13 years of faces

It’s not like me to notice my rez day, but this year I did. Portia Capelo is 14 in SL years. And my blog is 13. I thought I would celebrate with some old pix of Portia but as I looked for my faves I remembered that Portia wasn’t the only model to grace Pleisure’s pages.

At first, Portia had a friend, my alt Loica. Portia’s mouth started medium-size but got smaller (although the top lip remained bigger than the bottom). Eventually her philtrum would shrink into an unremarkable shape. Loica’s mouth was rounder, with a wide V marking her upper lip. Her nose was wider, her chin larger. Loica was meant to be both bigger and shorter, real-er, sexier. In fact, the demon I started to date told me he much preferred my alt’s look, but I favored Portia. Until Anorak came along.*

I fell in love. In the birth announcement for Anorak I wrote “She’s stumpy, she’s dumpy. With a huge statuesque head.” She was my un-model. Anorak would end up with a much wider mouth, a more masculine jaw. She had a more youthful appearance and appeal than Portia did. Anorak looked like she might get into trouble because she was too much fun.

I am no fun at all. Ironically, Anorak would become the image I most closely identify with. This is because her look evolved into that of an av who was not about fun but about a kind of grumpy always-observing intelligence.

I almost forgot Hedda. She has a longer face, wider-set eyes. As you can see in this photo, Hedda was born when all the models looked fashionably miserable on account of the downturned corners of their lips. Despite the fact that this model’s name was Hedda I usually called her Stones. Stones was friends with Sticks, another model I only featured once or twice. Those names suggest that I was always pulling for real stuff and always ending up with some kind of modish ideal.

Early on I became a Glam Affair fan and my models still wear their skins the most. I like the way the creator underplays the detail and offers an adult look. Over the years I have loved &bean, Dutch Touch, Mother Goose’s, JesyLilo, and Birdy, all of which are gone.

I’ll never forget LAQ, which, like Glam Affair, is still around. LAQ made my first skin, a freebie I was told to snag by a trio of avatars who kidnapped me from one of those halls of free silks and sky-high shoes. (Later I bought the face you see here.) This gang dragged me around the grid till Portia only occasionally evoked the nightmare of Ruth. (You don’t know who Ruth was? She was the default alt when I joined in 2009. She wore a pink polka-dot dress. You don’t know what it means to be Ruthed? It didn’t matter how good you looked or how confident you felt. There was no protection against suddenly being turned back into Ruth when you were relogging for the tenth time that hour.)

*I realized later that Anorak is an insult in the UK. The coat itself was appropriated from Greenland natives. I knew the origin of the name but didn’t think of it as exoticization. I was ignorant, a middle-aged woman recalling a beloved coat from the past.

i tried to do the things i should

Twas the Easter that almost never eastered. I wasn’t in the mood this year to dye eggs. I didn’t buy my annual stuffed rabbit. I waited to the last minute before hauling out one of my many bunnies to decorate. I didn’t have any appetite for the Lindt milk-chocolate rabbit that sat ignored next to my TV. I honestly thought of it as plastic. Worst of all, I’d outfitted Portia in a lugubrious, lady-like black wool jumpsuit during the cold weather and then thought all I had to do was add some classy, bejeweled, black bunny ears to celebrate the season. This outfit did not say spring. Neither did it say fling. Nor did it promise that I would enjoy the hours I’d need to get a decent photo in SL.

I was alarmed, dear readers. Easter has always been my favorite holiday. There are years and years of Pleisure posts to prove it. Lucky for all of us, I hurled myself down that dusty bunny trail, accidentally crushing eggs along the way, and shopped till I had myself a sweet but skeptical rabbit pinup.

I know you’re enjoying the sheer hilarity of a bunny wearing animal-print nails. But you must also be swooning at the sight of Portia’s canary-yellow statement ring, which is a vintage item by Yummy. Here’s to never giving your SL clothing and jewellery to charity.


. Hanzel . Rabbita (bunny face)

Belle Epoque – Candice (Maitreya) (swimsuit)

Moon. Hair // – Petal [Unrigged] Reds pack

[spectacledchic] Spring Bunny Ear 

{ Pity Party } Violet Lel Evo X { Porcelain } (skin)

[Snorties] Angelic Eyeshadow 


#UNIVERSA – Nudisty Moon Bento Set (nails)

(Yummy), Garden Cocktail – Canary (ring, n/a)

/ HEAD / lel EvoX CEYLON 3.1

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3

Pixit, Pinup 2 (poses)

not so shy

I bought the Valentine lingerie by Glitzz because it made Portia seem so vulnerable, so virginal. But when I got Portia into this Foxcity photo booth and selected some Stun poses, shy gave way to showgirl.

She’s still a little bashful, a young bride on her wedding night, perhaps. Her lovely Rozoregalia fascinator and veil are just 98L at The Outlet. Each piece can be worn separately.

Glitzz is giving away a 300L gift card at Shop & Hop, so this 150L pack of lovely lingerie was free. In case anyone is wondering, the glitter pasties are optional.


[Glitzz] Valentine set Salmon (Freya. Hourglass, Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya, Perky, Petite, Reborn in one pack) (at Shop &Hop)


[Heaux] Luna – Browless – Icy *VE

E l e i – Nabi (lipgloss)

Glam Affair – Jezebel Freckles (comes with Jezebel special skin)

LeLUTKA.EvoX.Hairbase.025 (f)


**RE** Shop Your Heart Out Earrings (old gift)

.:Avanti:. Satima Nails (Maitreya)

Glam Affair – Jezebel Shape ( Lelutka Ceylon ) my edit (comes with Jezebel special skin)

/ HEAD / lel EvoX CEYLON 3.1

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3

Foxcity, Photo Booth Starstruck (without light) (free to use at Backdrop City)

Poses by Stun

Hiya Biba

Steffy Ghost, Jack Spoon’s uniquely inventive creator, has put together a big pack of makeup inspired by the iconic 1960s and 70s fashion shop Biba. I tooled the net and SL and was able to pull together some Biba hallmarks: puffy sleeves and a deep choker, as well as the de rigueur 1930s turban.

Portia’s Vivian turban is my favorite offering from The Row House’s half dozen toppers. It boasts the richest range of fabrics, veils and jewels. Unfortunately the resize option is rudimentary. You can’t choose which axis you want to wrangle! Other hats have more sophisticated resize systems.

The Mystic pack of Ison’s Meadow blouse comes with a wide palette of related shades ranging from a grey blue through purples and magentas. While Vinyl’s Nerves shorts are not Bibaesque, their soft folds are as tempting as those that make Ison’s blouse look irresistibly touchable.

I was comfy with the plum makeup and terrified of the red. I got over my fear.


Jack Spoon. Biba Kit (nose contour, waterline, eye shadow, blush and mole) EVOX

Poema, Circus Eyebrows (applier)

[Heaux] Luna – Browless – Icy *VE

The Row House_Vivian Turban Hat & Veil

LeLUTKA.EvoX.Hairbase.025 (f)

Romazin – Earrings <Paulina > (I couldn’t find a store but these are available on Marketplace)

Rowne,.Ertel Pearl Choker – Purple.Modify (not available)

ISON – meadow puff sleeve top (maitreya) Mystic pack

VINYL – Nerves Shorts – Maitreya Navy

.:Avanti:. Satima Nails (Maitreya)

/ HEAD / lel EvoX CEYLON 3.1

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3

Glam Affair – Jezebel Shape ( Lelutka Ceylon ) my edit

Pose one: Stun, Mel pack

welcome the rabbit

Usually my av has to be the bunny, but this week she’s hoisting some bunny cocoa to toast the year of the rabbit. I’m going to be honest with you: I found nothing online that would chock this post block full of fascinating details about lunar new year or the rabbit. Maybe we monkeys are just impatient. From what I can glean, this is the year of the water rabbit and it promises prosperity.

I had no interest in any of the voluptuous bodies until I was certain my interest was purely scientific. Turns out I’m getting a huge kick out of eBody’s Reborn, which comes with all those cool hand gestures that my Maitreya Lara was missing out on, and which offers five “built-in” shapes that run from big to battleship. The outfit and poses in the post are by #MEWSERY, a big sexy girl’s best friend.

I was smitten when I saw DM’s Maite boots, which are falling down, just like me after that big expensive gin and tonic I had at the coffee shop that’s now open on Friday evenings just down the street from my restorative yoga class where I spent the session silently fuming about art institutions’ fear of critique. Apparently COVID has left everyone too fragile to handle some good old-fashioned negation of capitalism. Speaking of, did you hear about The Yes Men’s parody REALITYWEAR, which takes on Adidas for its abuse of garment workers?

Wearing MUDSKIN’s Sawako with a Reborn shape, Portia looks to the stars.

Giving Credit

Outfit: #MEWSERY Lovemore {#22 Dragon.Pearl/Copper}Reborn

Hair: . Doe . Regina . Flux pack.

DM:: Maite Boots  – Reborn 

Vibing — kinslee rings — gold 

Vibing — Lunar Earring — Gold 

Dalila Golden Designs Nail Kit 20 – ALMOND EBODY REBORN

MUDSKIN – Sawako – B – brow – ICY

MUDSKIN – Sawako Lip Gloss Medium

Fontaine Cosmetics x LelEvoX – Darkwish Eye Blush [1]

. Hanzel . Flavory Club makeup

Top1salon, HD Starfall Eyeshadow (Lelutka Evo/X) pack 1

Little Foxy Beauty, dolly eyelashes (pack 1)

Velour, MUSA eyes

Q.D BJD Hand blush (Ombre redipinku)

/ HEAD / lel EvoX CEYLON 3.1

REBORN by eBODY v1.69.4 and eBODY – REBORN Shape 2

Poses: Mewsery, CHUBBS

=Zenith= Hot-Melo-Chocolate (pink) Pose A (old group gift, still available)

i persist

I persist in being the holiday blogger who doesn’t like holidays, except for Easter. (Being a bunny rabbit in SL is my favorite thing, so I am looking forward to celebrating the year of the rabbit.) Today I am sharing a New Year’s Eve look inspired by Pixicat’s 50L Friday offering of a figure-hugging green sequined jacket, which I coordinated with her Alex pants in a winter-friendly plaid. I finally got a chance to use Doux’s Samantha hairdo, which I nominate as the hands-down winner of best hair of 2022.

I have never made a New Year’s resolution, which is smart, because then I don’t have to lose weight. My restorative yoga teacher says that instead of choosing a mantra like “I will be healthy,” one should activate the present and think “I am healthy.” I’m not sure how this is supposed to work. I may have been blissed out in surfboard pose when the teacher explained. But I think it has to do with manifesting what you want as opposed to thinking it’s going to arrive some day. In addition to “I am healthy,” I think “I am thriving.” (Lies. It’s all lies. Lies that may not serve me.)

Why don’t I like holidays? Because I am always alone. I went to the NYE party at the dungeon for a few years. One evening I met a man who was sufficiently interesting to meet again for a long chat. He talked about exactly the same things he had talked about on NYE. There was nothing more there. (He also did all the talking. Never stopping for me to say something about myself. This is a common mistake. That it is a mistake is common knowledge. But men continue to do it.) A couple of medium-bad actors later, I can enthusiastically mantra “I am ‘not urs,'” as my avi’s tat would have it. Bad actors are not the big problem. The big problem is the systemic discrimination by patriarchy that enables them. If you resolve this year to practice restorative yoga, and you find yourself in that delicious heart opener supta baddah konasana, take this as an opportunity to imagine “Patriarchy is smashed.”


First 2 pix: -Pixicat- Alex Pants – TartanGreen (Maitreya)

-Pixicat- Violet Blazer – SequinGreen (Maitreya) (50L Friday special)

Last pic: -Pixicat- Ricci Shirt – LeatherBlack (Maitreya Flat)

DOUX – Samantha Hairstyle (One has to buy the full pack to get the hairpins. I pout.)

/ HEAD / lel EvoX ORA 3.1

naja // shimmer skin lel evox icy nb (Velour tone. The brows on the brow version are big and black and scowling—hot.)

BNNB makeup, Cece eyebrown (sic) (applier)

KILLJOY no thx tattoo EVOX (not urs tat)

Little Foxy Beauty, dolly eyelashes (pack 1)

eyes: Gloom. – Blessed Collection – Fatpack 

[Apika] Spiky Septum V2 Gold (group gift, possibly gone)

[CX] Stygian Coil – Gold / Un-Rigged (earrings group gift, possibly gone)

friday – Luna Leather Ring Set (Maitreya)

.:Avanti:. Satima Nails (Maitreya)

Pure Poison – Le Ballet Flats – Black for Maitreya (oh so old but not necessarily gone)

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3

SHAPE Default lel EvoX ORA my edit 

Black Nest, Kani Party Decoration (1L on Marketplace)

Poses: Mewsery, Senpai (moved to Marketplace)

saturnalia sweetheart

It’s December 25th and I’m being non-denominational. In the Julian calendar December 25th marks the Winter Solstice, a time to celebrate the gradual extension of daylight. In pagan times, just like today, the holidays were about feasting, light, and, yes, presents. Saturnalia was also an opportunity to turn society upside down. It’s not just that enslaved people didn’t work at Saturnalia. They might also have been served by their masters.

The big news this week is LeLutka’s release of gift heads for people who present as women and people who present as men. The women’s head is named Raven. 54 other designers are involved in the bonanza of free skins with shapes and enhancements for our faces. Gloom offers an androgynous skin so you can present as non-binary too. In order to get the gifts you have to join each store’s group, which is free. The frenzy ends on December 30th. I found Portia’s Poison Rouge blouse and Tentacio antlers at Shop and Hop, which also extends to the end of the month. Poison Rouge is offering a free 500L gift card, so I snapped up this lovely draped blouse for free. Tentacio’s astounding antlers are discounted 50%. Portia is posing in a Paparazzi set rezzed at Backdrop City. If you’re a blogger looking to shoot a holiday or outdoors scene, Backdrop City has oodles of winter setups from which to choose.

The only free Raven skin/shape I liked is by MUDSKIN. The others were too conservative. I dislike Raven’s very thin nose so I hope to get to work giving it some space on the face. I enhanced the MUDSKIN look with eyeshadow by Fontaine (not free) and the Sawako gloss (not free).


Tentacio, Saturnalia antler (at Shop and Hop)

lel EvoX Raven 3.1 head (group gift)

MUDSKIN, Ravyskin Porcelain (in a range of MUDSKIN and Velour tones) (group gift—free to join)

MUDSKIN, Sawako Lip Gloss A light (LeLutka applier)

[Glam Affair] Koko Brows Toner Red B – 50% (from the Koko Holiday Special group gift)

Fontaine Cosmetics x LelEvoX – Fairy Eyeshadow [2]

Bjorn:(Lara) May Pantashoe – White

POISON ROUGE It Girl Blouse – Burgundy (lara) (at Shop and Hop)

DOUX – Kiko Hairstyle Deluxe pack

Gloom, Blessed Collection eyes

[DripSec x MoonWaii] – Lovely Sparkles Eyes (can’t really see this effect)

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3

Pic 2: Fashiowl Poses, Are You Home

set by Paparazzi rezzed at Backdrop City

All Purpose Amazon

R2 A/D/E’s Hokushin is available through December 7th at Collabor88. This femme gladiator outfit comes in 5 pieces—top, bra, belly, bottom and crotch.

That’s why my avi can do her sun salutations wearing almost nothing. (Those hard nipples are built in to the Maitreya Lara HUD.) I considered not using this photo because it’s too plain. Then my clit twitched.

This skirt reminds me of my childhood reading Wonder Woman comics.

Portia hasn’t had her heart broken lately. Time to try again?


R2 A/D/E Hokushin (at Collabor88)

“Off-Line” x “Olive” Sandals / Black / Maitreya

Magika – Hair – Willow 

[M E M E N T O] – FVTE Rings. [MAITREYA]

[M E M E N T O] – P1N. V2 – Septum

Kibitz – Phoebe’s cuff – black

**RE** Shop Your Heart Out Earrings (n/a)

Le Forme, Bento Nails M01 Metallic [Maitreya]

[Glam Affair] Rowena Layer [Lelutka EvoX] Fair B

Goreglam, ‘Ily2’ eyeliners Lel Evo (HUD)

– Muho – Jules Face Glitter – Raibow

Jack Spoon. Val Glitter Gloss (Lelutka HD) (gift)

[HK] Koi Tattoo-Version B – Black (Right)

THIS IS WRONG Snakes tattoo MEDIUM – BoM (former hunt gift)

#cloud9, Hurt Liner NOSE TATTOO (EVOX BOM)

Clemmm – Damaged Knees .5 Dark (n/a)

/ HEAD / lel EvoX CEYLON 3.1

Emotional Circus – Neon Heart Eyes 1

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3

[RAIRE] Emi Maitreya Shape my edit 

Poses 1 and 2: West End, Bento Poses Ulrik Female Version

who works on hallowe’en?

We’re back with a second stunning holiday look. It turns out that Portia overshopped this Hallowe’en season, but that’s okay because at least one of us is gainfully employed as a blood resource manager.


E-clipse Design. Nuriel Maitreya Black bodysuit and tunic


Insomnia Angel . Rose pickled blood pack 

Insomnia Angel . prefilled syringe garter

Garmonbozia :::  Constraint – Nose Cuff – Red (past GIFT)

RichB. Tentacle Septum

-SU!- Safety Pin Earrings (group gift)

LUEUR – Alluring Nails & Gems MAITREYA 

SANTE – Cara Hairbase ‘EVO X’

[Heaux] Ivy – Browless – Ghost *VE [Special Edition] (past 50L F)

Jack Spoon. Fortune Teller Eye Scar [A1] EvoX (at 50 o ween)

Anice, Bella Lashes

L’Encanteri, Shaitan eyes

Poema, Circus Eyebrows

[BOOPY] Mary Lipstick

[BOOPY] Mary Mouth Blood 

[theSkinnery] Liner Set (LeLutkaEvoX) 5 (group gift)

NOX. Octo Hickies [n/a]

/ HEAD / lel EvoX CEYLON 3.1

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3

— PUMEC – SHAPE – EVO X – AVALON 3.1 from past Filya group gift

Poses by Mewsery I think