Why Pleisure?

The problem of leisure / what to do for pleasure. These lyrics haunted me when I started frequenting Second Life. I discovered SL sex, friends, and fashion (in that order), and began to blog when the social dimension became frustrating. I now get the most out of SL when I’m working on posts for Pleisure. But it’s a solitary practice. That’s why I love reading your comments, whether you are a creator who’s happy I didn’t make a hash of your creations, or a fellow blogger with tips, or a feed-reader who likes a pic.

I GIMP minimally. I’m a nineteenth-century realist in a simulationist’s world, and I like it. I almost always employ Annan Adored’s Windlights from 2012 and 2013. My computer usually punches holes in my av’s face when I try to shoot with shadows, so her optimal skin (no shadows) Windlight is my go-to.

If I can help you find anything I’ve blogged, I am happy to do so. Please IM me inworld. Or email Portia Capelo on Flickr.

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