Sea Hole in my heart

newhole On May 31st, Drinkinstein Sorbet, one of my most most most favourite creators, will be closing her shop The Sea Hole. Until then, everything is 50l. You know Ms. Sorbet’s work from Collabor88, which she founded. Her touchable fabrics, sophisticated colours and signature sea-themed embroideries will be missed. (Or they will stay on Marketplace?!) Several bloggers have said goodbye with a pic of the Valley Dress, so I am following suit. If you don’t have time to scour the racks of The Sea Hole before it closes, make a shopping list from the Marketplace shop, or take my advice and search out the Nicosia Sun Suit, which is perfect for summer. If you have a sense of humour, check out the Octo Dress.


I’ve blogged The Sea Hole’s wonderful creations many times, but I chose to rerun only this pic because, unlike many of my older, pre-GIMP photos, this one could be improved. Plus, mermaid on yer back. Credits.

Credits for pic one
The Sea Hole – VAlley Dress (MESH) Custard
[ glow ] studio – Wild Shoulder Drape (brown fawn/gold)) (at TDRF)
(Yummy) Sofia Pearls (4 Strands) and earrings and bracelets (former Collabor88 set)
h.m.a.e.m. *midnight princess* clutch – ice
[e] Move Pumps – Java
Faenzo – UFFIE Hair // NTRL Platinum (dollarbie fatpack on Marketplace)
^^Swallow^^ Group Gift- Happy Halloween (old gg)
Cheap Makeup- Eye Gloss [TINTABLE]
:::Sn@tch, Nail Candy (Gold):::
MONS / Shocking eyes – brown
pose by xbordeaux (not available as far as I know)
prop: flowey. classic cigarette (wear me!) (came with Bad Habit poses)


Pretty gritty

lpdaltblue2 It’s time once again for Fashion for Life, a charity event which supports cancer research. I did my shopping, and I hope to feature my purchases over the next few posts. (I also just bought a rubber corset, and I have my eye on a metal chastity belt…so my plan to be posh may go awry.) Ms. Nevery Lorakeet of LpD makes the kind of ball-gown that ladies adore: delicately coloured, dreamy and fluffy like whipped cream. Her new gown, Steam Cloud, features a boned white corset set against a pale pink inset in the bodice. No fewer than eight large panels of white net make up the voluminous skirt. A good SL blogger, like Lada Leeroy, will run with this gown to a stunning sylvan setting and do it justice in poetic photos. A bad SL blogger—that would be me—will get nervous about the whole nature thing and retreat to her favourite dark alleyway. Think of it as an urban beautification project.

antonlpdl Another one of LpD’s charity items is the makeup Portia wears in this post. The eye is an especially elegant combination of silver-white shadow and dramatic black eyeliner. If you are planning to shop Fashion For Life, do note that the organizers have made all our lives perfect by providing a page of direct TPs to the participating creators’ booths. Because the event is spread over seven sims representing the seven wonders of the ancient world there is absolutely no lag—a wonder in itself.

Credits to creators
Pic one
*LpD* – *Steam Cloud* Dress (at Fashion For Life; ty Nevery!)
*LpD* MakeUp – *Steam Cloud* (at Fashion For Life; ty Nevery!)
:[Plastik]:- Maelian Skin [BETA]:// London Fog. (former Lazy Sunday item)
/Wasabi Pills/ Fay Mesh Hair – Dark flame (ty MissAllSunday Lemon!)
[Etchaflesh] Rose Leather Neck Corset (M)
-UtopiaH- Wild Skull [gold] (Tango compatible and available in silver) (at Perfect Wardrobe)
:[Plastik]:- Dena’ina Bracelet [L]:// Suntouched Gold
:[Plastik]:- Dena’ina Bracelet [R]:// Suntouched Gold
Leverocci – Stone Encrusted Cuff_MarbleStone
Mons/ Shocking Eyes Brown

poses are old freebies by xbordeaux
street location is Urban Decay
GIMP is the word

So wearable

I love a wearable demo! AnaLee Balut and her real-life daughter ShuShu Congrejo offer wearable demos for their mesh releases for ALB and ShuShu, respectively. A wearable demo gives one a clear sense of how the fabric will look and move. A blank demo that shows only the shape and fit of the garment or shoe is much less informative and far less tempting. I did a quick search of Marketplace and found wearable demos from Duh! and from Attic. Another creator who does them is Nene Flores of [Solita], and she has just issued a new mini-skirt for us to try out. (Her shop is also beautifully decorated, a good place to take photos.)

Sometimes my av looks pretty. Today it’s thanks to an Xmas gift skin from Swallow and hunt-gift eyes from Epic.

Credits to creators
ALB, MELODY wool coat M DEMO by AnaLee Balut – MESH (on Marketplace)
ShuShu, FEEL FREE boot – DEMO MESH resizable (on Marketplace)
friday – Basic.Turtleneck (Gray) (on sale)
[e] Sound – Red 05 (NEW)
! Bliss Couture ! Holiday Mittens Gloves (Holiday hunt gift)
Swallow, Alexandra Merry Christmas (Group Gift in store)
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Face mole01
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Face mole02
*Epic Eyes* -NI2013H- Elfin Dream Eyes {Blue} (New in 2013 hunt gift)
Maitreya Allure Tights – Rose
The blouse in the second photo is from The Secret Store at November Collabor88, which is over.
pose: xbordeaux (not available)
location: Small town of green
I GIMPed the first photo a lot because I am trying to be more better at this. In the second photo, I botched a nose job.


Many avatars are loathe to draw attention to their tummies, but not when they’re wearing Pig, a line that features much yummy tummy detailing. Apatia Hammerer’s clothes more than make up for one’s stress fat, soda gas and pre-menstrual bloat.

Not long ago, I blogged about my blogging woes. In order to cut back on my time online, I have decided to buy and freebuy as little as possible. Though this has not stopped me from blogging a lot since I came back from holiday, it has kept me from acquiring items that I don’t need and can’t possibly feature. I could not pass up Vinyl Cafe’s latest lovely creation, however, so Miss Quirk hopped barefoot over to The Dominion Fashion district to pick up the free pink String Stilettos with an easy-to-use HUD. A teal version of these classy platforms is also available for group members at the shop. Creator Evangeline Eames has certainly earned my loyalty in the last six months. The VC group is now one of the few fee-free groups that I will not leave in order to temporarily join another.

Another of those perennial groups is Imabee. To understand why, you just have to observe the mesmerizing beauty of Miss Q in Brendan Papp’s Umeko skin prize for the Good Shit Hunt. My skin folder is so full that I have instituted a strict rule against acquiring new freebies and cheapies. I’m so overwhelmed that I can’t any more see the subtle details that creators give to avatars’ faces. But I would still wrestle the shit out of an octopus for a gift skin from Imabee. (Hint hint.)

Another tummyummy gem is Pig’s belly-baring Hortensia Bikini in Quartz, complemented here by a purple Dead Carrot tattoo that also sexily circles the breasts. Miss Quirk is doing a dance of joy for BonBon, the low-key fashion mall with a beautifully restricted palette. The empty shop is by Y’s House.

Credits to creators
skin: Imabee, Umeko Underwater/DKbrow (Good Shit Hunt gift)
shape: Free*Style, Little Miss Quirk
eyes: Amato, Mist 01 (old freebie)

Look one
bodysuit: Pig, Olivia Bodysuit Navy
shoes: Vinyl Cafe, Pink String Stilettos (gg at Dominion Fashion District)
hat: Happy Finds, Muted Polkadots Hat (gg; join fee)
hair: Boon, JPN670 blueblack
tattoo: My UglyDorothy, Flowerwater(Gloves) (freebie at BonBon location)
leggings: Zaara, Nishar Leggings White Art Print
pose: Hate Me and Eat Me

Look two
bathingsuit: Pig, Hortensia Bikini Quartz
tattoo: Dead Carrot, MMM Purple and Moi (Thirsty Thursday item)
skirt: Ema’s Secret, part of Spanish Dress Myst (old MM)
hair: Kik, Lyla Blond
purse: /Me, “My Little Priorities” PETA Approved Coinpurse (old gg for I <3 The Starlust)
shoes: Chuculet, Sandalettes -Pila- Brown (cheapie!)
earrings: Primalot, part of Abstract Zebra Set (colour change; gift for Fab Free in store, no tag needed)
poses: xbordeaux (free if you ask nicely: send Xanadu Capelo a notecard)

location: BonBon in Gienah

Starry eyed

Starry. Enjoying the sun, Miss Q adds Yome Shoujo’s shimmering coverup to her Stumblebum bikini by It’s Cake.

Eyed. TY Zvedza bag at the ready, Miss Q plans to buy the lot in Happy Finds’ creepy Eye Slip Dress and new flip flops by In Her Shoes.

Scrutineyezed. The new group gift from Lionskins is prettier than you imagine.

Credits to creators
Look one
bikini: It’s Cake, Pink Harlequin Bikini (Stumblebum item)
coverup: Yome Shoujo, Poncho Pink (modded)
hair: Clawtooth, Lovely Liz Classic Brunette
skin: Lionskins, Fair Skin Nova (group gift with multiple shades; join fee is 250L) UPDATE
shape: Free*Style, Little Miss Quirk (pay what you want)
pose: On the Cover
location: Golden Sands

Look two
dress: Happy Finds, Eye Slip Dress (gg)
pants: Nut, Summer Time Pant (May subo gift)
shoes: In Her Shoes, Flip Flops Back to Basics (gazillion colour changes)
necklace: Perturbation, Money Money Choker (Accessory Fair Hunt gift)
bag: TY Zvedza, Ugery Bag (old 50L Friday item)
tattoo: Nova, Kanji Heart Tattoo Friend (random shopper gift)
hair: Clawtooth, Lovely Liz Classic Brunette
skin: Lionskins, Fair Skin Nova (technically a group gift, it was free when I clicked it; group join fee is 250L)
shape: Free*Style, Little Miss Quirk (pay what you want)
eyes: Amato, Mist 01
pose: xbordeaux (free: IM Xanadu Capelo)
location: Strawberry Festival (rezz darn you rezz!)