tentacle police

My av stayed up all night with her fellow graduates from the Police Academy. They all got the assignments they wanted, so they celebrated in time-honoured fashion with some laser-cut tattoos. Loica would be laboring with the Wench Police, so she was plastered in tankards and tea towels. Anorak fairly flew into the Fairy Police, so she was wrapped with wings in all shapes and shades. And Portia? Portia was now Tentacle Police. So she was adorned in waving limbs, with a donut thrown in for lunch. (Cop jokes, they’re the worst jokes of all.) 

When people first hear about the Tentacle Police, they imagine that their duty is to ticket the more lascivious of the undulating creatures or seize all the homemade pornography the sinuously sexy beings generate in their spare time. (OnlyFans has their infundibula mucous all over it.) Fact is that the Tentacle Police serve and protect the tentacle population, which may be the target of genocidal assault, people who think they have good taste, spurned boyfriends, and China Miéville, who just can’t get over it already, even though Donna Haraway is buying him another Sea Breeze.

The money doesn’t even fold, but Portia would never think of quitting her job. Like all Tentacle Police, Portia walks a beat. If she’s going to protect her adopted tribe, she needs to know the neighborhood’s limboing limbsters inside and out. But mostly inside. Her one complaint is the winter cold. IRL police earn stripes. In Portia’s unit they earn underwear. Every promotion brings with it a larger pair of panties, culminating in long underwear (with optional footies) for 20 years service. (Of course long undies open in the back, so if Portia’s taking a long walk home on a frigid night, she may ask one of her tentacular friends for a warming ride.)

This is what Portia looked like when she read that the internet isn’t stopping at pixelating nips and pussies. Suckers are next. All million billion trillion gajillion of them.


R2 A/D/E Kika[Silver]Maitreya dress and boots (last month’s Collabor88 so it won’t be in store yet) 

Tentacio, Andromeda pack includes halo and oculus [the oculus tag says Bad Girl and the halo tag says Calm Down]

TOKIO Hair – Balla Alpha Hair – Black

EVERMORE. [hi.tech -thermometer] – high temp

Salt & Pepper, O cuffs

Luxurious Sin – Tentacle Love Tattoo

e.marie // COFFIN w/shine (maitreya lara) nails

e.marie // Lia Earrings – VIP gift


[REVERIE] Galactic Liner – EvoX (all three liners in one pack)

:Dernier: “Hyomin” Eyebrow (Lelutka Evo X) 

VELOUR: Tahani – Lips #04 – BOM for EVO X Only

Jack Spoon. Gia Moles 001(evo X) (VIP group gift)

(Enfer Sombre*) LeLutka EvoX Tears – Lili {B}{White} and (Enfer Sombre*) LeLutka EvoX Tears – Lili {A}{White} in pic four

/ HEAD / lel EvoX CEYLON 3.1

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3

K!odio, [Miley] – Shape LeL Avalon Evo X 3.1 / eBODY (I edited the body for Lara but was never able to reduce the thighs so this wasn’t an entirely successful endeavor)

Pic one: SLC, Lost in the Net (with an old lamp by Vespertine tossed in!)

Pic two and three: Loel, Midnight Blue

Pic four: Pixit, Portrait Hands

Ah, youth

I always thought Zibska’s creations were for mature women who wear Glam Affair skins and luxurious, sometimes very big, hair. I thought that because I shot that! So I had to fuck with the trend by hanging the Oxana horns on a young avatar. It doesn’t work and yet I love it. It’s cheering. Because this version of my av is only about 25 years old, she had to have a tattoo to follow the social norm, but the black tattoo clashed with the pink-and-green tones of the horns. I decided to banish the black and go all out with colour. (I did have to make it odd with some rectangular white-diamond earrings—fit for one of those older women I used to shoot.) The heart-shaped picture window is part of an old rare Amitomo gacha. I didn’t find it in store but you can shoot on this set if you go to the Kawaii Night Scenes section at Backdrop City. The Oxana horns are a Hair Fair item that is now in store.

The Bobby hairbases, which also debuted at Hair Fair, are in store at Mina. They are well made, with no visible seam just above the forehead.


Zibska, Oxana Horn Full Vs. (Got this at Hair Fair and it’s now in the main store)

MINA – Bobby-03 – LeL Evox BOM-hairbase (red) (Got this at Hair Fair and it’s now in the main store)

Pushin’ Daisies – Suzy ruffled Tube Top – Maitreya – Purple

Glamazon, Square Earrings

[Dreamlight]  Septum Diamond Ring (1 L on Marketplace)

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3

:Dernier: “Hyomin” Skin Lelutka Evo X (Dune) N/E [with Velour Venus body] 

:Dernier: “Hyomin” Shape (Lelutka Evo X)

/ HEAD / lel EvoX CEYLON 3.1

Fontaine Cosmetics, Darkwish Eye Blush and Eyeliner [7] x LelEvoX

Jack Spoon. Gia Moles 001(evo X)

poses: PiXit, Pinup 2 pack

working conditions

In the United States there are 1.9 jobs available for each worker. Since the pandemic changed the way we do business, people have been less willing to go back to work at jobs with shitty pay. Right now Portia is wondering if she really wants to spend eight hours a night six nights a week with a heavy tray of sex toys hanging from her piercings. She’s a pain pro, a power bottom, but she doesn’t get special treatment—a half hour for dinner and two fifteen-minute breaks. Hardly enough time to rest her nipples. Portia caught my eye at the kink club. I watched her for hours. I couldn’t help worrying that she was overloaded. So I introduced myself as a scholar specializing in labor relations and arranged to exchange emails with Portia to hear her ideas about improving her working conditions. “It’s true that we’re allowed to hold the tray to release the strain on our nipples,” she wrote, “but if I’m processing a transaction with both hands I have to grin as well as bare it. LOL.” I told Portia about my background in labor-aware feminist sculpture, suggesting that she could carry around polyester resin casts of the toys. “Polyester resin let me make a huge sculpture called The Unknown Worker that didn’t break the art gallery’s floor because it’s so light-weight. The bigger the better,” I wrote, thinking back to the butt plug on Portia’s tray. Portia shot me a response right away, possibly because she had been waiting to hear from me. She complained that she’d have to make trips to the office to pick up the real items when people wanted to buy them. “That’s umpteen excursions back and forth in these heels,” she said. “The spikes all along the back catch on the tablecloths and the boss docks my pay every time I rip something. Blargh.” I was enjoying our correspondence, thinking a lot about the LELO magic wand that was weighing this brave worker down, so I was actually a little sorry when Portia got to the point. “It’s all about AGENCY,” she wrote. “Yas Queen” I responded. “It’s all about POWER.” Once we’d got feminist together I knew I had to see Portia in the flesh again, so I insisted she meet me at my neighborhood cafe where we could celebrate our anti-capitalist, patriarchy-fucking breakthrough with an affogato, espresso poured over ice cream. It didn’t take long for us to figure out what Portia needed to change about her job. It wasn’t just the weight that mattered, it was the mileage. Every night she circled the club with the tray bobbing from her breasts and her legs hobbled by the too-small boots her employer had provided. Her dogs needed an Epsom salts bath as much as her nips. Portia required stability. “I’ve got it,” she said in her distinctive alto as she pushed aside the affogato and ordered a black coffee. She leaned in very very close (so close that I couldn’t help but stare at her blood-red lips) and pitched her voice even lower.

“The customers can get off their asses. They will come to me.”

“Perfect,” I whispered, taking in her glorious Sintiklia hair—at Hair Fair until July 10—her bold lightning-bolt earrings by Mandala—back on the grid after years AWOL—her cute speckled eyeshadow—a weekend special by Fontaine—and her delicate liner—a group gift by The Skinnery. “Perfect.”

See one more pic on my Flickr.


AURICA Maya Dress BLACK (Maitreya)

theROOM & TAINA – “Vishera” – tray accessory (M.Lara) black

Boots: [MONAMALDITE STORE] EVIL BITCHES (maitreya) [These did not work with the Maitreya alpha options so I added Maai stockings to cover. It’s possible they need Maze Soft Thighs. IDK.]

Sintiklia – Hair Daisy colors and pastels (at Hair Fair till July 10)


Garmonbozia ::: Bono Bangle – Maitreya 

A U R U S –  Beloslava  Ballerina Bento Nails Maitreya

/ HEAD / lel EvoX CEYLON 3.1

[theSkinnery] Liner Set (LeLutkaEvoX) 4 (group gift)

Fontaine Cosmetics x LelEvoX – Witness

Marsh – Sheila Eyebrow (Tintable) reddy brown (new)

Ladybird, Jackie Lipgloss

Eyes: MUDSKIN, Etc Lens Vol 2 #9

Jack Spoon. Gia Moles 001(evo X) (group gift)

[Glam Affair] Lyna [Lelutka EvoX] Fair A

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3

K!ODIO, Toinha shape (my edit)

Pose prop: Gos, Pouffe small black


I’m a sucker for covers of old sensationalist lesbian pulp novels. Usually they feature two women. But Robert McGinnis’ cover for Beebo Brinker gives us fan-favourite Beebo with an improbable rattan suitcase, standing in her school uniform next to a signpost. There’s a One Way sign and it points to—dun dun—Gay Street. I’ve copied the Beebo Brinker cover blurb for my homage to pulp covers. There’s no longer any reason to imagine that a woman who wears pants is suspiciously mannish. But that suspicion was still in play when Marlene Dietrich posed like a phallic mother.

(It was Greenwich Village for pete’s sake. Who could blame Beebo?) Akeruka launched a new ADVX line with two androgynous heads, one female and one male (?). What makes the female head androgynous is a very square chin, the kind of chin I’ve always disliked in Second Life. But I enjoy this head and although I couldn’t get Portia to look very androgynous in a Glam Affair skin, I was happy that Akeruka’s ADVX heads use the same erm mapping or something as LeLutka does. That means BOM layers that you’ve used for your LeLutka EVOX heads will work with the ADVX. Appliers do not work. My one big complaint about this head is the eyes. Using the rigged Akeruka eyes meant watching the right one jump in an out of the socket. I eventually switched to LeLutka unrigged eyes but then I could not stop the eyes from moving around the socket like a swarm of ants.

The pink-and-black Duck or Swan tattoo appeals to me because the only tattoo I’ve ever considered getting is a koi fish, in honour of my love for Japanese-inspired rope. (Actually I’ve also considered getting a tattoo of rope marks but that would be difficult to make out. My future surgeons would be too puzzled to operate.) In addition to koi fish and flowers on the chest, the arms feature a femme fatale and a demon, and the back features another beautiful but deadly-looking Asian woman. I expect you’re wondering why I haven’t mentioned the unusual pants from Erratic. Because they’re obviously perfect..for Greenwich Village. (Well, Williamsburg…in the 1990s. I don’t know: it’s been a while since I lived in Brooklyn and the East Village [and SoHO, which was like Disneyland on the weekend, and which I try very hard to forget]. Especially in New York, where it’s very hard to meet people, my One Way sign pointed to Asexual Street.)


.[AK ADVX] – Andro Head (F)

.[AK ADVX] Andro Shape  F (my edit)

/ EYES / lel EvoX 3.1

erratic / akira – trousers / pinstripe (maitreya)

`M.BIRDIE / Donna look. Top Maitreya3 (past gacha)

:[Plastik]:- Krysis-Bellychain://Bastille- Deep (n/a)

Sixx, Cross Pasties

friday – Luna Leather Ring Set (Maitreya)

friday – May Sandals (Midnight)

KMH – Hair F173 Unrigged(resize)

Last shot: KMH Hair Fair 200 unrigged (Hair Fair Gift)

Nyoko – Yoon-gi Earrings [Black] 

DUCK or SWAN-Asian demon tattoo DARK

Fontaine Cosmetics, x LelEvoX  – Joy Eyeshadow [2]

Jack Spoon. Marsha Liner (2) EvoX

Marsh – Sheila Eyebrow (Tintable) reddy brown (new)

[Glam Affair] Lyna Layer [Lelutka EvoX] Fair A

-Pretty Liars- Butt lift + Enhancements LEVEL 2

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3

First shot: Stun, Violet on set by Anxiety at Backdrop City sim

Second shot: n/a

Third shot: Posetivity, Violet last one

riot in the dungeon

I love the Hedone lingerie by RIOT. Most lingerie in SL pairs a balcony for your bare breasts with a scanty panty that reveals a lot of the butt as well as that part of the pudendum that has to be waxed regularly. The Hedone lingerie not only covers up these erogenous zones, it also makes it possible for anyone who wants to minimize their chest tissue to do so, allowing for some good old-fashioned genderfuckery. That’s not to say that this lingerie doesn’t play with any erogenous zones. If you look carefully at the centre of the large flower you’ll notice that it frames the nipple in a subtly tantalizing way.

I imagined this figure as a switch. In this shot, the bottom side of Portia wonders how she’s going to stand in these heels from Lybra. Being virtual is your best bet for balance, as well as a digitally depilated pudendum.

Portia is showing off exactly the kind of rings I’ve been looking for. Friday’s set offers leather accessories for your neighbourhood tough. Killer pink-and-blue nails by Le Forme and gothy butterfly makeup from !4AEM round out the look. 


RIOT / Hedone Lingerie 

Boots: LYBRA . TANIA (maitreya)

tram, I0706 hair HUD B

[Dope+Mercy]Clip Earrings [in the shape of clothes pegs!] 

Pixicat, Elena corset

Zibska, Cynthia ~ Crop (n/a)

friday – Luna Leather Ring Set (Maitreya)

Le Forme, Bento Nails M03 DK Glitter Maitreya

!4AEM, Butterfly eyeliner

/ HEAD / lel EvoX BRIANNON 3.1

[Glam Affair] Flo Layer [Lelutka EvoX] Fair A

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3

K!ODIO,  [Toinha] – Shape LeLUTKA Ceylon Evolx 3.1 / [edited]

polar<3bunny. moon eyes. LeL / Omega / Mesh / BoM. PACK III

STUN poses, Tai

PiXit Pinup – P2 – Pose Pack

Gear feels good

I admit to being dismayed when I saw that the theme for Second Life’s 19th birthday was steampunk. I don’t doubt that there are many steampunkers on the grid and elsewhere, but I never did enjoy wearing brown skirt-suits and big goggles. (A black harness and a gag are more my style.) I decided to bypass the birthday celebration sims and go searching for gifts at the Shop & Hop. I was thrilled to snag the glamorous knee-length Elena dress, which Salt & Pepper is offering in a free fatpack. I figured if I was going to mistress my misgivings and do steampunk my av would need something metal to stick on her face. I purchased Portia’s elegant colour-change Vega blindfold and collar at a discount from Zibska. The set also features dangly earrings. The big surprise for me as a stylist and a photographer was how much I loved the ultra-steampunky Gear Halo gift from VALKIRIA. Anything that runs a change on holy or wicked auras is good with me. Plus, reminders of industrialization are unjustly rare in fashion blogs. And yes, the gear turns just like your stomach at themed events. (I am all for Relay For life but I am all against purple.) If you do want to pay for steampunk style check out the Zenith booth, where several outfits are discounted, including a fatpack of an ensemble that features a button shirt and a cloth tutu. There is also a gift with a pretty ruched black short skirt and a lackluster denim camisole. Here you’ll find the TP list for all the vendors.

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that I am not a fan of most multi-ring sets. I dislike thin, pretty rings, especially when they are adorned with gems. That’s why I love Kartel Original’s Eunbi rings, which wrap mass-produced metal goods around your digits and then send you home to microwave dinner. Closing out my metal fest are Promagic’s Swarna earrings, which look crafted rather than milled. We can pretend, can’t we, that SLers still use their hands to shape gold?


Zibska, Vega set (colour change; discounted at SL19B Shop & Hop)

Salt & Pepper, Elena (Lara) (gift dress fatpack at SL19B Shop & Hop)

*VALKIRIA* Gear Halo – Cooper Old (gift at SL19B landing area)

PROMAGIC, Swarna Earrings

Kartel Originals – Eunbi Bento Rings – Maitreya 

/ HEAD / lel EvoX CEYLON 3.1

Ladybird, Jackie Lipgloss

LeLUTKA.EvoX.Hairbase.036 (f)

[Glam Affair] Flo Layer [Lelutka EvoX] Fair

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3

K!odio, [Xiao] – Shape LeLUTKA Ceylon Evolx 3.1 / LEGACY (my edit)

poses: Stun, Bibi pack

backdrop: Minimal, Retro Backdrop 3 (not steampunk but the best I could do by way of a controlled environment)

talk about beauty and the beast

She’s both. That, at least, is the fantasy I’ve indulged all these years blogging sensational outfits from R2 A/D/E.

The jacket from the Kanu ensemble is loaded with text and symbols. “R2 Cybernetics” tells us that my av may be more human than human. If she’s roaming the grid killing people, it’s likely by assassination rather than total warfare. Especially when she’s dressed in pink and wearing a razor-sharp red bob, we get the impression that her body count can’t be that high. “R2 Defense” tells us she’s not aggressive. The number of warning signs is astounding. One adorns the crotch. This means she’s nobody’s toy. Make sure you get consent with FRIES (freely given, reversible, informed, enthusiastic, and specific). And then read every inch of her suit before daring to take it off. The print is very small so for all I know it’s a user’s manual.

The bathing-suit-style onesie is actually a twosie. You can strip her of top or bottom. Or both. Her gloves—courtesy an old gacha from CURELESS—are crystalline.

I added some fading bruises. These stoke the fantasy that she is a killing machine. Who wears incredible boots fashioned to look like vintage heels complete with ankle straps. Who satisfies herself with spiky pink fingers.

The rainbow lashes are a Jack Spoon free gift . The makeup is all about pride. Who said beauty-as-the-beast is straight?


R2 A/D/E Kanu in [Meta Pink]Maitreya (all sold together, available at Collabor88)

tram, L0325 hair1

CURELESS[+] Precious Gem / M / Crystal Hand / PINK (past gacha, can buy in the fatback)

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3

K!odio, [Dae] – Shape LeLUTKA Ceylon Evolx 3.1 / LEGACY (I edited this for Maitreya)

:::G.ID:::. Trauma Legs and Trauma Torso (olde, n/a)

-Pretty Liars- Boobs lift LEVEL 6

/ HEAD / lel EvoX CEYLON 3.1

[Heaux] Tsuki – Browless – Blush [Purple Kisses Ver.] *VE (this was a special edition of the Tsuki skin)

Eye makeup: Sugarose, Carola

Eyes: Reverie, Jubilee Eyes #1

Lashes: Jack Spoon, Pride 22 Lashes (free gift)

Lying pose: K&S poses, Katya 4 (only 50L)

Sitting pose: K&S poses, Me, Myself and I 3 (only 50L)

Standing pose: Stun, Bibi

who’s proud?

Am I glad to see so many gifts for asexual pride? Glad doesn’t describe it: I feel gloomy. I am not proud of being asexual. Or proud of myself despite being asexual and not fitting in to the BDSM community, which claims to be sex-positive, in opposition to mainstream culture. This claim to be sex-positive turns into pressure to have sex. If you don’t, you’re sex-negative. I guess I am sex-negative. I don’t know whether I’m asexual because I was born this way or because having sex with men in my twenties and early thirties was traumatic. I wanted to fuck but I didn’t want to do it right away. I did it right away because men’s drive to fuck overwhelmed me and I figured I might as well get it over with. After a particularly bad streak of breakups I decided to never have sex again. Sex I believed was like cocaine. Some people did it but it was beyond my reach. Twenty years later I dipped a slightly curious toe into sex with cis/het men, but that toe didn’t stretch to penis-in-vagina sex. Twenty years ago, cis/het men believed it wasn’t sex if it wasn’t fucking. Is it the same today? (One difference is that a kinky friend of mine can state she has limited tolerance for piv sex and that doesn’t mean she has no sex. I think it’s awesome that someone can state that up front. In my youth you couldn’t say that in a way that the public would recognize and possibly be okay with.) I often wonder what’s the difference between being asexual and being a “typical” woman for whom fucking is so disappointing that she doesn’t want it and is content to not do it for long periods of time. I toy with the idea that if I had the intimacy that cis/het women supposedly crave I would be sexual. Then I think about the fact that I am indeed sexual but only with myself. (Although that has waned since the bad experiences that I’ve had with cis/het men in the past few years. I get off on some kinds of porn [and loathe others, especially porn that features face-fucking], but I can’t be bothered to get out my computer and vibrator and do it. Add to this the fact that actors aren’t getting paid when I’m watching porn clips for free and all porn becomes a turn-off for me.) Personally I find the idea of asexuality confusing. Maybe that’s another reason why I am as abashed as my av looks in the photo above. I genuinely don’t know what I’m talking about. How do you account for yourself if you were asexual without identifying as such for twenty-five years?

Here my av is brandishing two tickets for the Miss Lonelyhearts club. I shot images in which she was holding these tickets and crying. Then I decided my av and I can be lonely AF and still be as-close-to-whole people as anyone else. Ironically, one of the things that bothers me about pride campaigns is the phrase “Love is love.” Why can’t we say “Hot gay sex is hot gay sex”? I object to taking sex out of the picture of gay life even though I’ve mostly eliminated it from mine.

Safety pins and heavy chains. Some of the signs of punk looks from my youth, which I still love, but also of kink. There may be a place for asexual kinksters in the rope scene, if only because after you’ve done the rope you’re too damn tired, or too emotionally and physically satisfied, to move onto sex. The same could be said for impact, or any other kind of play. I feel, however, like I’m carving out an asexual niche on my own in the local scene. Two ace people did try to break into the rope scene before the pandemic but they disappeared…before the pandemic. I wish a wonderful pride month to LGBTQIA individuals who can feel pride. If you can’t feel it, you’re not alone. Maybe I’ll take this time to give up asexual shame. If I spent twenty years not having any kind of sex I can spend a month not feeling confounded by that.

Pride At Home is featuring a Shop & Hop for 99L items as well as offering a lot of group gifts. To see the items for sale and the gifts check out their Facebook. To get the gifts take this scooter (just don’t cut corners when you’re turning on a red light you maniacs).

Look One

*NeverWish* Pride Glitter Heart Top – Maitreya (Pride at Home gift, free to join)

SEKA’s Almost Skirt (Maitreya) PRIDE [undies not included] (Pride at Home gift, free to join)

KMH – Hair F194 Rigged(S) v1.1 (comes in multiple sizes) (Pride at Home gift, free to join)

Izzie’s – LeL Evo X – Pride Face Hearts (asexual) (mainstore gift)

.Fontaine Cosmetics, Kween Eyeshadow 8 (BOM)

Reverie, Sakura Matte Lipstick (applier)

Emotional Circus – Spring makeup – Pop color Blush (this ended up just above my av’s forehead because it’s not Evo X and I liked the effect)

[MANDALA], A-Female_Earring [MANDALA]Written-in-the-star Earring

AsteroidBox. Ayla Necklace – Fatpack

Kibitz – Mayumi’s necklace – silver

Salt&Pepper, O cuff wrist (color change)

Skin: { Pity Party } Violet Lel Evo X { Porcelain } Brows


[ MUDSKIN ] Etc lens, vol .2 # 9

LeLutka, / HEAD / lel EvoX BRIANNON 3.1

– SHAPE Default lel EvoX BRIANNON my edit

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3

Poses: FOXCITY, Portrait Bento Pose Set



Look Two

[WellMade] Pride Romper Maitreya (Pride at Home gift, free to join)

.Olive. the Napping Hair (fatpack)

Bellanti. Rainbow Eyeliner (Pride at Home gift, free to join)

Jack Spoon. Marsha Liner (2) EvoX (Jack Spoon. VIP group gift; 55 L to join)

Jack Spoon. Gia freckles 002(evo X) (Jack Spoon. VIP group gift; 55 L to join)

Salt&Pepper, Collar of O (OC SIX) Lara

Skin: { Pity Party } Violet Lel Evo X { Porcelain } Brows


IKON Empyreal Eyes – Midsummer (group gift, free to join)

LeLutka, / HEAD / lel EvoX BRIANNON 3.1

– SHAPE Default lel EvoX BRIANNON my edit

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3

Jack Spoon. Lonely Hearts Tickets (R Hand/Bento) (Jack Spoon. VIP group gift; 55 L to join)

Pose: Lyrium, Jada Breathing Stand Set

RAMA #selfie_RAMA mall side (at Backdrop City)

Windlight: Annyka’s Soft Lavender Day

gloomy sundressing

I love the Belle Epoque Kenya outfit, which comes in a riot of divine summery fabrics. I took my time styling this look: everything for this ensemble was gathered over the course of about a month from weekend sales. I love the way these sales narrow my choices in SL. There’s still too much to choose from but at least it’s less of too much. For this look I wanted to veer away from appropriation: no matching a dress named Kenya with a black model, no topping off the Carmen Miranda style costume with a turban. Someone once told me that she found my accessorizing odd. I’ve emphasized that here, combining the trend for an ear full of earrings with the tradition of big wooden bangles, my one nod to global southern style.

I built my model’s body around the Lyna skin and shape from Naja, a brand that uses Velour body tones. These can be bought in two packs—one collects the light colours and the other collects the dark. You can look at the Velour website to see the creators who are using these tones. (Heaux is a favourite of mine. I also have a lovely Pity Party skin burning a hole in my inventory.) There are two bodies available in the Velour line. I passed on the Ipanema, which is a festival of strange highlights that I think are supposed to mimic the look of being brightly lit for a photo shoot or red carpet walk. I bought the “naturally” lit Venus. Either way you get to choose among four body styles: one that is, IMO, too skinny, a thin one, which is a tad thinner than I’d like, an unabashedly ripped one, and a curvy one.

Lyna is a SoKawaiiSundays find, so I could not resist cutening her up with rotten’s heartthrob eyes, which feature a big white heart. I experimented with every last makeup brand I could find because Lyna’s baby lips are weird, if delightfully demure. I never did succeed in finding a lippie that fittie the littlie lips. I finally settled on a palette from Heron. Because Heron makes appliers I was able to tone down lips and eyes. I have tried a lot of eye makeup lately and am ashamed to say that I am still a makeupaphobe who shudders at the sight of giant half-circles of colour. On the other hand, I am proud of whatever whimsical part of me studded my av’s body with pale green butterflies from Secrets. Only soft sexy women get to be this sensuous. I observe them from afar


Belle Epoque – Kenya – Cobalt (Maitreya) [dress]

*barberyumyum*L19(02) [hair]

naja // lyna skin lel evox icy (matches Velour body tone), 

naja // lyna shape (for Briannon)

rotten . heartthrob eyes . water baby 01 

Heron, Flay Makeup (applier so I toned it down)

THIS IS WRONG Youth tattoo BoM – 04

e.marie // Auria Earrings – Golds { EvoX human F }

[Z O O M] Dhara-Zulu Origins Bracelet 

– Secrets – Butterfly Body Jewelry – Maitreya – Gold

– Secrets – Butterfly Chest Jewelry – Maitreya – Gold

Le Forme, Bento Nails M01 Metallic [Maitreya]

-Pretty Liars- Boobs lift LEVEL 2

/ HEAD / lel EvoX BRIANNON 3.1

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3

FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Dance Hall Limited 

[ west end ] Bento Poses – Tara