We’re gonna give it some of our all

Whoever finds this boring can come back for the rat tat.

.HERA – 2020 Mesh Prop. (WEAR) (cheap on Marketplace)
[RNK]Japan NewYearNail_Okinawa gift (gift at Okinawa fair)
.::Supernatural::. Milena Necklace Gold [Linked]
[Cynful] Cropped Bomberjacket – Maitreya Lara
tram, I0706 hair HUD C
.LeLutka.Head.Korina 3.4
[ MUDSKIN ] ETC Lens, Vol 2 #9
[ MUDSKIN ] Anna tone 102
[ MUDSKIN ] Pumped lipstick
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
location: U.F.O (under construction)

Double time and a half peep show

I swear I was going to discuss what sex workers do for double time and a half on Xmas.
But I was just looking for an excuse to make my avi look silly and saucey at once.

Credits (as complete as I could get)
::Axix:: Xmas Maiden Dress [Red] // MAITREYA
Doe: Ornament – Pastels (at Epiphany)
erratic / satin scarf / xmas red (rigged) (gift at Shop and Hop)
r2 A/D/E hiten Pasties Maitreya
S&P, Story of O cuffs
Sweet Thing. Clockwork Doll Panties – White (Maitreya) (past gacha)
C’est La Vie, Socks
NX-Nardcotix Lola Heels Glitter Red (MAITREYA) (old gift)
Pichi, tattoo on Marketplace
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
.LeLutka.Head.Korina 3.4
[ MUDSKIN ]_Anna skin 102 shade
blusher is a gift at Okinawa festival but I don’t recall creator
[SB] *Lelutka* Eyebrows Standard (free gift; check Teleport Hub for listing)

Classically beautiful on Christmas

This is the story of an epic struggle to style right. It began on Black Friday, a day I like to shop for big-ticket items. I made my first stop LeLutka, where I looked at their lineup of discounted heads. I could tell at a glance I’d be saying No, no, no, no. Oh. There, at the end of the line, was Korina, completely unlike the others and exactly the opposite of what I’d always liked with my long-time head, Simone—a heart-shaped face, bowed lips, the bottom one fuller than the top, the pout perfect. Korina had a long head and wide thin lips. She looked a little sporty, very American. I could imagine her…smiling. I bought her without hesitation. I wanted the challenge of making those minuses into pluses. And so began my struggle to work with a classically beautiful, fit, privileged, if modest, model. Of course, the first thing I did was shorten her torso, widen her hips, enlarge her butt and slide the breasts to 75. No no no. That was going in for the kind of cute sexy cartoony look I enjoy with Simone. I throttled the sliders. I tried to compensate for the wholesome naturalness of the Glam Affair skin in Korina’s HUD by slapping on some red lips and my go-to liner by Zibska. The first day the HUD malfunctioned, and I set about cursing Glam Affair’s proprietary ways. The next day, when it worked, it showed me that Korina was a pure Pilgrim-bred WASP. She had to look sunkissed, not human-made. I realized that I was going to need a conservative dress for this potential Pete Buttigieg voter, and Belle Epoque’s retro freebie (no longer available) in an odd shade of polyester was perfect. I found a pair of sensible Hilly Halaan pumps in my inventory and slapped on some white stockings without gold-studded garters. They. weren’t. even. fishnets.
I knew I was going to need a long hairdo to keep Korina from hitting her mid-thirties. I’ve always admired Stealthic’s luxurious textures. But my regular av’s head is too bubble-big for their controlled tresses. I felt both miffed on behalf of Simone and elated when Korina’s skinny noggin fit into a half-dozen Stealthic hairdos, each one lovelier than the last. There was no fighting it. Korina was determined to be womanly, to live life without a hint of Simone’s coed pertness and precocious sex appeal. No hitting the Whimsy button for her. Korina isn’t going past Pleased this holiday season. (After I shot these photos, I sent Korina out for a model makeover. You can see the results in my last post and in my next one.)

.LeLutka.Head.Korina 3.4 wearing the in-HUD Glam Affair skin
Leronso, Eyes/Group gift/Catwa, Lelutka, Omega, Genus
Stealthic – Purity (S Breast) Variety pack
=Zenith=2019 Christmas HeadBand (gift/group is free)
Belle Epoque, { New Chances } Dress BEAH (not available)
Kibitz – Zaris bracelet – gold
all earrings are old gifts
euphoric~Mishi Bento Nails~Maitreya and Slink
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
This is Wrong, Boho tattoo white
.Tentacio, Xmas cookies (at Kustom9)

Alternative season’s greetings

Oh how I struggled to style Korina, the head I bought from LeLutka last month! I chose Korina’s small long head with wide, lean lips because I needed to break my habit of Simone’s big heart-shaped head with full, bow lips. You’ll see soon enough how freakishly normally I had to style Korina in her native LeLutka skin: my Christmas card will have the kick of a kitten. Today I am congratulating myself on denorming Korina just by switching to MUDSKIN’s Anna and slapping on some free Adored brows in rose gold. Okay, I also gave her La Malvada Mujer’s Soap eyes and a colour-change blinking collar from Ama.
The cane wards off mistle-toe mongering prepsters.
.Shi’s haute apocalypse couture does the rest.

Ama. : Light The Way Collar : Blinking
.Shi : Midnight . Dirt / Maitreya dress
.Shi : Tabi and Geta. Black
Magika, Let it Snow hair fatpack (gift at Shop and Hop)
// Lueur // – Prism Nail Set, Square Bento Nails – Maitreya (gift at Shop and Hop)
+Half-Deer+ Cozy Deer Tumbler – Pink (gift at Shop and Hop)
MUDSKIN, Anna tone 102
#ADORED – noelle brows – molten metal edition (gift at Shop and Hop)
alaskametro, Times Square eyeshadow (gift at Shop and Hop)
.LeLutka.Head.Korina 3.4
La Malvada Mujer, Soap eyes (cheapie)
Kibitz – Zaris bracelets gold
[Deadwool] Goat cane – (gift at Shop and Hop)
Doe: Merry Lights Necklace – Bright (not available)
Alchemy – Abominable Snow Baby – Hold – White (not available)
TAOX MAITREYA – Joy tattoo (2018 Women Only Hunt)
earrings and septum ring not available

Merry Christmas is for Mom

I’m doing my blogging early this year because there won’t be wi-fi where I’m going for the holiday. That’s not entirely true. There’s wi-fi in my mother’s new apartment in the retirement home, where she moved recently because of increasing dementia. Meanwhile, down the street, back at her old condo, where I will stay, there is no wi-fi, cable or phone. Almost all the furnishings are gone except for those in the guest room, which is a comfy oasis in a very spooky abandoned space. This was my home away from home for 15 years, and being there without Mom, even if she’s nearby, is going to hurt like hell. I imagined that after she moved she would demand every day to be allowed to return. I was surprised to discover she doesn’t do this. I have been assuming that she doesn’t recall her former home, but she probably does. The old version of my mother would miss it but never admit it—she always insisted that everything was fine. She’s changed in the last couple of years. She has started to show her pain. She no longer holds back her tears when I’m leaving. It’s not just that she’s going to miss me when I’m gone. It’s that she doesn’t know how she’s going to live without me. “How am I going to fill the time?” she asked me last visit, sobbing. (Somehow she pulled herself together. I was shaken for days. Partly because being alone and at wit’s end is a predicament I know well.) I’ve never understood how my mother has been able to spend her days doing nothing since she retired 20 years ago. How did she deal with the feelings that come with isolation and idleness? I wonder if her fear of being in the world and among people was so powerful that it blotted out the pain. If the pain bubbles up now it may be because it’s safer to feel it: it’s dispelled by the presence of a care worker, who for four hours a day gives my Mom the companionship she missed out on in so many periods of her life. She would never have asked for companionship, never sought it out, before she was ill. If you asked her, she would say she doesn’t want it now. But she loves it. And I am grateful that she’s happy. Merry Christmas is for Mom.

r2 A/D/E hiten [sheer] (should be in store some day soon but no longer at Collabor88)
CURELESS, Atropine skin Porcelain v.3
bonbon – kaori hair — comes with horns
Salt & Pepper, Story of O cuffs
La Malvada Mujer, Soap eyes (45L on Marketplace)
AsteroidBox. Ayla Necklace – Fatpack (past gift)
amias – DEVI earring (past gift)
.LeLutka.Head.Simone 3.3(static ears)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
GingerFish, Frost poses (at Liaison Collaborative)

Maybe new wavey

I think about Zib Scaggs often. I blogged for her when I blogged. And then I stopped blogging. But I never stopped stalking Zib’s Flickr photostream, waiting for just the right accessoryxtravanganza to photograph.
I saw birds. And I remembered all these years later that Zib really likes birds.

Zisbka, Korbinian at the Dubai Event till December 10 (ty Zib!)
Garmonbozia – Ragnarok earring GIFT (free to join group)
LERONSO// Group gift/ Sunglasses “Panorera” (70L to join group)
-Pixicat- Elena. outfit – BlackLeather (Maitreya) Black Friday sale
[monso] My Hair – Rhapsody Black and White pack Black Friday sale
MUDSKIN, ETC Lens, Vol 2 #9
Arise, Mana brows (olde)
SLC Bento SS Pose – unposed A Black Friday sale

Midnight snack

You may be interested to know that
—after years of posting small pics so that I wouldn’t run out of my maxedish storage I suddenly decided to buy more storage and I don’t know why #Ilikeme
—it’s possible to win the snazzy ringmistress outfit pictured here from ANTINATURAL’s Lootbox gacha because creator Kaorinette isn’t one of those ghastly meanies who makes all the clothing RARE #ratedG
—I fucked up Ama’s blood splatter on the LeLutka face by using the eye makeup layer and had to edit it; when it works it covers the whole left cheek #juicy
—Ama’s blood splatter makes it look like Portia killed a bunch of people and then put on a clean outfit but forgot to wash off the blood #indamnspot
—I hope this is only the first of my Hallowe’en posts #closetghoul

ANTINATURAL[+] Carnival Freaks / Clown Outfit / M / BLACK (Lootbox gacha)
ANTINATURAL[+] Carnival Freaks / Ringmaster Tophat / BLACK (Lootbox gacha)
CURELESS [+] BunnyDoll / Hold / RED (oldish group gift still available)
Mad’ – Son of Satan FaceTattoo [group gift]
LeLutka.Head.Simone 3.3(static ears)
[ MUDSKIN ] _Anna # Bare_102
*Dura-Boys&Girls*40(Black) (old)
*PKC* Queen Septum – Unrigged
Ama. : Blood Splatter
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
location: Hallowe’en Town

Bee near me

I held off shooting these Asteroid Box nipple clamps—which are the loveliest I’ve ever encountered—because I wanted to make a definitive portrait of my av. I finally decided that all I needed was a simple set-up and pretty look. I’m pleased with the results. Portia is wearing the Anna skin for LeLutka by Sopha Portal for MUDSKIN. (It was at Kustom 9 but it ended. Try the main store in a month.) Portia has been wearing a MUDSKIN skin that made her look 19, and made me feel as though I was having a mid-life crisis, so it’s a relief to see her hitting 25. I love the softness of Ms. Portal’s skins. It’s an old-school two-d style in a market that’s saturated with cheesily chiselled 3-d faces.
The diamond-studded “Queen” septum is flashier than I usually like but the companion bee piercing made my lips tingle.

Asteroid Box, Perseus Nipple Chains
[ MUDSKIN ]_Anna # Bare_102 (LELUTKA)
*PKC* Queen Bee Bento Lip Piercing and Queen Septum Unrigged – Resize On Touch
.LeLutka.Head.Simone 3.3(static ears)
.ELIKATIRA Haley Reds (may not be available)
**RE** Shop Your Heart Out Earrings (old gift)
Paperbag. Elephant Queen Tattoo (Faded) (2014 n/a)
Maitreya, Lara 4.1
location: Ethereal City, an adult sim

What’s a “legacy blogger” in Second Life?

I made up the phrase legacy blogger. It has probably been made up already. A legacy blogger is someone who thinks “I really wish I could wear a Chantkare necklace with this outfit,” and is not ashamed to accessorize with something old. I am inspired by bakes on mesh, which makes it possible for me to wear once again skins and clothing from as long ago as 2008. Okay, maybe not that far back. (I should look for some of those old ugly free platforms and stiff silks. Nah, those shoes were very uncomfortable.)
I am fascinated by the fact that there are creators from my past that I think about often. The Sea Hole. Couverture. Runo Runo. I can wear Tee*fy’s leggings again. In today’s first pic Portia is wearing a tattoo I’ve thought about often. It dates back to the Help Japan event that followed the tsunami. In the second photo, Portia wears a HUCCI bodysuit and the Kati skin and signature bold makeups from Nuuna.
Here, Portia wears an old &bean skin with some new ILLMATIC earrings. Sadly, the &bean skins, which were some of my favorites, don’t work very well on my mesh head. The shading where nose meets the eye wanders out of place. But I massaged this one into a look befitting Hallowe’en. I could also call Hallowe’en on the bone lines on the hands, which are wayward. I was amused to find once again &bean’s eyebrows, which read “WEAR ME GODDAMNIT.” I guess everyone was lazy back then.
I especially miss skins for avatars of colour. It horrifies me to see what has happened to Glam Affair’s darker skins. They were the only ones I could tolerate once Dutch Touch, League and Birdy closed. Dutch Touch skin tones are the most satisfying I’ve ever encountered because they are so velvety. One of the wonderful things about old skins is that they are not marred by those ugly white patches that are supposed to look like highlights on cheeks. (This is not the way to simulate three dimensions. Turn your head to a 3/4 angle.) The downside of old skins is that breast shadows are totally off. And vaginas need hair so that they don’t look like a single black line drawn with crayon. In this pic Portia wears my absolute favourite lingerie from the deep past. There it is in all its blurry glory. When Canimal came back into business about a year ago I couldn’t stop fantasizing about asking the creator to redo this lingerie. Now I don’t need to. It’s our legacy.

If you are wondering how to do bakes on mesh, use the latest official viewer. (I know. Ugh.) Buy an Omega Bakes on Mesh HUD in the Marketplace. Use your Omega routers for head and body. And for goodness’ sake remember to take off your alphas for body and/or head when you bake something on them. I lost half an hour of my life because I forgot that. This video explains.

These photos were not edited.

Pic one
2014 [theSkinnery] Haruko 3 (milk) DB CL1 [gacha]
2017 [CX] Noh Eyeliner Style 1 (Tintable)
2014 Opall*Hikaru bracelets Mouse
2011 *deviant girls* pray for japan tattoo
2018 Michan Clara Lashes
2019 Kibitz – Dont want ur attention necklace – gold
2019 tram H1020 hair
2012 Glitterati, Boobalicious (remember Lolas?)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
.LeLutka.Head.Simone 3.3(static ears)
okay, I edited the left elbow

Pic two
2013 +Nuuna+ Kati Skin [Fair]
with +Nuuna+ Kati Eyeliner 3
and +Nuuna+ Kati Blush 4 (tintable)
and +Nuuna+ Kati Red 2 lips
2013 +Nuuna+ Zion 2 Pinkish tat. (F) (on Marketplace)
2014 +Nuuna+ Dow Blue
2011 ::HH:: Hucci V Bodysuit – Candy 5
2011 (Paper Couture) Parted Hair Base – Black
2015 MONS / MESH – Septum Ring (style23)
2018 OXIDE Starry Hoop Earring
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
.LeLutka.Head.Simone 3.3(static ears)

Pic three
2010 &Bean – Old Bones Burning Stake
2013 [:Tuli:] Tiny Heart Mole
2010 booN FTN683 hair black
2019 ILLMATIC // Double Sided Marble Studs
2015 #187# Handcuffs Melee Black-Gold
2012 [Cynful] Vale’s Turtleneck Dress
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
.LeLutka.Head.Simone 3.3(static ears)

Pic four
2011 Jaliah skin by Dutch Touch
2009 Canimal lingerie
2015 Things tattoo
2018 Iconic Roman
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
.LeLutka.Head.Simone 3.3(static ears)