Don’t powder puff (NSFW)


I reconnected with an old virtual flame, someone I thought I’d never speak to again, and we’ve been tearing through my erotic fantasies. (Which these pictures don’t even come close to capturing.) He’s afk this week, just when I’ve gone all chastity-belt-curious. I figured Portia could feel things out for me, but I made a disastrous purchase from Repressed Designs of an inexplicably enormous belt that can’t be reduced, even though it’s labeled modifiable. Determined to scratch my itch until it turned bright red, I kitted Portia out with some of MetaTheodora’s cyber bits, which make nice substitutes for the belt and for clamps. Although they are not made for Lolas, the nips bits fit the falsies just fine if you tweak them. (The bits, not the tits.)
strongstandx Portia shows off her new riding crop in a dollarbie pose from Rack. If you like erotic imagery but aren’t one of creator Kirsty O’Herlihy’s Flickr fans, mistress is never going to spank you again.

Credits to creators
…::: Scrub :::… Tie me up, tie me down black M [corset and boots are one piece] [and extraordinarily sexy] (at the Whore Couture Fair 2) [also in white and red] [I kinda wanted the red] [but black is more tactical]
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine)
PIDIDDLE – Amorous Choker (special item at Adore & Abhor)
MetaTheodora, CyberNips
MetaTheodora, CyberSex – White
.Olive. the Refreshed Bear Trap Bracelet – GunMetal
Basic LockGuard V2 Cuff (freebie…not sure which sex machine I got it from)
Essences – Thursday *light rose* black (recent TDR Fusion)
Irezumi-ya, tattoo251 thigh
h.m.a.e.m. – bridles for hair – black
photo one: LeLutka, Lively blue rinse fade
photo two: LeLutka, VENT hair Jessica (old Xmas gift)
:::Sn@tch Nail Candy (Black/Red Cross):::
MONS / Shocking eyes – brown
pose 1: Diesel Works, Debutante Chaise Black
pose 2: Rack Poses, Riding Crop Dollarbie
set: William Weaver, Build 004 (free on Marketplace)
GIMPed the fist photo for ages but never managed to make my av a decent pudendum. Didn’t work much on the second photo because I knew I couldn’t improve that butt.


The proper avenger

bunnml I am betting that the last thing you want your blogger to say is “I think I’ve had a relapse.” I was doing so well from November onward, and now I am suffering again. I have a hard time dealing with people and haven’t seen friends more than four times over the past year. Seeing my old grad-school colleagues makes me despair because I no longer feel as though I am part of our group of scholars. Their careers are booming. Mine is stalled; and I now think it was a mistake to keep at it. Beyond that, I seem to be so vulnerable to disappointments that I can feel crushed and unable to recover from a small thing like finding out an apparently single man, whom I don’t even want, is actually married. I went back to bed this morning and then crawled into it again when I returned from a brief work session. Eventually, I launched myself out of bed to clean up the Epic pics I took this week. And eat Twizzlers. I hope you enjoy Epic’s Bunny Avenger, which features a mesh corset, and is accented with frog closures. It’s available in many colours at The Boobies Show for one more week. It’s discounted there, so don’t delay if you want to get all latexy for less.

Credits to creators
*Epic* Bunneh Avenger Suit black (includes Tango applier; at The Boobies Show)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
Essences, Thursday phosphorescent 01 brown (at Zodiac)
Vignette, Grable Cinnamint (free at In Her Shoes: I read that this shop would be closing, so if you want the free movie-star hairstyles, you should visit soon)
Solidea Folies, Chameleon rings special edition (at Limited Bazaar)
Doodads, Bejeweled Collar and earrings ~ Blue with Black Diamond (collar not worn)
HOC Industries – Thigh Boots [mesh and colour change via HUD]
:::Sn@tch Nail Candy (Onyx):::
oOo Studio, Pouffe – Small – Black (in collaboration with Gos)
set: William Weaver, Build 004 (on Marketplace)
GIMPed with growing impatience. Damn you lines!

Her highness


The pleated, pearl-beaded collar of Aliza Karu’s new Hoci dress made me think of Elizabeth I. How the TV got into the picture is anyone’s guess. (On second thought, it’s better we leave that one to my shrink.) Hoci is an elegant and delicate dress. The black skirt features an overlay of lace. The neck, sleeves and waist are adorned with long wavy fingers of black fringe. The dress itself is mesh and only comes in one size, so you should try the demo. In order to fit the mesh outfits from Angels and Demons Creations, I find that I have to make Portia a bit slimmer and less büby. As the saying goes, what scales down must pump up. (In other words, my next post will make you think you’re wearing 3-D glasses.)

Credits to creators
Angels and Demons, Hoci (mesh dress in one size; ty Aliza Karu!)
MiaSnow, Sweety Pale skin with LIPS natural lite
[Shag] – Cherie (roots) – afterglow
Chop Zuey, Escape from Manila Earrings (part of a set for the Womestuff hunt)
MONS / Shocking eyes – black
Glitterati, They’re Here pose prop
set: William Weaver, Build 004 (free on Marketplace)
Not so GIMPed.