250L join fee)
boots: J’s, Thigh High Boots Black
leggings: &bean, Slick n Shiny Silver
couch with three poses: Y’s House, Sofa 01
location: Baffle!

Down on her luck

Searching for work is tough these days. Or should I say nights?

I got a raw deal at that last two-bit joint. Not this time. I’m dressed to the nines in my best dress by Couverture and pearls by Chuculet. Sure, the pearls aren’t real, but it’s too dark for anyone to tell or care. Besides, a gal like me needs to stretch every nickel.

Owner’s got a swell new Bugatti. Here’s hoping he knows his way around labour relations.

Credits to creators

dress: Couverture, Moga in Blue v 2
skin: Vive9, Carrot Toffee LiquidCherries *Ltbrwn/frek
hair: Sonatta Morales, Lulu Vintage Hair Sublime Black
shoes: Nardcotix, Kurvy T-Strap Mary Jane in Black
purse: Chuculet, Maya Bag in Grey (5L)
jewellery: Chuculet, Belle Jewelry in Grey (1L)
hose: C & D Benelli, Pantihose Full Deko (old freebie)

location: The Champagne Rooms

Romp if you want to

Soft pink and vibrant orange. The colours of my current favourite set of sheets and of a beloved set from my 1970s childhood. In Vive9’s Spring Vintage Romper, pink and orange point to India. But the subcontinent is too far to go for a blog post. Think childhood, I told myself. Pink and orange. Saltwater taffy! from Howard Johnson’s! in Florida! What could be a more perfect image of happiness? What could be harder to find in SL? /me sighs.

This isn’t the Gulf Coast in March 1977. This is upstate New York in August 2010. The humidity is thick as lard and the ceiling fan rattles like a dying man. Blackflies guard the lake from human invaders, and one mosquito keeps Portia awake all night by dive-bombing her head. (Is it product placement if I recommend Burt’s Bees mosquito repellent?)

Portia moves on. If she still looks good after a sleepless night, it’s partly because Nylon Outfitters knows how to soft-pedal the Harlequin look for summer in the Diamond Romper in Orange. But it’s also on account of her Posh hairdo. This weekend only, Posh is selling all old brunette packs (of four shades) for 50L!

Credits to creators

Look one

romper: Vive9, Spring Vintage Romper (old Project Themeory item; Vive9 may be back this summer)

shoes: Relentless Couture, Cold Hearted Snake in Pink (old limited edition)

skin: Dutch Touch, Sjors Caramel Trix CL1 (group gift, 250L join fee)

hair: Posh, Egotistical in Caramel (on sale this  weekend only)

pose: Esme for pda

Look two

romper: Nylon Outfitters, Diamond Romper in Orange

skin: Dutch Touch, Sjors Caramel Trix CL1 (group gift, 250L join fee)

hair: Posh, Egotistical in Chestnut (on sale this  weekend only)

shoes: Duh, Espadrilles in White (old group gift)

earrings: Sanu, Pearlescence in Pink/Gold (old subscribo gift)

necklace: Sey, Pin Choker (old group gift available in store)

suitcase: Izumiya, GG Trunk in Mid/Orange (gacha)

poses: Pretzel*Poses and K*S (freebies)

location: Motel Onyx (certified insect-free)

On the town in Ingenue

Dreamy dresses, dodgy dates. Don’t let the prissy look fool you. Portia is a New Yorker born and bred, so she has no objections to meeting her date’s train at Grand Central. He is, after all, a Yale man. Riding the subway alone means toning down the jewellery and leaving her fur wrap at home, but that suits Portia fine, because her Hothouse Flower dress by Ingenue turns all the right heads.

The pale brown of Kookie’s Chiggy Beta updo works nicely with the porcelain-toned Elizabeth skin, from the pay-what-you-want wall at Free Speerit. The delicate earrings and necklace are a recent subscribo gift from Sanu.

Uptown, Loica is dumbfounded when her date arrives in a taxi instead of a Towne car. “Well, I never! I didn’t spend hours in the beauty parlour for this!” she cries. Luckily, Ingenue’s High Society outfit is as dramatic as my alt. In addition to the dress, gloves and lace shrug you see here, the ensemble provides full skirt and black bolero options for women who want to look a little classier than dear Lolo.

Loica’s OTT coif is Yuki in Black by W&Y. The black stole, which comes packaged with a white one, may still be JetDoll’s Midnight Madness gift. As Loica always says, “Why go to the trouble of slapping a succession of butt-pinching, tight-fisted men when you can get yourself a mink just by slapping a board?” Amen, sister.

In Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, Portia and her date—a nice neighborhood boy—plan to walk, enjoying the gardens along the way, so she pairs her Bye Bye Baby dress with flats. If she seems melancholy, it’s not because he’s late. It’s because she is. (Hello Baby may be more like it.)

Vive9 has put out 26 bags of freebies (skins, shapes and clothing) in advance of closing their doors. Don’t be distracted by those (if you get into the sim, that is). See how lovely Portia looks in their latest skin, Carrot in Creo in the Toffee shade, and pay only 400L for your very own copy, half the original price. Older skins are 250L a piece. Remember to deprim before trying to go in.

Portia and Loica wear:

Look one

dress: Ingenue, Hothouse Flower in Wilted Rose (Designer Showcase Network item)

hair: Kookie, Chiggy Beta in Chocolate (old 50L Friday item)

skin: Free Speerit, Elizabeth

shoes: Nardcotix, Rebecca in Liquorice (Shoes and Accessories hunt gift)

jewellery: Sanu, Pearlescence in Pink (subscribo gift)

Look two

ensemble: Ingenue, High Society in Black

fur: JetDoll, Fur Stole Over the Shoulder in Black (MM gift)

hair: W&Y, Yuki in Black

skin: Idiosyncrasy, Mia Pinup 3 / Pale

shoes: Nardcotix, Kurvy T-strap Mary Jane in Black

Look three

dress: Ingenue, Bye Bye Baby in Plum and Light Brown

skin: Vive9, Carrot LiquidCherries in Toffee tone (store closes Tuesday March 30)

hair: Clawtooth, Mrs. Mittens in Girl Next Door (old 50L Friday item)

earrings: SPICA, Chocolate earrings (old hunt gift)

shoes: Periquita, Funny Girl Flats

stockings: INZane, Kendra Lingerie Stockings

Return of the refuseniks

Today, Anorak presents more physical culture refuseniks, roles inspired by the Soviet-style murals at Apatia Hammerer’s Pig shop. In this picture, Anorak arrives for an early morning skating practice trussed up like a puppet of the state. She is the girl who goes limp when confronted with authoritarian regimes and costumes patterned after flags. Her outfit, Darling Baby Seal, is a Pig gift from the group Purveyors of Accidental Love, and it comes in an opaque version for ladies who would never revolt.

Anorak’s skin, which comes complete with garish underthings and tattoos, is an opening gift from Dimbula Rose, and may still be available. Her hair is Coney Island Baby, a 10L item from Show Me on the Doll. Anorak’s pose is by Sand Shack Surf Co. (no longer available). Her expression is courtesy Adorkable Poses’ free emoter HUD.

Here, Anorak enlivens a folk-dancing demonstration with western dance-moves and pagan fertility symbols. She is the girl who frugs when confronted with authoritarian regimes and partner dances. Her versatile ensemble is Folk Dance by Scribble. (All green items are 50L until the end of the month.)

Anorak’s Shaken Not Birds hair with Easter Birdies attachment is this week’s Stumblebum special from Clawtooth, and comes in three shades. Her shoes are Xian in Powder, a freebie at the soon-to-close Vive9 shop. Her skin is Ellen by Mother Goose, available on the shop’s Lucky Boards. The poses and rabbit tail are from Izzie’s, 1L prizes in a refreshingly easy search.